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i'd still be taller than her since shes in flats.
that dude must be like 5 foot lollll

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Is dat some Karlie?

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I saw her in real life at disneyworld a couple of months ago
she looked tall, but not that much. everyone there must be really short

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Jesus even Cara D. is an inch taller than me

I give up

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>tfw 5'11" king of manlets status
If I was rich and handsome would I have a chance?

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what that mean

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she's purportedly 6' 1" (1.85 m)

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probably not, she's dating a dude taller than her

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Coppin a pic eh?

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Such an amateur.

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why does he have all the tags on is that a jap thing

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she's only 183cm and in flat shoes on that pic. those guys are midgets.

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that's from a jpanese "drama" ie comedy making fun of African black nationals residing in japan emulating American culture

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So he can wear it for a few days and then return it.

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I think it's a parody of the kind of people that do it. I honestly have no idea and I'm pulling that conclusion out of my ass.

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tfw returning dusty suits that sat in your closet from 2004 to Nordstrom

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name the show pls

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I don't like tall girls. I like to be dominating so after 5'7" it just becomes a danger area

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It's a film called Love Exposure and it's really great (lengthy though).
Check it out if you have some time to kill.
And silly sieg, it's not about African black nationals at all!!!
haha u trole!!!

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my man

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whats your height

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Five four

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Anyone get naked?

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lol remind me of

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its alright candince is 5'9, thats perfect

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Sam Bradford is 6'4

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ken m is fucking hilarious

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yo bradfords goofy ass hit that shit, my nigga

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fucking manlets when will they learn

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her knee is bent and she is leaning forward
she's got to be 6'2

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hahah wut is this real life

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Is that Chris Long in the back?

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>she's only 6'1"
>for some reason she's surrounded by little people


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i laughed
who is ken m
what is this a pic of

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9/10 would put pussy on the chain wax

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Fucking revolting, mannish as fuck.

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yeah this was at coachella a couple of years ago
danny amendola was there too

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Fuck I need to move to America

I'm just on the upper end of average here and I'm 6' 2"

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Ken M is the best

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>If I was rich and handsome would I have a chance?

not with her, but there is potential in regards to getting tall regular girls.
some of them can be self-conscious of their height and used to being taller than lots of guys.
it is suggested that because of that the most height-fixated girls will typically be girls around the average.

i know a tallish girl who is under six feet and i think all of her boyfriends have been shorter than her.

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how is it that scandinavians are so tall?

neanderthals were short and stout and those were adaptations for coping with the cold.

so, it seems weird that the frigid northlands are filled with frost giants now.

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Food + during the 90's most of the nl cow meat was filled with growth hormone (aka hgh, the shit bodybuilders take that make their skulls bigger and probably their heights too if they took it when their growth plate were still open).

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aint nobody got shit on the Dutch

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I'm from Australia, not scandinavia m8

But at a guess once we technology came that selective pressure was removed and we were only left with a sexual preference for taller people
I'm probably wrong though, I was never good at human biology

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I thought her body was gross at the victoria secrets fashion show. She looked like a boy from behind.

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>Among the youngest men in Australia, average height is around 6-foot

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poor uuuuhhhh is only 5'6


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yeah, shit's crazy there

I was on exchange to Australia once and pretty much everyone I hung out with were 6 foot or above and they all were taller than both their parents, since apparently each generation is getting taller there
Hell even the girls were taller than a lot of guys I know back in America

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fucking US got outsider pullin #s down

>> No.7444678

outsiders are pulling the numbers up, bud

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cough mexico cough

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i used algebra to find his supposed height in that picture and apparently he's literally four feet tall. i am 900% sure that this image is photoshopped.

>> No.7444683

It could also be taken from an angle

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>I'm from Australia

Then you must have some body dysmorphia, bra. I am two inches shorter than you and taller than most people I see.
It's something, like, 80% of people are shorter than six feet.
Maybe you live somewhere where there are a lot of wealthy people and winners, so the local height average is skewed.

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that's photoshopped look at the dress out lines near the bag and her legs.

