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How /fa/ is this for a guy? The measurements seem about perfect.

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Is that from one of your Chinese cartoons boy?

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its fly as fuck.
but it would be even flyer if AoT wasn't a thing, and wearing this wouldn't make you look like a autist cosplay neckbeard.

the whole garrison fits are p dope, I love those back skirts things on their pants.

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god I hate that show
its the new, hipster naruto

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Please don't. Wearing cosplay as regular clothing item is soo bad, and not even slightly /fa/. It's at least graphic-shirt tier, if not worse. Just like the topic about the assassins creed hoodie that's floating around.

If you really like the jacket and think you can incorporate it into a decent (non-cosplay) fit then by all means look for something similar, without the big ole logo.

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Did you go through proper military training to justify owning that jacket?

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If you like that show and you like that jacket it's great, most people won't even see the reference anyway

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it's too /cgl/ to wear casually m8

good show though

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>implying AoT isn't huge af

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If the origin didn't kill it, the lack of closures would've.

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OP Here.
With something like this huge af is really not that big. Probably over 3/4 of the population has never even heard of Steam, and SNK is way less popular. In America, at least.

Personally, I love the show, I like Naruto, and I hate the comparison. Just because an anime is tense and edgy doesn't mean it's shit. The animation is pretty unique and the part where everyone dies all the time is something you never really get used to.

Anyway, I'll probably be getting it. I think it's regular enough to pass for everyday clothing, and fits with my general style, and I got moneys to spend, so yeah.

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>not SnK

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>being an aspie about weeaboo semantics


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it's not that most people will or won't see the reference it's that weeaboos will and they might talk to you

i like the skirt thingy too

not for actually wearing them irl tho as you can see the jacket looks p lame on the person and itd prolly look even worse on op

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its the same thing nerd

tbh tho i like snk better too

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naruto is dookie af nigga are u for real

its a cosplay jacket nigga not for everyday clothing
that back batch is huge and makes it look ugly and its probably shit quality

if this fits w ur general style ur the biggest fuccnigga in the galaxy bcus ur general style is naruto headbands and madoka tshirts from ht

i hope u enjoy ur purchase tho

god bless

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>not Attack of the Eotens

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This is NOT /fa/. Please don't wear this in public. I cringed seeing this post from the fucking catalog.

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Naruto headband v3
After the Bleach coat which was v2

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Are you retarded? Jackets like that are meant to accentuate an hourglass figure. You are a man. You want to be an inverted triangle.

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Its awesome and would wear.

But I walk around in clothes that pretty much look like costumes. The kind of shit most people would never have the balls to strut in.

Get about a million compliments daily

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that's a vidya company dingus

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It's Shingeki no Kyojin for the weebs out there

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Would be /fa/ if it didn't have the association. Regardless of how good it looks, I will automatically assume you are a weeaboo for wearing it in public. Not necessarily because you are a weeaboo, but because it's something weeaboos would wear.

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>wanting to dress up like an anime

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Post fit.

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How is it exactly hipster? Do hipsters even watch animu

Anyway, what everyone else said, jacket looks cool but once AoT catches on among asspies and neckbearded weebs then you might consider ditching it before it becomes tainted.

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>not wanting to dress up like a kawaii little girl

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thats a girls jacket dude

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