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Are turtlenecks feminine?

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no but on you they are you fucking faggot

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bump. good turtleneck fits?

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i like turtlenecks. i wore on last summer to uni and got about half a dozen comments on it from strangers. at least no one mentioned steve jobs

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no im going to buy one next aus winter and rock it

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imo turtlenecks a really nice on some people and godawful on others
try one out and if you look like a dingus, don't go for it
if you're fat, don't even bother

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it puts your face on display so you need good aesthetics

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in a good way

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Just a notion. Can you wear suspenders over them?
I'd go for a low-contrast colors, though, say, black on dark grey.

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They are very feminine, my last boyfriend loved getting dicked while wearing his favorite turtleneck.

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nope, stevejobbscore

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If you're built, its gonna look good. If you're skinny, its gonna look feminine.

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I've never had any luck with wearing mine. I don't know how to layer it, what to wear it with, and I feel really insecure with it on since it highlights my face so much. It doesn't help that I'm not built at all. Because of this, I've never worn mine outside. Inspo would be appreciated though.

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>I feel really insecure with it on since it highlights my face so much.

that because youre ugly. dont blame it on the clothing.

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I've known 8/10 girls that were insecure about how they looked, it doesn't make them ugly. I'm just saying that a turtleneck brings a lot of attention to your face which makes me, just personally, feel a bit uncomfortable.

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What the honest fuck.

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stay away from my turtlenecks, silly boys

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oh my god you look like the friend from Trainspotting. Very cool.

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nice hair m8

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John Shaft thinks you should stop asking such idiotic questions.

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...and so does Steve McQueen.

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steve jobs wore a mockneck you idiots. a mockneck is like a premature ejaculation attempt at a turtleneck.

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this paragon of masculinity wears it well

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get a black turtleneck not navy or any other colour
wear it with something black over it
turtlenecks and mocknecks look great with all black minimalist outfits...other colours not so much

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me too

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your ears must smell like shit

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