She's still tall as hell though

5'10 for girls almost these dats

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The lower north shore is like that

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sum 4'1"

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>tfw model aesthetics but only 5"5'
>tfw not tall enough to model but too tall to be a cute short grill
>please kill me and all of my family

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Anglo-Celt genes shouldn't make Australians so tall.
Maybe the Fomorians of Irish legend were actually what Irish people look like when Brits aren't keeping them down and making them subsist on potatoes.

>> No.7444699

It's about diet and lifestyle too

Australian are really active from a young age and that helps growth

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you dumb cunt 6'2" isn't average here

>> No.7444702

Don't remind me. I was always sedentary and didn't eat much. Maybe I could have achieved six foot two.

>> No.7444703

They have the perfect climate and resources for growth and a sport obsessed culture

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i need to go to the states and smash some disgusting yet satisfying yank gash

>> No.7444708

australia confirmed for superior nation
>tfw 6'1" perfect bronzed australian specimen

>> No.7444712

there are still a lot of fat ppl in aus

>> No.7444713

If your parents were close to that height then yes possibly, but it's genetics and environment. It's a bit of a lottery.

Anal is like a handshake with girls in the states.

>> No.7444715

which is interesting because we don't put hfcs in everything, cook at home a lot more and our portions are MUCH smaller than they are in the usa.

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What kind trash u fucking lol

>> No.7444724

Berkeley College girls.

I had a grand ol time in UC

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>5'10 for girls
uuuuhhhh didnt even manage to make it to the average woman's height

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Fucking lel fair nough

>> No.7444729

are u from aus crept

>> No.7444740

From ny live Portland or dormitory style living roommate snore can't sleep to he go shift if u get in at timezone

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beep boop beep bop boop beep

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shut the fuck up you stupid bogan

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this is all you are

this is all you will ever be

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shut up an0 he looks good

>> No.7444771

uuuuhhhhs a cool dude who are you

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>he looks good
that delusion

>> No.7444778

whos pictures do you jerk off more to timbr or uuuuhhhh
id include poet but i know you think of him more as a father figure

>> No.7444782 [DELETED] 

delete this

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wow he got hurt

>> No.7444796

p sure a janitor just deleted them m8es

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disgusting manlet

>> No.7444802

Ya but not Miley tits

>> No.7444812 [DELETED] 

tell me who this is

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>tfw 5'11" gf
>tfw she's sleeping over tomorrow night

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tell me who you are right now

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hahahahahah what the fuck are you doing ahahahahahahahahaha just turn the fucking computer off hahahahahahahaha

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what was this??

>> No.7444847

who is this

>> No.7444850

That's because you all hang upside down 24/7 so gravity actually makes you taller. nice try though
>implying we aren't overrun with brown manlets

>> No.7444853

i just IRL lold

>> No.7444856

More shitposting by an0, I presume.

>> No.7444858

who is this person how do you know they do that??

>> No.7444860

who is this

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It's an0, the guy behind all the posting of various trips' pictures (twerk great fit.jpg, all the poet pictures, et cetera.) You can tell it's him because he always uses the same filename. Also makes it easy to go back and see how many times he's posted the same images...truly pathetic. He's actually just a high schooler from tinych-t. I don't know why he acts like that anon is some specific person, everyone knows who he is they just don't dignify him with responses.

>> No.7444883

you ever think that maybe sometimes it isn't an0 and its just other anons doing it b/c its really easy to do and implicate him?

idk im pretty sure hes done it plenty of times before but you gotta stay noided ya feel me

>> No.7444888

nobody knows

who are you? answer

>> No.7444905

maybe for the twerk picture but not for these weirdly specific vendettas against people no one cares about lol

>> No.7444906

Idiot there was literally an entire thread about this two days ago I know you want to feel like some secret vigilante

>> No.7445101

Hey, at least the Mexicans are increasing your average dick size:


>> No.7445122

I'd still be as tall as her as long as she was wearing 3" heels or less.

Why is everyone in this picture so short... fucking weird makes her look 8 feet tall lmao.

>> No.7445132


look at her right leg

obvious shop mane

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>tfw australian
>tfw 5'8
>tfw even 14 year old high school girls are taller than me

I should just off myself.

