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how to starve myself /fa/?

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being skinny =/= being attractive
being thin is generally an attractive trait but pencil thin is not sexy

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caffeine and cigarettes

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Eat less, but with more quality. Work out.

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eat healthily if you must, but once you start obsessing over what you eat and skipping meals it'll be hard to stop and you'll just feel shitty all the time. it won't make you feel attractive at all if you were normal in the first place.
i speak from experience.
also fuck myproana

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This, coffee/caffeine and cigs

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i just cant resist food. i can put off playing video games to study, and other things like that. but if there is some tasty ass shit next to me, i will eat it. its a good thing my college (buffet style cafeteria) has the most shitty food ive ever eaten. about once a week they have a meal i actually like. and then i usually enjoy breakfast, which is usually just a bagel and some orange juice. but i get to take my time and sit by myself in the quiet corner of the cafeteria and watch people walk by outside. its pretty nice. i dont know why nobody goes for breakfast in my school.

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Anorexia isn't cool. It gives you multiple long-lasting health issues if the disorder doesn't kill you.

If you have thoughts of starving yourself see a therapist.

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oh shit my sides are gone

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Tell us more about your shit-eating habits.

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well usually for lunch, ill wait for my room mate, and then he always uses the bathroom on the way to the cafeteria. and so when he comes out, ill go in. ill find the stall he used. ill pick up his shit, and ill just eat it. ill eat his shit.

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i find it goes hand in hand with mental illness,if i'm depressed or extremely anxious i don't eat

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Don't starve yourself go lift instead. Working out is modern couture.

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yeah well, that's just like your opinion, man.

I use caffeine and ephedrine but the combination of not eating much and the stims make my dick feel literally no pleasure. I also get no horny when I don't eat. I jack off anyways because I have nothing better to do.

Oh well...at least I'm not fat ah ha ha ha ha! I never have sex anyways ah ha ha ha ha!

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>eat healthily if you must

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theirs benefits to fasting and theirs benefits to eating a nutritious balanced calorie surplus and losing weight slowly

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Don't buy it. Make your own meals. Never go grocery shopping hungry.

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u mean deficit.

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its opposite day b, u lost

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>snowboarding is modern couture

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then... i won!
haha!oppisite day!

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should have reworded that
"eat lightly if you must" would be better. i'm not advising pigging out on greasy shit in any case, but caring too much about what and how much you eat isn't a good thing if you're already perfectly healthy.

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should have reworded that
"i am a huge nerd."

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I starve myself because I'm too lazy to make myself something to eat or order take out. I look like shit

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starving your self makes you look shit ugly
and feel shit ugly
bc you are shit ugly
and you go mental..and dont realise your actually thin and think ur still fat so no point to it
that bitch is prob butterface
& no one wants to fuck a flatboard

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>& no one wants to fuck a flatboard
i do

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is it bc you're still in the closet..

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no being skinny = being attractive fatty

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brb piercing single nipple

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the only reason you should be starving yourself is that you want to be boney, and if you aren't able to just stop eating, you don't want to be boney badly enough to warrant it

just go eat some cheetos you fat fuck

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ITT: Fat people spreading fat acceptance

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i wanna be cool and charismatic like the girl in the pic, i'm assuming the nip piercing are a major player in that

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not really..
fat is worse than flatboard

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Camille Rowe

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I know she's my lifegoals

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we thinspo now?

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ew that's such a shit fit

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she looks like she's made of wax lel

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any healthy weight/size is accepted outside of online boards full of insecure anorexic pricks. do you honestly think people with a mental disorder are inherently more cool and attractive than happy and healthy people? if so, feel free to starve yourself to death.

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if you aren't a naturally thin coat hanger because of genetics you can't attain that look. it's not possible.

You must go the athletic route and lift weights, eat clean and sculpt yourself like a statue.

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fucking this

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starving yourself can make you skinnyfat, like blah

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before pic is really cute, after is just worrying
i'd just want to give them a hug and make them a hot meal

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>starving my self for 6 months because depression and meds also my own appeal to be skinny and hatred of eating
> 1000 calorie deficit so fairly gradual
>1 month ago i lost my first pound despite looking ridiculously more thin.

