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if lifes really just an illusion, then im next generation graphics living in a world full of nintendo 64

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ITT: Sky thread

Much better than shitty Cara for damn sure.

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whats the point of life anyway?

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sicc fits and dick ovens

No, I don't know, whatever you make it or something.

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just to feel good in all honesty, feel good for as long as u possibly can

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hol up this bitch said that?
what a dumb ass bitch

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Get 2 point dnot have help yourself n can help others

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i actually dont even beleive the world is real, theirs no way of proving that reality exists in anyone elses mind except for my own

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>I have no fucking clue who this woman is
>Look like flavor of the week me

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Flavor week four years ago

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>what is pop music

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Daniel only listens to Americana and Country music while he masturbates over dead bears.

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its crazy how long sky ferreiras been doing music and how little buzz shes got, i feel like if it doesnt happen soon, ittll never happen, shes dope though ghost ep is 9 out of 10

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she has some good songs

she seems to be flavour of the month right now, yeah

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chill faggot, shes like 21

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Hnnng that was my WP on my phone before u came home from uni, don't want to freak my ma out lel. Have the higher res pic m8

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m-muh dich

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pc master race here

ask me anything, illusionfaggots

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How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Arent Real

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Who is that? The girl from Fight Club?

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