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It's from a motherfucking movie. That is 5 hours long or sth. Pretty funny.

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What's it like having sex with a grill that's taller than you, /fa/?

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She's all like "What's this, the Middle Earth? Who brought me to the fucking Shire?"

>> No.7445270

i wish i knew this feel

>> No.7445276

sticking your dick into a bucket of mucus that happens to be taller than you

like sticking your dick into any random hole of a 6ft tall slug

>> No.7445277

>tfw dutch
>tfw 6'4"
>tfw gf is 6'0"
I wish I was even kidding. She's got longer legs than me though.

>> No.7445283

>avg dutch couple

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>tfw taller girls with bangs is my eternal fetish

>> No.7445296

Could you introduce me to one of your gf's friends?

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>tfw instilled the habit of hardly eating lunch as a kid
>didn't want to eat during the day just wanted to go play dem sports in the glorious 35c australian sun
>having nutritional intake of a a kenyan has developed me into a manlet

probably not rly

but manlet feels

>> No.7445303

so close

>> No.7445306

u fucking FUCKED UP man

>tfw handball every recess and lunch for like 9 years in school
>still managed to eat breakfast, recess, lunch, afternoon snax and dinner

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>everybody going to the farthest corner of the school oval so we could play tackle football in year 6/7 (they only let us play touch during lunch in primary school? fuk dat)

good times

gone forever

conflicted feels

>> No.7445358 [DELETED] 

i skipped a lot of lunches and im 6'0
its mostly about genetics man

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Any commonwealth niggas play Bulldog?

>TFW 200 of you rush 10

>> No.7445380

bulldog/bullrush was GOAT school game

>> No.7445385

>tfw primary teacher
>play handball or soccer every lunch duty

good times can last forever

>> No.7445386


>Karlie Kloss is 6'1
>she is wearing 6 inch heels in this pic

lmao she's absurdly tall in heels

>> No.7445401

>not playing godtier Army until year 12

pew pew!

>> No.7445490


also having 20+ people walking around school playing brandy over the span of the week and you'd have to try keep up with who was 'in' or you got a tennis ball pegged at you from 5m away

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>never ate much as a kid, looked like something straight outta auschwitz
>never played sports, just sat at the computer since age of 10
>still ended up 6'2

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File: 21 KB, 800x447, lldlekddleelldel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw dutch
>tfw 6'3"
>tfw like petite girls

>> No.7445514

>tfw Dutch
>doctors told me I'd maybe grow up to be 6'4"
>tfw 6'0"

>> No.7445523

are Americans really that small? her wiki says she's 1.85 meters

then again I'm dutch, so most males here are 1.85m or taller

>> No.7445528

>tfw 6'6 aussie
>everybody near my height is a fucking beanpole skeleton even if they eat like a hippo
>I somehow manage to stay bear mode even though i eat fuck all

Its like my body can't into metabolism

>> No.7445543

So.... ur fat?

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File: 1.79 MB, 250x200, 1367272439077.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.7445593

>tfw no qt giantess gf to take what she wants from you sexually anytime without asking you

>> No.7445599


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File: 72 KB, 1024x683, dutch lief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone didn't eat his sprouts

>> No.7445720

>tfw only being able to love taller girls
sometimes they even talk to me ;_;

>> No.7445806

>manlet talking to tall girls
why bother?

>> No.7445843

You know, statistically speaking, there are probably amazonian height women that actually seek out men that are shorter than them. It may be a small percentage, of an already small percentage of women, but they do, beyond all /fit/tard's belief, exist.

The thing those women probably don't go for, are men who are insecure about such petty matters.

>> No.7445851

Oh god don't get me started. How can anyone like that stuff.

>> No.7445878
File: 181 KB, 960x510, SLIBI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My gf is the same length.

Strutting around town with an amazon on my arm and a little swagger in my step.
And I been hustling all day, this a way, that a way through canals and alleyways, just to say. Tall grills is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel.

>> No.7445882


I don't think that's applicable here because Cara is actually disgusting

>> No.7445887

I remember that the school doctor said to me i was going to be around 6'10''.