>friends get worried and force me to eat shit
> my arms fill up to there previous size instantly and with muscle not fat

fuck muscle memory
I guess another 6 months it is

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are u me

im still able to successfully starve myself because its a 10 minute walk to my schools dining hall, the food there is shitty, and its always cold so i dont want to walk there

im fine with not eating for days at a time if i dont have food around but if i have access to food i cant help but eat like a fatass

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depends if you're retarded enough to eat like <700 cals
but yeah, with heavy weight loss your body will use muscle for energy and by the time fat is being burned you'll feel like absolute shit and look like a total wreck

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people just dont understand that to look better they dont have to lose weight they just need to exercise and eat healthy

when you starve yourself you look fucking gross
dont do it

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everyone who thinks this chick is hot is a sexually frustrated virgin

pic related, on the other hand...

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enjoy your fucked up metabolism then

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theyre both hot, but i dont know if i would enjoy eating out sky ferreiras asshole as much as i would>>7554081

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wow somebody is using my screenname already????? it's like y'all askin for another trip

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are you sure?

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>people on this board actually starve themselves instead of just doing regular exercise and having a healthy diet
>mfw all these ugly skinnyfats trying to have sunken cheeks

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>eat raw vegetable
>smoke other hunger away

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just btw-camille was terrys bitch before sky

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> not starvation plus exercise plus cold treatment

enjoy being a fatty

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can any grils give their honest opinion on really skinny guys pls
I find them kind of good looking at a point but then with girls I just feel sorry for them
is it any different between genders or is this just because i don't have a soft spot for any dudes

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u shouldn't starve yrself

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>implying i dont already have a superior fast metabolism

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and camilles actually has a modeling career..which she has officialy reached the top of-vs
not some jobless tumblr wave whore who was in that one slp campaign shot by fucking hedi

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> Fast metabolism
>actually existing

>> No.7554334

if they're white and pale and somewhat fashionable, then yeah usually

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a really skinny guy is exactly as attractive to me as a fat guy, i don't see how it could be anything else. boney, i don't want to touch you. pale, cold, easily bruised, i don't want to fuck you. you can't keep up with me hiking, swimming, climbing, i don't want to date you. it's basically as attractive as being really fat.

restraint isn't sexy, it's fucking easy as shit. it's not admirable. nothing about being skinny is sexy to me. most girls think the same way.

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Its not just that you have to apply to the fetish groups

There are quite a few but the main one i can think of is girl mode and be that androgynous boys ( warning you might get fucked by dudes)

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I combined the two kind of and got about where I wanted pretty fast. never went below two light meals a day though.
basically forcing myself to eat now but i'm eating less and more heathily than I originally was. I still don't advise it at all, a lot of people are easily brainwashed by pro ana retards and would just never feel adequate.
I think I was happier before just being a normal size and not giving a shit what I ate.

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You're gonna look like shit unless you're not atleast a little bit athletic. Some people end up looking more skinny-fatish and its pretty unattractive. Just eat a little bit below maintenance and workout/ build strength.

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>really skinny guy

>hiking, swimming, climbing

I don't think these are mutually exclusive or i am not as skinny as i believe

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yeah what cover was sky on again..(besides fucking supplements)
also camille was in the dior commercial with robert

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>cold treatment
explain? do you mean ice-packing?

>> No.7554405

what if your skinny but also toned and kind of bulky sort of

like i have really prominent collarbones but pretty big pecs and abs and shit

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thank you
I think i'm at the point of being skinnier than usual but not so skinny than i'd only ever be considered attractive as a JPG existence so i'll stop where I am.
I fully agree with you in terms of girls. there's no way I would try to get with an ana girl, the idea that i'd be making them feel good about what they're doing is unbareable. never seen any awfully skinny girls in my area but I know I wouldn't find it attractive anyway.

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It basically means keeping yourself cold to get rid of brown fat
( or white fat not sure which it is)
to burn away as your body uses the fat to keep warm.
Your weight in brown fat will always be a difficult area to get rid of in exercise and its a common problem spot for most people.

