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I have a serious question effay.

Is it just me or do well dressed guys have a harder time finding a gf?

I seriously think the better you dress , the more intimidating you are to everyone else, including grils.

I've been out chritmas shopping the past week and I always see the most ugliest/manlet/awful haircut/ guys with qts...Thoughts?

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i guess being well dressed makes you look intimidating
i guess if you manage to find a grill that isn't intimidated you've found a good gf

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They have more to offer women than just looking pretty in acne or apc.

But no the problem of not having a gf is not brought on by you

But every female in the world

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maybe youre right, maybe dressing good has made me overconfident to the point of being a cold asshole?
I see a gril and the clothes shes wearing and look down on her.

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It's because they think you're gay.

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Us good looking guys don't want a gf

women are a fucking nuisance

those ugly manlets can have those disgusting creatures.

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maybe Lol

b-but i really want a qt to cuddle with...

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grill here
It is more intimidating when you dress well, but I find it hot af when guys dress nice. You just gotta take the initiative.

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then go ask one out, ffs
it isn't hard especially if you are an ugly manlet

women are so insecure and desperate you wouldn't believe it. Hence, why they hide behind makeup. I grantee you that any women would out with you provided you ask them out first. Unless, you know, they're immature.

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>would go* out with you

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fuck, maybe im just so insecure that i hold myself back.

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thanks dude ohhhhhhh I love you
now I have confidence to get a gf

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You guys are silly, always remember that women are insecure and like children. Seriously just pick one out of a crowd and there's a 90% chance of low self esteem and daddy issues and you're good to go.

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You're welcome, bro.
Just don't be one of those creepy PUA faggots.
Assuming you're still in college meet girls at your campus, join clubs, etc. You'll be surprised how easy it is. Well, good luck.

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Before they say your'e /fa/ or that you dress well. they will first call you homosex


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I saw a person unironically wearing a low quality fedora in addition to a singlet and cargo shorts. He was with a queue tea

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lol autistic people.

You guys kill me.

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Similar situation here, I saw a guy wearing a sweater and shorts yesterday and he had a gf, I just had to take a quick pic.

What kind of girl would date a guy that dresses like hes still in elementary school? Sometimes girls just piss me the hell off.

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Do qt grills ever approach a guy? Every night I go out I get a grill approaching me, but they're never qts. They're average tier at most.

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You realize it was sarcasm right

Your advice is bullshit

>tfw 26 year old handholdless virgin
>never had a GF your entire life
>never kissed a girl

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>implying she dresses way better

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>dat shadow

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Idk about qts in general but I'm generally pretty shy if the guy in question is qt and /fa/. The average ones approach you because they know they'd never have a chance at you otherwise.

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nope, I watched one video bc my alpha friend recommended them
I have read a book called "how to make girls chase"
and here comes the tricky part: I'm christian and pick girls at the church lel
pretty hard finding effay girls there but they do exist

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Spoiler alert: they think you're gay and won't bother

Girls never approach me but gay guys do all the time. It's a good thing I'm gay.

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maybe I should just be gay but I would only date a trap. Do you have any experience with that type of situation?

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My bf crossdresses for me sometimes but that's about it

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Wow haha, didnt notice my shadow made me look fat. I was wearing a jacket and I guess the wind blew it open.

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I learned that early on that, even if you're a straight 10/10 doesn't automatically get you a GF or even laid. It makes it a hell of a lot easier but you still have to be confident and put some work into it. Not really a /fa/ related thread

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>fat people on /fa/

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been a long time since I laughed this hard

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have you ever asked out a girl who wasn't out of your league?
>inb4 but muh standards!

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you're not fat, you're obese.

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you can see it in your shoulders

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Okay, qt and /fa/ guy approaches you. How would you like him to do it?

I'm just not used to approaching grills. And I find it pretty difficult to maintain a nice conversation by the night, with all the noise and being kind of drunk.

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>meet girls at your campus
>dating women-past-their-prime
you go do that

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Jacket my ass, you are literally a land whale.

That chav looks lik he'd knock ur blok off m8. U sure u ain't the fedora wearer?

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>i guess being well dressed makes you look intimidating

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>fucking retards falling for the fat-creepy-photo troll
that pic is literally ancient

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>being a bitter lonely virgin 4ever
you go do that

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are u trying to tell me you don't get slightly intimidated when you see a really beautiful or /fa/ girl?

yeah, multiply that a few times and that's how a girl would feel

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that's an old image fags
someone ironically posted a thread with that text and pic about a year ago

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what are you even saying (^:

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>yeah, multiply that a few times and that's how a girl would feel

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epik reactionpics!!!

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>epik reactionpics!!!

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A simple 'hi' and a compliment. Something like 'hey I couldn't help but notice how well you're dressed. Could I buy you a drink?' etc. Once you've made the first move it makes it much easier for the qt to interact with you.

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It's so easy, yet so hard

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If you wear the shit /fa/ likes then they probably think you're a faggot and that's why they're not interested.

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>are u trying to tell me you don't get slightly intimidated when you see a really beautiful or /fa/ girl?

not him but honestly not really. esp if they're dressed in pleb shit then for some reason it makes it even easier and makes me more relaxed

but if they're /fa/ it's good too b/c then common interests and something to talk about you know

why the fuck are you fuccbois "scared" of other people. Being scared of a girl is like being scared of a puppy
>if they scare you you're a little bitch

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This must be b8

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I have an easier time with women when I look more scruffy

When I wear shit fits and don't shave I get almost double the amount of mires on the street

>> No.7480416

I dont think that's the case, OP.

