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>thanks for the flowers anon... so what are we gonna do next?

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if she looks at you like this just smile, kiss and undress her.

not that hard. next question

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you say that like it's so easy

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Pretty sure my first move would be grabbing her by the throat, forcing her to look straight into my glaring eyes before I smack her.

Pretty sure she'll like it.

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were not all betas

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I'm going to put you on a clean bulking regime and afterward we'll go do some squats.

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first and only picture she looks fuckable in

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"Get the fuck out of my house before you ruin my Rick Owens bedsheets!!!"

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Get you something to eat. Anorexic as fuck.

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leave immediately bc shes ugly

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"what you want me to do?" is the only reasonable and non-autistic responce

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remove the makeup, you look like a raccoon

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I like her body

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y-you too

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those were for my mother you cunt, put them down and apologise to her down the phone right this instant

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trust me that is an autistic response

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well if shes looking at you like that she obviously already wants the d and you have to try pretty hard to fuck it up

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>verbal response
and this is why you are all virgins

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who is this again?

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got damn you thirsty niggas go home

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>w- would you like to play monopoly?
bitches loves monopoly

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Watch anime of course. Do you like K-on?

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its beta.
like those faggots who ask "are you okay" "are you enjoying this?" "am i doing it right?" during sex.

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i know dis fun website its names 4chan and it shows le funny pictures and memes XD ;;; ^_^
>not saying ex deeh in rl

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When the fuck did
"am i doing it right?" become beta? Communication is number 1 in sex, and if your partner doesn't fucking like it, and is too shy to say anything, it's important to ask. No one ever became a god in bed because they were naturals. They learned through communication fuccboi.

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holy shit you should be able to tell if they like it or not you fucking autist

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Like from the first time fingering a girl? The first time I did it, I just rammed my fingers up there. I had no clue what I was doing. Then later, I learned that I should curve my fingers in a "come here" motion. Did she tell me that the first time? No she didn't.

You're probably still a virgin though. You wouldn't understand what good communication is.

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This is the least funny thing I've read all day.

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This is usually right, but not always right. I'm mostly speaking out of personal experience because believe you me, there was lots of "are you okay" and "are you enjoying this" when I was trying anal with my girlfriend

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sorry we arent all sex prodigies like you anon

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We can play Streets of Rage and I can dick you down. Genesis dicks what Nintendon't

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Simple as it gets

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>cntrl+F "Lick"
Take your pants down and give me your asshole.

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i think you forgot what board youre on

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>give me your asshole
How much of a nerd do you have to be to say something like that?

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nerd virgin+white knight commander of all the cavalry*

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Ehm, not a native English speaker, perhaps?

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>not requesting a girls asshole

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"well maybe you can show me those sweet ass bed sheets you were telling me about? :)"

if she says "what bed sheets are you talking about?"

Grab her arm and tell her "oh c'mon you" and take her to the bedroom to fuck

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trial and error by trying out new things is how to do it and talking shit over with a bro always helps.
asking a girl if you're doing it right isn't what they want to hear and you know it.

taking a girls cherry its understandable to ask things but thats more for the other person since they're in pain.

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shit tits

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>"oh c'mon you"
this kills the boner

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much easier to ask a girl what she likes than doing "trial and error." especially giving head. every girl ive given head gets off differently. some want a finger or two in, others just want clitoral stimulation, etc.

the question is then usually turned around and i get to tell her what i like receiving head or what positions, and so on. having some knowledge instead of literally groping blindly makes a far better experience.

>talking shit over with a bro
that might help but its far more helpful to talk the same shit over with the girl youre with.

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What the fuck is wrong with her chin?

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>not enjoying model tits
guys take a load of that pleb!

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when you grab her ass after the second saying it not since she is already up for it.

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"Let's get high nigga"

*proceeds to smoke a pound of da loud kush while listening to A$AP Rocky and pass out from da kush coma*

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kek, I likr this

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bix nod muffuga!

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in case you're serious: if you're being that open you could just start kissing her anyways. talking about it doesn't make it better.

if you're in a phase were you still need to do some talking, this is much too offensive and direct.

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its not needed to talk ofc, just making an entrance and putting a front for a whore like this. gonna fuck her brains out after like 10 seconds saying that so...

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take out pen & paper: Man up.

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smoke crack, though you already look like you've been cooking chickens for years, you ugly fucking cunt

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I would just put my hands on her hips and start kissing her
There's no reason to say anything

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i can't imagine you ever shutting the fuck up even in that kind of moment

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Lol the less people know about you, the better
That includes women
I always get the "you're so mysterious" comment"

Keep It SImple STupid!

I know when to open my mouth and when to let her run hers. It's not too complicated. Maybe now you will start to see how much I give this website

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this wins. Just get nice and close and slowly kiss her. Bitches love that Notebook tier romantic bullshit no matter how fuccboi she dresses

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The only non-virgin in this thread

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>tfw no bf to hold my hips

>> No.7570603

post hips

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how would you know what other people are saying during sex?

