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kanye should produce something for her next album

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i'm a motha fuckin gay fish yo

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so original

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Do you like fishsticks?

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Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth?

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Me too.

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who the fuck is that

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some groce blonde chick and the world's best leprechaun

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qt model/singer Sky Ferreira

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kanye west

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the next girl these faggots are gonna shitpost about all day

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it was bound 2 happen but i wasn't really looking forward to a pic of them 2gether
don't really like either of em

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I like this because she knows enough about lonely virgins to do the whole anime one-eye-open thing

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>not accepting her as your modelfu

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>the whole anime one-eye-open thing
1. its called winking
2. fuck you
3. fuck thirst
4. fuck mods for not deleting this shit

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there's a shitposting thread filled with pictures of a pornstar, and you're complaining about something that actually has to do with fashion?

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Fuck this made me cringe. Please b8

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>anime one-eye-open thing

its not too late to change your hikkimori ways

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but hikki is /fa/

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yeah south park is on the same level or worse than family guy. its already bad enough to enjoy the show, let alone jacking some joke and posting it here

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she's so beautiful

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Fucking hell shut the fuck up

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i want to sniff her feet so bad

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Lol kanye is such a midget.

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kayne wishes he was stefan burnett

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kanye is fucking the baddest bitch in the game right now you povvo fuccboi

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realest rapper in the game bruh

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lanklet pls go

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this would be raw

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she's the ultimate alice glass/ karley kloss/ cara

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is she photoshopped into these? she looks so out of place

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except all 3 of them are superior to Sky (yes, even Cara)

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who do h like sky
who model like sky
who are quirky like sky

tell them niggas to step they game up

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she sticks out like a sore thumb bruh

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> tfw you will never live this lifestyle

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oh man those legs gash i'm now vomit

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yeah, way more than kanye in all white. yeah, totally.

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> implying she holds a candle to Cara

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you fuccbois need to stop obssesing over shit tier chicks. I'm willing to bet that all you're attracted to is her "edgy" look. Spend one day with her and I bet all of you would be disillusioned.


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tfw I honestly dont fucking want to

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well yeah of course they're putting the pussy on a pedestal
but you're dealing with some really lame people on this site so don't be surprised

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>not wanting to be a generic blonde chick with dark eyebrows posing for photos in meme-tastic shirts while rapidly aging yourself with expensive hard drugs

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>100% OC, streetart, urbex, photography

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she's so damn ugly.

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virgin as hell mane

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You think Kanye even knows who she is, or just thinks she's a fan?

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kanye asked her to hang out with him

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what does one do when hanging out with ye

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Make music and watch anime, probably

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talk about how being marginalized, listen to kanye's albums, chat with kim, talk about fashion, etc

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listen to him rant

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I think my prediction is more on the money

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is this thread in the desert yall niggas thirsty for some average twiggy blonde girl

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try turn down his music so that you can communicate with him. on the set of anchorman 2 he literally would not stop playing Yeezus, even though they had to film and no one wanted to upset him

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this bitch ugly af.

nothin' special about a fake blonde haired hoe.

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lmao agreed

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Guess I need to go to California and kill me a nigger now.

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greatest waifu of all time

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kanye knows more about music than most of us lol
he used to dig crates quite a bit

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what's your point? terry wouldn't dare touch her. she has a boyfriend and she's a virgin

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I just made sky my new modelfu so thanks for this thread

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hi kanye
hows the weather down there

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claire boucher is much more adorable

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>you will never fug grimes armpit

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they're not memetastic, its Jeremy Scott! Its Designer!1!111!!1eleven

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I enjoy her music more than I do Sky's.

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lmfao good one brah, i forgot how gay of a fish he is

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