Well dressed women may intimidate men which could decrease their chances of getting a date, but that's because generally it's the man who approaches the woman.

In the case of men, even if you're well dressed, generally you still have to be the one to make a move on women, so it doesn't matter if they feel intimidated or not.

I hope that makes sense.

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clothes aren't everything

dressing well isn't a prerequisite to getting bitches

haven't you noticed that like 95% of the people getting laid dress regular and don't really care about fashion?

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>why the fuck are you fuccbois "scared" of other people. Being scared of a girl is like being scared of a puppy
off yourself you retarded baboon

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Went into this upperscale salon with this chick who was forcing me to get a haircut one time... had a black literal cold weather military jacket on, a t-shirt and jeans, had 2 days growth on my face, hair was pretty scraggly. Kinda like pic related but not as fresh/model styled.

Bunch of people in there, dudes all fashioned up getting whatever it is guys have done at salons.

And all the young girls working in there were gawking my shit like crazy.

Chick was getting manicured and multiple people came over to ask if she was with me.

She's tells them yes and they're like, "lucky. he's made a pretty big splash here".

Get my shit cut, we leave, bishes staring at me. Chick tells me, "god, I hate going out with you. I'm a *girl* and I don't get as much attention as you. It's fucking depressing."


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>retards still keep falling for the pic
i had no clue /fa/ had such an overwhelming amount of clueless newfags...

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Oh, I'm that guy, and more on topic I'm sure dressing well can intimidate bishes.

I dress t-shirt n' scruff core for gods sakes and I can't tell you how many times I've had girls tell me "I thought you'd be a conceited asshole" and, "I can't believe I'm going out with someone as good looking as you" from chicks who wouldn't have approached me. The only reason I ever hooked up with them was because there were multiple "forced" interactions. Meaning I was in class with them/worked with them/had them as a waitress a bunch of times, and they got to talk with me without having to put themselves out there.

If I dressed all /fa/, it'd probably be even worse. Not to mention as someone has already said, some chicks would probably assume I was gay if I dressed all good and shit.

>> No.7480482

It takes practice.
Chances are you'll never see those girls again so you've got nothing to lose.

>> No.7480486

>if I dressed all good and shit
What exactly does this mean??

Is anything non-neckbeardcore gonna make girls think I long for the cock?

>> No.7480490

>Chances are you'll never see those girls again so you've got nothing to lose.
not the guy you're talking to, but what if I live in a small town?

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you're the retarded baboon for having imaginary problems

social anxiety is all in your mind. It's not real like cancer or parkinsons or someshit. You have some made up self-diagnosis like ADD to justify you being a fuccboi too scared to talk to people

>"I-I-I cant talk to people, I have social anxiety!"
If you were half as good at voicing your opinions and hitting on girls IRL as you are on 4chan you woulda gotten laid ages ago

>> No.7480496


>literally taking a picture of someone who's with a girl because they're lazy shit

>> No.7480498


Not only that, but if you are approaching a woman and making a move, you're already making it clear that you aren't gay.

>> No.7480499


Naw, not anything. But there really is a mentality among a lot of people who don't think about fashion that assumes if a guy puts some effort into his style to set himself apart, puts product in his hair and looks "put together" that he's gay.

>> No.7480507

You have to be comfortable in what you're wearing.

This is where fuccbois fail, they read the sticky spend thousands on goof ninja and look like shit because they're not confident enough for it.

Once you can pull off basics you're set.

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not even the guy you're talking about but the fact that you're a retarded baboon was proven with your own post

sweet christ you don't even fucking know what ADD means, nor what social anxiety can be like and your advice can be summed up as
>justtt bbb urself!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD
get the fuck out nigger

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Oh, and LOL, I forgot I was going to post a pic of the scruff shit I was talking about and put a reaction pic instead.

I didn't look anything like Kiko, I was going to post this:

>> No.7480523


yz, I definitely agree that, no matter what style you're wearing you have to be comfortable.

>> No.7480528

ADD-bullshit excuse kids make to cop adderall and use an excuse for their inability to focus on things longer than 30sec

social anxiety-some made up shit where your inner fuccboi is keeping you from interacting with others

who is the retard here, me or the guy who refuses to talk to people in the real world because of his autism?

You're probably here to dress yourself so you can get laid, well let me tell you something

If you are a quiet reserved autism "social anxiety" fuccboi and you start wearing skinny jeans button shorts and loafers or someshit, people are just going to think you are gay as fuck.

My advice wouldn't to "just be yourself" because you are a pathetic individual and "being yourself" clearly hasn't been working for the past 17 give or take 5 years.

My advice would be to be more like me.

>> No.7480544

>ADD-bullshit excuse kids make to cop adderall and use an excuse for their inability to focus on things longer than 30sec
you still don't have the slightest fucking clue what you're on about
ADD and social anxiety are completely unrelated

>You're probably here to dress yourself so you can get laid, well let me tell you something
i'm not, i do it because i'm a narcissist (like most clueless /fa/ggots) and looking good fuels that narcissism
everything you said after that I can effectively disregard, don't pretend you know shit about me nigger

>> No.7480551

yeah I bet you look good in that h&m plain t shirt, levis 511s and your janoskis

a real fashion killa lmao

>> No.7480554

Doesn't matter. The point is if you don't try nothing will ever happen. Not to mention there's plenty of fish in the sea.

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gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8

>> No.7480567

It's in ur inspo folder, so it must be good looking

>> No.7480570

still way off

give up (^:
or continue being a fuccboi i don't actually give a shit

>> No.7480571

w/e man keep living in your autism bubble

I hear hagrid's gonna come to your mom's basement and take you to hogwarts on your 30th birthday

>> No.7480574


Oh, I def. like it. Another inch on my hair and that's how I'm gonna rock it.

