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What do you guys think of Sky Ferreira?

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pretty :3

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Cute as a button.

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shes a cute whore

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wtf is up with her hairy face

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That hairy fucking face.

LMAO no fucking thank you.

do you guys even have standards

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at but music is bland

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>heroin rash

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She looks like a girl who raped me
In the summer time
So her face gives me war flahsbacks

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cute as a sexy pig

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would marry/10 but her music is meh

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I like her face

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are you guys gay or something?

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>girl who raped me
check your privilege

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her boyfriend and his band are pretty /fa/

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blew three loads already today for her

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degenerate. I give her and Cole 5 years.

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>implying shes not getting her pussy ravaged by asap mob while shes high on multiple drugs

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she's a virgin and only faithful to Zach
stay delusional

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I want to lick her eyeballs

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Fuck you. ZCS is a desperate Kurt Cobain wannabe fuck. He even claimed that he thinks he will be the voice of his generation. The guy even lied about his age (28 claimed to be 25) so that way he would appear as a young genius. Really his music is just a bland cute ripoff.

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>she's a virgin
top kek
go to bed Zach

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does the one in the middle actually exist?

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im half dead nigga

>tfw you realize being the creepy old guy at the club/bar starts at age 22

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Her music is pretty fucking good, cheers for sharing op

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shes not very attractive but her music is good

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>don't wanna fuck the wolfman
>ur therefore gay hahaha!!1!1

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>DIIV - Doused
>that bassline
>not one of the best songs of this year
fuccboi pls go

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>one of the best songs of this year
>released in 2012
Poseur detected go back to p4k and worship some other indie band

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I met Cole like three years ago when he played with Darwin Deez. He was actually a pretty cool guy.

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unattractive trashcore making bland music with top 40 aspirations. what do you people listen to in order to think this is any good? dubstep, bro?

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I bet you listen to lil b and like it

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Would fuck the shit out of.

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>retro-80s revival
>impassioned lyricism
>excellent production value and a beautiful voice
>bland music
>top 40
Kill yourself

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Don't drag dubstep into this pitchforkcore, faux "indie" garbage

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Wow, a mediocre bassline. DIIV fucking blows, they've founded themselves on an age-old shoegaze/lo-fi aesthetic which, much to their dismay, was already perfected...about 20 years ago. Fuck DIIV, Fuck Sky too. Both are extremely mediocre. Everyone knows that a la Grimes (although she is infinitely better than Sky), Sky is only popular because of her good looks. Can't wait to see what the heroin makes her look like. A few years from now she'll be just as physically disgusting as her shitty "disco-pop" music is superficial and decadent.

All you /fa/ggots, gain some fucking weight, get back your balls from these horrible musicians, make your own money, move out of your parents house, and stay fashionable.

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her album is trash garbage

i gave it a listen and it was fukkin horrible

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>Reading that much into pop music

Your taste in music must be laughable

>> No.7491529

Oh look, a hipster

>> No.7491530

>Grimes (although she is infinitely better than Sky)
Couldn't make it past this part without laughing. Opinion invalidated m8. Nice try though.

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Not defending Sky in any way but Grimes is a fucking joke. If you have any ounce of respect for her then go listen to her boiler room and it will immediately disappear

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>gain some fucking weight
>stay fashionable
Where is the logic!?

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>impassioned lyricism

>chinese christmas oh chinese jesus

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link plz

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but grimes is ugly as fuck

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that image sums /mu/ up in a heartbeat

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Oh remember when you said
That I was sick inside the head
I'm just half way there
My common sense hanging by a thread
I'm bad on the outside
But a coward at heart
The taste of salt in my mouth
My voice is silent
But my thoughts are right

What did I do to make you so cruel
I've got this ache inside my heart
I know that it's you
What should I do now that
I know that we're doomed
I loved you most
And now you're a ghost
I walk right through

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I don't think it was ever released after the live stream, the organizers were too embarrassed. Basically she played some Skrillex, some top 40 shit and then admitted she knows nothing about music. People thought she was trolling but she came out and said she literally doesn't follow music in any way and doesn't know any underground stuff except for Blawan because he's cute

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please go sky

your album sucks, just go fuck someone famous

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Grimes is by no means anything amazing however, that being said, she remains better than Sky, I don't care what anyone says. I have yet to hear a single Sky track that is worth listening to in its entirety even ONCE.


