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Hi, /fa/.
Just wondering what you guys think of Zooey Deschanel style? I like it but I'm such a newbie I can't tell if it's tacky or not.
Maybe you could point me some stores that sell clothes with a vintage feeling that look cute for cheap? For everyday wear?

Obviously new here. I'm from /cgl/ but I figured they wouldn't help much. Thanks in advance!

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It looks okay on her. Style can vary per season but be careful, you might look like an overaized child's doll if it doesnt look good on you. Post a fit of yourself of what you have in mind

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post pic of yourself so we can decide if it's right for you

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>matching your shoes with your top

I hate it

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She pulls it off very well. Her haircut is also essential to how she looks (google pics of her without bangs and prepare for confusion).
I think that if you're going to go for a style like hers, you should turn it down a notch. Make it a bit more "neutral"-y, if you know what I mean?
And for the other question: I don't know any stores for that sort of thing, I barely know w2c stuff for myself.

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It's like mainstream twee or something

idk high schoolers love it because high schoolers idolize her

it looks okay on her because she's hot and has great eyes and hair

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Alright. Does this help?

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In fashion your level of attractiveness will regulate how you can dress. If you are really attractive you can pull of just about any style. If you're ugly don't bother with things like in OP.

Post a pic and we will tell you if you can wear stuff like in OP

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How do you feel about your tits?

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she dresses like shit

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dam bb ur way hotter, dont dress like her pls

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it looks dumb as heck + shes fat and ugly

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pls be in london

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no she is not

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Meh I don't think you could pull it off.

Also pls be in London

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You might be able to do it, yeah, though I think a more "rough" look would suit you better.
Do you have any clothes which resemble the style you want to go for?

no u

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op you should check out unionmade's female store

their stuff can be pretty twee and cool and probably feel very nice and substantial

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Sorry, I don't quite get it. I'd love it if you could post examples. I'm very interested.

Well, I used to be very self conscious. Nowadays, I'm actually very ok with their non existence.

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lol suck her dick or something idiots

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i wish i could get my dick licked by a crack-head zoey deschanel look alike

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I'm not. But thanks, I guess? This is my first time selfposting on 4chan. It's quite scary.

I'm afraid I may be too tall and not-cutie-enough looking for her style. I was hoping you guys could come up with ideas though.
Also, >>7177763, what do you mean by "rough" look?

>check out
>cute dresses!
Don't you know anything a little more... affordable?

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do you actually care about clothing?

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well she wanted to dress like zoey deschanel so obviously not moron

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some women just don't understand real fashion

absolutely disgusting

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dont respond to me with memes you dork, i'll kick your butt

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I forgot that it was a meme

memes are gross

I'm sorry

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Yes, but...
I mean, I don't mind spending that much on a nice, evening dress, but this one? That's seriously what you spend on your everyday sundresses?

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that's the most expensive one on the site though

and besides, do you just choose not to be fashionable in the middle of the day?

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The two top pics are sort of reminiscent of what you posted in OP. When I said more neutral-y I meant as sort of like the two bottom pics. They are still in that sort of "pop-out-style" but toned down, you know(especially bottom right pic)?

>what do you mean by "rough" look
I was thinking sort of, "tougher" look. Not as feminine and girly as Zooey but eg. skinny jeans, dark-ish red top and something light and dark over it.

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buy this

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dude everything in that pic is garbage, please just leave /fa/ and never comeback, stupid pussy

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actually my bad the sorta ugly blue blue japan one is more expensive

but my point is there are ~$200 dresses too

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Sorry if I offended your gothninja-dick-ovens-usually-what-im-dressed-innnn ways.

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im not gothninja u just have terrible taste & bad manners

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o rlly i do im srry m8 for my bad manners, i ws jst tryin to help op when u came an insults me :)))

Good one, anon.

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posting fat bitches in cardigans isnt gonna help anyone, gosh

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I might love you, anon. That's exactly what I was thinking of. They're also not "over the top feminine" yet very cute. I think it might suit me! So, high waisted shorts and skirts? That's all I have to buy? If you have any other tips for me, they'd be really appreciated.

