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hey /fa/ i have a theory question for you

is there a designer product that has jumped in valuedue to it not being made anymore?
pic unrelated

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Yeah there are tons

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can you give a recent example please?

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Rick owens geobaskets, first two releases

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would you say slimane-era dior mij's are too?

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>those Jil Sander marble pieces that went for 100 USD on Gilt
>tfw they sell for 600 + on ebay

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Yeah sure

Although theyre not as popular as they were a few years back. Nowadays it takes a real nigga to appreciate slimane mijs

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how much would they cost brand new?

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I think they were somewhere between 4-6 hunnid when they first released years ago

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no, as in if someone had an old box and in it were brand new 2nd iteration geobaskets, ow much would they sell for
staples in tact ad same colour leather and everything

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I saw a dude selling a slightly used pair with the original tote bag for 2k~

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I got a pair of mij raws from 2004 and a pair of mij silver selvedge from 2010. Both NWT, crispy as fuck, and sitting in my closet for a rainy day.

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how much would you look for the 2010s?

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I'm not planning on selling them. I've been fancying the idea of buying a pair of saint laurent 15.5cm jeans and altering them so they are 1:1 fitwise at Schaffer's garment hotel.

Not my post, but these are the silver selvedge that I have. http://www.sg-roc.com/threads/46368-WTS-Dior-Homme-MIJ-Silver-Selvedge

I sniped mine for $450 ebay, not bad considering to retail for like $800

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Is there an infograph out there the details the differences between each season of geos?

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the silver selvedge have always looked amazing to me
but i can never find them sub £350 shipped and paypal 4%ed

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