Yes, all you fucking hungry skeletons. Gain some fucking mass, leave Auschwitz. Fuck your petty body anxiety. Get in shape. Remember what tricky Rick says? "Working out is modern couture..."

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>hurr durr you're wrong but I don't have a reason
Nice logic m8. That wasn't even from her album, which shows how mad you are.

>> No.7491569

i want to see

nardwuar vs sky ferreira

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>I don't care what anyone says
mad as fuck. take a break from the internet, go outside.
why are you even posting lmao

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Doused is a cool song but DIIV is kinda lame. thier music just blends together in a reverby mess

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>Zachary Cole Smith
>not famous

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the needle drop hit it

the lyrics are lame and pointless

sky sucks

now go cry jerking off to ur waifu tonight, she is garbage and she is at her peak right now and iwll not get a bigger following

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cute like some kind of evil twin of selena gomez
shit music

but ever since i saw this pic of her with her face all bleedy after doing a fuckton of coke I've always been subtly grossed out by pics of her

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She's going to look 57 in a couple years

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>this was WP on my phone, had to change it because I sometimes got a semi from it

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lol, it's like you didn't even read my post. gonna go eat m8, cheers

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she's so pure

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No sir, YOU are mad as fuck. So much so that you cannot help but become infuriated due to any critiques or comparisons made in relation to your dumbass, bimbo, bitch all-star, Sky.

>go outside. why are you even posting lmao

That made me feel so good. Absolute evidence that u r mad, laddy. ;)

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>doesn't know any underground stuff
so hip so edge

>> No.7491617

>using caps
>not mad
>responding with ad hominem
pick one sperglord, lol
p.s. cara looks like a monkey

>> No.7491619

post pic pls

>> No.7491623

Google it, I don't save pics that groce me out

>> No.7491628

Pfft, Rick is for niggas #TeamHedi

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thats right bitch

>> No.7491639

The Needle Drop is a bold weirdo who doesn't have a life

>> No.7491643

I know you mistype but that's such a weird sentence

>> No.7491647

she's amazing

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>That made me feel so good. Absolute evidence that u r mad, laddy. ;)
When people say shit like this they're usually shaking behind their computer screen with rage.

This image best describes the person you are.

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What colour are are her eyes? They look hazelish edging on yellow. I wish I can enjoy her music, she's so pretty...

>> No.7491665

The lyrics of Everything's Embarrassing are just... She says things better than I can. I adore Sky Ferreira, I'd love to see her live.

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not really
i went to a concert of hers not to long ago and it was pretty bad.
She was all over the floor and had these sudden pauses that will continue for 3-5 minutes.she even forgot one of her songs and started reading it through a paper she brought. She was gonna sing everthing is embarassing and had to restart 2-3 times cause she kept spacing out

>> No.7491674

2nd from left fit would look so good on someone atleast mildly attractive

>> No.7491678

does too much coke
them aesthetics tho

>> No.7491683

bitch is so fucking high

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isnt she kinda fat for a model

i guess she only rly does lookbooks so its probably fine

>> No.7491708

>dem thighs
she's thick bro

>> No.7491709

god dammit this girl wont live long

>> No.7491710


what an annoying bitch

>> No.7491719

>literally nobody talking about her clothes

>> No.7491720

Her jaw... she was obviously on Mdma

>> No.7491722

lmao thats some kitty pryde shit

grimes is dope tho that doesnt soundlike her

>> No.7491723

heroin chic as fuck <3

>> No.7491727

too bad she let richardson pee on her

>> No.7491758

she looks like she has a smelly vagina

>> No.7491768

ur mom vagina smell like curry and tobacco nigga

>> No.7491773

very mature

>> No.7491789


Just search Grimes Boiler Room bud, I'm not making this stuff up

>> No.7491811

Pop music general?

