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Seo in young is so beautiful in her latest mv. I think she's effay. WHat's you opinion about it?
>tfw will never have a cute azn gf like Seo in young

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plastic surgery and fake af


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>some ugly asian surgery whore over drugged-out Sky
Hilarious anon, truly hilarious.

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sky ain't good either tho

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OP here, She only had a nose plastic surgery and she had many awards about her fits and beauty.

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She's the only /fa/fu I can think of that's worthy of anything.

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I think K-pop is a cesspit out of which nothing of value comes

it's like the pop music industry in the US, only less artistic, more commercial, and less bold

it's like if you sucked all the life out of Katy Perry, moved the focus toward her dance moves, and refused to consider releasing anything even close to edgy

that's k-pop. it's about as artistic as an ad for a new Samsung phone. it's music for people who don't care about music. it's soulless. it's crap. worst of all, it ruins south korea's image around the world.

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Fuck off back to /mu/.

For fuck's sake, aren't those K-Pop general threads enough?

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take your kpop shit to /r9k/ or whatever shithole of a board it hasnt been banned from. /mu/? /tv/?

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is the whole sky thing an elaborate ruse

like she's not ugly but she looks way too trashy for my taste and by the time the heroin's done with here she really won't be much of a looker

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>implying pop music in the US isn't the absolute worst form of "music"

No love for K-Pop, but damn nigga.

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Well I for one like the whole trashy-looking cokewhore thing. I wouldn't mind getting high with her and then fucking.

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I was mostly talking about her fits in the mv

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pop is great you autistic fuck. go back to listening to shitty prog rock and bitching about how you werent born 40 years ago.

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tacky as hell man

and she's bound to have stylists dressing her up like a doll anyway

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This. Everything she wears is picked out for her by stylists accompanied by PR people like every single k-poop "star"

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>prog rock

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don't hate on prog, man

I enjoy Gentle Giant and Yes, but I also enjoy Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé, and I listen to a lot of Drake

if you want to call that guy autistic that's fine but don't rip on another genre of music to do it, that's just being as narrow-minded as he is

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WTF thats her from jewelry? goddamn it

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lol @ these trips who think they are the shit

you guys got nothing on GD & TOP when it comes to fashion you plebs

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weeaboo pls go away

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even with a million dollars worth of clothes, stylists, and plastic surgery, most of them still look like plastic and dress like garbage

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This. Op here, TOP is my idol. Might seems wrong but he's the reason why I started to like fashion

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what you don't understand is that these people are picked for their looks and have stylists who work hard to maintain their image

I don't care about their style because there's no personality in it, it's whatever's "cool" and they're not particularly forward-thinking with it either

if kpop is where you look for inspiration, you're looking in the wrong place, because no original ideas about fashion come from that industry


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>this post
>coming from trunks

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hey trunks guess what. TOP is lited in the top 10 most handsome men in 2013. Your fits are worse than his.

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wow some kid from canada with a couple grand to buy second hand things on ebay dresses worse than some celebrity whos managers pay people to pick out his clothes and facial features

thanks anon youve shattered my self confidence

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>kshit threads on /fa/
I swear it's always the same chink/hambeast that makes this shit, especially with their TOP mantra

keep eating up trash, you koreaboos are on the same scum tier as those 2009 twilight fangirls that throw hissy fits on youtube over their cullen camp

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I actually know its trash, even if i keep listening to it.

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>Cullen camp

dude it's like you just stepped out of the time machine which came from like 5 years ago but didn't even know and just posted on 4chan cause you have no one to tell you what year it is cause you're just a faggot everyone wants you to leave and go away

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I hope DPRK torches your beloved Seoul to the ground.

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did you not read what he fucking wrote you absolute retard take your shit trip back to /r9k/ or wherever you came from

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please this is nothing compared to the actual fan worship

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They are celebrities! They must have no soul or personal style! They must not be better than me!

You faggots

PS TOP & GD are natty

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my m8

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THis is just generic shit.

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lol do u actually think they pick out their own clothes?

do people actually fanboy kshit this hard?

thats not even a good fit either

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K-pop is so shit
They take 90's music and add some techno beats, make some chick who had plastic surgery lip sing the fuckin song and dance and
Filps and mexicans love it

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Holy shit what a boring fuckin song
Should have ended at 2 mins

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that what black rappers do too

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With lyrics that blow you the fuck away
What does k-pop got? Shit ass language that's a copy of japanese with chinese mixed into it

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>copy of japanese with chinese mixed into it

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yea man wiz khalifa, so good rite

japanese is a derived from chinese with chinese in it
korean is derived from chinese

I can understand the argument but you're being literally retarded.

let this thread die anyways

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>wiz khalifa
Do not list shit tier rappers but wiz is on the same level as k-pop god g-dragon so that tells you something

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wiz khalifa is a lot better than kpop dude

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Lets compare one artist to a whole genre! Hooray!

You guys probably only heard shit like Crayon Pop or SNSD because of R9K fags spamming them.

GD's solo stuff is quite good. It's not legendary or great but it's much better than Wiz.

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I really like bigbang boys solos projets. Ringa linga is so awesome

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kush & oj

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good post.

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