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post superior fits from waywts past
not confined to 4chan- you can post fits from sufu and sz etc

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Not from a WAYWT but it's a picture of a /fa/ poster so I think it counts.
I don't know what pigeonhole I'd place the fit in stylistically but I really like it.

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theres gnna be a fuck ton of voiduser in this thread

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ripped jeans are disgusting

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that's an awful pic

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those pants look too huge on the thigh, not really feeling this one
love these

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what sweatpants are these?

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this dude is consistently mediocre tbh

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Which shoes is he wearing?

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flyknit trainer+

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thank you

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Raggedy :(

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w2c sinewy legs

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awful. It's ok only if you go fishing

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so bad

newgale looks latina

and this fit is bad
if someone else posted this identical fit they would be ridiculed

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id bother but i dont have the strength to post derk all day

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Fuckin' Knoch

w2c boots?

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off sz

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lol ur kidding right?

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is it he or she?
been wondering if I could pull off that kind of hair as male

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Finally something that isn't as boring/safe as the rest.

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stop dickriding jap brands, fit sucks

>> No.7157532

ITT: samefag posts pictures of himself

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Just awful.

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needs new yellow gyakusou trainers

>> No.7157618

fairly sure they're military paratrooper/jump boots, can't say which nation tho

>> No.7157623

give it a year and u'll prolly like this style pal

>> No.7157625

they're ww2 hitler youth sharknose lowboots

lrn2 read tumblr tags

>> No.7157630

ight sorry buddy i didnt fancy going back onto his tumblr and he's got some very similar paratrooper boots he's posted before

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/fa/ should post more shit like this. this is where street wear is at right now. rolled up chinos and nbs are 2012 as fuck.

>> No.7157673

he looks like some poor kid and not in a romantic way

>> No.7157675

lol thats looks like r/streetwear and canadian hypebeast

>> No.7157682

his fit is p neat but the kid makes it look shitty

>> No.7157683

its the guy in the pic samefagging, he's already said that he's 16

>> No.7157686

u can only see his face though
he was probably wearing rolled up chinos and nbs

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canadian r/streetwear -core

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Tinfoil is the best dressed person on /fa/
argue me
you will lose

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For reals, why does Bai always look amazing in ALL his fits aside from using a filter?

>> No.7157729

where does he work

>> No.7157734

he knows camera angels and lighting dude is tiny

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because he does everything possible to make himself look tall in pictures and hides his face

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manlet thinking he's /fa/

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yohji yamamoto is like 5 feet tall

>> No.7157758

hes a designer

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and he's absolutely ridiculous

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>> No.7157770

He still looks great

>> No.7157845

>dude is tiny
I've heard all kinds of things how tall is he really?

>> No.7157853

5 8 probably

>> No.7157854

>making fun of short people even when they look good
we can never win

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His fits are mediocre, show no real technical knowledge concerning material,drape, silhouette and pattern. Dressed by the Internet and is more brand driven than most people here.

Overall just extremely mediocre. I believe Void and Mamma are much better. Honourable mention to uuhhhh

>> No.7157914


Anyone have that top kek sufu lost where he talks about being 5'10, banging models and being a fighter or some shit

>> No.7157931

w2c jacket?

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why are the best dressed people always the ugliest

>> No.7157958


I like these boots. Last time I asked someone told me they were damir doma, but I couldn't find them. Anyone have a clue?

>> No.7157975

to compensate

>> No.7157976

they're kris van assche iirc, derk used to be selling them on his sufu marketplace thread

just pm him or something

>> No.7157977

that makes sense I guess

>> No.7157978

what do you base that on ? there are plenty of good looking people that dress well.

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Cool :D

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>best dressed people
pick one

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>> No.7157989

where 2 cop pants?

>> No.7157994


thanks guy, appreciate it

>> No.7158001

he looks so goofy I can't take his fits seriously now

>> No.7158012

he's 6'4 or smth like that

>> No.7158025

jesus, that is horrible

>> No.7158124

Is this 'Bai' the same as baixchen on Instagram?

The latter was just heralded as the best dressed man in Denmark by a Danish men's magazine.

>> No.7158168

am i being trollied

>> No.7158177

his shoes are so scuffed wtf

>> No.7158188 [DELETED] 

not 100% sure but looks like arcteryx veilance. Maybe the actuator model

>> No.7158198

what style is this type of pants called?

>> No.7158200

don't like this fit, looks more like a costume...

>> No.7158207

they're cargo pants

>> No.7158214

from left to right

goof ninja
lunar core

>> No.7158225

take one more look at the definition

>> No.7158228

More specifically the type that are tighter down lower like they have.

>> No.7158231


>> No.7158232

goth nigger
lunar core

>> No.7158233

tapered cargo pants....

>> No.7158241

just about to say that lol

>> No.7158243

Thank you.
Sorry for my newness.

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I think this ones from Styleforum.

>dat chelsea boot and black jean combo

>> No.7158626

Which shoes are those?

>> No.7158633

it looks hideous.
Prada creepers

>> No.7158733

Yes, and link/source?

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Staxx inspo

>> No.7158754

this looks so bad... he looks like a child with very big feet

>> No.7158757


he wears size 40, pictures are never particularly accurate

>> No.7158771

it's because of the angle he's at, his feet are much closer to the camera and make him look distorted
i don't really like that fit, i find the junction of the pants and sneaks a bit awkward

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How long is the inseam on these?

