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>wear /fa/ fit out to bar
>raf velcros in black, black acne jeans + plain white tee with norse projects flecked sweater
>nobody notices or cares
>guy wearing mustard colored brogues with green pants a cardigan and stock hipster glasses is getting tons of attention for his "style"

i'm beginning to think we're the plebs

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Yeah, no shit.

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forgot to mention that the cardigan was brown and he had an anco tee underneath it

kill me

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what sweater?

>> No.7401357

who the fuck cares
dress like a gq model if u want pleb bitches to think ur super fashionable
if u actually like wearing raf and the like then continue doing ur thing and dont worry what other people think

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>judging your style from what drunk pleb bitches think

I'll have to call you out on your stupidity, anon. They were drunk: they weren't paying attention to the texture work, the fit, or anything. Shitty colours catch their eyes faster.

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congrats on paying 200 euro for some standard tier sweater and still being 5/10

ur tears

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They probably thought you were special needs wearing velcro shoes out

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listen to this guy
useless thread tbh

>> No.7401381

op here

i have a gf i don't care about the attention, i was just pointing out how delusional we can be on /fa/ to think our fits matter outside of a WAYWT in the real world.

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Just because you put on nice clothes doesn't mean you look good in them.

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I've been dressing very similarly to you recently.
Starting to notice that my fit looks totally out of place since I live in trashy place. Doesn't matter if I dress good, it looks bad when the landscape is destroyed by BILLABONG outfits.
at least I've acquired the attention of two fashionable and fit qt3.14's :3

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>dress like a gq model if u want pleb bitches to think ur super fashionable

and dress in raf, rick and wang if you want a bunch of dudes on an anime image board to think your outfit is "alright"

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this has nothing to do with me not looking good mate

i'm pointing out that a fit that would be applauded in a WAYWT is completely uninteresting in a setting like that

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1st you thinkg anyones opinion on /fa/ matters
then you think that WAYWT largely contains any high fashion
then you adopt some aesthetic and false influence from the same place
then you buy the clothing you saw and wear it to a bar in a flyover state and think anyone will care
and you probably havent even watched raf simons runway shows

then you COME BACK to /fa/ and cry about it

youre delusional.
>inb4 'so why are you here'
to read this shit

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The point of fashion is to go unnoticed, or at least thats what I always assumed

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> Wearing safe/basic as fuck fit
> expect to draw attention

Look at it this way, anon, the other guy is getting both positive AND negative attention for his style.

Or that he is just better looking than you.

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>black jeans
>white t-shirt

yeah wow i wonder why no one noticed

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the point is to dress like you want to dress to be who you want to be
/fa/ should help you form some taste by introducing to different styles, not dictate it
be the freak you wanna see

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>i have a gf i don't care about the attention
congrats anon you've made it
you could stop living tomorrow and people would say
he's made it

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>Dressing to impress girls

are you 15? you are everything wrong with this board

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That's basically my life. I post in WAYWT and I get mocked. Then I go outside and people compliment me at least once a day.

I still post my fits but I care less what people think about them

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This board is exclusively about dressing to impress other men on the internet.

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its not what you wear its how you wear it noob

>> No.7401473


>implying everyone in /fa/ just dresses in raf, acne and rick with a ninjashit look

>> No.7401494

>i'm beginning to think we're the plebs
pretty much. following the /fa/ life will lead to solitude.

also post fit

>> No.7401502

actually honestly you probably didn't look bad.

maybe it's your personality. maybe you just don't give off an "approachable" vibe

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>dressing for girls
>dressing for other people
>being dressed by the internet

You know, when you think about it, goofninjas and furries aren't that much different

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I just dress for me and I like nice clothes

In turn it gives me more confidence I feel when I'm outside

I felt so comfortable the other week in a ridiculous fur borg collar jacket that I was overly confident in the club and it got results man

I just felt so cosy in it

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>They were drunk: they weren't paying attention to the texture work, the fit, or anything. Shitty colours catch their eyes faster.

In my experience most people don't care about this shit anyway. It is literally about having a color scheme and the type of garments that emulates (even very poorly with no regard for fit) what they see in stuff like gq or gap ads.

