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Hey my "/fa/shion friends" does any one know of any /fa/ christian shirts?

I have had nooo luck at all and it sucks.

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what do you mean by christian

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Who is Christian?

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Like christian themes or images on the shirt, crosses, angels, ect

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the religon, i really like like images like this

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something like this maybe?

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wrong pic hahaha

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na mane like renassannce type swag, cmon lets leave our religous views out of it this is a fashion board not one for you to preach why i'm stupid for appreciating beautiful art, gosh..

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for real? i haven't seen anything in there i looked before i came here

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givenchy just did madonna print and stuff. en noir this season I think... uhhh... 1988 (or was it 98) ann did a collection where holy was printed on a lot of her shirts... im sure theres more but I cant remember

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is en noir a brand ?

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nvm i looked it up and it is so exspensive hahaha 1000 for a shirt... i wish..

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but thank you brother

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lol w2c

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you know the upside down cross is actually the symbol that saint peter used to preach under

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exactly so it's ok and cool for me to wear. w2c

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yea it is :D

idk honestly /: i'm sorry

i'll look for you though hold on give me five mins

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that's actually appropriate

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here you go friend


i looked at the thumbnail name lol but don't worry honest mistake

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haha 2k14 and not realize i was just trolling you nigger. 666 hail satan bree bree!! 666 breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Captcha: Bree PigSqueals

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man i was good to you though... trolling is suppose to make someone angry...n..not make them sad....

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I'd wear that shit so fucking ironically.

Actually want to cop.

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i think its a little bit too expensive to wear that ironically.

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Found this fit on lookbook, about the closest I've seen.

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Is this shit serious right now?
God damn.

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dude i love that thank you!!!

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i typed it in and i couldn't find it, can you post a link man please

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what a fag
please do not cop this

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dude i have the perfect complementing pieces for this, i see the potential . this fag is not fullfilling it

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W2c it's an emergency

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Who dat gurl?

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Amon posted her its his gf
He wanted to know about her eyebrows

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I also really like they imagery of the renassance ( I don't know how to spell it) it is very pretty

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Rose Tyler?

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It's not my gf I just thought she was pretty

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Ideal girl right there. Goddamn I need a qt bad

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Would you say she is a 10/10?

I rarely see a girl wh I can say without doubt is a ten but I think she quaiifies

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i got you op

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> christian

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your not supposed to worship idols

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Actually christian people believe that every work of art(even the bible itself) was concieved by people inspired by God, so it's like god himself(or herself? I know there is a debate about it) created it.

Basically when they say "I love this painting" referred to a christian one is like if they said "I love the work of God", therefore "I love God"

Sauce: I'm Italian, so Church is omnipresent here.

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>hurrr what is iconoclasm

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I talked about the Roman Church.

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im a christian bro
dunno if I should continue copping grail pieces
the verse of jesus or some other guy in new testament which goes to something like "what did you think you'd find here? a well dressed man maybe? no! you find those in the palaces of the great kings" hit me real hard today

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byzantine iconoclasm is roman

>> No.7576942

whats the designe on the black robes?

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this is some evangelion shit

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>hurr what is Council of Nicaea

pls stop I know you want to act knowledgable just because you just studied it in 10th grade but you are embarassing yourself

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who cares brah it's all in the past

worry about the now not the then

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retcon a shit

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exactly. >>7576904 is all about what christians believe *now*

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That's how the Church works, never said I approve it

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try /pol/ and stormfront

they have good shirts

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bombers are much cooler

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holy fuck, thats so fucking disgusting

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They used to have a coach jacket with a religious print inside and a t shirt that unzipped on the side revealing a layer of religious print.

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if raf made it everyone would love it.

>blehh supreme is so gay because thats what people on here that i see say so i better agree to fit in

>> No.7579340


But Raf wouldn't make it because that's not up his alley. The idea of "high concept-low brow taste" is very much a Supreme thing and the entire point is that you either get it and love it and want to collect it all or you don't like it and you won't be part of their audience.

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If Rick Owens wasn't "highly priced" he would be laughed at. People here are just fags who buy high end clothing when they go on sale and think they're elite when they're actually just label whores.

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I don't really know what you mean by this, though. There are plenty of ways to buy Rick pieces are very reasonable prices (even by designer/contemporary standards), so it's not like the garments are totally inaccessible like, say, a lot of the stuff from Saint Laurent or whatever. If price were the only reason people liked Rick, wouldn't the only things that get posted here be stuff like Serapian and Hermes and Margiela Artisanal and so on?

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not any good pieces at decent prices though.

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Basic jersey pieces aren't crazy and wardrobe-defining, but they're still good and usable.