It's kinda the point I was making, I'm scruffy-core most of the time.

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File: 1.99 MB, 445x280, mfw aint even mad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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scruffy-core, is how you get girls, think about boy bands, the bad-ass type of guy gets the most girls.

>> No.7480590

Whoops, this


was meant for this


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you just fucked it twice, good job

>> No.7480594


Yeah, that's what I was intimating in my first post:


>> No.7480595

please don't listen to this nigger

confidence is how you fucking get girls, aka whatever you think you pull off/feel good in

>> No.7480601


Holy shit I'm not even drunk yet.

>> No.7480605

>that pic

>> No.7480607

everything has to be pulled of with confidence, that is the basic

>> No.7480611

>dressed in pleb shit then for some reason it makes it even easier and makes me more relaxed
just proved him right you fuck

>> No.7480614


Well, yes, confidence is important, and your looks should fit your face/frame, but no.

Not all looks are created equal when it comes to pulling girls. I mean, this really should be self-evident.

>> No.7480615

well I wasn't trying to prove him wrong dude

>> No.7480621

im so sorry

>> No.7480624

and /fa/ is trying to do some non-basic shit when they can barely put on a white t shirt and jeans without asking /fa/ for guidance

the problem with you fuccbois is you are too busy searching for some secret algorithm for picking up bitches, and it doesn't exist. What's worse is you are getting advice from other fuccbois who are in the same situation

the blind leading the blind, hilarious to watch and also sad at the same time

>> No.7480632

im sorry

>> No.7480635

I'm with you, but i'm not a fuccboii either so yeah

>> No.7480637

with a face like this this guy could probably dress in clown's attire and get mired

>> No.7480642


Yeah, aes are nice.

>> No.7480647

any particular reason you didn't post this on /adv/?

>> No.7480679

its just that not many men dress well

its a low % of people

people who you see with girlfriends are social outgoing people

you dont see the people who dont care about fa but stay at home

>> No.7480695

I hate that since I have my beard like everyone feels the need to comment on it
>"hey anon so you're growing out your beard huh?"
like yeah no shit you don't see my face is hairy as fuck you think I'm still shaving weekly or something?!?

like ugh I'm about to shave it off so people can shut the fuck up and stop bothering me!

>> No.7480701

I feel like a white girl for saying like so many times in my post


>> No.7480703


He actually reminds me of one of the, hell, maybe *the* only time I've ever had some jealousy of a dudes looks irl.

I'm god-tier aes, and was with my gf-now-ex driving one time and we stopped at a stop light.

There was a dude waiting to cross the street to some office buildings on the other side.

He was in a fucking sweet ass tailored suit and his face was kind of like that guys. His hair was fucking flawless, he had these super light green eyes.

My first thought was literally, "holy shit that guy is good looking."

Glanced over and my gf and she looked away from him real quick.

As we drove off I saw her check the side view one time.

Silence for about a full minute.

I say, "that was a pretty good looking guy".

"YaHeWas" comes spilling out of her face with a gasp, like she was going to explode if I didn't say something about.

That night I had a twinge. That guy might be better looking than me, I thought to myself.

Then I banged my gf and didn't think about it till just now, 8 years later.

Life goes on.

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>> No.7480746

there are plenty of 'social outgoing' single people

>> No.7480759

I think if you dress well + being introverted can make you intimidating. Most of the time when I'm out I'm fairly quiet and talk solely to people I know. I've found that people find me intimidating, but truth is I'm just shy and beta. I'm probably more cared of them than they are of me.

>> No.7480823


Yeah, I'm scruffy-core guy and that's the reason women have told me they thought I was a conceited asshole at first.

I'm really introverted around people until I decide whether or not they are a massive idiot. But to them it comes off like I'm this model looking guy who thinks everyone is beneath him.

In reality I don't go up and speak to girls because wtf-risk-rejection-no and I've-been-thinking-about-this-article-I-read-about-dark matter-since-i've-been-at-this-bar-wtf-would-i-even-talk-to-that-cutie-about?


>> No.7480844

Post face.

>> No.7480856

I don't know what kind of vibe you're trying to set but here's one.


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File: 51 KB, 317x265, 1386885997745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you post in wrong thread.

>> No.7480876

Like a spider

>> No.7480896


Naw, I'm in the military. Last thing I need is being dox'd or having images of me floating around 4chan.

>> No.7480902

who cares dude you might get bombed tomorrow
but srsly knocked on wood after typing that out ty for your service and merry xmas!

>> No.7480904

yeah but i mean like the % of social outgoing single fa people is low

>> No.7480914

on all of 4chan

that's why they are on 4chan. They can't talk to people IRL so they settle with anonymous arguments on anime forums

that's what their idea of "hanging out with friends" is because they don't know anything else

>> No.7480917


lol, thanks man.

I'm ETS'ing before I deploy again *probably*. But thanks.

>> No.7480931

It's the opposite for me. When I'm scruffy or not dressed well I feel less confident and uncomfortable as shit, like, I start to look around and see people dressed better than me, I think fuck and start to panic mah niggas.

Dressing well should make you more intimidating yes, but it also raises your standards I guess. The average bishes will not approach you because you're premium stuff made for premium pussy. The other problem is that the premium pussies are always ego filled and NEVER approach guys so there's a tip.

