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itt post grill inspo no twee shit pls

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>tfw this isnt my gf

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what did the girl anons of /fa/ think about Liz? I'm curious.

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tfw long post timers

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stupid posture,
pants are not flattering

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ive got a lot of ena saved btw, shes my waifu

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nothing special imo

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post all ena

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w2c that coat?

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>no gf to buy effay clothing for

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some feminist fa tortured a few months back.

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i wish i knew ;_;

u can buy me clothes anon

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Don't particularly like that outfit. 2basic4me

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why would you go barefoot in a bathroom.

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yeah there are some i have saved that im not posting cause the outfits arent nice (i just saved them cause hnnnnng)

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>no twee shit

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this was posted a while ago, apparently its from r/ffa

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Oh god I remember this. Good times.

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have some girls in my inspo

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would cum on legs/10

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dressing room but still

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>tfw not tall enough to pull this off

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>you will never be able to dress up as a cute girl

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"i've been clean from anorexia for a year now"
yeah i bet, fatfuck

"This reminds me of the way my boyfriend's cat always sits right in between us when we're trying to cuddle/makeout/bang "

more gold from voldeladies

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post more ena fuccboi

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How many do you have

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>you will never be one of the girls

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i was never anorexic tho ;_; i do remember saying the cat thing tho,,,, where did i say it?

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>you will never dress up as a /fa/ guy
let's switch

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post that face pic I haven't seen it

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Would if I could, girls get all the best fashion

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pls dump

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more of this girl / style

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post more ena ho

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you also posted a pic of your fat thighs cut up

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my fave

i posted all the good stuff

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>tfw no /fa/ bf to walk around downtown with

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haha i dont think that happened, cause ive never cut my thighs

found another alright one

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>When I was raped, my mom pitied my ex-boyfriend (the rapist) because I kept trying to contact him after he threw me to the curb.

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haha thats not a picture of me, i must have commented on it or something

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remember how i said she's the next blah, just a less attractive one

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Are you pretty much fucked if you're a skinny girl with short fat legs?

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Kinda, but id still fuck you darling

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that doesn't even seem like it would be possible

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its possible and its depressing. you start dating a cute skinny girl but all of a sudden she gains all her weight in her legs. bleh

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no that shit gets me weird hard for some reason?
like not a normal hard, but still an acceptable hard

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like this i guess?

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please post pics of this phenomena

that's hot tho if she wasn't asian i would bang

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Whoa a woman gets you hard? Steady on there m8, people might start to talk

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she's fat tho
stores it in her legs

also i thought that was belladonna for a second.
i went to college with that bitch

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was she a slut and did you bang

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I'm a 2 but my torso is disproportionately long in comparison to my legs, and all my fat is stored on my thighs. It's ugly as sin, makes me look dumpy.

The only way to keep it min is to keep my BFP as low as possible, but I haven't found any pants that are flattering at all.

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post pics i'm sure it isn't that bad

>> No.7507853

Less hips, shorter legs.

Glad someone likes it, lol.

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post pics plz, i want to be disgusted by you

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like dis

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It's not that bad, no. But it's not good looking, either. Wearing skirts/tights looks good, but jeans just look frumpy.

Not sure I have pics on leptop, checking.

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Sounds like you would be perfect for intercrural, pls marry me

>> No.7507888

Not even remotely like that, lol.

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I have the same problem. I'm experimenting with non-skinny pants and I've had quite some success. It's too bad though since skinnies are otherwise a great staple

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she wore a hoodie and was quiet most of the time
everybody knew it was her though, also she had a really nice car

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do some squats then gurl

cop ghetto booty

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I'm finding straight-legs work a bit better than skinnies for the width, but I have no idea how to remedy the length. :/

Not finding a pic. Maybe I'll post a q when I get home.

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Nice dirty slags.

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Serious Question,
How much money are fellow Fem-anon's spending on their wardrobe a year, and from where?

What is a reasonable price for a piece of clothing to you?

>> No.7507925

I actually used to lift, started up again recently. Legs look way better as muscle than fat, for certain. If I can't have skinny legs I can at least have the next best thing.

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sigh, girl on left would be such beauty if it werent for them legs

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I used to spend at least 5k, but I've been copping cheaper sale/used stuff due to poorness.

Price of clothing depends on item/quality/how much I'll use it.

>> No.7507939

>not getting your rich 6"3 bf to buy your clothes

step it up girl

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I love everything this model wears.

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Really depends on the piece. I buy mostly second hand because I tend to redo my wardrobe several times a year.

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How do I in2 makeup aside from mascara/eyeliner?

