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>ASOS has started selling an all-black range with drop-crotch sweatpants and leather-sleeved bomber jackets

It's over, the goofy street ninja /fa/core is mainstream now, everyone formulate another trend


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Asos site has been slow as fuck all day. Anyone else?

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I like how everyone introduces wearing black as the hot new thing every other year when in reality it never went away

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lmao u call that drop crotch?

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I dig this:

Does ASOS have a US warehouse or do they still ship everything out the UK? I haven't ordered from them in years.

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yep for the past few days...

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it's over

ninjas are finished

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>Coats and jackets have gone next-level huge. Layer up and opt for cocoon shapes and longer lengths to nail the trend.

top asos lel

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No, you dumbass, the only way Gothninja can conceivably look good is if it stops looking out-of-place.
And that can only happen if more people get into it.

Gothninja HAS to be a mainstream style.

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wot you are an idiot

the whole point is that its supposed to be different. not blend in

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the whole point of goth ninja is that it looks the way it does, it doesnt have shit to do with 'looking out of place' no one who is truly fashionable actually cares about looking different. they dress in what they dress in and if its different or not who cares

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Can anyone tell me why she is so special compared to all the other models? I can´t wrap my head around it.

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she's our princess

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I don't give a fuck about what the "point" is.
here's a fact: in an urban environment, it looks bad, because, despite being made of regular modern pieces, their cut and arrangement look out-of-place.
Solution: make more people wear it.

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this. everyone needs to wear it. it'll be like a revolution we are living through an incredibly profound historical change

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looked through it, this seems the only decent item (and the black basic backpack)
might be a good alternative suede bomber when comparing to the expensive ricky-rick bombers

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>Can anyone tell me why she is so special compared to all the other models?

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I don't give a fuck if you don't give a fuck what the "point" is, your logic here is "it looks bad because it's different to the norm". That's just a shitty attitude

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Well now that you turbonerds are done with it, I guess it's okay for me to explore goth ninja

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Wow those look like a rip-off of Our Legacys, or Common Projects

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Our Legacy's

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ASOS own are never worth it. only good thing i got from there were some printed trousers which cost me only like £26. got a jacket once and it fitted like shit and felt cheap as fuck. paid like 60 for it.

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Common Projects

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Wrong, you're purposefully oversimplifying my argument.
As I said, it looks like something that should be a norm. It's casual, it's composed out of regular modern clothes, but it happens to be different and rare. Therefore, to look good, it has to be worn by more people.

If it were some really odd style like the shit you see in freaky runway shows, then it wouldn't need that, it would exist independently of its environment. But gothninja looks tailored to a modern urban environment.

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pretty much the same bomber they used to do for 30-40 quid

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do you think these would be alright because the cheap as fuck price is tempting me?

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>tfw no cara


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Not a fan of Blue shoes.
But the deisgn is nice. If you want them just do it man. For that price it won't matter if they fall apart too soon

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>you will never run your fingers through Cara's thick bushy eyebrows.
>you will never boop her skeletal nose with a cotton bud
>you will never kiss her upside-down, overgrown upper lip

feels bad

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>basic bitches now goth ninja
>"wow do you shop at ASOS too?"
#recked #goofninja #nosuchthingasbugetninjanow

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feels bad everyday

>she will never steal one of your sweaters to wear

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You will never have comfy cozy Cara.

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Here's an idea guys. Maybe we need NO-ONE to wear it. That way, I won't have to watch Weaboos dressed like incontinent video game characters, running around claiming to be fashion-forward.

It looks real bad – that's the start and end of it.

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It looks gud though.

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I bet she does good drugs

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I bet she smells like wet dog

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do enough good drugs and it doesn't matter

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these look dope, if they weren't made out of reclaimed toilet paper by ten armed genetically modified slaves in bangkok I would cop

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You're implying that, because the style is composed of common objects (which is a flawed premise in itself) it must be a common style?

No. Gothninja isn't just a rejigging of someone's hoodie collection... it's... well, it's gothninja.

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Seriously. Ok I want to see what you think is "good" gothninja.

And don't just post black clothes. Black is a colour, not a weird style.

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Ah sorry, I didn't get that from your previous posts. I see what you mean now

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not him but does this count

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I bet that would be a turn on for me

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It has a lot of 'gothninja' features though. The cut of the jacket is asymmetrical, the t-shirt thing is drapey, although not much. It has a similar aesthetic if not as extreme

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>you will never cuddle with her in your christmas cabin

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I wish UK winters got cold enough for me to go full Nordic-core

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Dude, it's a leather bomber jacket, which bomber have you seen that is symmetrical? She is just a girl, wearing all black.

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Meh. but I can almost guarantee it takes no inspiration from gothninja. I haven't an image to hand but in my eyes the gothninja style is loads of stupid trapsey scarves and coats, shit-yourself jeans and silly trainers. It's a nerd fashion at it's core.

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Fine, I stand corrected. Care to post something that is real gothninja?

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no you don't it's horrible

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>not becoming anime

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Formulate a new trend? Wearing black pleather basic bitch boy shit is nothing new. Generic drop crotch pants are also nothing special. The difference between Avante-garde and internet "goth" is still crystal clear.

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Ahaha this is the shit I'm referring to. How can you claim this is the future of fashion, seriously?

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Its the past present and future. But OP is sort of right. You won't see many people taking such an aggressive approach. More likely you will get lots of girls in lilies type stuff.

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Well, it's not really the future. Designers that have been using relaxed shapes and drape and whatnot have been around since the 80's. If you're interesting in learning more, I posted a list of books that cover Japanese fashion (which is the starting point for many of these styles) including "Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion" and "The Cutting Edge: Fashion from Japan" in an earlier thread.

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>Goofninja becoming mainstream
Now maybe my friends will stop laughing at my sick fits

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>Had huge crush on late 80's Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice etc
>mfw it's all coming back now

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>tfw no good goth ninja chicks

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>"what's '4chan.org' anon? Is it a game site?"

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>yfw Cara has never walked for Rick

>> No.7004157

>or yohji
>or damir
>or ann
It's because no founder with any actual influence in their brand gives a shit about her.

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keep telling yaself that pleb. stay mad stay bad.

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nothing really. just the internet being autistic again and kiddy's joining in to fit into something for once

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>le quirky face

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>everyone formulate another trend
we did it's called spacecore get with it GRANDPA lmao

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mite b cool

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>goth ninja is over
>literally nothing is even remotely ninja


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