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I've got this really cute pair of shoes and I was wondering what sort of stuff I could wear with it as I'm trying to get a special someone's attention and ask him out soon.

Just casual stuff, I was thinking a long skirt or dress with stockings. Don't really like pants. Does my outfit have to be red only or would other colors work.

I know the shoes don't look like something you'd wear at uni but I wear such stuff all the time and I'm known for it. Used to model as a teen so I'm used to it. Although now I'm studying engineering. I'm kind of that girl who's always dressed up and full of makeup for every occasion lol.

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anything by rick *_____*

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you wear those to uni?

fuck why arent there any girls like you in my engineering class

post photo

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post feets

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Post a fit, fuccgurl.

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a simple dress with maybe a gold belt to break up the midsection or some gold jewelry

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girl detected
nobody else could have shitty taste like this

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if you have a short jacket too it would look lovely to throw on to break the midsection

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>I wear such stuff all the time and I'm known for it. Used to model as a teen so I'm used to it

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Not going to post a photo lol. Yeah I, its because I can walk in them unlike many as I used to be a model, you need special exercises and techniques to do it.

I know what you mean, way too many guys interested in me. Gets kind of annoying but sometimes the attention is cool.

Modelling isn't a career for me, just for fun which is why I'm doing computer engineering.

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you realise you are gonna look like a massive slut wearing those heels, or maybe its different at your uni?

ive never seen any girls wearing heels at my uni apart from some really fit lecturers

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so youre a massive daddys girl

is it hard getting your head out of your ass when its that far up?

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post pic of your feet in heels or you wont get any help

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>calling yourself PrincessXoXo
>proving yourself this hard

GOTIS all over the place

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I'm guessing you're Asian. There are no hot girls in computer engineering.
Even the 5's get inflated to 6's and 7's because of the lack of women and even a greater lack of qt3.14's.

>Senior in computer engineering in a top-5 US program

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Well I already do, did so in high school as well, its like my signature thing. I'm always dressed up. Well in HS some made fun of me but most people found it cool. They do still start saying clock clack when they hear me on campus sometimes. Don't really care what they think of me most people are cool with it and the guys digg it.

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>Don't really care what they think of me

yea right lel

is that hwy you are trying so hard to get all the possible d you can?

also post pic

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>too many guys interested in me
>I used to be a model
>I'm doing computer engineering

>Don't really care what they think of me

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No I'm white. I don't judge hotness of other girls but here in Canada there are some girls doing CE but its mostly guys.

I like sciences, etc cars and all sorts of stuff guys like too .... not sports though.

Some guys are too stereotypical and thing that a girl who was \ is a model should be dumb or a diva etc. Well I was kind of the diva in a good way in HS

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god what the fuck. Stop attacking this girl just because none will give you a second look. She just wants some advice on what to wear to attract chad

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>She just wants some advice on what to wear to attract chad
who gives a shit?

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What's wrong with getting the D? Its kind of fun, nothing wrong with it. I've has one night stands and such in the past, don't do that as much these days though.

And its easier for a girl to get the D than a guy to get the P.

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Your shoes are ugly.

And when you say
>What clothing would you like on a girl with such shoes?

Nothing. Because those are full stripper/hooker heels. They reek of white trash.

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What do shoes have to do with hookers? Some serious logic fail these days. If I like a pair of shoes, I can wear them.

How does wearing a shoe make me a hooker.

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you are a dumb fuck, why did you even start this thread, if you used to model then you can dress yourself

stop looking for attention and fuck off /fa/ pls

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you also have no reading comprehension. I said you LOOK like a hooker. It's classless and tasteless

Yeah, you can wear them, but if you wear a uniform...

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please go back to forever 21 and never come back here.

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damn bro

someone has been on /r9k/ all morning

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no i welcome girls here and think it would be nice if we had more threads about girls fashion so i can learn a bit more as i know pretty much nothing

its just this girl pissed me off because her head is so far up her own ass and she is stupid as fuck

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hey, i get what you mean. i'm also a girl who likes to dress up and wear heels and shit and i study computer science. even i wouldn't wear that shit to uni though. shoes with that kind of heel do look a bit ridiculous

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no you're just upset for some fucking reason no idea why

you're the one with their head in their ass tbh

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If you wear hooker shoes then that at least makes you a person who dresses like a hooker.

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mah niggas

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LOL no, the shoes are fine, you don't know anything. Stripped don't wear heels like that bruh. Nor do poor white trash

There is no logic. /fa/ cannot into women's clothing.

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hey can i ask you how much these shoes cost?

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i just gave you my reason

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those are repulsively distasteful.

Have you any idea how ridiculous you'll look wearing such monstrosities?

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Doing this as long as you have, you should already know what goes with this sort of thing.

Fucking damnit, why did you have to make this thread? Fucking tease.

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Fapping to the general idea of a QT femanon with QT feet

OP I can't see your toes but I am fapping to them deal with it ho

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These are a LITTLE overdesigned (what d you expect from iOffer, Aliexpress, etc.?), but I'd say the smartest thing would to play down against them and keep things really severe and clean.

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Fare enough. I'm fine with that. I've had the word slutty used to describe me and such. But seriously I don't care, I'm just being me. I do have class though IMO, its not like I'm nearly naked or anything.

Would you say catwalk and pagent models dress like hookers then?

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>getting legit advice from some people
>ignore them

>reply to people calling you a hooker

srsly go away

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>I've had the word slutty used to describe me
> I do have class though IMO


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why did you offer her something from ioffer? fascist pls

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Sorry for the confusion. OP shoes are from iOffer. Outfit is from Net-a-Porter.

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That has nothing to do with my fashion. I was sexually active at a young age and I've done one night stands sometimes. The thing is many assholes who have one night stands with you enjoy the sex and then go spreading rumors that you are a slut like its some funny joke. What's irronical is that it takes 2 for that, guys involved in stuff like that never take any shit.

Like guys can do whatever they want but when a woman does the same they talk BS about her.

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Would something short go with it? Perhaps with stockings?

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>What clothing would you like on a girl with such shoes?
i recommend a zebra tube dress, cheap boa, and some fishnet stockings because those are hookers shoes lol

and god said, let there be bait

>These are a LITTLE overdesigned
oh, /fa/scist
what a gentlemen you are

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stop describing how much of a slut you are to everyone

just talk about fashion if you want to know what to wear

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Hey there tunafag. Looks like you ran out of actualy girls to cry about so you made an imaginary girl to cry about. You're not convincing anybody so fuck off to /r9k/ or something.

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What about this? I think its Indian clothing though but looks nice and unique

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stop shitting up /fa/ with ur stupid troll

mods pls

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I don't even want to see a girl with such shoes.

>really cute pair of shoes
I hope you're kidding. those are fugly fetish wear.

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ooga booga where the toes at

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So a person comes here with the name "PrincessXoXo" and starts a diary about at what times she was a diva and slutty but is totally into boy stuff and omg just no one gets her.

If you're a troll, you're pretty good. If you're for real, you're pretty fucked in the head.

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*tips fedora*

OP wear a red mini dress with some gold jewellery. No stockings unless it's cold. Long skirts won't go with those shoes.

Polite sage because this thread is going nowhere

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