If you think about it It's a win win situation as if you get the hot girl you're sorted and if you don't the other girls will know that even though you dress like faggot you're not one and you have confidence. Just my 2 cents

>> No.7481631
File: 20 KB, 400x538, tumblr_m9t0f5wSAI1qiaw1ao1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is intimidating but not nearly intimidating enough to excuse yourself for not having a gf.

I'm still confused as to why many girls date the guys they do, but if you're too scared to approach a girl (girls want you to approach them, faggot) then you're just autistic and not "wow such fashun. much intimidation."

Palestinian unrelated.

>> No.7481705

Lol you posted in the wrong thread but thanks for the music.

>> No.7481723

W-w2c qt /fa/ bf?

>> No.7484236

Australia maybe.

>> No.7484274

if you spend significant amounts of time talking about clothing on an anonymous internet image board, no matter how well dressed you are, the chances of you knowing how to communicate with strangers aren't too high.

if you look good and i talk to you and you're boring i will leave.

>> No.7484276

think of it as ww1
everyone is stuck in their trench
dresses-well guy expects qts to initiate
qt expects dresses-well guys to approach
even though their qualities actually make themselves less approachable
everyone is playing hard to get and wonders why they don't get any
and the guy/girl with nothing to lose goes forward and wins the game

>> No.7484290
File: 56 KB, 448x750, 05PwFCo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i fake not being boring? All I can think of saying to a random grill from the advice of thread is " hey, i just had to stop and tell you how well dressed you are, can i have your number?"

>tfw no cell phone atm

>> No.7484304

>pls b in melbun/come to melbun

>> No.7484384


lel i found my own style and what works for me without a single effay opinion

there is a higher echelon posting here u do know that right

ann dem, guidi, pre 2008 damir doma usually what i'm dressed in

girls dont like it tho but whatever i dont have time for cotton on wearing ass hoes

>> No.7484636

Girls do this gay shit where they kinda chase what they think they deserve and that often why they choose shitty douches because they think they can at least change them then they get to feel special AND get a good guy but they are actually horrible people and don't know what they want.
Basically, we are 2 nxtlvl 4 most girls cause most girls r plebs.

>> No.7484656

nice bait

>> No.7484925


>we are 2 nxtlvl 4 most girls cause most girls r plebs.

Yes. Yes. This is why you don't get girls. You are "too next level" for them. lolol.

The cognitive dissonance in this thread is adorable.

1. I believe I dress well and look good. (belief)
2. Girls do not think I look good. (reality)

Dissonance between what you think and reality.


3. Bitches r 2 pleb and I am 2 nxtlvl 4 them nd who wants stupid bitches anyway *sucks cheeks in*.

You guys kill me.

>> No.7484958

>not wanting an /fa/ girl who shares your taste
come on

>> No.7484978


Wanting someone who "shares your taste" is different than "being too next level", or "too good", or "too fashionable" for women.

Let me take it to the extreme, though it really isn't that far out of what some of you really put off as what you actually believe:

If /fa/g says, "you know, I love wearing trashbag core. I think it's the highest level of style to wear trashbags. I know it will be difficult to find a girl whose tastes and /fa/ sense aligns with mine, but I'm just not willing to give up my sense of style. Hopefully one comes along."

I'd think ok, this guy loves his style of dress and is willing to severely lessen his potential attraction to a great many girls. That's a pretty bold choice, and he clearly loves his trashbag skirts.

This guy saying, "ugh, these pleb bitches are just to mundane for me. They don't understand my nxtlvl artistic sense of fashion through which I reveal my truth, man. lol, who wants these lesser creatures who dress to 'look good' or whatever" -

That's a different story. I'm sorry, you "better" or "too nxtlvl" for a girl because you dress in expensive clothes that many girls find fucking goofy.

>> No.7484985

fair enough

second guy just has a shit attitude is all

>> No.7485011


Heh, true.

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File: 484 KB, 500x257, Drake.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>coming to /fa/ for dating advice

>> No.7485062

maybe if they are intimidated by your appearance due to good looks, clothes, etc. they will expect you to be alpha and come on to them

>> No.7485072
File: 241 KB, 467x700, inspo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP, my thinking quickly became from me wanting a girlfriend to "instead of having a girlfriend and spend a lot of money on her, I'd rather save that up for a damir doma piece." There's no medium to that because BOTH ARE EXPENSIVE (unless you're rick owens who has qt 3.14 gf)

>> No.7485086
File: 19 KB, 320x273, xMwar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Most girls don't want to date guys that don't act like "guys". Like the other way around of pic related

>> No.7485087

It is. It's been posted on here several times before and someone even went though the trouble of outlining/labeling the body on the shadow.

>> No.7485098


I almost exclusively hook up with girls whom I know from repeated contact. School/work/waitresses whatever. I'm a big introvert who, literally, never makes the first move on a girl.

There have been *many* times where, after I finally hook up with a girl she says something akin to, "God, I've wanted you to just grab me, put me up against a wall and start kissing me for so long now".

Yeah, a big part, maybe the biggest part, according to some research I've read recently, of a women's sexual desires are attached to *being the object of desire*.

I mean, it's deeper than just the societal expectations of "the guy should be the man and approach", but is actually hard-wired to a woman's libido. The height of sexual desire for them is a guy who wants her so bad he *can't help* but go after her.

One of the researchers even had to skirt around the rape fantasy. In their minds, women are literally *aroused* by the thought of rape. A man so overcome with desire for her that he MUST HAVE HER, and he MUST HAVE HER NOW.

Of course, in these fantasies she is actually safe, because the stranger isn't real and it's *her* fantasy. It doesn't translate to her actually wanting some neckbeard, or even attractive stranger, to rape her irl. Because then there is very real fear and helplessness ect involved.