Glad i didn't. That's proper giraffe length.

>> No.7445903

>being homo

>> No.7445950


I was always shit at sports but I loved playing them with my mates at recess and lunch more than anything in the world

>> No.7446034

Tomboys are awesome

>> No.7446040

I thought that was Yung Lean for a second

>> No.7446060

tfw I owned this exact fit two years ago.

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File: 239 KB, 900x1350, 1387472791370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

love tall grills

>> No.7446154

what the fuck what country/state is she in?

she's only 6ft why does everyone around her look so tiny?

>> No.7446163

you don't need height when you're that qt

>> No.7446183

it's called photoshop

>> No.7446194

Dat photoshop.

>> No.7446210

why is that facial expression so fucking cute?

good god I'd do anything to fuck her

>> No.7446229

I'm 5'7'' and giraffes have hit on me since forever
Because I'm attractive

>> No.7446331

suck my fat chode

>> No.7446363


You can't be both attractive and a midget.

>> No.7446371

you can't be attractive and autistic

>> No.7446376
File: 43 KB, 583x486, 1382074297504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>triple-layered knees

>> No.7446384

That shadow looks real.

>> No.7446391

>not having quadripple-layered knees
fucking manlets

>> No.7446427

>be me
>hanging around college volleyball players
>start recognizing them at school
>studying the social habits of giantesses for a quarter before they lost in the playoffs

tall sporty girls, if they don't have that physical expression of some humility or kindness or some show of intelligence, are arrogant.

>sleep with 6'0 twee girl
>proportions are very different
>bigger vagina
>legs that feel like huge brake levers in a steam engine
>hard to move her around when she's unconscious

>> No.7446429

Maybe people can just tell I'm special

>> No.7446447

was she tight?

>> No.7446458

they probably feel sorry about your disablility (manletism)

>> No.7446467

tall girls have vaginas literally a horse size to acommodate the proper sized mate, they can't be tight

>> No.7446487

lol this anger
sorry height didn't bring you an attractive face

you have at least kiss girls before talking to them, right?

>> No.7446503

whatever the face you have it doesnt mean jackshit when you are literally the height of the average prepubscent girl
stay delusional though

>> No.7446507

did your dick just slide in?

I bet that's why tall girls prefer bigger guys

but it's not the same for men?

tall men don't usually have big dicks and if they do it's by coincidence

you might be full of shit mate

>> No.7446523

tall men usually have big dicks, the ones that don't spend their time here and try to make it look like that's the norm when it's just their bad luck

>> No.7446543

looks like you're a manlet

you needa do your research first and hop the fuck outta here before you start instigating your gay shit you know literally nothing about

fucking retard I bet you've never even taken a college level biology class have you?

poor babby can't read, he just likes the pictures but it's okay cause he aspires to be fashionable but really you gotta know how to read first cause you're just an idiot

>> No.7446546

>your dick just slide in?
>I bet that's why tall girls prefer bigger guys
>but it's not the same for men?
>tall men don't usually have big dicks and if they do it's by coincidence
>you might be full of shit mate

eh.... I dunno I think that on average bigger dudes do have bigger dinks. Im 5'11'' and I have a 6.5' (slightly above average height, slightly above average dick). That being said it isn't the greatest indicator.

Source: spent a year in Korea and scoped hella dongs in Jimjilbangs (bonus: Asians do have smaller dicks generally, but once again, there are tons of exceptions)

>> No.7446549

wow did i just struck a nerve?
what, you are tall but you have pencil dick?
hahah im sorry m8 but its not my fault you know

>> No.7446553


my last gf was tall and was by far the most tight person I've ever been with

>> No.7446555

tall girl detected, you arent fooling anyone here you loose twat

>> No.7446566

6 '0 with a 6 inch cock
my shit's good, fucking beautiful, Michael angelo only dreamt of such symmetry

bitches slide it in they throat and be like damn, fat cock, but it's all good though

I got my desert clarks, levi's 501s, and everlane tees I don't really care about a faggot like you

you'll never be a trendsetter cause you're just a retard

bet that girl laughed at you, not enough of a man, nor will you ever be, to even fill her pussy up, cause she wants a perfect heighted guy like me with perfect proportions and apt intelligence bro, I feel ya