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> wearing autistic shoes

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Well I think the best reason to be here is just to see stuff and see how you like it to integrate it into your own way of doing things. If anything fa has made me realize there is no right way to dress as I once thought and it is really about doing whatever you want whether that is indulging your own whims or targeting a certain demographic to appeal too. If anything fa is too focused on self-indulgence and doesn't consider that some people like myself don't solely dress for my own enjoyment but also have different mentalities for different situations (getting bitches, getting jobs, ect)

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/fa/ is the plebs

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dont expect plebs to be impressed by nice stuff you wear, they live a completely different lifestlye

if you wanna get laid from dressing sharp then you have to find /fa/ hunnies. but they prob wont give it up that easy

dressing well doesnt get you laid

peacocking or dressing in bait gaudy shit with words like 'hype' and 'cunt' on it gets you laid

is that what you want to be

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>raf velcros in black, black acne jeans + plain white tee with norse projects flecked sweater
ya u do sound like a pleb lmao

>> No.7401555

DUH men not girls

(jk no its not, otherwise we would have a rating system or all be on sufu or w/e)

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I would have noticed, anon:)

>> No.7401656

are you me ?

captcha: rnaypan brother

>> No.7401662

why anon great question he probably is

>> No.7401671

It's because he's handsome.

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unexpected suede reference. well played sir

>> No.7401719

another victim of the goof ninja troll
wearing this shit around your house and posting pictures of your fits on a japanese cartoon board is one thing, but going out to a public place like a bar is just hilarious

>> No.7401724

hes dressed like he's ready to party, it has to be attention grabbing, loud and it has to look fun

When you wear all black plain clothing, you just blend in, if its all designer, or looks too nice, you might look like a pretentious unapproachable lolnofun slob.

Judging from the fact that you're here on /fa/4chan posting a story about a strange observation on others you made, I'd also be willing to bet you're quieter, thoughtful and more introspective, and don't know hot to be the rambunctious center of attention at parties. Thats a skill more then it is your style.

>> No.7401726

>guy wearing mustard colored brogues with green pants a cardigan and stock hipster glasses
This isn't pleb because it's lolhipster, it's pleb because of how fucking old it is
The word hipster got so convoluted I think, I've been to hipster parties in oakland
>guy long sgraggly hair and a beard wearing red floral leggings and a red leather jacket
>guy with a fedora and bathrobe wrestling with 2 qt's

Then I see the [frances ha and i am not a hipster, netflix movies] kind of hipster. That lena dunham/micheal cera shit, and it's just like wat r u doing?

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That isn't goofninja you idiot. Black jeans and black shoes??

Fuck outta here

>> No.7401734

a norse projects flecked sweater is far from the goof ninja buzzword you throw around
you should probably lurk more before posting or just stop coming here in general

>> No.7401745

It's about dressing to fit your surroundings. A friend of a friend of mine turned up for a night out with my group of friends wearing an obviously very expensive all-black fit that would get loads of love in a WAYWT thread on here, but he stuck out like a sore thumb in a bad way when the rest of us were just in jeans and tee-shirts. His fit was technically very good, but the context made him look like a try-hard richboi. It's like going to school in a designer suit; you don't look *bad* per se, but you definitely don't look *right*. Context matters.

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>> No.7401776

Oakland is dead fu, Berkeley hills is the new shit

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This. Alot people on here seem to forget that.

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So heres how your life's fashion has gone:
You knew absolute shit about what looked good, never could figure it out yourself.
You find /fa/, convince yourself oh thats what looks good since everyone here says so!
You wear it, dont get the results you expect.

What /fa/ thinks looks good is usually absolute shit to me. I swear to god why does everyone on this website only wear hi-top shoes? I guess everyone plays basketball. Honestly 90% of this forum is the same shit over and over again: just an image of whats fashionable slapped all over the fuckin place with minor details tweaked. You have eaten up the facade that "style" is dictated by brand. Gj falling victim to the most obvious consumer bullshit. Would you have expected any attention wearing off brand velcro shoes black jeans and a white t-shirt? Why does slapping all those brand names on boring clothes suddenly make it all the rage.
P.S. im a Physicist maybe thats why I'm the only one who figured this out.

>> No.7401936

nice bait mate
oh, and please post a fit

>> No.7401940

You're lookin at it loser. Show me your basketball shoes and 3 layers of jackets plz

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all depends on where you go brah
if you go to a country bar and you dress /fa/ggot they will treat you as such; boots, wool, flannel, indigo jeans = cowgirl pussy

>> No.7402054

ah yes, context, a concept sperger bastards who come on /fa/ are incapable of grasping

>> No.7402060

Lol, maybe you're not cut out for this, kid.
>but muh raf simmons
>but muh fashion

>> No.7402120

why are you acting like you were wearing full givenchy OP?