I'm kinda going a little deep about it, but yeah, a big part is that women want the guy to approach. Not just because "he's the man" or because she necessarily think she's entitled, but rather it's how her sexuality works on an instinctual level.

Here's an article that discusses some of the research I've mentioned: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/magazine/25desire-t.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&

>> No.7485123

>nerds think having gf will solve all their problems
>doesn't realize sex gets boring
>doesnt realize wont be able to be play vidya and watch movies all day anymore
>doesnt realize happiness is a mindset not a set of environmental circumstances
>will still be miserable

>> No.7485128

I get that. My gf told me that sometimes she just wants me to just take her and have my way with her. Just the thought that I want her that bad, she likes.

>> No.7485134

That's why you get a fuckbuddy.

>> No.7485139


this is what bitter nasty trolls really believe

>> No.7485221


>> No.7485233

>and the guy/girl with nothing to lose goes forward and wins the game
and gets annihilated by a hail of bullets because it's ww1

>> No.7485248

mustard gas

>> No.7485307

>innsecure whores who have no value on planet earth except getting fucked while laying on their back
>spend all their disposable income and essential income on making their pussy look hotter for a man
>workers spend all day in a salon surrounded by innsecure women and homosexuals

>straight guy walks in with a female
>assume their fucking so hes at least good to go
>0 competition first straight guy they have seen in months
>can afford a haircut
>dressed like shit so definitely not a faggot

yeah you're gonna get looked at. it doesn't mean much though

>> No.7485316

>social anxiety
hahahahaha you fucking faggot

there are 12 year old niggers in africa who get kidnapped beaten and forced into a rebel army, given an ak47 and some rounds told to rape and kill and loot.

Do you think those kids have social anxiety?
even one of them?

stop being a fucking pussy

>> No.7485334

>see some old 30-40 y/o guy
>dressed like shit
>wearing sweats in public
>buying fast food
>right out in fucking public
>has a fine bitch
>think wtf how does he even
>few days later, same spot.
>notice the some guy getting out of a new £100k merc
>same fucking guy
>sweats again

>> No.7485342


There's some truth to what you're saying I'm sure. However, two details are off and/or misleading:

1. I get looks everywhere.
2. The girl paid for the cut. (Though that doesn't change your point, they all probably assumed I was going to, and could, pay.)


>> No.7485349

but there is nothing to win
in war it is over a spot in an oligarchy or at the seat of power in a hegemony

doing all the work in order to get a woman to go out to dinner with you where you pay, you drive and you provide for her the rest of your life sounds like a losing propisition
you guys can have ann the qt's you want

but if a spot for a seat of power comes up, i will not hesitate to kill every single one of you fucks, friends and family included

>> No.7485352

kill yourself

>> No.7485358

idk pretty much any girl who cares about their appearance to some degree (read: >95%) will goto a salon

and if there's a lot of girls around and your fits are as good as you think they are then you won't go unnoticed

rest of your post is /r9k/ nonsense

>> No.7485378


The people around you must constantly wear armor to protect themselves from being cut by all that edge.

Oh, wait.. people around you... haha. What am I thinking.

You're hilarious there, Machiavelli.

>> No.7485392

i see right through you defensive irony
the pious bullshit doesn't work on me

you would kill me half a ham sandwich if you could get away with it

> defensive irony: the ability to disguise what one really desires, feels, thinks, and means or intends behind a mask of apparent reticence

>> No.7485401

or or ORRRR people with morals actually exist !!!

just because you're a complete piece of shit doesn't mean everybody is

>> No.7485410

but 99% of /fa/ dresses like pure shit with your burqas, running shoes and shitty T's from American Apparel. No wonder no one will suck your dick or even pay any attention what-so-ever to you. You look like ridiculous 15 year olds.

>tfw qt South American/Swedish gf with 10/10 ass

>> No.7485416


>can't tell if emo-edgy-neckbeard or actual psychopathic tendencies

Do me a favor and continue to stay inside with the shades drawn either way.

>> No.7485423
File: 168 KB, 300x300, 1383160909868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>If you were half as good at voicing your opinions and hitting on girls IRL as you are on 4chan you woulda gotten laid ages ago
Damn this hit me hard

>> No.7485425

lol at this thread

yes, its your clothes' fault that you cant talk to girls. jesus christ.

>> No.7485427

"The traits that make a man attractive to women are learnable skills, that improve with practice. Once a man learns these skills, he is indistinguishable from a man who had natural talents in this area. Whether a man then chooses to use these skills to secure one solid relationship or multiple brief ones, is entirely up to him."

btw, stop pursuing women and start pursuing your personal growth to be the best you can be.

do you want to know the biggest difference between men and women in modern society?

Women are out pursuing the next best option, working to better their career and overall position in life.

Men are out pursuing women.

>PS if anyone says "generalizations" they will be banned foreverial. NOTHING is ever going to apply to everyone.

>> No.7485449

>seig heil posting in a thread of dating advice

ur fat, gyms are open today

>> No.7485452

>people with morals exist

read Heidegger

nobody is impressed with your sanctimonious bullshit, everyone is a skilled actor everyday

>> No.7485456

>read Heidegger
lol do they even have universities where you live?

>> No.7485474

Sieg is justifying killing a man for the contents of his wallet with philosophy.

Doesn't look like he's giving any dating advice, psycho advice maybe

>> No.7486227

Sexy jam, bro.