>> No.7446578

>6 inch cock
now thats something a girl would laugh about

>> No.7446587

being above average?

nah man I fucked bitches and they liked it, always came back for more

you're prly just ugly, and try to tell yourself that you're better than other people just cause you have a fly haircut or dashing penis, but you ain't shit

just a lonely old nerd, go read a book faggot

I bet the brothers Karamazov would teach you how to not be such a worthless sack of shit, or maybe you wouldn't even get it, cause you don't get anything really that's why you're so mad, you're inherently contradictive and probably gonna die soon, keep fuckin with me boy

>> No.7446599

>6 inches
>above average
are you even trying mane?

>> No.7446610

I'm tracking you right now as we speak, keep replying kid

I'm a loose cannon, catch you on the flipside, I travel the country looking for pieces of shit like you on 4chan and find you faggots

look me up, you really fucked up this time, that's it, over

expect me when you sleep


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>7.5 inch cock
and no sex since college started. all it takes is one sloot and talk of my cock will shoot across campus

>> No.7446632

>be 6'0-6'1
yeah, slightly under 6" here. it just slid right in, possibly due to relaxation, or an atrophied kiehls muscle or maybe an appreciation for oversized dildos. i dunno. but there were other things i enjoyed, such as sweet aroma and flavor, larger-than-average labia. and her twee attitude about the morning delight was very nice: slightly resistant, playfully kitten-ish. left me with hickies. it's giving me a chubby thinking about it. she left her gourmet panties with me, too. i'd post pics but people would recognize her and i feel bad for her life, because she was just diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and has a spaniard (not mexi) older boyfriend now.

but various females have various types of vaginas. i can't say all tall girls are loose, but i can say each female is very different while generally falling into a constrained category. just like above-average fat girls' vaginas feel more rounded inside, an obese chick's vag might feel like it's crushing-ly pleasurable. they're both similar, both unique, but fall under a category. also, yes, i think fat girls give dick-meltingly good head.

i haven't been with enough tall chicks to categorize. do all black chicks have loose quaints? my fave black girl last year was loose, but enthusiastic and oh-so womanly in her curves. my dick was raw the next day and i couldn't stop talking about the best sex of my life. she went around telling people it was the "best sex of my life," too, so idk about my >6

>> No.7446635

to be fair it is slightly above average not rly worth bragging about tbh

>> No.7446705

6 inches is literally the average in statistics, which are horribly skewed by the people with micropenises, so the average healthy cock is at least an inch higher

>> No.7446714

it really depends on the demographic and source of the study

I have seen ads that /fit/ posted where the average dick length is like 6.2 inches and shit
>horribly skewed by people with micropenises
I'm sure they toss those out and if not there are dudes with large dicks so it'd like balance out I think

>> No.7448183

That's not even close to being correct

>> No.7448196

>5" penis

It looks so small in comparison to my body, I hate it

>> No.7448227

>tall men don't usually have big dicks and if they do it's by coincidence

why wouldnt they? i mean theres no reason for them to be proportionally bigger and its not going to rlly make a difference over 6" of height but what kind of logic do u have to go thru to believe the average 7' guy isnt going to have a bigger schlong than a 4' guy

>> No.7448289
File: 185 KB, 452x340, godfuckingdamnit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7448312
File: 111 KB, 605x605, cara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Cara is a month younger than me
>tfw karlie is younger than me too
>tfw im male
>tfw they're both taller than me
Fucking i hate myself

>> No.7448342

damn, I would think taller guys would be bigger. I'm 5'7" and got 6.5". I think it looks pretty small on me.

>> No.7448414

Apprently there is no physical co-relation about a persons' anatomy with penis size. Except a genetic disposition... but that's getting into weird territory

>> No.7448433


>tall men don't usually have big dicks

lol jealous manlet detected

human body is in perfect proportions to itself

tall nigga tall dick

>> No.7448439

>5'7" and got 6.5"
exactly the same here :)

>> No.7448459


This is actually a great read. I lol'd

>> No.7448487

is this some kind of femdom porn for manlets?

