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does anyone have any pictures of people wearing geobaskets with blue jeans? i want them p bad but i don't have any of the clothes that would work with it, i wanna know if i could pull them off regardless or if i should buy other shit first.

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You should definitely buy other shit first

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geobaskets are boots built on thickened sneaker soles in the vein of massive hi tops from the late 80s and early 90s. there's nothing about them that's difficult to pull off, there's no requirement to pair them with more rick owens. that's why they sell so well in the first place, because there's a broad appeal and they're so easy to wear.

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The hunger for geos is killing me. I'm not entirely sure what to buy around them, though. I like them with black skinny jeans (I was thinking Acne?) but I obviously also like RO lounge pants.

Should I go pants -> t-shirt -> geos? Or I could probably just go pants -> geos

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if he just wears them with anything he might end up looking like a nigger

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you're just caught up in the hype son
geos are def not worth your 1100 dollars if you don't know what to wear with them

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you're deluded.

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i have a p big supreme collection that's worth shit that i could sell for the money if i really wanted, that way it's not coming out of my pocket entirely

inb4 fuccboi idgaf get at me

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we were all there once

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yeah, but maybe if I say it enough people wont have to go through it

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What's wrong with wanting to do it right? I don't want to spend a ton of money on shit I don't need, like I don't need four different long t-shirts before I can look good wearing geos, I want that eventually, I just want to get started somewhere and i have no idea where.

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Save up some more money and buy a pair of RO cargos with your Geos. If you live in NYC, walk in the flagship and count out the twenties. Wear 'em both with AA tees, something cheap. You just spent all your damn money, but you look dope.

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when are you idiots going to figure it out? if you can't fucking walk in the store and buy a full outfit you arent the target customer, rick doesnt give a shit about you, in fact he probably laughs at you living on ramen for months to afford a single pair of sneakers

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I'll be there eventually. But now I'm a student who's supported by his parents, I can't justify $1,000 sneakers and I don't have a job during the semester. When I get out of college and start working, that's another story

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rick isn't exclusive

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this isn't how fashion works anymore. Post-Kanye wearing a Givenchy skirt on national TV and ASAP Rocky blowing up, obviously they're thinking about those customers (as marginal as they may be)

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if money wasn't an issue I still wouldn't buy geos
they don't look good. and no casual/versatile shoe should cost fucking $1100

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I was about to say that I wouldn't wear them all the time, rather sparingly, but obviously I have to beat them up.

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that's what he says but we all know they look so fucking bad. Fat people shouldnt be allow to fashun.

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how long can you hold your breath

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nah. read any interview with rick or, more importantly, the people in charge of sales at both owenscorp and his flagship boutique:
>Rick’s vision has been adopted by the most amazingly diverse clientele imaginable: the planet’s rock and roll elite, successful underworld characters, movie stars, rock stars, film producers, fashion savvy millionaires/billionaires, opera divas, fashionistas, bankers who are tired of looking like bankers, students who save their dollars painstakingly for months to buy a T-shirt ...
rick was a penniless goth a few decades before you were.

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add me on fb pls

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mine's deactivated

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I can't wait to get a fucking job.

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Is there a history of Geobaskets somewhere? I would like to read about them / see them side by side.

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Tripfags are
All losers kek

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>mfw when rick doesn't rly look good wearing rick here

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post geobasket inspiration pls

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oh no

oh god no

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is it just me or do you not have to be tall to pull off gothninja/rick? i'm a 5'6" short motherfucker but I still feel like I'd do fine

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I remember this thread

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The first I've seen where the geo's don't completely dominate the entire silhouette.

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>be asian

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why the fuck would u buy 1200 dollar sneakers from a niche designer when u dont even have a wardobe that would compliment them

where is the logic


how do these ppl even remember to breath


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holny shit that fucking jacket

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>oh man sneakers are so hard to wear how do ppl not realize this us FASHIUN ELITES get it all the plebs must be so dumb if they think they can wear hightop sneakers.
shut up
grow up
get out

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God damnit, why does everything look better on a black person. Life's fucking unfair

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but hey at least youre not black

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is it bad if i actually like this? obviously none of the fabric matches but the way it's tied or whatever looks cool

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First you got suckered by Supreme, and now you turn your Hypebeast mentality towards Rick Owens

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So fucking bad

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So fucking cool. Contributing.

