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>tfw Sky Ferreira will never be your qt gf and shoot heroin with you while chill at Terry Richardson's studio

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is this the cara of 2014?

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>implying id ever be caught dead at terry richardson's studio apartmebt/rape cave

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you have horrid taste in wimmin.

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>those shorts ass fingers
the hypocrisy

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but i dont wanna shoot heroin

can we just have a couple benzos and chill

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I blame p shop

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imagine having ger suck your dick that would be really good a great time imo

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Fuck it better be.

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Are than any naked photos of this women
Tired of seeing on her I need to see the source of the hype

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>not wanting to be in on the action
I bet you were alone on New Years

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Benzos will fuck you up way worse than heroin bro

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she's not that hot m8.
>no tits
>no ass

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>Having nice tits and ass.
>Being modeltier

Pick one you whale loving piece of shit.

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damn man

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sky has a fat ass though

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just look at yourself from the 3rd person and realize how retarded you seem in front of all of us.

I can only imagine how cringe-inducing you behave in the real world

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>tried teva the other night
>enjoyed it
>felt like coppin more benzos the last couple, just for fun
>see this vid

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you know it probably tastes like bubblegum too

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holy fuck, I will never do drugs. I cant fuck up my life like this

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just don't abuse them m89

capcha: use Twithme

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I remember when Poet was trying to tell everyone that and basically got told he was full of shit and laughed out the thread

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You can end up like the guy in that vid if you never abuse them at all. It's long term regular use, even prescribed use, that will get you to the state he's in. 2-3 milligrams a day is enough. Been taking xanax for a decade? Enjoy being like the guy in the vid for 2 years or longer.

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why's she so cute bros?

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>mfw sky ferreira is now being pushed by a certain group of faggots just like the other 1000 lame ass musicians on /fa/

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she isn't. her music is horseshit and she looks like a crackwhore, which is endearing to some i guess.

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Holy shit that almost brought me to tears.

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she's a model friendo

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>looks like a crackwhore
when are you going to stop pushing this awful meme?

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Bros why is she so cute ;_;

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You would get NTR'd like a bitch nigga and she'd get some nice modeling gigs.

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theyre not mutually exclusive

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terry didn't even touch her because she was so pure and angelic

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>not crushing on grimes or cara

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Plz stop ;_;

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>implying she does not look like a crackwhore, which she most absolutely does.

but anyway, there's this certain type of woman this board seems to be fond of, and typically its some strung out groupie type in yesterday's makeup, bloated in parts from heroin-induced edema.

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Sky doesn't do drugs you fucking idiot.

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terry would probably assault her though so

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neither of them are that attractive

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