>> No.7486886


what are the traits

>> No.7486970

you also need a personality and relatable sense of humor

>> No.7486995

Why girls don't go for /fa/ggots?
>skinny as fuck
>dress in expensive hobo clothes
>think they're goth ninjas
>obsessed with faggot fashion so they hardly come out coz they need to post sick fits on anime forums so people can say their fit is shit

>> No.7487033

That one guy man...

>> No.7487035

ugh no, it's a really basic thing of finding someone with the same interests, my boyfriend is ridiculously well dressed

>> No.7487043

4chan's not an anime forum any longer and if anyone on /fa/ can't get grills it's because they're emotional cripples, not because you think Rick Owens looks like shit.

>> No.7487049

Great post, would read again

>> No.7487185

No, I have a gf. But I dress basic bitch plus lifting. People call me attractive all the time. My gf is tall and thin and dresses in a lot of black. I dress like a normal guy in well fitting basics.

>> No.7487582


Hey, thanks man. Heh.

>> No.7487661
File: 340 KB, 1500x459, fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw regardless how attracted I seem to be to girls, whenever they reciprocate affection I instantly find it a turn off.

I can't be the only one.

>> No.7487673

>My gf is tall and thin and dresses in a lot of black


>> No.7487844

>Tfw too good looking that you're afraid of messing your standards if you hook up with a girl that is not the best looking at the event
>Tfw only the average ones hit on me
>Still have to chase the top girls because life is not a fairy tale

>> No.7487864

It means that something is wrong with you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to other people. By building this wall around you, you are giving off the impression that you are an uppity too-good-for-anybody bitch. Being a bitch like that is not /fa/.

So the next time a girl reciprocates affection, give some of that back. Affection is not a zero-sum game, it is an exchange. Holy shit, fuck you. Go the fuck back to /r9k/, you failed abortion.

>> No.7487890

It's not because i'm stuck up, it's actually because I have extremely low self worth that when a girl is attracted to me I think wow they have bad taste.

>> No.7487894
File: 30 KB, 466x361, 1386028275323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7487908

same thing, but not a turn off, more like i'm getting bored of them extremely fast

>> No.7487915

I'm sorry for calling you stuck up.

But if a girl is showing affection towards you, it means that she sees potential in you as a partner. That doesn't mean a guaranteed date or instant lay, it just means that you have "worth". It is just like being called over for a job interview. See how it works?

Now, it's not like I have observed your interactions, but sometimes you need to discern between niceties and actual flirting. Look, I'm going to eat dinner right now, but let me tell you a good rule of thumb:

If the affection is mutual--that is the reciprocity of flirting--then the girl isn't just being nice to you. There is something going on. If the affection is one-sided--the girl doesn't respond much--then you are being a creep.

This isn't PUA bullshit. It is simple human interaction.

>> No.7487921
File: 40 KB, 500x375, 2432412312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

attention is annoying
the only hot ones are the ones who aren't interested

>> No.7487930

These threads make me cringe
with all this lonely virgin shit

>> No.7487962

What i'm talking about is when I get with a girl and they get very clingy or tell me that they like me or generally anything that shows that they like me, it makes me less attracted to them. I can't help it.

>the only hot ones are the ones who aren't interested

Somehow, this is true. Or they are hot, until they give you attention.

>> No.7487971

And you don't see how that circuit works well enough to circumvent it and find happiness in your own lifetime?

>> No.7488237

that's some defense mechanism.

Dropping about random bits of trivia in some foolhardy attempt at establishing clout? This little game your playing does not render you beyond reproach.

You're not fooling anyone except the most foolishly naive of us.

>> No.7488254
File: 84 KB, 416x714, 1388115286348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always been in long-term relationships but since I came to /fa/ and broke up with my ex I can't get past one night stands. I personally think I've increased my standards too high for most girls that live locally, sucks for them I'm a fucking catch.

>> No.7488364

So... what happens with gays then?
this thread is women/man logic, but what happens where there are 2 qt /fa/ boys?

>> No.7488378

You're probably just ugly not intimidating soz

Ugly guys even with nice clothes have to make the effort to approach first and the only bitches you're intimidating are 4s with insecurities themselves. You can end up fucking one within a week if you aren't a shitty person but you probably are 'cause you lack self awareness and consciously compare yourself to strangers lol

>> No.7488400


>This coupon lasts forever

Fukken lold so hard

>> No.7488581
File: 1.35 MB, 280x120, said we're done.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw I experience this every day

>> No.7488741
File: 62 KB, 400x388, 1343174173276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got a date for tomorrow night,wish me luck friends.

>> No.7488807

food luck anon, hope you bang that grill afterwards like no end and be gf

>> No.7489130

i'm exact same way. is it low self-worth?

i've turned down so many girls because they were too obviously attracted to me, or stopped talking to them because they became too attached.

>> No.7489154


I wouldn't want to join a club that would have me as a member anyway.

>> No.7489166

mah m8 brizbin

>> No.7489205

that quote runs through my head every time i try to analyze this.

i just think attraction should be implied through contact. obviously if i'm talking to someone, spending time with them, etc. it means i value them and enjoy their company. it seems unnecessary and cheap to state it so explicitly, no?

seriously though, any advice? every time i girl has said to me "i really like you", my mind instantly shuts down and i have no idea what to say back.

>> No.7489241


>> No.7489252


I kinda have those feels. I mean I absolutely agree with you on the "I spend time with you" is absolutely enough. Like, I don't tell women I think they're hot or beautiful or anything like that when I'm having sex with them.

Why the hell would be be having sex with you if I didn't think you were hot? Heh.

