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ITT: Post your birthday

January 9th, 1996 reporting in

Feels good to be 18

I'm a girl btw

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do you like daggers?

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96 is the shit

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I wonder who the oldest fuccboi on /fa/ is

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wow cool bait

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>being born in an odd year

1996 > 1995

Stay mad, grandpda

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>tfw 1990
>everyone's a little shit

Goddamn, time to get off 4chan.

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>not being a true patrician born in the middle of 90 and 00
Stay jelly, son

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how are these people models? i really don't get this

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22 11 92

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>cara fuccgurl and sky fuccboi are barely of age

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1995 is literally the most worthless year

nobody gives a fuck about 1995

literally nothing happened in 1995

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>implying barely of age is a bad thing
anon pls

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83. this is one of the worst boards on the site

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How is 21 barely of age

I literally experienced everything life had to offer by the time I hit 20

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You should see /v/ or /b/ sometime.

How did you survive that extreme edge?

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LOL your the same age as my dad. 96 here

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Huh? 96 master race lol ikll yoirsefl grandpa, ur an old virgin hahaha btw I'm 6'2

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It's not. It's just usually indicative of shit taste and obnoxious behavior, and in this case, it's right on the money.


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January 1st, 1993

I blacked out and threw up on my fit

>not my suede shoes tho
>Mission Complete

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I agree

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seems like ur a little bitch. 96 master race, seriously if youre older than 18 on mu kill yaself son

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January 5th 1993
Turned 21 this year

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>Being 20 yeaers old

Get the fuck out gramps. Dont u have some viagra to take? Lmao '95 master race

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Lmaooooo dude you're so fucking old

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>seems like ur a little bitch.
Like I said, obnoxious behavior. I don't browse /mu/, partially because it's full of dumb kids like you.

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>cant do simple math
>can't use context clues

get the fuck out inbred child, go shit up /v/

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lol my bday is 9 jan 1994

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Dumb? I just graduated HS early with honors you bitchass.

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I turned 21 on the first

all these borderline underages. get on your adult lvl mane

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wow ur old enough to b my dad ;-)

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ye i should move to a rest house soon

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24 avril 1993
you kids are alright, just know that real life starts AFTER highschool

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January 13th 1994

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>implying getting good grades proves you're smart

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September 20th, 1994
>tfw birthday always after summer so it's an excuse to throw a party and get over the going back to school sadness

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if you were dungeon family, yea
but you were a wrinkly sack of puss and vanity

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>not having a pattern in your birthday
Get on my level

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8 12 95

1995 master race

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1989 yall gay Little cunts.

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1993 here and i was starting to panic too
but you figure this kind of thread attracts the kids

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>all these kids

What am I even doing here?

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88 brb finding a gun and using it jesus i never knew there were so many fucks around this board who were born post 90

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>all the highschoolers/freshman who think they can fashion.
>18 year olds giving fashion advice

yep /fa/ is the worst board. anyone giving advice is mot likely an idiot.

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21 may 1971
so i really am old :-(

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Yeah, cause you're so much older and wiser.

'91 masterrace here

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December 7th 93

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dec 93

ever since i turned 20 ive felt rly old with nothing to show for it. i barely remember 12-17

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march 2 1995

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December 1999
youngest fuccboi on here

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reporting right now:)

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83 here
Agreed, full of tumblr kids

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>Tfw 96
>Tfw high school senior
>Tfw scared of graduating
>Tfw still a virgin
>Tfw scared of the real world
>Tfw no license yet or car (just my permit that I got last year)
>Tfw no gf
>Tfw 5'8 and done growing probably
>Tfw acne n stuff
>Tfw no job
>Tfw college is scary
>Tfw life is scary
>Tfw feel really old
>Tfw just wanna make music and be famous and rich n stuff
>Tfw life is sad
>Tfw ;_;

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>I'm an A & B kid, I'm not dumb!
Proving my point.

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>unaware of the HUGE generation gap in the 90s

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