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I know this isn't your style /fa/, but I got dumped by a girl a fashion major girl about a year ago and we recently got back into contact, some pictures would help since I could just send them to her and mention that I thought of her when I saw them.

Post women's fashion, centering on dresses?

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I don't have much for dresses, but I will gladly drop what I have.

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w2c techcore gf

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Fits dope as fuck
>Dem sweet as fuck sneaks
>Dat nxtlvl jackkit
>Dem future pants
Would love to fuck nonstop this qt gul tho

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holy shit I want that silver.

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Do NOT send her this insipid shit if she's a fashion major.
>these boring fast fashion looks made me think of you!
Is that not the most fucking insulting move you could make?

You were on the right track with the vintage Ann in OP.

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>not knowing what photoshop is

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You should tell her that Rick Owens and Raf Simons is what you usually dress innnnnn

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lmfao of course every girl on /fa/ dresses like absolute bottom of the barrel fast fashion trash when these are the fits you post as "acceptable"

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what the fuck is this trash

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>Fashio major
Fuccboi spotted
Yeah just show her a shitload of versache, louboutin, fendi, prada and the obscure givenchy pics and she will be on yo dickk in no time.
>Is dat a LV bag? OMG, my man knos bout fachionz!

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you're a joke.

OP, don't pull that lame "hurr this made me think of you!!!" shit. she's a fashion major, you're a pseudo-significant other of hers. of course fashion makes you think of her. that would get old after the first time.

ask her what she thinks of stuff. "i saw this dress and wanted to know what you thought of it," "do you think this is cool," "saw this on ebay, thought it was something you might want to buy"

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girls just care about shitty flashy noveau richie stuff

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OP here, this is the stuff she has made.

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thanks /fa/

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>not knowing about samurai champloo
You a true fuccboi

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Shit, she makes really cool stuff. Nice.

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Aren't you worried she'll pick up on it? Aren't you atall even vaguely interested in the things she's passionate about?

This is rather shallow, and also tacky and she's going to be able to tell how uninformed you are if she isn't stupid. Also if you stick around for a while, you'll see /fa/ complaining all the time about

>tfw no qt gf

Do you perhaps think she may feel in a similar way?

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damn nigga damn stop overthinking we've been talking for like an hour now

OP here by the way

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dropped hard

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Is that her?

Post a pic of her loser and ill share things with you

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