On the other hand it doesn't *bother* me when they say that kind of thing to me. "I like you", "you're the hottest guy blah blah blah".

But my response is kinda like, "yeah, I clearly can tolerate you as well." Or, "I often want to bang you, too."

Seriously. It doesn't usually cause a problem, but I don't have relationship that go longer than a few months, and I always keep it "just hanging out but monogamous".

So, that's all I got for ya, tho' it probably doesn't help much.

>> No.7489285


Oh, I should add: when I say those sort of flippant responses I straight up explain myself. I tell them shit like, "I don't really ever feel the need to say those kind of things, I feel it should be obvious. Out billions of girls on the planet I put my hands on *you* whenever I get the chance. I have sex with *you* whenever the opportunity arises, and nobody else. I hang out with *you* all the time. Not any other woman. I can't imagine I could be any more clear that I think you're hot, and that I like you. Saying it seems weird to me."

I've had that conversation more than once, and it always seemed to ease them off of needing to hear it.

But again, I haven't done longer than a 6 month relationship, and never a real serious one, so your mileage may vary.

>> No.7489311

yeah, i think some girls just need that reinforcement. in the future i'll make myself clear.

cheers m8

>> No.7489323

>Dat shadow

Are u Jabba The Hutt m8?

>> No.7489337

Buying girls drinks
Not saving all your money on Rick

I've never bought a girl a drink in my lifr.

>> No.7489340
File: 150 KB, 1200x1600, patrik bird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you probably wouldn't date the girls that find you intimidating anyway

you just gotta accept that you are largely incompatible with most women, at least in terms of an actual loving, long-term relationship

>> No.7489341
File: 149 KB, 1200x800, 1371188421550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being a cold asshole
I was born this so I'll probably never have a girlfriend. At least I got my clothes.. right?

>> No.7489353

Where do you even meet girls

I don't go to school
I have no social life

>> No.7489410

What if the grill you approach already has a bf? Shits embarrassing.

>> No.7489411


go to the x&y with me tonite?

>> No.7489430

it's a gothninja

>> No.7489499
File: 120 KB, 515x515, 1385522751040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what you think bitchanon. Playing vidya and watching nothing but shows with the occasional outing or date sounds like the perfect relationship to me.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a femanon.

But for the sake of the argument, I wouldn't mind a boyfriend who wore only the most /fa/ of clothing and dressed like a high class gentleman all the time.
It's kinda hot actually.

>> No.7489533


But if only you were:

1. Actually a female.

And if, somehow, you are an actual female, if only you weren't:

2. A fat, landwhalean female with terrible acne and stinky armpits.

>> No.7489536
File: 36 KB, 805x669, 1362294833808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuckin lol'd Looks like we have whales lurking in /fa/

>> No.7489538
File: 62 KB, 625x626, 1386058349952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7489542

Ha, you're me

>> No.7489545

> some ppl are born more attractive than others
> that's just how it is

kill me

>> No.7489552

you're only there for the high point of these guy's lives

as soon as they hit a low, you jump over to another guy's high point

so get off your high horse, nobody wants to play a video game with you nor do they want to watch a movie with you being annoying as shit and not letting them finish said movie until you get "bored" becuase the attention isn't on you

post your address chicken fuck
lelders, trunks, or i myself will come and end your life free of charge

no serving 3 nations

>> No.7489566
File: 2.22 MB, 297x229, 1386833319574.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could probably get a number but I don't think she'd stick around after that

>very few friends
>collect techno vinyls
>watch samurai movies
>read Russian novels

Don't like clubs or going to parties. My ex gf said I was boring after this so I just assumed I wasn't really date able from a personality point of view.

>> No.7489568
File: 231 KB, 812x566, 1382839502583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man, sure is 2edgy5me in here..

0/10 for getting me to respond
But I'm not. I've stuck around with guys til the bitter end where either I got dumped or it just wasn't working. Stood through 3 relationships where the guy had a million emotional problems and plenty of baggage. Stayed because I loved them.

Vidya games and movies are fine but aren't the basis of my relationships nor the reason I stick around. I don't need constant attention because I'm not a child or animal.
>inb4 ur a bitch (i know that already)

Come find me bro

>> No.7489583

>tfw get girls number in record store like in an indie movie

>> No.7489586
File: 18 KB, 500x439, 1371445251033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7489588


But seriously, you're ugly. :( QQ

>> No.7489598

>implying you'd lower your own standards
>implying you've never thought you looked better than someone and thought they were beneath you

>> No.7489601

how dare you call commander shepherd ugly

>> No.7489603

>can't be bothered to go through the motions it takes to get laid
>idea of getting into a relationship with someone after shitstorm of my last one is massively unappealing
>know that once I start putting in time with a girl that I can be confident and at ease around, I'll get feelings for them and eventually revert back to my nervous, socially anxious self with low self-worth and just push them away by ignoring them/fading out due to awkwardness

This qt housemate I was sort-of-kind-of into started showing interest in me the day before we left for break. As I was heading back to my room, she gave me her number and despite it being 1 am, told me I should hit her up if I was going to stay up and wanted to hang out.

She texted me merry christmas and I had a mini mental freak out.

>> No.7489621
File: 1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 1372239875532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now i'm going to tell you all how I did it, for inspiration and encouragement and to brag.