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can you deliver a critique of rick's work that actually confronts it in terms of design or are you just venting your frustration that people have different taste than you?

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What I'm saying is that typically Rick Owens is a high priced "edgy" brand, perfectly aimed at the type of person who borswes online "fashion" forums/boards. If Geobaskets didn't cost 1K and were the price of a pair of Nikes or something similiar NO one would like them.

I'm not saying I hate Rick, I think he's doing something different which I can applaud, but his clothing is WAY too try-hard.

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you know nothing tbh
neither do i but it's apparent that you know nothing

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Rick Owens is aimed for 30-60 somethings

>> No.7579380

can u back up a single thing uve said

>> No.7579387

Sorry, I also forgot that it's aimed at the 20-something Hong Kong trust fund kid who posts his outfits to all of his social media accounts.

>> No.7579389


Well, that's a difficult thing to test given that there's nobody making Geobaskets for the price of a pair of Nikes. You get into murky waters when you start stating that you know exactly why people do things like saying you like things.

And I don't know what's so "try-hard" about his clothing. He's pretty upfront with his designs, there are no techy fancy fabrics, he cuts almost all the patterns himself, and he pretty much names all his styles in a way that's pretty obvious what's inspiring him; Brancusi, Stooges, Astaire, Bauhaus, Mollino.

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I'd say the demographic is pretty wide. You've got everything from baggy tees and sneakers to silk gowns and fisher stoles; the kid who aspires to one Rick tee a year and the grande dame who wears it out to a museum gala.

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damn, beat me to it
I think this is the only one aside form all those retarded Forever XXI upside-down crosses shirts

>> No.7579412

Try-hard as in no matter what you purchase from Rick, it does not matter who you are, you will look like you're trying way too hard to be whatever it is you're trying to be.
>inb4 all of his stuff is basic
Wearing all black, draped, drop crotch, edgy leathers, and chunky shoes makes you look like you put too much thought into what you put on before you leave your place. You can't be stylish while wearing Rick Owens, it just shows you've put too much thought into it which is never /fa/.

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can you answer my question >>7579369

>> No.7579438

What I'm saying is that his clothing is too obscure to be "fashionable". His designs are too out there and are not practical for the real world, aside from Japan you will look like you have down syndrome if you wear anything of his anywhere else, apart from his most basic of things of course. His clothing clashes with pretty much every scenario you could be in, whether than be in a lecture hall or driving a car, it will look severly out of place and awkward.

>> No.7579444

lol bruce springstein wears waxed rick jeans

he makes lots of subtler stuf 2

>> No.7579454


It seems like you're confusing Rick's fans with his customers. The number of people who are decked out in Pod shorts with giant trainers and insanely expensive leather outerwear everyday is very little. The vast majority of his clientele are people who buy a piece or two at a time and just adapt it into their regular wardrobe without sipping on the Kool-aid in the manner you're describing.

You don't have to be a skinny goth fashion-fan to put on a pair of leather leggings, you don't have to a market editor to wear a cotton sweatshirt, you don't have to be a "try-hard" to wear a draped skirt.

In the interest of an open and engaging dialogue, what's the sort of stuff you wear or the stuff you like to see people wear? What doesn't have the "try-hard" aspect that you seem to dislike so much?

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wow good thingf no1 with an opinion worth listening 2 has ur warped idea of fashion lol

r u getting a kick outta saying unsubstantiated bullshit that no1 else agrees w/

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OH GOOD. I found you. Banana, this shirt is gitman vintage, available at Need Supply. I thought you should see it. Because, well, you know why.

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Once again, I think you're confusing a model on a runway or in a fashion magazine with a person who is just picking up a t-shirt to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I'm not a fan of Kim's by any means, but I think she looks like a pretty normal (by celebrity standards) person and she's wearing one of his most signature pieces.

It's not like people who wear Saint Laurent are only wear crazy skinny jeans and sequined jackets and giant pussycat bows 24/7 or that people who wear Margiela have bejeweled masks and nude bodysuits on when they go to the grocery store.

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The fruit one with polka dots is much more fun because, you know, polka dots. But that one is pretty apt.

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omg lol

this would be perfect for summer i hope it goes on sale

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thanks btw ;^)

>> No.7579515


I'd be surprised if any retailers bought that heavily in this season's specialty prints. There are some REALLY out there ones that people don't seem to have delivered yet, including the titty mags and fish and Mod kinda dotted stuff and whatnot.

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i can still hope that no one buys it :(((

don't crush my dreams

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his clothing is based on the work of the most important couturiers of the last century. it could hardly be more conventional.

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or rather, conventional isn't the word; it could hardly have a stronger foundation in costuming history.

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>this is what middle class white kids actually think

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