>> No.7491815

lmao she played vengaboys and daddy yankee, how can you hate Grimes?

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Probably the best model in the business atm. Can't wait till she blows up

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the /fa/ guy has a instagram: http://instagram.com/satanthedevil

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Fuck this whole poseur shit.

>> No.7491839



Oh my god, my sides

>> No.7491843

>actually having the courage to wear what they want
of course

>> No.7491865

haha, they are wearing this shit for their image, hiding behind endless layers of irony to distract us from the fact that they are a bland and generic band nobody will even remember in five years.

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>> No.7491886

Its an okay song, the album is okay too, its still generic shit, telling us we are fuccbois wont change that. Listen to some Can or something.

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Guys, I'm crying right now.
Just looking at her picture makes me feel something strange inside. I guess you could call it "love". I'm in love with Sky Ferreira. I've lost interest in all girls, besides her.

Sky Ferreira really is all I think about all day, every day. I really do cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how I'll never be with her. If only she knew I existed in this life, if only she knew my deep profound love for her. I know that will never happen though. That is the thought that makes me so sad when I look at her. I'll never be with her, but I'll continue to love her until the day I die.

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that photograph gives me an ererction

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the looks like she's 12. But then again, they all do...

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what about this

>> No.7491909

I want to share a needle with her i don't even care if I get a disease

>> No.7491915

look at this oversized shirt from the goodwill

so bold

wearing it

>> No.7491919

holy shit u dont know thick

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>chubby chaser
she has a nice ass bro and her thighs are perfect chill with the excessive ass

>> No.7491932

>dem thighs
>can see tendons flexing through skin
Lol wat

>> No.7491935

seriously, she looks like she's 11! doesnt that creep you guys out a little?

>> No.7491941

>tfw sky will never help you with your first heroin injection; sitting there by your side, reassuringly stroking your hair, giggling and telling you to relax as things start to float away

>> No.7491946

>she looks like she's 11
she's 21, who cares. and no.

well, you obviously think fat people are attractive so I don't feel compelled to comment on that ridiculous statement

>> No.7491950


dude cherish it

i havent been in love for like 4 years, honestly i miss the feelings, the excitement, the butterflies, the sadness at night aswell, i fucking miss it all

cherish ittt i want to feel that so badlyy

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>> No.7491955

>doesn't think robust women are attractive
>thinks skinny women are thick
>thinks I want a response
Nice try but you're not that important bub

>> No.7491972

more like Sky FURreira based on that pic

>> No.7491981

>using robust as a euphemism for corpulent
>thinking fat women are "thick" and attractive
>trying to deny Sky's pulchritude
Nice try.

>> No.7491991

nice beard

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have a steady supply of heroin
be a model
>get 2 friends and a sad frog and make a shitty >derivative band that is more into 6 year old >hipster fashion than music
>get a sorta hot girl hooked on the heroin
ZCS is a genius

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What kind of fedora do you wear?

>> No.7491999

I want to nuzzle her beard

>> No.7492004



but i hate the music

what are some actual good POP that will make me feel fucking good man

i cant vibe with this

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>> No.7492009


>> No.7492032

that new track with Ariel Pink is brety good

>> No.7492039

She is a female Robert Pattison

>> No.7492066

>purposely trying to make her look like an 11 year old
richardson is a fucking perv
funny how dunham claims to be a feminist when she's done stuff with him
hypocritical to the max

>> No.7492073

why dont she shave it its so disgusting

>> No.7492080

hairy girls get my penis hard. it's like more feral or primitive or something, idk, but it's hot

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File: 466 KB, 1264x865, Sky-Ferreira-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She can actually model. Who knew.

>> No.7492310

gb2desktopthreads swine

>> No.7492415

feet aren't bad
would fuck

>> No.7492439

that hair though, still would simp

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>> No.7492623

So I'm guessing you've never been with a woman? Lots of them have moustaches too, shocking, I know.