That's pretty but I'd feel so incredibly uncomfortable. Also, I may look stupid since I'm a obvious rectangle, sadly.

Why is that garbage? Please enlighten me. I really like those.

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clothes costs money. you can pay a "reasonable" amount for a piece designed for mass-production by third world children for a wide american market, but you have to accept that the clothing is utterly loveless; made by people who don't care, for consumers who barely care.

if you want fast fashion, fine; go to the mall and you can look like everyone else, and save money doing it. maybe you can accentuate your body in ways that make average people find you more attractive, maybe you can keep your wardrobe in-season and "tasteful", but you will not set yourself apart from the dull mass of human beings by approaching clothing that way. You will never make any statement that says, "This is who I am; I am different, and I am substantial."

if you want to join the 1% you need to spend real money.

And thereupon
That beautiful mild woman for whose sake
There’s many a one shall find out all heartache
On finding that her voice is sweet and low
Replied, ‘To be born woman is to know—
Although they do not talk of it at school—
That we must labour to be beautiful.’
I said, ‘It’s certain there is no fine thing
Since Adam’s fall but needs much labouring.'

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cost*. my bad.

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Yeah, Zooey is so damn fat, how does she even walk? I bet she has a passport and a sandwich in one of her fat crevasses, right? Idiot.

Glad to see you understood what I meant with it. I don't know what else I can say, I'm not that experienced with women's fashion. But yeah
>high waisted shorts and skirts
simple things like that would probably work for you. You can always experiment further with it when you go out shopping next time and see what you can pull off and how you can build on top of what you have and so on and on. And like in the pics >>7177850 keep it simple with the colors and patterns. Make the colors compliment each other (see pic).

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pink hoodie
yoga pants

fa as fuck

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>Yeah, Zooey is so damn fat, how does she even walk?
I been wondering this for years dude

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That's so pretty. It hurts to be such a poorfag now.
You gave me a really good excuse to spend more money on clothes, though.

Can I ask just one last advice, please? I promise I'll gtfo then.
Do you guys think I could pull off her haircut? Or at least her bangs?

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i mean you're gonna be ugly either way so do what you want

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>You will never make any statement that says, "This is who I am; I am different, and I am substantial."
Nor does she need to if that isn't what her goal is. Fashion doesn't have to be about "setting yourself apart from the mindless masses"(- by buying exclusive high tier clothes). Your clothing style should compliment who you are; you shouldn't build your persona around your clothes. And if you are really so desperate to make yourself stand out and be "substantial", your personality, and who you, are will do that, not the fucking clothes you are wearing that day.

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dadcore as fuck nigga

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Yes, as long as you ask them to also frame your face.

In all honesty anon, you're just looking to shop at f21 and be quirky. Zooey Deschanel is pretty mainstream, I don't know why you came to us for advice.

Look into fashion trends like twee, or maybe Otome-kei from Japan to have a better idea of what constitutes good, girly style without looking like an oh so quirky retard like Zooey.

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Yeah, well, a girl gotta try, right?

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Hard to say.

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Thanks for the advice!
I live in South America, anon. That's very not mainstream here. Also, I'm such a newbie and my friends are nerds, I had nowhere to go. I'm very into otome kei but I wanted something even more subtle for everyday wear. Thanks anyway.

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right, thats what im saying, even it looks bad you looked bad to begin with so no harm no foul, follow your heart you have nothing to lose

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if you're already into otome, and wanted to keep up that type of fashion, why didn't you look into roma gyaru and Liz Lisa type clothing? It seems like that falls more in line with what you're looking for?

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Depends on your face shape. I'm better at talking out my ass than giving real advice, when it comes to women's fashion. Haircuts are a difficult and highly individual thing, that often take years to figure out for yourself.

shoo patriarch devil

Fashion doesn't need to be a desperate way of making up for a lack of substance in other areas. I agree that clothes should speak to who you are. There are tons of designers out there, with distinct flavours to their work. There are many different ways to dress to your personality. I think you can do that more easily if you refine your ideas about fashion by paying close attention to it, and open your mind/budget to some of the designers who don't have the business structures in place to make their clothing inexpensively.

