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James Dean has more style than all of /fa/. His style is perfectly timeless. James dean is your idols idol

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lol @ paul

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simply epic :-)

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wear the outfit in that pic out in public and come back and tell me that its timeless

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le euphoric fedora detection x100 women have curves no bones plz help cop iron rangers mfa

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james dean took cock which is most def not /fa/

me: 1
op: faggot

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I wear a t-shirt and jeans with a jacket all the time of course it's timeless as fuck. As long as everything fits and no colors clash you literally cannot fuck it up. Not OP btw

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>red harrington jacket
>white undershirt
>blue jeans
>engineer boots

log off

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>implying that this isn't a classic look

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>implying you wont stand out like a sore thumb if you wore that today

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post the number of people you have seen out in public dressed like that

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A Harrington, a plain shirt, jeans and boots/shoes? Probably four this year. Not bad, considering.

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No, LA. Stay shitty, anon.

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where do you live, chavville?

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le epik ruse my man

*tips fedora in a commendable fashion*

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