>> No.7402168



people dont realize:

if you want to dress like a "GOTH NINJA"

first: get a industrial apartment in new york city

second: get a job in a high powered position in a creative industry

then you will NOT be out of place like you are in dustville arkansas trying to wear your ramones, aircuts, and blistered scuba

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>mfw I dress in t-shirt and jeans most days like pic
>mfw I'm often asked "do you model"
>mfw i get my shit at thrift shops
>mfw I'm constantly hit on/gazed upon
>mfw when I see skinny ninjas in 8 layers of black name brand shit sucking their cheeks in
>mfw I see other guys in gaudy, expensive shit looking like baboons
>mfw god I love myself

>> No.7402195

>wear raf velcros
>someone starts quoting lyrics from "thrift shop" when they see you

sometimes no attention is better man

>> No.7402197

so what r u doing here then??

>> No.7402203

post a fit, u probably dress like a failed mfa fag

>> No.7402214

>Just now realizing people don't give a shit what you wear.

No one gives a shit if you wear $500 shoes, as long as you look decent. To be honest you're more likely to get made fun of.

>> No.7402221


I like the arguments. Some of the outfits are hilarious. And some things really do look good. You know, normal reasons.

No, really, it's almost always like the pic. I

>> No.7402228


what's mfa?

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>>mfw when I see skinny ninjas in 8 layers of black name brand shit sucking their cheeks in
t-that's me

>> No.7402240


As long as you aren't a dick, it's all good. It just makes me smile inside is all, I wouldn't start shit with you or anything.

Hell, we'd probably shoot the shit.

>> No.7402251

>no really
>doesnt post fit

lol u know ur autistic claims dont mean shit when u cant back them up right? ur just another ugly shitter from /fit/ who worships gosling and thinks plebs dont compliment u out of pity

>> No.7402263


of course they dont give a shit what you wear.

most people dont even know the types of clothes that i wear. that doesnt mean I should degrade myself by wearing worse clothing, its fine if people i meet are ignorant of quality, but thats more a reason to pity them. not a reason to alter my own habits.

>> No.7402278


Oh no, I'm being bullied by a goofy ninja who doesn't believe my claims! Whatever shall I do?!

trunks, has his gaze upon me. You know he's important because of his trips!

Oh lordy, you fashion guys slay me.

>> No.7402283


Trunks isn't a goofninja. We just hate anons claiming thinks they can't back up.

>> No.7402290

u do realize theres nothing more pathetic than claiming u dress well but being too scared to prove it right

it doesnt matter who i am

it doesnt matter who u are

if u claim that u dress well but refuse to post a fit u should kill urself

>> No.7402292

/fa/ is extremely autistic in the sense that they don't find and share the fine line between

"muh hi fashun" and
trying to dress better.

Most people just want to come here to dress better. Not be incredibly /fa/utistic. Silhouette is important but you don't have to be drapey all the time. Colour is important but you don't have to dress in all black all the time.

>> No.7402296


Fair enough. If this thread is alive later when I'm not sitting around in my shorts I'll post something.

>> No.7402304


no one says you need to be drapy all the time

>> No.7402307


Oh noes! Trunks has pointed out that there is, apparently literally, "nothing more pathetic" than claiming you dress well but being to scared to prove it.

Two things:

1. I never even said I particularly "dress well". The whole point I was making was that I dress pretty plainly and still rock my way through life getting looks/attention.

2. If claiming you dress well and not posting a pic is the "most pathetic" thing you can imagine, I think your life is sad.

Very, very sad.

>> No.7402313

There was a better word for what I was describing, but I can't think of one in particular.

>> No.7402330


you just posted some words but all i see is lame excuses for being to puss to post a fit


>> No.7402333

trunks are you fucking retarded? he was saying he doesnt dress well and still pulls bitches.

>> No.7402334

This is something in every community that revolves around physical goods with no one standard. /k/, /ck/, /o/, /p/, /g/ all have divides in their userbases because not everyone has the cash or the appreciation for the same stuff.

>> No.7402335

then they can fuck off to mfa

>> No.7402353

>No, really, it's almost always like the pic. I
Every day, thousands of people wear blue t-shirts, grey jeans, and boots and look like shit
Saying it's just like the one in the picture is meaningless: how you wear it is almost as important as what you wear.