I fulfill this by just wearing less clothes

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What are these called and how can I get my girlfriend to wear one

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literally never heard of her, lol
average anyway

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let me guess..
the only other models you know are cara and maybe karlie right..?

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yeah like i'm pretty skinny and i'm fairly certain i'm better at 2 out of 3 of those than most heavier dudes.

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I find healthily skinny andro/short haired girls quite cute
not overly skinny though, just like average skinny dude size

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if you're really skinny, you probably have a really shitty diet, and therefore really shitty stamina/endurance/overall athleticism
then you're boney, not skinny, and that's more tall/short than skinny/fat
it's a leotard and stop pretending you have a girlfriend

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>following models
nah, you probably do that shit because you have no life. i just think she's cute, while you catching feelings n shit over people you'll never meet lol

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>if you're really skinny, you probably have a really shitty diet, and therefore really shitty stamina/endurance/overall athleticism

what???? this is the dumbest thing i've read.

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so suddenly when someone knows more about something than you..they have no life
nice logic pencil dick

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what the fuck do you think nutrients are? what do you think happens when you exercise?

jesus christ, 4chan (especially /fa/ but like 80 percent of /fit/) is willfully ignorant about how their bodies actually work. the only way to build up athleticism is through physical labor. physical labor builds muscle. voila, not skinny.

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>catching feelings like a female for someone who don't care or know you exist
see, lol

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like, i would still consider a number of endurance athletes to be skinny

but i guess we have different views of what "skinny" is

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hnnnnngggggggggg that ass

>> No.7554544

I have twig legs and I can still walk for ages at a faster pace than the vast majority of people. I've had (diagnosed) heavy cardio induced asthma since I was a kid as well, I don't struggle for breath at all if i'm just walking though.
being 6'3 probably helps aha
I must just have a low bf% rather than zero muscle, even though I don't do any abnormal amount of exercise.

>> No.7554549

skinny is not the opposite of fat to me, if having low bf meant being skinny then ofc most girls are going to find that attractive
that guy is muscular as fuck, so i wouldn't call him skinny. lack of tissue (both fat and muscle) is what i'm talking about when i say skinny

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what is wrong with that..
she's basically my lifegoals

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Is her ass photoshopped

>> No.7554588

everything on her is photoshopped

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I get what your saying. But still I think most people looking at him -- especially if he was fully clothed -- would think he is "skinny."

and that's the struggle for us twinks i guess

>> No.7554618

>really skinny
he's right. depriving yourself of energy and muscle repair will eventually make you hopelessly weak. that's why endurance runners and shit need to pack themselves with calories and often fat, because otherwise they'll be burning away parts of their bodies required to have the energy and strength to do such activity. I imagine most stick thin models would have trouble running a mile.

>> No.7554627

that ass is pathetic

>> No.7554648

that i know, i was just taken aback by the whole skinny people = shitty endurance but it was a semantic misunderstanding

>> No.7554652

I've lost about 25 pounds since summer and it's mostly feeling bad and only eating 2 meals a day and running 3 times a week.

>> No.7554678

yeah just read your post. I think of low body fat but muscular people like that as athletic or lean rather than skinny personally. skinny to me is just super boney and/or lanky with little fat and muscle, though some people can still have a slim build with quite a lot of fat.

>> No.7554699

are you skinny?
stop undereating or you'll continue to feel shitty and inadequate
>not at all
stop undereating or you won't have the energy to lose more weight, and you'll feel shitty. also you'll be messing up your metabolism massively, and losing way more muscle than fat.
good on you for exercising though dude

>> No.7554717

you only feed off my semen and sweat for a month

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choose 1

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no it's not..

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your ass is pathetic

>> No.7554851

it can not get hotter than that

>> No.7554867

i mean just look at her..
shes such a qt
and her personality

>> No.7554896

wow so much personality
i think im in love wow

stop being such a pathetic lowlife and talk to a real person

>> No.7554898

bland as fuck

>> No.7554916

got damn this bitch was last in line when they were handing out the asses

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it gets infinitely hotter than that

that shit is not even on the scale of hot and with that feeble ass shits actually getting quite frosty in here

>> No.7554946

if this girl had fatter legs she wouldn't even have an ass.

seems like most white girls fall into the same category, and most girls aren't as thin.

that's why you have to spend extra time infecting the minds of fat assed white girls so they worship the ground you walk on.

