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oh man that sucks doesn't it

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Just like 90% of the fashion models, she is pretty, but not sexually attractive.

What crazy man would want to fuck Gemma Ward ?
What crazy ass woman would want to date Sean O'pry ?

It's like they originate from another planet.

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>It's like they originate from another planet.

Maybe they do?

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So overrated imo
Is she funny in GTA V?

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>Greetings, earthling.

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w2c textured pants like these for men

polite sage

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They're fucking Zara, don't bother.

Cara is massively overrated and most people who think she's competent enough to model high fashion have no idea about high fashion, she should stick to ASOS lookbooks. She is successful as a result of nepotism, not talent.

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Seriously though...seriously, you need to explain this to me.

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Well, for a start, she's not particularly attractive, as her face shape isn't terribly long and her jaw isn't terribly well-defined. Secondly, she's not particularly tall (less than 180cm, no?) for a model, and her proportions aren't particularly good either, especially in terms of body shape. Models should be coat hangers, and Cara is not particularly good at modeling clothes, plain and simple.

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nah, she's kinda cute though. She doesn't try to be funny which is good.

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>I love her accent

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Who are you to say what a model should be?

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yeah but you probably couldnt get a girl thats half as "attractive" as she is if you tried
si hombre

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>yeah but you probably couldnt get a girl thats half as "attractive" as she is if you tried
Great argument, that really redeems her as a model and a person.

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she has notably every feature a model has

She wouldn't be a model if she didn't have model potential...it's as simple as that...not even mentioning how popular she is.

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>She wouldn't be a model if she didn't have influental parents

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She doesn't really try to be but its great listening to her while plowing civilians

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She WOULD be a model even without her parents (complete irrelevancy). I understand what you are saying though, but even without her parents she has all the features that a regular model has (non run-away). It would just be a matter of time because she repeated what she has already done.

She didn't 'rise to fame' because of her parents, that's just ridiculous. It's because of her personality did. She then started getting a following and ended up inspiration for all little tumblr troglodytes.

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Cara's pretty damn normal aesthetically
I'm not saying she's ugly but really she's very average
camera/lighting, makeup, nice clothes, family, and a youthful attitude is what makes her /fa/
the fact that she gets so much love here really shows how beta a lot of /fa/'s vocal lurkers are.

I just like her eyebrows, that's about it.

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was just mocking you but k

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an anonymous(presque) poster on an imageboard about fashion

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>gets rekt
>"hurrr I was just mocking."

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Dude, she's short and she can't walk for shit. She'd be a nobody if it wasn't for her parents, plain and simple. Go back to tumblr.

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your a retard

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just proved ur logic wrong and u come back with the same reply

shes 5'9.5 (listed on storm) that really is tall enough for runway yet alone catalogue shit

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That was my first post in this thread, so idk what earlier post you're referring to.

Eitherway you're full of shit.
Here is Cara (midget) standing next to Jourdan Dunn who is 5'10.
There is no way in a million fucking years that she is the height her agency claims her to be.

So please, go back to tumblr.

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>listed on storm
>defending some mediocre model
Just stop. If you think she's hot shit and an acceptable model, then cool. No need to get all defensive when someone calls your waifu an unacceptable model.

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screencapped for extra carafag tears

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she could be wearing heels and cara isnt

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it seems so trivial when you are arguing how cara delevinge cannot be a model...when she is one, a incredibly popular one.


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Yeah because everyone wears heels casually around the house for cooking.

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cara still isn't 5'8.5"

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its for a fucking show, you know she easily could be

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Are you blind? No where in my post did I say she can't be a model, I said she was mediocre. Popularity doesn't equate to her being a great model.

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>Jourdan Dunn
God damn, I would hit that so hard. Sorry Cara

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Are you blind? I never said she was a great model talent wise, I said she is a popular model.

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a show that is shot from the waist up and focused on cooking.

how the fuck would heels make any sense in this situation?

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because girls like to wear heels

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>I heard about it on the internet

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hahaha thx bruh u made laugh

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I have spilled more sperm to this pic than any other ever taken.

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you guys say she can't model but shes a model. what do her parents have to do with anything?

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dat ass vicious

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>dat qt voice
>dat accent


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you don't think even rachel ray doesn't wear heels? all chicks on all cooking shows wear heels. except maybe martha and barefoot contessa.

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you must be a pirate because you're missing an I

> influential

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Do you play With her? How do I get in on that?

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You could have shortened that post to "I don't like her"

>Models should be coat hangers
She's the definition of coat hanger

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>So clumsy.

>So cute.

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Learn some more words fucking hell man

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On another note I really want to fuck her so hard that she falls in love with me like all the other bitches

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> not wanting to fuck

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lmfao who are you to talk on behalf of any aspect of the modeling industry? especially in regards to cara who is one of the most successful active models at the moment

nobody cares whether you find her "attractive" or not, lindsey wixson looks like a frog but she's successful too. there's tons of successful short models and shortER models than cara. when you're fresh you don't need to fit into a mold or any "requirements". get over it

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Honestly Cara can pull off any look. I really like her a whole lot and think she's an excellent model. I hope they find a cure for psoriasis, she has that too~ :{

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>She can look sexy too.

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>I want to bone her
>this makes her model material
welcome to /fa/

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>Cara is massively overrated and most people who think she's competent enough to model high fashion have no idea about high fashion
it's weird that all of these designers that cast her 'have no idea about high fashion'

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man that's because it's not the 90s anymore. Once upon a time they were both.

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yeah i get what you mean she looked really ugly here

the close up was even worse

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I would fuck Gemma. Just sayin'

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The only reason people find her attractive is because they grew up jerking off to Emma Watson who has the same type of crude-looking, stupid face.

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yeah that definitely sounds like a practical concusion

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I was just listening to that station wondering whose voice that was because it's a pretty qt voice and then I saw this thread wow

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It's pretty funny how a large part of the criteria for being a high fashion model is looking distinctive and having defined features, but whenever Cara is discussed /fa/ is all "but I don't find her attractive wahhh". Whether you find her hot or not, she clearly has defined cheekbones and a good jaw. She also has good modelling proportions - she's very thin and, even if she's not as tall as she claims to be, she's still well within runway model height (the cutoff is 5'7"-ish iirc)

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