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>93% of women prefer a date to wear a polo shirt and khakis on a date this summer, followed by the less stifling version: a polo shirt paired with shorts (87%).

Why dont you like polo shirts /fa/?

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93% of women have no taste

wait actually more than 93%

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>no source

Also women dress terribly for the most part. For the most part everyone dresses terribly, the reason people go to MFA is because that's actually being well dressed compared to the rest of society. I see so many people who seem to wear exclusively basketball shorts and graphic tees.

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these women who want their date to wear a polo and khakis are the exact same women who think they're fashionable in olive parka + black leggings + brown boots

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who cares about australiafags and their wiminz

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>not having a 3d waifu

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The outfit you described is neither fashionable or unfashionable. Depending on what the parka, leggings, and boots are, it can be a fashionable or unfashionable ensemble.

tl;dr you sound like a twat.

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polo shirts are fucking dope

i have fred perry raf simons in two diff colours

i have ralph

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Because I don't date the bottom 93% of the female population.

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sounds like some pleb girl just got caught wearing her pleb-costume
btw, the described outfit is the contemporary teenage girl uniform

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I dress for the 7%

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wow wtf

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dude why?

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>OP detected

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Sounds like you can't refute anything I said. I'm not even a girl. You know it's true. A butthurt dude's vague description of an outfit isn't what determines whether or not it's fashionable. Even polos and khakis can be fashionable.

>btw, the described outfit is the contemporary teenage girl uniform
If this was true, you'd be able to show us pictures of large groups of teenage girls in that exact outfit. You won't be able to though because you're a liar. You will only find pictures of large groups in the true pleb uniforms: cardigans over sundresses, jeans and tees, and yoga pants with uggs

Go ahead. Prove me wrong. I know you can't.

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>no fits
post 'em

idk why people have a problem with polos
maybe they assume polos must be worn with a popped collar or smth

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my body isn't good enough for a polo

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It's because those women just want a buff guy dressed in a smart-casual way.

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>wearing polo and khaki's aka, high school uniforms

women have shit taste then and I might as well go gay if that's what they like

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fuk'n saved!

just to refute
>dating the bottom 93% of the dating pool

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>polo and khakis
>high school uniforms

lmaoo fukn plen u prolly went to a shit hs

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I used to go to one of the top high schools in the US
then I moved so I had to go to a shit-tier hs that made us wear uniforms
butt fuck ugly uniforms

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Does anyone have the un-memeified version of this? I have an urge to photoshop fantano on him

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Polos are literally dadcore. As in, a poorly fitted polo is what every dad wears.

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>just to refute
This isn't refuting shit.

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>dating the bottom 93% of the dating pool
yeah idk why any1 would date you either

dads around here wear sweat stained Ts and jumpers
only time mine wears a polo is for golfing

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>I just lost 30 pounds on the Subway diet, how about you?

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this is the worst fit I have ever seen

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You have to be /fit/

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>dressing for women

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oh wow..

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ready 4 action bby

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the only two options are polo w/khakis and polo w/shorts?

I don't own any of those things lmao

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r those stanky raws

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>Dressing for other people

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>dressing for my nuts in your mouth

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>dating women


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Who invited Down syndrome to the polo party?

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srs tho I don't give a fuck how a lady dresses for a date so long as she is sexy, I care most about her face, because that is what I will be jizzing on. No tho, I have preferences that seem to fly out the window in a real life scenarios.

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A sexy girl will look hot no matter what. A nice fish tail parka could look sexy as fuck.

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Is this from a actual episode?

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if you are an attractive male or female, just wear whatever and you'll be ok

if you are unattractive you can wear whatever and it wont matter your ass is still getting rejected

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>tfw your summer outift is khakis, sailer shirt, spedo, and a pencil mustache

Am I effey guys?

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Fucking piece of shit that's not how you hold a god damn wine glass

Get your grubby fucking fingers off of the god damn bowl

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i do but i dislike them inherently
it's a lazy option when you don't feel like dry cleaning your shit though

used to wear the dior homme bee ones becuase i copped on yoox for like $65 back then

but i sold all of them

i just wear those old worthless raf simons x fred perry ones (XL) thanks to fucking super slim fit when i usually wear a medium in shit like H&M/ size 50 in high end brands if it matters

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>Polo shirt

Nope, fuck that, douche core.

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>93% prefer a polo and khakis
>87% prefer a polo and shorts

Wow, I had no idea there were that many women.

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>Why don't you like

Because they're usually worn by people similar to those you posted in your picture, or dads. I am neither. On top of that I think it's aesthetically shit, makes people look twelve and autistic or douchecore and is just overall uninspiring.

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the polo shirt is a basic clothing item.

seriously, it's the t-shirt of non t-shirts. it's not gonna kill you to wear a polo shirt on a nice summer day.

now these bitches straight buggin bout the shorts though.

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>Why dont you like polo shirts /fa/?

I love them. They are basically the unofficial uniform at my office.

>oh shit, I'm late, let me toss on some jeans or khakis and a polo
>makes your upper body look juicy as fuck

>I dress for the 7%

Are they concealing high-heels?
Also, I have seen people in wheelchairs that had more muscular legs that you.

>my body isn't good enough for a polo
You can fix it, brah.
You can choose to walk down the path to a better body right now.

>Polos are literally dadcore.

Your face when you realize that women are more or less genetically programmed to be attracted to a fit middle-aged man.

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>making a post giggling at geobaskets

Welcome to /fa/ enjoy your stay etc etc

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>Welcome to /fa/ enjoy your stay etc etc

Why thank you for the warm reception. I'm a visitor from /fit/.

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quite funny you actually seemed like that
Like really seriously autistic and shit

>makes your upper body look juicy as fuck
>Your face when you realize that women are more or less genetically programmed to be attracted to a fit middle-aged man.

I have no qualms about getting fit, but you people are a really really awful lot
Like wow

Not to be offensive but, if you guys are all about changing your physical self, what about for once looking at your damn personality I mean just wow

The only thing that could make you more /fit/cancer would be posting a pic about your "juicy as fuck upper body" and trying to brag with it

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>posting a stat
>not posting the source
Come on. I don't even have anything against polos and I know that this is bullshit

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3/10 for effort

6/10 for results

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