>> No.7554950

hahaha, wasting a perfectly good body being a skeletor instead of having some muscle

>> No.7555128

i starve myself as much as possible and i feel great! :D

>Anorexia isn't cool. It gives you multiple long-lasting health issues if the disorder doesn't kill you.
like what? people always say this but please give me some actual issues

you can't want to lose weight without having a mental disorder, u fat fuck

>> No.7555311

you get into a good diet little by little.

cut a few extra snacks. pretty soon you'll notice you don't miss them at all. exhange a few meals with healthier alternatives. obviously cut soda and juice.

you already know what to do, just do it little by little. it's really easy.

it's way easier if you are mostly eating homecooked meals because you can prepare stuff that is still tasty to you specifically.

experiement with different kind of meal timings/schedules. for me intermittent fasting works great; my first meal of the day is usually 7-8 hours after waking up. i used to be a breakfast person but now i just have a cup of coffee.

diet is the key part but aerobic exercise helps as well and you should be getting some every once in a while anyway just for your cardiovascular health.

>> No.7555319

it can make you infertile for one but
>implying girls browse /fa/

>> No.7555332

vid for anyone

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>> No.7555342

i would eat that ass with maple syrup

>> No.7555350

I don't agree with you claiming every anti ana person itt is fat.. i'm saying that trying to claim superiority because of denying yourself a basic fuel is fucking retarded, and no three dimensional existence will appreciate it.

>> No.7555395

well, i am male and have no problem with being infertile anyway

>> No.7555440

>please give me some actual issues
anorexia in itself is an issue
it's not healthy to obsess over what you eat and how much you exercise in an effort to reach some disgusting and forever developing mental depiction of your perfect self
you'll start constantly feeling tired, weak and sore
also you will feel like shit about yourself at some point if you commit to it
my blood pressure dropped massively when I was doing it, to the point where I would fully black out every time I stood up after a while
I don't give a fuck about you. if you want to destroy yourself and become a depressed, disgusting wreck it won't affect me at all, but you're a total idiot.

>> No.7555463

eat healthy and do lots of sport
way more attractive than being a girl that looks like she's on the edge of fainting all the time

>> No.7555465

I never claimed to be in 'love' with her..
if anything I aspire to be like her

>> No.7555523

so much bro science in one post, you'll burn maybe 10 calories a day in sub-freezing temperatures

>> No.7555536

it's healthier than eating cake and alcohol and chips and mcdonalds and all that shit people stuff their faces with

the blood pressure thing is perhaps an issue but i don't feel tired, weak or sore apart from that

>> No.7555564


>> No.7555569

no shit, but it's not healthier than being healthy and it comes with a side of mental disorder
how long have you been going for? it's not immediate. for the first couple of weeks I felt really good.
idgaf anyway, you obviously can't foresee that this is a stupid thing to do and won't make you happy so w/e, do as you please. I wish people didn't keep romanticizing this shit on here though.

>> No.7555579

been eating a deficit for, like, 8 months

been going properly serious on it for about 3 of that

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>> No.7555628

you must be eating reasonably well to still have energy after 3 months
if you're just eating healthily/low cal rather than fasting like fuck that's kind of ok

>> No.7555646

I eat 2 small to regular meals a day, apples, bananas and tangerines in between. After waking up I drink a cup of coffee and then don't eat anything for the next 4 to 6 hours. I tried eating even less a few times but it started getting uncomfortable.

>> No.7555650

I guarantee you could eat 3 healthy regular size meals and still be losing weight
you really can't stick to 2 long term

>> No.7555674

You are right, it's just really easy at the moment and I'm dropping a lot. I was at 83 kg just before Christmas and I'm at just below 80 kg now even though I have not exercised in 2 weeks because of hangovers, colds and general winter laziness. Once I start running again I will eat healthier again.

