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What should I wear as a programmer?

Pretty much anything besides pants and a t-shirt seems like an overkill. I don't want to come out as overdressed, I'm not popular enough to be different.

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Slim dark jeans and chinos. AA hoodies. Plain t-shirts. Some casual oxford shirts. Pair of plimsoles.

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>I don't want to come out as overdressed, I'm not popular enough to be different.
Bullshit. I work as a tester amongst the filthiest nerd stereotypes in their baggy jeans and oversized band tees and sandals and ugly leather jackets they think are so stylish.. yet they've accepted me even tho I clearly dress better than all of them combined and it even helped me gain some respect.
If you look confident in what you wear AND are actually a likeable person, dressing well will bring nothing but rewards.
Stop being a pussy. You don't have to wear dress shoes and a suit to look nice, you know?
Fitting skinny pants, fitting tee and you'll be ahead of the whole office already. Add nice shoes and you are set.
>tfw the secretaries everyone in my workplace lusts after mire only me and flirt will me all the time while they are less or more visibly disgusted with my neckbeard coworkers
Love it.

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>>>not popular enough to be different.

Bro, okay, let me start at this. I'm not a programmer or anything, but I'm very tech savvy (hardware department), and I also love fashion. Do you really want to stick to the norm of the stereotype you just said? WHY? You obviously care about your appearance because you took the time to post. My advise for you is to pick up a couple men's mags like GQ, or go online to places like Mr Porter dot com and look at the fashion there. You don't have to pay these major prices, but just look at the kind of things they wear. I'd start out by clearing out your wardrobe and getting a couple sets of fresh BASIC clothes. PLAIN EVRRYHTING! This way you can mix and match all you like without having to think too much. Then get yourself some things that aren't basic that you can accent your look with. I'll be on here for another 30 mins if you need more advice. U R WELCUM.

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this seems like good advice, thanks

I also don't want to look like a faggot

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tfw bad faith itt

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>>7493474 No problem dude (if you're male) You can't face life with the attitude that you MUST stick to a stereotype.

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it was a le ruse post, just so you know

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>I'm not popular enough to be different.

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just so you know, it's a Simpsons reference

>Homer Simpson: I can't wear pink! Everyone at work wears white! I'm not popular enough to be different.

but I assume OP actually feels like it too

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One tiny improvement in the IT department will make you stand out because most of the fellas dress like shit.

It's unavoidable.

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people actually don't really give a shit about what you're wearing unless it's really obnoxious, don't worry

and there are a couple types of programmers when it comes to dressing, sorted by powerlevel:
>pants and sweaters or plain tees
>niceish jeans and hoodies
>sweatpants and whatever t shirt seems the cleanest
>long hair, neckbeard and metal t shirts

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mac is such a fucking fuccboi look at his middle school ass slip ons
>count stackula can't even cuff

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you forgot the following types:
>greasy haired, weak bearded larp/dnd type wearing 90s jeans and sweaters/button ups
>freakishly gothic guy
>bald, cancerish looking guys whose clothes all seem to be 15+ years old
>morbidly obese types wearing hawaiian shirts and cargo pants in which three average sized people could have a sleepover

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>I'm not popular enough to be different.

this sentence is fucking heartbreaking on so many levels

how do you think you GET popular? by being interesting, and by being DIFFERENT. fuck

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this isn't an /fa/ programmer, it's a programmer from /fa/

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what are the official programmer shoes m8s

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New Balance

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yeah beige or grey NBs

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