>> No.7448493

Same wtf
I've been called big a decent number of times but I think it gets to 7" when super horny

>> No.7448507

Mine goes from like 2" getting out of a pool, to 5'' regular flaccid, to about 7'' when I'm tickling every fetish

>> No.7448520

lol @ that jezebel article it links to

>"go on a vacation to a country with huge dicked dudes! haha lol!"

next article


>> No.7448528

i went swimming in the ocean on new years once and it shrunk down to nothing

>> No.7448545

If I'm anxious stressed angry or intimidated it shrinks which is a lot at work 8^(

>> No.7448638

I'm 6'4"

short blonde girls are my weakness.

>> No.7448649
File: 146 KB, 708x1000, preview12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7448663

I know a slav girl who's like 6'6, 90+kgs. She's extremely fucking loud too. Amazon of a woman.

(Guessing her stats. I'm 6'4, 85kgs and she dwarves me.)

>> No.7448709


5'9 guy here... I would totally fuck her, just to see what its like to be dominated by a Slavic amazonian.

>> No.7448726

this. I'm not that attracted to tall women, but I think it'd be hot as shit to get in bed with a girl 5 inches taller than me and see what happens.

>> No.7448744

I had sex with a woman like that, she was 6'4"ish and athletic. The sex was definitely one sided, I wasn't fucking her, she was fucking me. She rode me reverse cowgirl style, and it hurt like hell.

You know how the cowgirl rides? Of course, but given the aggression of her riding, she turned the tables around. She was the bronco, and I was the cowboy.

Would I do this again? I would, but after becoming /fit/.

>> No.7448752
File: 159 KB, 435x419, 1348375023244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7448777

sugoi monogatari

>> No.7448831

>implying being dominated by a girl is a bad thing

>> No.7448836


need the sauce man please.

>> No.7448865

being dominated by a girl is just fucking awesome... except the ones who have a pain fetish... like they're scratching your back with their nails... like ACTUALLY clawing at you to draw blood... that's just some fucked up shit.

Telling them you have sensitive skin and asking them to politely "cool it" just encourages them to punish you more.

tl ; dr Boss chicks are great

>> No.7448868

Im 6'7". Where to cop woman like this?

>> No.7448876


Here you go.

>> No.7448877

>"p-p-pls stop I have s-sensitive skin"

>> No.7448887

It's not a bad thing, it's just that I was so out of shape I couldn't handle raw, athletic sex. It was kind of pathetic, really.

Now imagine two athletic people fucking each other like demons. Glory.

I've always wanted a girl to tear the skin off my back.

>> No.7448894

Pretty much, I played up the victim and it just got her wetter. But seriously, I couldn't goto the beach for a while since it just got giggles from people looking at my back

>> No.7448901

yeah I would've done the same thing I have sensitive skin too

probably just makes you look like a pussy and makes them want to punish you even more for it

>> No.7448904


Desu, kawaii, uguu and a gaijin kamikaze to you.

>> No.7448912

>I couldn't goto the beach for a while since it just got giggles from people looking at my back
You are a tiger, and you have earned your stripes! Meow.

>> No.7448934


dude, I'm having a shit of a day at work but that just made me laugh my head off. Thanks bruv.

>> No.7448951
File: 17 KB, 180x235, 1381372229337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw dated a fit mixed chick that was at least five inches taller than me

>> No.7448975
File: 20 KB, 241x354, five two.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's this 5'2 american girl who has had this sexual thing with me. there's nothing quite like fucking a very short girl. it's so much more sensual for her with your being bigger, handling her n stuff.. also the proportions were just perfect, and she looks like a lil 14 year old girl so she fulfills those pent up, unreleased middle school feelings of lust. we're gonna meet up for NYE and i'm just dying to tap that cervix. i hope it doesn't make her nauseous.. she's been in europe for the past 6 months, so she's gonna be so horny.

guys, there are pluses and minuses to all heights, shapes, sizes, and races. so appreciate your height, because a 6'4 guy is getting horny thinking about his 5'6 lil bootie call, or a 6'0 like me is thinking of his 5'2, and these girls wouldn't exist without you being on this planet :)

>> No.7448987

>she looks like a lil 14 year old girl

>> No.7448998

>she looks like a lil 14 year old girl
>pent up, unreleased middle school feelings of lust
u wot

>> No.7449027

okay i'm just trying to balance out the thread with some love for shorties. it's not about taking her innocence, it's like being two horny 14 year olds. don't get it twisted. no one looks at a 6'2 chick and thinks, "14 year old," or even, "26 year old," they think, "mythical giantess." this girl, you think, "14 year old." why try to deny it? i embrace it. she came on to me.

