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/fa/ Asian thread. I'm sick of seeing dirty gweilo

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my cantonese brothers, arise

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angsty as fuck

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>tfw no qt azn gf

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good, asians are gross

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you came to the wrong thread, motherfucker

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Shut your mouth, pleb.

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Am I /fa/ yet?

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get off my board you slit eyed gecko

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lmao she looks like her face was punched in

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omg you are a fucking neckbeard loser.

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this ain't your board, you skinny pasty, paled faggot.

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w2c qt azn gf?

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why is 4chan so obsessed with asians?

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southern california, new york club

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This chick ain't cute she is an average Asian girl who has a toj jacket and follows Internet trends

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This is an imageboard based around japanese culture, namely anime and such.
That and the Japanese are probably one of the most fashionable races simply because of how different the fashion market in a place like Tokyo is compared even to London or New York.

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This post is mostly conjectures based off of truths you think are concrete.

I saw your posts on that Rick thread.
A few pieces of advice:
1. Really know what you are talking about
2. Don't try to control people.

Number 2 is very important.
People here react very hostile to this sort of thing.

You told people they should research designers and broaden their knowledge, an anon responded by saying that because you appreciate something more deeply, that doesn't make you superior

That guy couldn't think that fr one second, maybe you weren't thinking about your ego

People here can't be told anything without projecting themselves onto it, so it's best not to even try to change their minds, they are pretty much set in stone

Advice, take it if you want

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>ITT: weeaboos

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>tfw Asian.

Asians follow western culture, why is this thread even up... Unless OP wants to see traditional asian wear. Then the chan isn't for you

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While his first point about 4chan being about japanese culture might not necessarily be why /fa/ likes asians, the second point is pretty much "concrete" truth.

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>Asians follow western culture
depends what kind
koreans and chinese to an extent yes
japanese not really, i think they are influenced but translate things through an inherently japanese perspective and make things their own

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Perhaps I should elaborate on what I mean by the latter statement. Even with a lot of options available to them, a lot of younger people interested in fashion will go towards cheaper options, namely fast fashion, rather than engaging with high fashion, whereas in Japan, there's still really an onus for consumers to be original, hence you see students in Japan are more likely to wear high fashion and local labels rather than H&M and similar brands. Even Uniqlo is often seen with some derision among "fashionable" japanese. Whereas in the western world, it's moreso those with an established careers, those in their early 30s and onwards, some in their 20s, that are the consumers of high fashion. Look at the age disparity between the people in japanese streetstyle blogs and magazines like Tune and Drop, and Western sites, look at the difference in what they're wearing as well.
Thanks, I actually appreciate that, and that's a really interesting point you make about the idea of people seeking to defend their own standpoint and projecting themselves onto other people's arguments.
I realize how callous I can be sometimes and I certainly don't know everything, I just have immense personal interest in fashion and just want to engage with it as much as possible.
Thanks for taking the time to give me that advice.
We're on 4chan, this is weaboo country.

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you are so fucking annoying

stop with the fucking essays

you are worse than nat portman

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ur fits are terrible and ur autistic attempt at fashionducating is really cringeworthy u have nothing going for u

i think u should just drop that tripcode and log off it would be best for all of us

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you obviously have no real interest in fashion please leave

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Who is she on sufu?

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dirty гаднын хїн everywhere

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I don't think I've posted any fits on here.
And I'm sorry if you dislike my posts, feel free to filter me - the main reason I got a trip is so people could filter me if they wanted and so they could easily find the collections I've posted in the archive.
It's only around 200~300 words per post, I wouldn't really see it as that long. I'm sorry, I'm not particularly good at being concise. Again, feel free to filter me.

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Most people on here follow internet trends

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Japanese daily life may relate a lot to how fashion is developed as well. Common knowledge is that entrance exams for college are practically the hardest period in your student life. College is somewhat easy and a degree will grant you a job regardless. The Japanese job market is so large that young adults may defer college education and hold entry or average salary jobs which lets them enjoy lavishes like high fashion and personal time on what they want in comparison to more upper median masses who work more than 12 hour workdays. Japanese fervor is probably one of the things I am most envious of.

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i know i do

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That's actually a good point in relation to young people working, in fact, a large part of it is due to young people, as young as high schoolers, working jobs and having next to no drain on their source of income considering they live with their parents, so the majority of their money goes to clothes, which is pretty cool to me.

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Sums me up p.well lol
>tfw 15 - 18 hour shifts
Hard work pays off though and I love what I do
Need to find a job a.s.a.p

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>dat filename

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Lhamo or noragi?

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I don't speak cantonese but your google translate is showing

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go home white piggu

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google translate 點可以翻譯廣東話仆街鬼仔

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Points can be translated Cantonese Pujie ghost really laughable Aberdeen


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他先用 |死人| 就是有点奇怪,对不对

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ooooh ching chong ni how ni how ma bing long

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Lhamo or noragi, Junya Kawakubo?

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但是 ”死人“ 是什么意思呢?

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That's not an essay you illiterate fuck

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ah, noted.

Also, this thread is now Kiko Mizuhara

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The cantonese dude is cursing at foreigners

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Dude dont fret at the shitty anons, I appreciate every one of your posts. Keep it up

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She's hot

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you baka gaijins

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