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somebody opening this poll about our ages. go vote


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bump bump

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fuck off this isnt a statistics board

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it's helpful to know
also needs to be a gender one

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what is that jumper hes wearing? wowee

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>1/3 underage thus far
no surprise there

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dat >15 or less tho

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where can i find that shirt?

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>all these 25+ year olds
lmao dad wtf are you doing on fah

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>a 25 year old dad

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>there is kids under the age of 16
>giving you advice on your fits right now

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>tfw theyre the ones going full goof, stealing their parents creditcards

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>15 or less in the lead
That explains so fucking much

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God if this poll is right it's finally time to leave /fa/ for good.
Have fun kiddies!

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>15 or less
I'm laughing so fucking hard.

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this actually makes me really mad

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>peoples ages automatically discredit the merits of their arguments or opinions

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>underage detected

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at a certain point, yes.

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>underage b& detected

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It does happen D:

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u just got b8ed m8, I voted about 40 times for <15
Nonetheless, there are probably a few kids on here

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le effey community

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>15 or less - 18%
>20 - 16%

/fa/ is made of advanced kids and stunted adults

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/fa/ always seemed like it was full of college softmores and freshmen.

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I just realized... i'm just too cool for this board!

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>such underage

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I'm really pulling for this being a joke, because if 1/5 of this board is really <15 I feel worse than I already do

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>wasting your high school years on 4chan
I seriously hope these people are joking

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what else could they be doing if they're fat, trying to grow neckbeards?

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like wasting your college years on 4chan is any better...

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They're 12 and what is this

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>15 or less has the highest
I am suddenly extremely frightened.

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Ebay or hypebeast would probably be your best bet. It's a Supreme Rose Football Jersey

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now you know why there are vans and sky ferreira threads everyday

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Sky is fine.

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>mfw I voted about 40 times for 15 or less a few hours ago
>mfw all the people in the second half of this thread fell for it
I truly am le master ruseman

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Fucking 19% under 15? Okay. I'm leaving.

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Holy shit

No wonder /fa/ is full of angry white bois. Apparently most of the posters are jacked up on Mountain Dew and Call of Duty killstreaks.

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>going on 4chan instantly means you are wasting your life on 4chan

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Not really

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Actually, yes.

This place is a shit hole.

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sure you did?
pic related

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1 question why do you continue to post her when ppl shit on her everytime?

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>what is a proxy

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I've been "on" 4chan for roughly 5 years, but that doesn't mean I'm literally always on 4chan, just that when I'm in a state of procrastination I tend to browse 4chan. I started with /b/ in 8th grade when it was the edgiest fucking shit, before the average person knew what memes were, and while I'm not necessarily proud of that I have to stay that I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for /mu/ and /fa/...

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>implying over half the people didn't just lie to fuck /w the poll

>> No.7582922

>taking time out of your day to proxy yourself 40 times for a strawpoll
truly the rusemaster

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You're right posting sadfrogs on an anime imageboard it's definitely useful management of your time

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the dude looks like he could be her dad lol

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it's much better to reblog tumblr posts and shout out to your homies on twitter ya

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implying 25 is old you faggot. at least people are burning their own money instead of their parents' on this retarded shit

>> No.7582971

They're both terrible. Really, the internet is just a time-sucking shithole most times.

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I learned how to dress well almost solely from this site, dude. I'm not talking about fucking goth ninja, either. It's not like I say to myself "LET'S KILL SUM TIME" and go on /fa/ and click on every thread. I click on the bookmark and scroll through and see if anything peaks my interest. Often there's nothing so I'll refresh or go to another page. There's been great cologne threads, jeans threads, outerwear threads, high fashion threads... That's the kind of shit I'm talking about. The real life equivalent would be, for me, taking a train into the city and walking around the fashion district or some shit, where I can't just hide the foul homeless people like I can with the shitty threads here... I'm not saying /fa/ is perfect but for someone who wants to learn how to dress well it can be pretty gud

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I cant believe people are taking this poll as being accurate. So many people are lying for the lulz

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>not taking inspo from homeless people

Regardless, /fa/ is most times just rife with shitposting. It's a bit like thrifiting: you have to dig through layers of condensed shit to get to anything worthwhile. Really, most info on fashion can be gathered from other places to, and maybe even more quckly, and /fa/ is pretty deficient in some areas due to its userbase (areas like luggage, and most formal wear).

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>I learned how to dress well almost solely from this site, dude

>needing a site to teach you how to dress

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>peaks my interest
sorry this is a huge pet peeve of mine. the phrase is actually piques my interest. peak=/=pique=/=peek.

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Now I know how sieg feels

>> No.7583218


>the foul homeless people

>> No.7583242

I'm not sure what would be worse.

Most of /fa/ being underage, or most of /fa/ being older and still posting like insecure highschoolers.

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