>> No.7402359


there will always be divides here

some people have very high standards for their clothing in terms of fabric/design etc

and some people dont mind fabricssquare

of course they will disagree, its a fundamental different in philosophy

>> No.7402367

honestly dude

still no fit?


u can ramble and talk shit all u want but without a fit to back it up its just empty claims

keep trying to convince strangers on anime messageboards that youre a 10/10 aryan god who is perfect in every way possible, it rlly isnt that believable when u refuse to back up ur claims with evidence tho... keep fighting the good fight keyboard warrior

>> No.7402369

gosling in the pic IS dressed well, though. It's not a complex style or anything, but the colours work (except the boots imo), everything fits very well, it's obviously decent quality, etc.: it's simple but effective, and half the time that's more difficult than being flashy.

>> No.7402373

Itt: Autists.

>> No.7402381


>spending 1000s on clothing
>not caring what people think

>> No.7402399


if you care about what people think you can just go to jcrew and get your shitty wardrobe and everyone will think you are well dressed.

if you are spending 1000s on your clothes, no one will necessarily care/notice

if you spend 3000 on a ccp jacket, its not like evryone will go WOW you dress AMAZING

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File: 472 KB, 1000x1343, jamahl johnson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


b...but, I'm... I... I'm mixed.

Aryan fail. :(

I look more like this guy than Gosling.


Naw, I agree. And I *do* make sure what I pick up at the thrift shop fits well. Most important thing imo.

>> No.7402459


implying you have seen a ninja irl

>> No.7402488

No one is even mentioning the points you are sarcastically bringing up.

Why even talk if you're not going to be constructive even within your own argument...

>> No.7402496


But... you just explicitly did mention them.

But... logic?

>> No.7402504

nigga no one is going to talk to you if you are standing there like an awkward fagget, women mainly give a shit if you're confident / willing to strike up a conversation.

>> No.7402506


>> No.7402513

>i wear skin tight, $1,000 clothing for myself

If I only dressed for myself I'd wear sweatpants and oversized t-shirts or pajamas all the time

>> No.7402545


>I'd wear sweatpants and oversized t-shirts



>> No.7402559

bonus marks for fallout 3 reference

>> No.7402593

master's degree in fine arts

>> No.7402594

Sure, everyone looks at a peacock.

At the end of the day, do you want to be dressing for attention and the approval of others, or do you want to dress in a way that you find pleasing and aesthetic? This is a serious question that all of /fa/ should think about and ask themselves honestly. Do you wear Raf and NP because you honestly like them? If you do, it shouldn't matter to you if people give you attention for your looks because you'll be confident.

Don't fall into that mentality that a lot of /fit/ has about attention being the be-all and end-all of success. Dress for you.

>> No.7402602

>implying "fight the good fight" is solely related to Fallout 3

>> No.7402678


so many /fa/ggots getting mad at this guy
cause you know hes right and it hurts you (but youll deny it cause edge)

>> No.7402909

>Dressing for others
>Dressing exactly how /fa/ says you should
>Looking down on others for how they dress

Jesus fuck, I seriously hope you don't do this.

>> No.7405221

My sides:
In this universe [ ]
Out of the universe [x]

>> No.7405223

>you know hes right

yeah all the fits he have posted proving his baseless claims have sure let us know that hes indeed "right"

>> No.7405229

well your fit does sound pretty boring tbh

I get plenty of attention when I'm not a basic bitch

>> No.7405244

because "fashionable" is not "fashion women like."

>> No.7405245

lmao I do this and people still think i'm fashionable
>"those are sick sweatpants where did you get them?"
>"damn dude I like your tanktop"
uhm okay

>> No.7405251


What does it matter, or have to do with what he's saying? As a thought experiment assume that his fit is identical to the fit of Gosling in that pic.

Take for granted he's really good looking. I'd think he'd be right. That simple style and fit can work for some guys.

And personally I wish I could pull it off. It'd be a lot easier to just throw on jeans and a t all day and still kill it.


>> No.7405261

>What does it matter, or have to do with what he's saying?

because literally anyone on an anonymous board can claim they look like a 10/10 celebrity and fuck hundreds of 10/10 models every day with a 300k starting job, whats the point? it doesnt add anything to the board and no one even believes you, disguising it as "fashion discussion" is just hilarious

>> No.7405270
File: 115 KB, 338x1000, fuccboi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this you op?

>> No.7405286

my friends wear alexander wang lol everyone knows him

>> No.7405301


At what point did he say he fucked hundreds of 10/10's every day with a 300k starting job?

You just sound jelly man, no offense.

>> No.7405311

he could have said anything, it doesnt matter

he cant back it up with evidence, so theres no point in posting it

>> No.7405321

waht jawns?

