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Have you ever seen an average or shorter height guy pull these off well?

I know anything is possible and all but I think the size of these would make the feet look out of proportion with the body if you aren't on the taller side.


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I've never seen a guy pull them off well period.

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idk i've never seen it pulled of personally. but man i love the look of those shoes. but i dont think i have the wardrobe or confidince to pull them off

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maybe the single sole instead of the double?

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ive never seen anyone pull em off cause ive never seen anyone wear em. theyre pretty rare dude.

bai did have some good fits with em and hes pretty short

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are u sure u can find enough pairs of these to make choices like this?

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Haven't seen anyone either. I have seen some fake ones though and they looked decent.

Well, you should be able to at least find some of them. I heard it has done pretty well so they keep on making it in different colors.

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yeah I guess, he is still average height I think. Also hard to tell because it is a picture and not in person.

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looks like he has the smaller soled ones too.

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oh wtf? saks restocked them? i havent heard of any being made since 2011
theres 6+ diff versions dude

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those are the same ones bru bru

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anything can be pulled off, its all about keeping proportions unless the outfit intends to play with them

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I'm either or... Did you guys know that almost all of their stuff is made in Vietnam/China now..?

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Is it just me or does it seem that people either love or hate prada here?

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That's the type of reaction it's kind of always provoked, especially any of the really out there ready-to-wear.

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It seems like /fa/ looks down upon large fashion houses in general? Isn't that why people don't like helmut lang since it has been owned by prada, or is it more that it lost its creativity/soul?

I think they have some nice things and the branding is pretty minimal.

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its not that its owned by prada, its that prada tried to take control over his designs, make them appeal more to the mainstream, so he left (i think). since then ehh helmuts not necessarily bad but its not being designed by him so its not really the same. so yes prada did lead to helmut lang leaving his company but thats not a reason to dislike pradas clothes.

gucci/louis yes are looked down upon but most people here liked pradas ss14 show. a lot of large fashion houses on here are well liked.

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all look like shit except the black/green one on the left and the black one on top

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Anyone know any good knockoffs?

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but yea, fabrixquare has some cheap plastic shits that will suit your fuccoi-ish ways...