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I've learned something from you anon, thank you

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"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

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>dating fat chicks

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Although it is excruciatingly rich, horrifyingly sunny and more full of wonderfully exciting people than a pomegranate is of pips, it can hardly be insignificant that when a recent edition of Playbeing magazine headlined an article with the words "When you are tired of Ursa Minor Beta you are tired of life", the suicide rate quadrupled overnight.

-Based Douglas Adams

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she literally looks like an aborted courtney love circa 1993 that's been marinating in meth. her face in 5 years is gonna be so scary

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pls b in london

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You're mistaking saggy grandma tits with model tits pic related is model tits

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She's so ugly and looks like she does meth.

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She doesn't do any type of drug.

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at least shes still ugly

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that makes it even worse lol

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she and her boyfriend were caught with a bunch of heroin

5/10 ugh why did i even reply

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go on the fukka warosu archive and find this guys posts by filenames

he is a mentalist

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why do you guys like ugly bitches /fa/?

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this fag

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Find a vase to put them in you moron

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censored tits
you call this ART

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>passing out on raw bud
bitch lungs ass nigga
i bet you cough when you do dabs

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one time i got high at my mate shouse. wa sgetting the bus back, like 30 mins after getting baked 9used a bong)

then started listening to los campesinos on the bus. This song came on

and then i realised there was a girl on the bus also. was just me and her

she was like halfway infront on me so i could only see the baclk of my her head. anyway as this song was coming on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMewAkVBFck)we passed some lights and the weirdest fucking thing happened.

i felt like i was in love and the song came on louder and i fucking felt tingling and like really fucking good and warm in all my body. i spent like 40 mins staring at this girl trying not to tell her i love her.

after i got off everything was normal again. was really fucking weird

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any way yeah is this normal when high? foir the record we had water bongs and it was easily the most high i've ever been and im really not a regular smoker.

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>> No.7571990


just admit that it was the first time u got high

calm down ur anonymous

>> No.7572015

it honestly wasnt. wasnt a regular smoker but i would smoke like ever 1-2 months. that was the most high i've ever been though the bong fucked me up good.

>> No.7572026


also this was the song.

>> No.7572197

>im not a regular smoker
this is why you have bitch lungs
i literally cant get that high with the resources available in my geographical state. ive been smoking consistently since 2005. i wanna try pure thc pills, heard that shit was loose

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so what happened was normal when baked yeh?

>> No.7572214

smoking once a month is the same as never smoking because your system is clean in three weeks. you will never gain a tolerance at that pace. from what you're telling me, i go to work on more weed than you could probably handle

>> No.7572224

wow sounds like you smoke too much mate you should cool it

>> No.7572225

only at first if you use a bong everytime you smoke it wont be as intense because youd be building a tolerance

>> No.7572239

i smoke more than most plebian smokers but i dont get nearly as high. so i need more at once

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seconded. literally reddit tier humour

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>tfw you will never ever have Sky all for yourself
my throat is welling up

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yeah /fa/ listen to this guy ask your bro how to finger somebody and he'll let you practice on him

my bros and I do it all the time

>> No.7572295

-grabs by throat- BACK THE FUCK OFF?

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Nobody will ever have her all for themselves.

A whore belongs to nobody and everybody at the same time.

and i know it's messed up to call her a whore, but you'd have to be crazy to believe a girl in her position doesn't fit into the above quote.

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You sound like the kind of person that would own a men's rights activist t-shirt and a fedora.

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>give me your asshole

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that happened to be in the car they stole, idiot. zach does drugs, not sky. and the police were out to get them anyway.

>> No.7572434

>has a boyfriend
>let's assume she's unfaithful to him for no reason

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I do own those things.
>pic related

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Who said she was being unfaithful?
Are you implying that her bf OWNS her??

Women are not cattle. Women are not property.
Take your misogyny back to /r9k/

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>not saying "i'm on my period so i'll have to fuck you in the ass"

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dr. mario confirmed ugly as hell

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t-thanks, just r-rub it in, a-anon

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i'm on the left holding the sign you stupid fuck.

>> No.7572555

he'll probably take you seriously lol

>> No.7572567

Mens Rights is serious.

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It's kind of amazing how superior she is to every other model

>> No.7573399

It's because she's part Brazilian

>> No.7573409

portugese =/= brazilian

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her legs

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she's still half brazilian, and 99,9995 of Brazil has portuguese heritage

>> No.7573838

pretty racist, but w/e

>> No.7573865

she has gross tits, if i had tits that ugly i wouldnt put them on the front of my album

>> No.7573872

>tits over ass
you must be a virgin
also, she's a model, who cares

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>i don't know what art is

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99,9995 percent of braazil is negroid

>> No.7573918

thighs & stomach > all

tits are more important than ass tho, most girls have a decent butt, nice tits are way more rare

>> No.7573940

shes still fucking repulsive

stop having low standards

>> No.7573941

>Portuguese heritage

tell that to the thousands of japanese, italian, black, german, and random seppardic jewish descendants there

>> No.7574114

>tits are more important than ass tho
>stop having low standards

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