>> No.7492639

what does that mean

>> No.7492694

i love sky ferrari

>> No.7492699

shes got a nice beard

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File: 55 KB, 612x612, heroin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is what coke does to your nose kids

>> No.7492716

>having tastes
>having an opinion
>having standards
>being allowed to think what you want
also that isn't a little woman mustache it's a beard. an actual beard
not that I think she's ugly, I just think you're an elitist cunt

>> No.7492734

You honestly shouldn't be using terminology you learned how to use improperly. That doesn't make any sense. Girls have hair. Some of them don't cut it. Deal with it.

>> No.7492750

how much is 42 decks of heroin

>> No.7492753

Not the poster you were replying to but that's a completely normal amount of peach fuzz, you wouldn't notice it in the slightest if you were face to face with her. It's just on a high quality photograph when zoomed in and the right kind of light/shadow that it stands out.
There are no women who don't grow peach fuzz on their face, if they'd shave it they'd have stubble and their skin would probably look weird and bare to you anyway, you're used to it whether you realize it or not. This is not about having standards but about realizing that humans aren't anime characters or shooped models and grow hair on their skin.

>> No.7492773

I already get this
What I was trying to say is that if the guy doesn't like that the girl has 'peach fuzz', the other guy doesn't have to get at him
That's what I meant by >having an opinion and >being allowed to think what you want

>> No.7492788

This is true but it's not really uncommon that it frustrates people if others have standards that are hard to reach, look at the kind of responses you get when you say you only want above a certain height/dick size that is above average, or that you won't date a girl unless her hip-waist ratio is unbelievable and she better have breasts bigger than Ds. Besides given the place we are there is a good chance the guy actually doesn't realize this is a very normal thing and thinks she's insanely hairy or something and other women don't have this stuff.

>> No.7492792

Its funny, I know some people from a greasy hipster band just like this, 2 or 4 dudes and one drugged up whore they all pass around.

Shit, they even dress like this Ferreria chick's band

>> No.7492822

>one drugged up whore they all pass around
I'd love to french her

>> No.7492934

I actually had a chance to, but the band member bf of the week of hers is super possessive. So that didn't work out. I'm just an outlier on the group,so I can see in on their stupid shit. I feel like Nick Caraway in Gatsby, watching these people implode. One band member is in jail, they're all addicts, its a disaster. Its too bad cos the guy and jail and me were good friends.

>> No.7492957

who dies

>> No.7493015

still cute

>> No.7493016


>> No.7493022

No one is dead yet. I've kinda not heard much of them since my buddy went to jail.

But most of the band members work at the Jimmy john's across from my office, so I always see them. Its almost kind of sad.

>> No.7493023

feminist weirdo
>no man should tell me what to do! im gonna b gross and not shave any part of my body just to spite men who dont give a shit about me anyway! yay feminism!!!!

>> No.7493059

*tips fedora
you sound like such a sperglord
btw im not the poster you were replying to

>> No.7493124

more like sexy

>> No.7493125

You realize if you shave off that light soft peach fuzz you're going to get hard dark hairs growing back right?

>> No.7493130

>spreading misinformation
Yeah, and I bet you think that shaving your hairs makes them grow back thicker and fuller? Please explain how shaving alters the structure of your DNA.

>> No.7493142
File: 84 KB, 612x612, qt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7493151

If you shave you cut off the hair to the root. If it grows after that the root part, which is darkest and hardest, is going to be the first coming in so that's going to feel like sandpaper compared to regular peach fuzz. Besides shaving a lot can trigger the skin and stimulate hair growth, hence why a lot of men go from shaving several times a week to every day during the course of their life.
It doesn't make the entire hair grow back thicker and fuller but that doesn't matter for your fingertips.