>> No.7507966

praying to god I never look like that

>> No.7507968

There's the option of getting them adjusted or trying to DIY. It's quite a hassle for just jeans but something's gotta be done if they're too long. And it's not always an option but you can look out for the "petite" section

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thread ruined gg

>> No.7507979

I almost wish we had regular wayw's for grills, if you post in the regular ones it's noting but ironic forced "plz b in amsterdam"
I just want to give and receive normal feedback

>> No.7507981


I know this was a joke but this style is not bad imho I'm talking uggs + leggings. /fa/ seems to have a lot of unwarranted hatred towards this look

>> No.7507985

watch make up tutorials dumb bitch

>> No.7507992

Is this question even answerable? Seriously? You go put more on and then learn to do it right.

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What do you want to learn? Most of it is just practice & youtube tutorials

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>> No.7508003

ahaha i don't. girls here tend to dress like shit, waste of space

i hope you're trolling

>> No.7508008

No no, I don't mean the actual length of the jeans I mean the visual length of my legs.

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That's because it looks bad.
But if you want to dress like 90% of the girls out there than go ahead.

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Love this sweater.

>> No.7508026

>girls here tend to dress like shit, waste of space
As if most of the guys don't dress like shit too.

But a feedback grill thread would be awesome if the girls here dressed well.

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obviously the color palette is horrible in the post I quoted but that style is not bad honestly.

If you're wondering what I dress in I guess you could say """gothninja""" although I fucking hate that expression or basic bitch in designer shoes like mango

what is it about that style that you don't like? The fact that it's so common?

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fucking adorable

>> No.7508036

Well if we had a janitor, you could start Grill WAYWTs and have any "pls be in ___" and other shitposting deleted, but since janitors don't exist, sucks to be you.

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yeah nah, bad idea. if you're curious, start one and see how it goes.

the fact that it's FUCKING UGLY MAYBE????

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If you want to make your legs look longer, try wearing black tights+heels

>> No.7508049

ew ok im outta here

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>what is it about that style that you don't like?
the fact that it is ugly

why do I suspect your "gothninja" attempts look like shit?

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Only other picture I have of her.

>> No.7508069

>yeah nah, bad idea. if you're curious, start one and see how it goes.
Hell nah, son, I was agreeing with you. It'll be a bunch of chubby girls in Target pants asking if they're an 8/10.

>> No.7508072

I only know about the typical tricks; nude heels, high waist/dark pants, match shoe and pant colour, avoid tops that go past the waist

>> No.7508073

>Well I think it's ugly therefore it's bad
can't argue with that logic

because you don't agree with my opinion? Since I wear designer clothing I'm supposed to only be attracted to girls who wear designer? I can't like seeing other girls wear uggs+leggings?

>> No.7508099

>because you don't agree with my opinion?
>Since I wear designer clothing I'm supposed to only be attracted to girls who wear designer?
You can be attracted to whoever you want. But you can't claim to know shit about designer looks and still think uggs are ever acceptable.

>> No.7508554

That's wrong though. If you post in those threads and obviously don't give a shit about fashion and are wearing stupid zara shit then you'll get a stupid answer. Serious girls who post in waywts don't get that shit (most of the time) for example timber. I can almost gurantee none of you are on that level though so I won't expect much.

>> No.7508656

more of this asian qt with the tiny eyes
so qt *_____*

>> No.7508683

>best fits involve wearing some type of coat
yeah, that's stupid as fuck. not everyone lives in new york. fuck off

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This is the only other one I have of her. Her name is xiao wen I belive.

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twee is the shit

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sry but womenswear is coatheaven

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mai waifu

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good old grillspiration

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twee is fucking hot. if you really are a grill, you would know that.

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>> No.7508916

idk who liz is, but being barefoot in a bathroom? thats fucking disgusting. i hope she gets some kind of communicable foot disease/fungus/worm etc. or steps in a puddle of pee at least.

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>> No.7508921

lmfao what is this post
u really think new york is the only place in the world it gets below 50 degrees?

>> No.7508926

i dislike the way that shirt shows her lower back.

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>> No.7508936

reminds me of zooey deschanels lesbian partner in our idiot brother (10/10 movie, thanks paul rudd)

>> No.7508944

fuccgiul general?

>> No.7508945

her face looks like hell

>> No.7508947
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so innocent

>> No.7508949

dressing up as a /fa/ guy is stupidly easy. as long as you have money to afford good clothes and or a tailor. if not, its still not impossible. however, being a "cute" girl (not a /fa/ girl) you either are or you arent.

>> No.7508954

this is absolutely correct and any one who disagrees has never posted a real fit lol


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>> No.7508961

yup. gotta have them legs fo days.

>> No.7508965


lol at those comical midget proportions

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>> No.7508974

i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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this is next-level

>> No.7509004

that is lazertage-level.

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True. Looks go a long way for both genders though imo. You can still dress 'cute' but an ugly face ruins everything.

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looks like something i would murder somebody in

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>tfw huge manchest.
Any outfit ideas to make my upper bod look smaller?

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>> No.7509142

horizontal stripes of orange.

>> No.7509148

lol yeah "huge"

>> No.7509161

name of model?

>> No.7509177


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Nadia Esra is my waifu

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