>be going into local "indie" record store
>tfw just going in to go in, not even looking to cop anything
>tfw hot white grill looking at vinyl
>tfw she's looking at "rock" like a pleb
>be me 101/10 cool thug looking through rap vinyl
>tfw no Danny Brown
>grill picks up album
>tfw not even i know what it is
>have stage fright
>go look at books
>she is mirin me from a distance
>tfw waiting to see if she's gonna buy something so i can talk to her about her gay album
>tfw she picks something up
>"what album is that?" - ME
>she tells me but i forgot the name cuz it's obviously gay
>"oh never heard of them, do you even have a record player?"
>"blah blah blah" we talk about music
>she is surprised a 10/10 cool thug like myself knows his shit about music
>"you seem like a fun girl to go to a concert with. let me get your number"

>> No.7489627
File: 26 KB, 353x246, 1385514672747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7489632
File: 39 KB, 600x399, hahalookatu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I genuinely love you, sieg

>> No.7489649

you have to be above average looking to pull that off

>> No.7489670

that really depends.
mostly it depends on the environment and girl.
mostly the environment.

but like i said, i got nervous and had to stand back for a second to wait.

that shouldn't have happened, and THAT is why my looks came into play.
had i would've started talking, immediately, like i felt, looks would matter very little.
that level of confidence counts for a lot.

plus, it was a music store.
easy conversation for someone obsessed with music like me.
this is the second time this year i've gotten a number after discussing music.

>> No.7489721

same lol

>> No.7489757

I've noticed it's all about location/situation. Day to day in my shitty town I either get looked at kind of funny or people just seem intimidated.

When I go into the city to hang out or parties with the college crowd I get tons of attention. Mind you the city is 1/4 students and liberal as fuck.

>> No.7489766
File: 45 KB, 509x619, 2a6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least you have a legit career.
At least you have "some" friends.
At least you have cool interests outside video games. At least you could get a gf, even if your gf seemed immature.
I envy you.

>> No.7489887

wow, are you me?
i can be flirty with a female for quite a long time, but when i then decide to date her i get this panic every time i see she texted me.
It's hard to describe. Just a strong, uncomfortable feeling deep down in your stomatch that you'd rather be somewhere else.
A bit like waking up to an exam you haven't studied for.
Is it normal to be this anxious?

>> No.7489906

>A-are you me?

I-i wouldn't worry about not being 'date-able'; my ex came from a family where they did shit all the time and I... didn't.
So eventually she thought I was boring 'cause I wasn't really outgoing, whatever
>tfw meet a qt who's just as laidback and lackadaisical as you


>> No.7489948

Fuck you underage fagit. Don't be sad all the time. Feel good about the things you used to be so proud of. E.g slim belly

>> No.7489965

>Is it normal to be this anxious?

the problem is you are too worried about failure.
you are too worried you won't live up, or you'll mess up, or you'll get hurt, hurt her, etc.

it's the fear of the unknown.
and it's a result of the expectations or idealizations you have.

go on a date.
see how it goes.

there doesn't have to be a part 2.
you just have to take a chance, and see how it goes.

>> No.7489981

>with a female for quite a long time, but when i then decide to date her i get this panic every time i see she texted me.
>It's hard to describe. Just a strong, uncomfortable feeling deep down in your stomatch that you'd rather be somewhere else.
>A bit like waking up to an exam you haven't studied for.
>Is it normal to be this anxious?
yeah manm means u like her, :>

>> No.7490002

>my ex came from a family where they did shit all the time and I... didn't.
>So eventually she thought I was boring 'cause I wasn't really outgoing, whatever

men are like this
get home from working all day you don't exactly have the energy of a housewife

or women's work is just retail and you're sitting there climbing shit on an oil field

>i work to
try having a job that's typically reserved for me
>im in the army too!
are you really. an enlisted female "soldier" is prohibited from carrying a firearm into battle to defend their fellow soldier

so are you REALLY a soldier or did the arm just liet you in because they were tired of bitching and moaning

carry an m16 and go step on an ied and keep firing at the people trying to kill you

lets see if women are really equal to men

>It's hard to describe. Just a strong, uncomfortable feeling deep down in your stomatch that you'd rather be somewhere else.

no it's not you're just not great at conveying emotion through words

you can't stand the fake attitude and playful flirting bullshit so you'd rather be somewhere else straight talking with a bunch of other people who share the same view of life

/fa/ is littered with feminine males, i mean it
down to the point where they "hangout" with women and gossip like them

they not only dress like them, they act like them

this site and also most youth today hate any form of masculinity

why do you think im hated here? i am a resident /k/ gun toting idiot

i am also a dumbfuck from /o/ that used to build cars back when these guys go to clubs and dance with women in skinny jeans

i also tell it like it is, a trait i learned from both grandfathers who faced each other in ww2

you guys are just men, in an age of children and women and come off as unlikable


>> No.7490024

here is what pros will do:

Get a small notebook. something like a moleskin or whatever.
start writing down a list of goals.

they don't have to be huge things, but should be long term and short term.
they should all be things you can realistically pursue.
Now all you have to do is focus on pursuing those goals, and your life has a purpose.

-read 5 novels (if you want to get back into reading)
-read 30 novels
-learn to cook 5 meals
-save up $1000
-get my own place

big or small.
-go on a date

or more specific

-go on coffee date
-take girl to a concert

it doesn't matter if you never complete something, but it should always be something to work towards.
you say, "i don't know if i should go out with this girl?"
it's on your list, you may as well get the chance to cross it off.

>> No.7490059

What are you doing /pol/? Nothing good comes of approaching the lion's den.

>> No.7490061

This is simple, yet amazing advice man. I can definitely see myself doing something like this.

>> No.7490148


Hi. Female soldiers are *required* to carry an "m16" in battle, dipshit.

I hope your scattershot rambling retard routine is just a routine.

>> No.7490715


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