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what did i say about posting memes at me

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okay which one was it this time

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I understand that, but considering OP is just starting to start out a new sort of style, surely buying high end clothes isn't the right way to begin? Once she gets a grasp on how she wants to look and what she knows she'll be able to pull off, then yeah, she can go for those expensive pieces since she has already a wardrobe to back it up by that point.

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imagine rubbing your dick against her thigh


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The whole eye/eyebrow area is tragique. No wonder she relies on those god awful bangs to cover half her fucking face. As they say, hair in the face is for ugly girls.

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women's fashion thread? ok, question:

can this look be pulled off in real life?

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You reminded me of
>Long hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one
this is of course regarding males.

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is that courtney love?

yes, but only if you're going out clubbing or something, during the daylight hours you're just going to look like some prostitute who's looking to score some heroin

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Based Lycurgus.

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>mfw i've been listening to Sky so much these past days
Is this destiny

>can this look be pulled off in real life?
I can't see why not. You definitely need the looks and personality to pull it off though, also, it's pretty damn partay-club-style so you can't really wear it in the daytime.

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>courtney love
I'll bash yer head in m8 i swear

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I miss twee so much. Nobody dresses twee anymore :(

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Award for the most pretentious post ever.
What defines you isn't what you wear, it's what you do.

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Sky has the best womens style atm. All grills should aim for that.

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goddam she got a big fucking head. her style kinda reminds me of a feminized Edward Furlong circa 1992.

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oh, heavens, good point.

don't immediately start buying high-end clothing. definitely do a lot of looking around and building up taste first!

by the same token, don't immediately spend a lot on low-end clothing either.

I read once somewhere, and agree, that the best way to approach fashion is to go shopping frequently and casually, and bring away one well-considered piece or nothing.

also, op, end-of-season sales are your friend

I did not say that clothes make you different or substantial. I said that clothes can help you communicate your personality visually and make a statement about what your character is like.

And let's get real: people take what you do and say more seriously when you look good doing it. Is that sad? Maybe. We're aesthetically motivated creatures, aren't we? It isn't always bad, though. People have wondered about beauty, and what is the point of it, and what is it, since time immemorial, and I can't summarize everything thought about it in this post, but in general it's easier to embrace it than reject it. And it can be sublime, sometimes.

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>Sky has the best womens style atm. All grills should aim for that.
She's such a fucking qt, and her style fits her damn well too.

I can't see the big head thing.
>her style kinda reminds me of a feminized Edward Furlong circa 1992.
Furlong was a fucking hottie when he was young, such a shame that didn't evolve into adult hotness.

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why does this bread promote so many ugly styles? That 4edgy6me grunge shit is terrible just terrible

today's wayward youth disappoints me

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Yeah it's sad but you're right. Ugly people are only interesting for others when they're rich.

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omg yess, so le edgye le epic ruseman face trolling XD

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>dresses that end at the knee
ugh so slutty it's like you want to be eye-raped

>> No.7178126

I kind of agree with you. I thought we were past this grunge 3edgy5me thing.

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File: 124 KB, 398x527, tumblr_mrzr9rGquK1qb4hiyo4_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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zoey d lookalike zucking on my d, cocaine addict

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that 8head

>> No.7178141

Wait where's that from? I heard that yesterday so it's either Martin Sky or Lil Ugly Mane right?

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>hating on Sky
s-stop it

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Modesty is so sexy. These are what I'm wearing when I'm older.

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Are you going to become a nun as well?

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Give me a ring when you do bb

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men like twee because it looks powerless and delicate, which is an unfortunate instinct to domineer that we have

I can hardly say I "like" it when a woman dresses in a way that is powerful and imposing, but I can respect it. I tend to think that it would be weak of me to fall for twee, and that the ultimate goal would be to aspire to a woman who cannot be dominated.

that's why I tend to be more attracted to the idea of someone like Rihanna than a twee qt3.14, because Rihanna looks indomitable, powerful; twee capitalizes on weakness, delicacy, etc. Lord knows what Rihanna is really like -- I certainly don't -- But that individual essence speaks to me more than the cutest of qtp2ts.

