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>tfw /fit/, /fa/, but still no gf

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then you're neither /fit/ or /fa/, loser

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get fitter and fa'er

if you were actually very attractive girls would just talk to you
shit when i was first growing into my /fa/ shoes I looked like a garbage tryhard but I still had zillions of girls talk to me because i wasn't wearing fucking cargo shorts and a graphic T like every other pleb dude around

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W-what were you wearing

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You're most likely an autist then OP i bet you walk across the street when qt 3.14's come your way

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i bet ur ugly

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doesn't matter. you are still coming to this place and posting that is why you fail.

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you must have a shit personality

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No it isn't.

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Ok bro let me tell you how fucking easy it is

I drew a bunch of stupid fucking pictures of animals

Every animal starts with just this oval-shaped body and then I draw these same eyes and mouth, making sure that this creature is totally expressionless. I drew the name of every animal in giant capital retard letters on top of it like this. I drew many creatures; rhino, dog, cat, fish, peacock, lion, sister, etc. Just all different types of animals. EVERY animal has 4 legs, doesn't amtter what it is. Fish has 4 legs, peacock has 4 legs, etc. All legs look exactly like what I have drawn here.

Now I took these fucking autistic stupid drawings and went around my college campus and just walked up to cute girls and said, "you really look like a peacock person, have this." and I just gave them the stupid piece of lined paper. Girls laugh 100% of the time I do this, especially when they see the animal named "sister." Sometimes I sit down at a girl's table and ask her what her favorite animal is and just draw it on the spot. It's so easy to start a conversation this way. If I can be such an insufferable fucking faggot autistic loser and get laid by doing stupid shit like this then you can surely get a girl's number by acting normal and having a normal conversation?

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Stop trying. Works every fuckin time. Focus on your personality for about six months and get your life in order. Makes everything more /fa/

Oh right and you actually have to talk to women too

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is this a pasta I've never seen before

I laughed hard, and would do that if I had confidence

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Samefag here. Scratch my earlier advice.

Follow this autistic fucks advice.

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>I laughed hard, and would do that if I had confidence

mystery fuckin solved.

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nope it's not pasta it's just me being a retard and it works

it takes no confidence at all
you walk up to random guys all the time and talk to them don't you?
why's it different for girls?

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>tfw the happiest moment of your year was spending a good portion of your day outside in the sun at a nice cafe
>you break the ice with a qt3.14 you knew from school
>you realize that she knew you
>you find out how similar in goals and likes and taste are
>you web your fingers with her
>you watch a water fountain reflect rays perfectly until they bounce off of your table
>tfw you wake up

;__; I don't want to die alone

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You've just got to go out more so that you have a higher chance of meeting someone.
I went out last month for the first time in 6~ months and a cutie came up to me, now we're texting all day.
I guess it helps to be 6'2 and above average looking.

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gf is overrated. just a time suck that will keep you from following your own dreams and natural trajectory in life. I wish I never had a bitch in my life

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>Oh right and you actually have to talk to women too

Is there a way I can avoid this step? People always say I have a weird accent.

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>tfw blush when talking to girls

at least they think it is cute sometimes and like it...

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>you walk up to random guys all the time and talk to them don't you?

Except I don't do that, I can't. I've had numerous sales jobs and I've always gotten fired because I sucked talking to people. Currently working at a laundry at a decent hotel while trying to make money making websites for people online, with no interactions.

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Non-beta /fa/ggot here, but oh god I have to do this on my campus. Will try to post results.

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oh fuck you man I got really invested in that

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me too :(

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tfw girl you wanted to date is too ditzy

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Post pic faggot

I bet your are DYEL

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why does that matter?
is she embarrassing to be around in public?
does she say hella stupid stuff all the time?
does she make really terrible impulsive choices and then say "sorry, i'm just ditzy" without showing any change or responsibility?

any or all of those?

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Nah, she's just Hispanic.

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ha my experiences with hispanic girls have been really uncomfortable because their huge families intimidate me and it seems like they always have parties.

>> No.7197724


And they actually think WE would treat them any better than other minorities would. HA, always makes my day.

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she's just.. hard to communicate with irl

>> No.7197738

i'm not saying that isn't important, but it's possible you are looking for too much, too soon.
how far have you gotten with her?

>inb4: i just see her on campus sometimes

that was sort of a joke, but still...

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