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What exactly is getting "suckered in?" Everyone likes things for different reasons, why do you like what you like? If he saw someone wearing Supreme and liked the fits, he's allowed to like Supreme. If he likes fits of people wearing Geos, he's allowed to like Rick Owens.

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michael cera with long hair

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Because of internet hype, Supreme becomes the coolest thing ever. You spend a lot of money on it, only to realize you don't really like it a year after the sense of hype has left you.

But what's this? You discover another subgroup of the internet fashion community, and they idolize these cool shoes. You must have them.

Rinse and repeat. A little long term planning and thought might be a good idea, if you don't want to end up with a completely incohesive wardrobe made up of hype pieces.

Spend some time developing an aesthetic that you like. Buy pieces that all suit this aesthetic. That way you'll also like your clothing next year.

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This guy is a smart

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this x 1000
source: personal experience

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This dude must feel like shit.

Obviously rich parents, gets tons of shit from them, but he still has shit genes. Damn, I feel sorry for him.

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nigger he's 35 and owns property, he gets money by renting out apartments and houses

fucking kids these days

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he was self employed
100x more awesome than you will ever be
and rather qt
eye of the beholder, faget

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why do you guys care what people say about other people on a forum

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I know i've seen that type of shirt/singlet a thousand times, but the colour is really starting to grow on me, w2c?

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What that one guy said. In NYC there is a RO boutique downtown around SoHo. I visited it the other day. In my opinion they don't feel like they're worth the full price. They did give me free water with RO signature as branding.

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its probably rick

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is this even real

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is this kid like 7 feet tall damn
is that a bidet DAMN!

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shit talkers get stitches and need walkers
big P was 6'3 with top tier proportions not to mention smart as #fuark, and this toy wants to get at me with some bullshit about shit genetics

go home niqqa

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is that poet?

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Serious question time: Would you sign up for a journey to Mars on a ship captained by this man?

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Take me.

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so whatever happened to the guy? he pull a case? just disappear? found a life outside of /fa/?

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poet's not the captain. poet's the hyper-intelligent android who nevertheless possesses an unusually intense capacity for human kindness and caring. at the end of the movie he sacrifices himself to save the rest of the crew, but no one realizes.

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man, you need to get off of 4chan for a bit...

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you can't tell me it isn't true though

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He wrote a lenghty diatribe against /fa/, gave up his tripcode and left. I don't know where he is now, or if he has joined another internet fashion community.

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Dude, alot of people buy used rick stuff. There's no shame in that. It's people like you spouting bullshit, those are the real idiots.

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his prices are

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Fucking Jay from clerks

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high quality leather looks soo amazing

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But like, what's to say everyone isn't going to just buy what they like? All of the kids who are into it now obviously aren't all into it just because it's a trend - who's to say I'm just following a trend? Where does it become genuine?

I say this because my first example of Rick was actually in Paris, not on the internet, when I saw a bunch of dudes wearing drop-crotch pants and stuff and asked where they got it. I wasn't influenced by any of these new celebrities who wear them, it was seeing it in the "wild," if you will.

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basically, why is my interest any less genuine than anyone else's?

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>He wrote a lenghty diatribe against /fa/

where can I read it?

he seemed pretty cool but everyone made such a big deal over the fact that he put thought into his posts and contributed, like everyone should have done, but since he was the only one doing it it suddenly became a big thing

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Where do you get jeans like that?

I've always liked the look of light jeans, despite /fa/ mostly hating them, but can never find nice ones anywhere.

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I'm not saying it is, as I can never know what your interests are based on.

I can however say that it will do you good to do some long term thinking and develop a personal style. That way you won't end up selling your Geos in a year like you're contemplating selling your Supreme shit now.

That being said, I see nothing wrong in just buying a piece because you think it's cool.

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Why does everyone rave over Rick Owens? He looks like a dick... you're all sheep. Be different you faggots.

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For lighter washes, I think a few brands really excel at them. Geller, BLK DNM, old Dior Homme come to mind. A lot of Japanese-y brands do some rip-and-repair stuff, too, like PRPS and whatnot.

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Yeah. I mean, I'm really far from getting the Geos, I've been thinking about them for months and months and months, it isn't like I've thought about that I'm just following a trend, but we'll see. I gotta get the other stuff first.

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>being brainwashed into hating your race
If everything looked better on blacks, why are most models white?

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Because the most prominent fashion designers of our time are from countries where people (and therefore models) prodominantely are white.

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