AJM Smith, for me, summed up the essence of beauty in his poem The Lonely Land:

Cedar and jagged fir
uplift sharp barbs
against the gray
and cloud-piled sky;
and in the bay
blown spume and windrift
and thin, bitter spray
at the whirling sky;
and the pine trees
lean one way.

A wild duck calls
to her mate,
and the ragged
and passionate tones
stagger and fall,
on these stones---
are lost
in the lapping of water
on smooth, flat stones.

This is a beauty
of dissonance,
this resonance
of stony strand,
this smoky cry
curled over a black pine
like a broken
and wind-battered branch
when the wind
bends the tops of the pines
and curdles the sky
from the north.

This is the beauty
of strength
broken by strength
and still strong.

IMO, a beautiful woman is the one that evades definition.

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yung lean, ginseng strip 2002

paraphrased do

>> No.7178167

You'd look good in Ostwald


>> No.7178168

Damn that's it, I've been listening to him too because of the sadboyz thread.

>> No.7178321

why would you want to dress like Zooey? Her whole personality is so fabricated

oh she's so cool and indie because she ostensibly likes the smiths and is quirky in the sense that every white girl identifies with

>> No.7178355

same #sadboys

>> No.7178405

It's not like I want to be like her, I just like her clothes. Also, I think my body type benefits from cinched waists, so....

This is amazing! Definitely worth saving for.

I kind of get what you're saying (even though you chose a terrible example for a strong girl - didn't she get beaten, like, twice? By the same man?). But I believe there's something in the modest and sweet kind of fashion that shows strength as well. I mean, people usually expect us girls to dress sexy and provocative. Isn't it the opposite of "submission" when we just refuse to cooperate with those expectations?

Thank you so very much for everything.

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You think just because Chris Brown put hands on Rihanna that he's in control? If anything that's a sign of desperation on his part. I think it's unfortunate that when we see a girl stay with a guy who hit her, we think "she must be victimized and weak". Rihanna doesn't need Chris Brown, she could drop him and pick up someone else any time she wanted. If she chooses to stick with him, that's her choice and nobody else's business, and she probably has a reason.

It's not the same, in my opinion, as a woman who accepts systematic abuse out of fear. I really don't think Rihanna is afraid of Chris Brown.

As for sexiness, it's hard to say.The key thing is to say that dressing in any way is not about what men want. Sexiness can be empowering, "modesty" (though I hate the word) can be empowering, too. The problem comes about when you say "this way of dressing is being a victim of mens' expectations"; this type of discourse robs women of their agency, in a way.

It might sound like I'm contradicting what I said before about my own tastes, but I was only reflecting on what it means for the man's mentality; I wouldn't dare guess at what the motivation for dressing 'twee' is. I just know what it looks like to a man, and what kind of a response it elicits, and it's a feeling that I wouldn't like to indulge in myself. It's similar to the disgusting One Direction song that goes "you don't know you're beautiful". Men like a woman who doesn't know what power she has over them.

>> No.7178764

if you want to dress pleb and cheap then just go to modcloth for all your vintage swine shit

>> No.7178787

This is rich
won't wear twee bc it's too sexy
men see twee bitches as the girls who don't know their beauty (never said men were smart)
you see twee girls where they see clubsluts in tube dresses
oh how naive

twee suks anyway

>> No.7178814

actually the reason I don't dress like a twee chick is that the pieces don't translate very well on a man's body

>> No.7180018

>vintage feeling ... for cheap

thrift stores

>> No.7180037

dressing a pig in a sundress and slapping red lipstick on it does not turn it into zoey deschanel

>> No.7180464

you are gorgeous. would settle down and have kids with/10

>> No.7180497

thats cool
becuase she's fucking some dude she just met right now

she's got alpha dick in her fucking her like she's zoey geshia-nel and you're sitting her fantasizing about marrying the loose bitch

>> No.7180544

>implying i'm ever going to marry anyone

go away nazi american

>> No.7180568

Such ugly ankles.

>> No.7182351

Source on this?

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