>> No.7555710

you can do it for a while yeah
maybe try a week on/week off type thing if you're getting fast results and find it easy at the moment
80 isn't bad especially if you're tall or muscular but good luck dude, you'll probably look sick if you're running regularly
just don't buy into the undereating fad more than is comfortable

>> No.7555748

Thanks man. I'm only 183 cm so I'm still just below being overweight and I have leftover gut from my fatter times. I'm currently aiming for 70 kg. Girls are paying way more attention to me which is nice and good motivation although I don't really know how to handle that yet lol.
>tfw I want to run but can't because of a still mildly clogged nose.

Whats your routine?

>> No.7555781

>After waking up I drink a cup of coffee and then don't eat anything for the next 4 to 6 hours

perfect to feel like shit all day long.
Breakfast is the only important meal of the day, you can't get things done without it, plus it's burned during the course of your day.

>> No.7555783

You seriously recommended DNP? This is why drugs have a bad name. You recommend a mountain to tackle a molehill size problem. Someone who wants to starve themself, cant be trusted with DNP.

>> No.7555856

wouldn't say that's fat
if you're going the right way about doing something about it because you want to then you should be proud. 70 would take a while but you could definitely get there with eating healthy and running, if you're committed you could probably do it in like 4-5 months.
I feel you ha, I have a really shitty nose that runs for whole seasons sometimes.
my routine has been nothing to be proud of. i'm skinny now but I don't really feel accomplished and i'm not going any further with what I was doing because I felt like shit and came to realize this board was controlling my life way more than it should have. i'd like to get into running. I got asthma brought on by running(cardiac I guess) as a kid/teenager which has made me avoid it kinda. I'm not out of shape at all though, I imagine I could work up to being pretty fit. also being out running is something i'd be pretty insecure about because it'd be such a rapid change and might attract attention. hopefully I can overcome being a bitch and get out there soon.

>> No.7556009

I'm feeling pretty good though all of what you say makes sense to me. Problem is If I eat breakfast I will eat much more throughout the day than if I don't.

Just go running, fuck who's watching. I used to avoid attracting attention but once you are comfortable(not necessarily happy) with yourself you stop caring about what most people think about you. Honestly, very few people will even notice you are out running.

>> No.7556063

>once you are comfortable (not necessarily happy) with yourself you stop caring about what most people think of you
I don't even care how I look so long as I can reach this. i'm hoping to find a way to eat whatever I want but still eat healthily, caring too much has made me really self conscious and uncomfortable. even if I do think I look good I wish I could just not care in the first place.
i'd like to run for the enjoyment/satisfaction of running rather than because I need to in order to reach any goal, but if I could get fit enough for a ~5 mile run to be no big deal then it'd be awesome to make it habitual. yeah I agree with people not noticing, i've always admired people that run past me and not taken any real notice of what they look like. I feel like i'd be really out of place and awkward looking but i'd like to think it's all in my head.

>> No.7556146


I don't think you'll need to cut to 70 bro. I'm 70kg @ 180cm and only just escaping auschwitz

>> No.7556167

But I still have remains of my gut and my man boobs, how to fix them otherwise?

>> No.7556172

I lost about twenty pounds in six months because stress.
Eat smaller amounts and don't eat anything on other days and you'll be golden in no time.

>> No.7556300

Don't eat anything. Drink Coca Cola for a week.
Don't expect to be up for a marathon but it will do.

>> No.7556321

does anyone else find this girl super attractive?

>> No.7556327

Either diet and excersize


don't eat food

I suggest the former method but idgaf what you do.

>> No.7556329
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>piercing one nipple
I want my one nipple to be perpetually hard while the other remains a mystery

>> No.7556351
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that's all

>> No.7556362

thats hot

>> No.7556379

The thinner the better. There is nothing more sensual or hotten than a very thin girl.

You get the occasional negro and fat woman pretending to be a ma saying that it is gross and curves blahblah. But in reality men of class like me want slim girls.

10/10, would marry. I also would like to see her with just a little bit less, maybe 90 or 89.

>> No.7556395

Anorexia? Not so much, especially if you're female and would like kids some day.

>> No.7556397

I would berry my dik so far up her ass, whoever pulled it out would be crowned king arthur.

>> No.7556403


>> No.7556523
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i just don't eat that much. should i starve myself more?

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