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>tfw no cool friends

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Looks like a bunch of coked out 19 year olds..
>implying that isn't the /fa/est age and drug of choice

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the walking dead.jpg

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>tfw group of friends isn't as skinny or /fa/ as I am. :'(

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>tfw have a friend who is literally 6'6" 130 lbs
>tfw he wears true religion and pac sun shit

>tfw I'm 6'3" 160 lbs
>tfw Saint Laurent

>tfw girls think we're equally hot

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Is this what a European Iceage show looks like?

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Holy god so tall

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Yeah we're tall white boys but tfw I should be getting the pussy because my SL looks dope...

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>no friends

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what a sausage fest

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wot does that mean?

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>have friends like this in the rave scene
>they're always broke, high, sick and floating between whatever poor broken co-dependant girl will put them up
>they get beat up a lot because they're easy targets

i guess it IS "the life", if you think about it, but on the other hand it's a pretty shit life. You may be "free" in the truest sense of the word, but the toll it takes on your body is incredibly harsh. once these people hit 25 they look like chubby, saggy-faced versions of Spud from Trainspotting. Beauty fades fast when you live this way.

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Even if you are gay as fuck,
the parties you should attend must have way more girls then benises attending, most dressing in designer clothing.

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>rave scene
These guys are all models/punks though...

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Get out, dadfag. Just let me listen to my Good Charlotte.

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Unless you party with models regular women are no fun.

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Why? girls are only something to stick your dick in.

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spoken like a true homo

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*tips fedora*

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the music doesn't matter, the people are all the same.


oohh, a good charlotte reference, that's dated as FUCK. lets see, the young and the hopeless came out in 2002? you're likely just as old as me lol

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>Tfw no friends

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PRobably. But I do know about Pitchfork and could have definitely used their search engine to look up angsty, pseudo-anarchist, edgy, authentic rock music of the 80s and thrown you off by 10 years..

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did i hit a nerve? lolol


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>/fa/ in a nutshell

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so... you're either 30-something or a teenager?

you're not really helping your case lol

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then whats the point spending time on a fshion forum with no actual discussion? If you are truly intrested in fashion then this site is pleb-tire, if you are

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>If you are truly intrested in fashion then this site is pleb-tire, if you are

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Why would you'd like to hang with such fags?
If they are not gay, be prepared to share your girls (on your back) with at least one of your friends, lel.

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Nigger speak English.

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>implying i wouldn't be happy with the ugly friend

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All my cool friends turned out to be fuck-ups. I like my uncool friends better.

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No group of people more delusional. Sold on a lifestyle that they'll never be a part of, and they come here and shit up the board with his banal garbage.
>g-get out f-fatty
>muh heroin chic (drugs are so cool, too bad I have to do them by myself )
>everyone is so pleb
>I-it's not f-forever 21

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dude in the middle looks like ian curtis.

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>tfw not a model

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>probably like Rick Owens

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>probably the awkward, dirty 4/10 who's always alone at school and clenching his jaw hard enough to crack his molars while you constantly touch your thin, greasy hair and smoke

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>tfw when friends are all basic bitches in their cdb's and dark wash levis

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They does not sound like normal people
They are your friends based on your 4cheng preferences, from some time ago right?

Now you wanna disponse them as 4cheng says the new cdbs cool dudes are those Hedi heroin chick assbois, right

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>daily shower
>always alone
>no need to clench because God tier sunken cheeks
>hair thicker than the amazon
>4th month of no poo and still model tier
>don't smoke at school

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1. Don't have friends
2. Don't have expectations to live up to
3. Spend 9/10 of money on clothes+rent

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>all this delusion
Trust me, son, nobody thinks you're anything but a skinnyfat loser who lives vicariously through a fashion designer

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don't be mean

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This shop looks amazing.

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Was thinking exactly the same

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thats harsh dude what the hell?

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ur a dick man

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>finally get gf
>shes not that great
>she bought a harry potter robe
>she wears it when she comes over

she tried to wear it out in public today...

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r u okay
chill out

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Hey man give him a break, he's just expressing himself!

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how old is she?

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this made me sad.

Honestly man, fashion just isn't very important. It is one very small (and to many people legitimately meaningless) part of life.

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>19 in two weeks
Never done coke though should get on that.

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>Implying fashion isn't the meaning of life

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asshole dick head waste cadet

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The cool kids started talking to me since I started dressing off of here... I dont like it.... I don't know them and people scare me...

at least they all know I'm weird and spacey as hell already and don't really expect me to act normal. I can be that guy.

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i have 5000 friends AND i am very fucking cool

send her to my house we'll talk shit about your warddrobe and how bad you are at sex

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everyone in that picture looks like they did too much H

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>tfw just quit doing coke last week

Feels both good and bad at the same time

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anyone know what boots the middle guy is wearing

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