>> No.7449030

i like lolis too

>> No.7449042
File: 25 KB, 500x362, sad-frog-height-chart_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shortfags and lankyfags jelly

>> No.7449049

Are you a pedophile? kekekkekekekekekekkekekekekekkekekeekkekekekekekornflakes

>> No.7449067

>>and she looks like a lil 14 year old girl

and you lost me

>> No.7449074

lol in canada we call it british bulldog

>> No.7449080

did you buy a suit that was too small to encourage you to lose weight? didnt happen huh?

>> No.7449081

this is pretty accurate

>> No.7449127

>feel like tall women are already unavailable to me

5'6 women barely want to date me, women seem to follow a logic of "guy must be taller than me in 5 inch heels"

>> No.7449188

>7.5 inches
>worthy of talk
>worthy of talk that spreads across campus

footlong reporting in, get on my lvl faget

>> No.7451042

Lol each tall guy has been under 6in whereas 5'9 bf is 8.5" and not nigger

>> No.7451058

but shes 5'10

>> No.7451113
File: 195 KB, 2197x1462, 1387554857472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 5'9" 60kgs skeleton
>fucking 6'2" xx?kgs amazon woman
>we're making out with me on top
>she likes when i'm rubbing my dick against her clit whilst doing that
>at one point i go too low so my dick isn't touching her clit anymore
>she grabs me and pulls me up

>> No.7451205
File: 104 KB, 299x281, 1369577175409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7451233

>like they're scratching your back with their nails... like ACTUALLY clawing at you to draw blood... that's just some fucked up shit.
>not stomping them in the stomach, flipping them around and jackhammering them while holding them by their hair and drooling and spitting all over the side of their faces

That's what they want.

>> No.7451257

I just turned 18 and I'm only 1.77 (5'9?), I want to be at least 1.80, is there any hope?

>> No.7451288

>live in florida
>just about everyone is manlet
>that glorious feel when 6' and still taller than just about everyone aside from a couple people at like 6'4-6'6"

>> No.7451296

Only had it once, was weird, was still the dominant one though. It's great bc my qt half korean gf is like 5'7" and with 6 inch heels on she comes up to eye level its perfect

>> No.7451321

>tfw 6'3 in Holland
>tfw completely average

>> No.7451344
File: 1.65 MB, 290x260, 1387302440758.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5'10 Optimal height for a male
Nice try manlets

>> No.7451383

w2c hat

>> No.7452785

shut up

>> No.7452829

If your american 6.5 is well above average seen as the average is 5.5

>> No.7452871

6'3 in shoes master race...

>> No.7453438

Well not completely. I share your height and nationality and it's quite comfy. It's above average enough to be a bit superior but not lanky tall tall. It's the perfect height.

>> No.7453464

>implying info graphics made by anons hold any objective truth

Evidence is 5'10" is included as ideal height, when that's definitely manlet tier. 6'-6'4 is master race. 6'5" is pushing it, any more is excessive.

>> No.7453505

bulldog was the best

>> No.7453511

depends on her proportions m8e

>> No.7453573


5" is the average penis size in America.

Yes, 6" is above avg.

The funny thing is that JAPAN, yes JAPAN, has a larger avg. Penis size than america now. Look it up, it's true.

>> No.7454239

4.5" is average

>> No.7454302

>tfw 6'1 female
>tfw hitting my head on door frames in heels
>tfw 80% of men proportional to me are black

step up your game whities

>> No.7454303
File: 104 KB, 1278x574, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.7455630

sorry ma'am

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