>> No.7405350

would rock the shit out of that sweater.
>>hoes on my dick.

>> No.7406024

I went to a friends small party and just chucked on random clothes, maroon plain shirt, maroon beanie, cut off shorts I made, and Air Maxes
Didn't think I looked good, didn't care.
Three people said they liked my outfit out of the blue. Was suprised. Didn't think the maroon shirt + beanie combo would be good

>> No.7406056



it might take awhile but wearing rick and ann d will eventually attract the attention of qt hi fashun monchrome grills

one of those alone is worth more than a thousand basic ass hoes wearing green fishtails yoga pants and riding boots

>> No.7406370
File: 33 KB, 540x748, Rick-Owens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i was asked to pose for some dudes street style blog wearing twerk great fit.jpg yesterday

fuck ur metathreads :)))

>> No.7406378

>i'm beginning to think we're the plebs

Nice to see you woke up Anon, welcome to the real world.

>> No.7406382

which blog

>> No.7406383

OP there is nothing wrong with your clothes

You are probably just a fag who can't into social interaction and you dressed all nice and you are wondering why nothing is happening when in reality you could wear sweatpants and a wife beater and with enough knowledge on woman you could easily pull women

>> No.7406384
File: 77 KB, 576x768, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Berry is as good as it gets for wannabe fa shun grills

You would take berry over basic bitch?

>> No.7406387

Curlgurl pls respon

>> No.7406411

LMFAO that is one #ugly cunt. But for real, I wouldn't have sex with her..

>> No.7406429

i think about this a lot. my wardrobe is like 90% undercover, raf and attachment. no one gives a crap about it when i go clubbing or even knows what these brands are

i bought a pyrex hoodie and started wearing it out and everyone fucking loves it. oh well

>> No.7406432

>itt faggots dressing for other people

>> No.7406434

Do you really think I care that someone knows how much my black jeans costs? Or that I really care that people of my age thinks dressing in monochrome is shit compared to dressing in bright neon bullshit?

Or that I'll stretch my ears just because people think it's cute? Or do I worry if they'll notice that my jacket is from YSL or not? Or that they'll comment that wearing boots is okay only for chicks or those who drive a motorcycle?

I could not care less what people that I barely know, if at all, or probably interact with very often to begin with and doesn't have even the smallest effect on my life thinks.

And the people that I know and spend a lot of time with and have some kind of influence on my life likes me for who I am and not how I dress.

>> No.7406446

you remembered all the things they told you
you care

>> No.7406457

So you're saying the ONLY reason you dress the way you do is because YOU like it and NOTHING more..? I find that extremely hard to believe. You do it for other reasons, don't lie to yourself. I'll admit that while I do dress a certain way because I feel a certain way, I ultimately want others to not think of me as an unkempt or try hard person, to me both are just as bad as the other. If you look like shit you'll come off as autistic, and if you're obviously trying you'll look even more autistic.

>> No.7406462

this one wigger idiot in my area wears abysmal oversized shit and generic black people accessories like gold chains and bandanas, he gets compliments on his "style"
i don't dress according to internet but it's stupid af, they must just pity him for trying.

>> No.7406465
File: 266 KB, 870x1110, coaoat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of coat would /fa wear over a blazer in the cold?

>> No.7406475

thinking fallout 3 is good
lmao even that yawnfest new vegas was better

>> No.7406481

Saint Laurent duffle.

>> No.7406716

I want to like you trunks, I really do, but you make it hard.

the evidence doesn't matter, it's not a direct challenge saying he's better than you.

It's just an idea, that T-shirt and jeans are basic, but work really well for some people. In terms of fitting in and looking good in the eyes of those around you, it's often better than the dark edgy style /fa/ subscribes to.

Of course, the issue is that those ninjas in 8 layers should be dressing like that because they like it, and shouldn't care that t-shirts and jeans will look better and to most people and get them further.

>> No.7406770
File: 696 KB, 980x1473, 1386860652090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you just werent dressed that well op. You had good items, but the composition as a whole wasn't good. I'm not sure why you think /fa/ is pleb just because you're still learning how to dress. Girls have more cones in their eyes ( or is it rods, I cant remember) on average so they'll notice colors more quickly. If you have a sickass fit though most people will be able to recognize you have a sickass fit. Not sure why im typing something this long for a trollpost, but I did..

>> No.7406777

u are focusing on being fashionable for attract girls... change your life focus and would be okay.

>> No.7406784

10/10 gif

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