>she will never haunt your house

>> No.7158802

77s have 32-34 inch inseams. those must be 34
>sticking your dick in poltergeist

>> No.7158824

He looks like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

>> No.7158829

only looks good because of his body. Fit isnt really anything special but with legs like those he could walk for hedi so it looks nice

>> No.7158878

Know of any stores in NYC that sell April77s? Apparently they're online only, and I'd rather not scour the entire city

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>Gr8est WAYWT on /fa/ sense 1998

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>> No.7158933


I too would like to know

I own a pair of zespys but they get all bagged up around the knees

>> No.7158981

http://instag (remove this) ram.com/p/enJBrMInzw/

"Danmarks bedst klædte mand 2013 @baixchen ifort all black everything.", meaning

"Denmark's best dressed man 2013 @baixchen dressed in all black everything".

He was featured in the printed magazine as well.

>> No.7159020

All of these are awful.

>> No.7159032

nice, not likin the shirt tho

>> No.7159038

pls be in former yugoslavia

>> No.7159040

i feel like the black shirt should have more of a sweater or just plain comfy feel to it to fit with everything else, but overall very nice fit

>> No.7159063


one of the few non dadcore fits ive seen that use a pea coat well

>> No.7159072


guess i cant idolize bai anymore

>> No.7159329


>> No.7159338

judging by the shadows and lighting I think that would be too hot

>> No.7159377

This has been bothering me since fucking forever, I knew he fucking looked like someone

>> No.7159411

>haven't been on /fa/ for a year.
>don't know why the fuck anyone think's this some of this shit is good.

>> No.7160117

>tfw I bought sneakers off user
I wish I had his twink legs though

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>> No.7160385

7/10 if he's asian
2/10 if he's not

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he's asian, he used to post here

>> No.7161157

Does anyone have any more fits? These can't actually be the best WAYWT fits jesus christ

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don't really like this one as much but the pic is taken neat so you might dig it?


>> No.7161199

easily one of his worst fits
>but his worst is still good!

nah. not this tiem.

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Look like wolverine 1000k

>> No.7161899

I can't take half the footwear in here seriously omfg

>> No.7161959


poorly executed, and not a particularly novel idea in the first place.


laughably bad


pose says "trying too hard"


wow all black w/ white shoes? never seen this before


someone really wishes they were hedi


paint by numbers designer fashion


every MFA user ever


newgale is awful. he's also too skinny for the look he's going for.


+324423 rep on sufu


shitty jellybean shoes


the very definition of fuck boy


babby's first yohji


nobody likes this look except for retards on the internet. throw in a shitty scarf and this would get frontpaged on lookbook.nu


holy crap looks even worse. don't try and pull off clean, slim lines if you're short, kids.


belongs on tumblr.


shoes are horrible, esp w/ that fit.


looks like a parody of high end designer clothing


generic asian fashion




i see highschool kids wearing this fit

congratulations /fa/, you're even worse than MFA

>> No.7161962


only fits in this thread that are even close to belonging in a "best of waywt". and these aren't even very good..

>> No.7161970


i think this is the worst fit of the huge list i just made. why? because it could quite literally be some retard wearing CCP drips with target clothes

>> No.7161978


also newgale's scalp/hair looks greasy as absolute shit. he looks like he smells bad.

>> No.7161982

Wolverine 100k or Red Wing Iron Rangers?

>> No.7161988
File: 72 KB, 620x776, wKBzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


time for some actual best of WAYWT fits

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File: 156 KB, 474x758, SuyBpF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 428 KB, 550x768, 50aeb1b23254dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 36 KB, 500x413, bHK6d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.7162018

holy shit this is so good

based mfa 5ever #clothesmaketheman
#jdbee4lyfe #beeswaxin

>> No.7162019

Would look good in a dystopian future, otherwise he will be laughed at

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>self-altered junya-inspired flannel
>straight fit wool pants
>calling it "MFA-core"

you're fucking retarded m8, MFA users dress in skintight black jeans, ugly floral print shirts, new balance shoes and shitty anoraks

>> No.7162027

fucking pleb

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File: 2.71 MB, 2736x2736, 513d3a79dc9d1l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.96 MB, 1440x2510, IMG_7342_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 438 KB, 557x800, 1370455293117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7162051

where2cop grey varsity?

>> No.7162052
File: 546 KB, 800x536, dsc03449ho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7162055


one of his worst fits

trousers to shoes makes me ill

>> No.7162063
File: 86 KB, 500x707, V0eUnRw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7162070
File: 157 KB, 532x800, YQjlMwq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7162077

what happened to that cobblestone driveway dude

>> No.7162195

Do you what washing mashine is for?

>> No.7162214

fuck australia

>> No.7162217

>wanting to look like a mexican illegal alien

jus cause its from sufu doesnt equate to a good fit "du" lol

>> No.7162230

not normally my thing, but damn, really digging this

>> No.7162259


sufu has 80% shitty fits. this fit is good because it's good, not because it's from sufu

>> No.7162984

this comment is the worst thing ever
There is no chance in hell that you could come up with anything near as good as any of these.
Your opinion is completely invalid

>> No.7163220

w2c sweater
(please dont tell me its the apc one that shits expensive)

>> No.7163250

It could be from anywhere. You can pick up stuff like that from vintage shops. Looks like it could be APC or Acne. I think MMM have one like that this season as well.

Personally I don't get why people were hating on the chunky knit earlier in the thread. I think they look sick and Steve McQueen used to wear that shit back in the day.

>> No.7163271

>implying /fa/ is ever good at choosing shoes

>> No.7165016

how do i learn those things?

>> No.7165033

how is it self altered?

how to make my flannels cooler?

>> No.7165040

shit proportions
shit colorwork

>> No.7165046

that dude is the best thing to grace HB and he's one of the more interesting Sufu posters imo

>> No.7165048

how are the proportions shit?

what are good proportions?

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