>> No.7493153

Around 4 grams which is like worth $700-$800 dollars where I live

>> No.7493174

>all this delusion and pseudo-science

>> No.7493177

Her and her boyfriend got caught with that much

>> No.7493180

>Shaving facial or body hair gives the hair a blunt tip. The tip might feel coarse or "stubbly" for a time as it grows out. During this phase, the hair might be more noticeable and perhaps appear darker or thicker — but it's not.

>If it grows after that the root part, which is darkest and hardest, is going to be the first coming in so that's going to feel like sandpaper compared to regular peach fuzz.
>It doesn't make the entire hair grow back thicker and fuller but that doesn't matter for your fingertips.

Man can you even read? This is exactly what I said, it doesn't give you thicker/harder hairs in general but once you start shaving that shit it does mean that every time you're late it's going to be rough as fuck to the touch.

>> No.7493204

Can you read
>but it's not.
that means you need to stop posting
>Besides shaving a lot can trigger the skin and stimulate hair growth

>> No.7493220

you have 0 standards

>> No.7493233

you have 0 girlfriends

>> No.7493234

What does it matter that technically the rest of the structure remains the same when the effect is still that her stubble will feel a whole lot rougher and will be a whole lot darker than the peach fuzz that was originally there?
I was talking about the way in which it grows back which is clearly the thing that matters more than the entire hairs if you keep on shaving.

Let's just say that a lot of men go from shaving less often to shaving daily over the course of years of doing it and the risk of a woman at some point needing to shave her face daily doesn't seem all that to me.

On top of everything else, shaved skin looks more "naked" than skin with some light hairs and not everyone is into that look.

>> No.7493239

i have one

she doesnt have a beard

>> No.7493243

holy shit rekt

>> No.7493252

For fuck's sake she's under harsher light than you've probably ever seen your girlfriend which makes it more noticable, sure she's hairier than average but that doesn't qualify as a "beard".

>> No.7493258

why do these virgins keep thinking that their opinions matter

>> No.7493268

>dont like an ugly girl who has a beard
>automatically virgin

>> No.7493278

>omg girl wif hare
>omg never seen girl wif hare befur
>omfg she must be weird
I don't see any other explanation for your immature behavior

>> No.7493290

all those implications

i just dont find her attractive lol chill

>> No.7493299

that's cool, but the hair part isn't unusual at all

>> No.7493313

One of the things I enjoy most about going on 4chan is seeing people freak the fuck out when they realize natural anuses aren't candy pink or women have those peach hairs all over their body or how common cellulite and stretch marks etc are...

>> No.7493316

yeah i guess its the lighting

>> No.7493362

girls rarely need to get into hobbies as they don't need them. all they need to do in life is look pretty.

>> No.7493516
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shes a tryhard poser, but i find really hot, the way she doesn't give a fuck at all about wearing makeup or doing her hair turns me on alot
i would love to eat her thighs and pussy as shes high on MDMA

>> No.7493527

this guy knows what's up

>> No.7493570

my thoughts exactly

>> No.7493614

I need to learn how to talk to women

>> No.7494016

I know this felling bruh, the internet does fuck us up

>> No.7494053

>i would love to eat her thighs and pussy as shes high on MDMA
bet money it stinks and tastes bitter. she looks dirty as fuck

>> No.7494076

>identifying with pasta

>> No.7494189

>not enjoying eating a dirty pussy

>> No.7494843

you virgin bro?

>> No.7494852

would cut off ear for

>> No.7496353
File: 28 KB, 340x425, blondie-deborah-ann-harry-230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

debbie harrys less attractive hairy sister

>> No.7496381

>She can be cute when she wants
>People prefer it when she looks like a 12 year old junkie

>> No.7496391


ew she has horrible bone structure i cant believe hedi did a shoot w/ her

zach is cool tho

>> No.7496399

Looks like Lexi Belle B^)

>> No.7496448

omg link???

>> No.7496463


hahaha look at these fags

>> No.7496749

No u changed it cos you didn't want to scare ur mam

>> No.7497481

>liking the wrong one
wow you're stupid

>> No.7498475
File: 44 KB, 600x450, 1388256150428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never fuck sky ferreira in the ass

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