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Who is the most active /fa/ musician and why you didn't immediately think of Zachary Cole Smith?

>Well balanced,innovative and creative outfits
>Heroin junkie
>Frontman in a shoegaze band
>Has got that quiet, "I don't give a fuck about anything" personality
>Saint Lauren model
>fa/ girlfriend

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i agree with everything, the one problem is he makes shit music and that aint /fa/

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>being a Saint Laurent model means your effay now

I thought it meant you look like an inbred junkie whore

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And I rest my case.

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that's not seth putnam

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I had to delete the album after I saw the people behind the music. They're also complete trash live.

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>Judging music by the person who made it

You must love Beyonce

And also:


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I like how this fucker literally made a career out of copying goth music from the 80's.

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Every DIIV song in a nutshell

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how to write a DIIV song:
>play the three chords you know in a loop for 3-4 minutes
>add as much reverb as possible
>sing some nonsense shit over it and mix it as far in the background as possible
>wear your clothes three sizes too big and hang out with Uncle Terry

8.4 Best New Music

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Like what?

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this does sound like shit

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And who the fuck isn't? I hop you know that pretty much all indie rock since 2001 (The Strokes boom) has been pretty much a bunch of revivalist shit. Post-punk revival, 80s hardcore, 70s punk, 80s synth shit, 90s alternative; indie; and shoegaze. And various edm genres from the 90s and 80s. And only people who are convince the shit is original is dumb ass kids born from like 1991 to 1999, who are the most willfully fucking stupid generation to ever walk the earth.

Show me something original and I bet you that I'v heard some shit like it before. I don't even like Diiv, they're boring but just like the whole rock scene now, nothing is original.

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I don't think they are the greatest thing on earth and I even thought Oshin was pretty boring but I think you guys are exaggerating a bit.

Listen from beginning to end to their live performance at KEXP with an open mind and after tell me what you think.

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telling people to listen to diiv is morally equivalent to rape

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Are you a faggot?
Evol Intent, of course!
>pic related

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i think it's really uninspired.

like nothing new, nothing that grabs you. it's like a grungy boy band.

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>the most trite musicians are dating

What a surprise

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keith murray, pleb shit music but god damn look at that boy

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photo too small

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His music is shit.

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damn i shouldnt of cut my hair
i would of looked like this guy when i wear a cap :(

rip in peace my 90s undercut

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post cole-face

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This guy is pretty goddamn hot

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in ur dreams

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siiiiiigh just a girl tryna see a cute face

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post urs first

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ugh this isnt plentyoffish bb you said you looked like zachary cole so prove it

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pls be in canberra

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first google result

i don't even think i'll visit you when our ldr inevitably begins

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he is good looking but makes un/fa/ simple ass pop rock music and dresses poorly most of the time. cares more about looking quirky and weird than actually looking good. yeah but john balance was the most /fa/ before he died. i'd say la monte young or keiji haino are the most /fa/ still alive. being /fa/ is more than just looking good. you have to have the personality and be a deep thinker and creative, interesting musician.

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>ctrl+f Yung Lean
>0 of 0

real disappointed

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holy shit i did not know about that
i walk past that library regularly as well
holy fuck. dude deserves a longer sentence

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careful taking out ur books canberra seems prettty rough

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in school camp we got in fights w/ the canberra kids
my friend beat up a girl thinking she was a boy

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i just use the uni library anyway
idk canberra is good if you know the right people. i've got a really cool group of friends here so we always find fun things to do

it's no rougher than any other australian city though. that story is just fucked up

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ok you've still not convinced me to come live in canberra with u

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bb ill just move to where ever u live
pls be somewhere effay

before i lived in canberra i lived in a coastal town that people from ACT would always come to holiday at
people used to key cars with canberra license plates and shit all the time, i never did that though coz i'm a nice guy

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i live in london but planning on moving to stockholm, is that suitable b?

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You could say "the most beautifullest thing in this world" right?

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does anyone wanna come bombing in canberra right about now

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fuck off muslim cunt

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>Disney star
>movie star
>in a shitty band
>former sperglord
>has a quiet understated personality
>babing gf
>real human bean
Based Gos

Cunt, i've hear canberra is great for skating.

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it is
come skate/bomb with me

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oi whatre u doing in that shithole, come melb u duffah

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Dude that actually sounds sick, but i live in Sydney so maybe some other time. It's good weather for it too

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lmao @ that gif

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if you skate/graff and are from sydney we probably have mutual friends

where do you usually skate? when i used to go to syd from skate trips we'd stay at central station YHA and then train it to redfern to skate waterloo
waterloo mini fuckign rules

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yea op sticking needles into yr dick b /c everywhere else on your body is numb and eventually having to get yr dick amputated is really /fa/

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He sounds like a shitty clone of Christopher Owens from Girls, who also models for YSL

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One on the right before you ask

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Mostly street, and i p much only skate while high and at night. I live the northwest.

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His music is fucking stupid though.

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