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/fa/ humour general

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shitty clothing doesn't actually fall apart in days/weeks/whatever, it just starts to look *really* shitty after several wears/washes

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i made it first, then tinfoil made it without the face then someone put the face on it

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the face is faust i think

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i love this pic so much

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Nearly choked myself with laughter.

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you cant get shoes like that for 50 dollars, only god ugly chucks

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kill yourself

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i want to dress like this

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>not owning 600+ pairs

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into the inspiration folder you go

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actual autism

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>mfw that's like 100k worth of shoes

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real talk the guy is styling doe

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Pretty sure Twerk and User both agreed on 60k

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if you count it's 10 by 6 = 60
the boots in the back cost way more so 80k is probably right

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who cares?

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>tfw /fa/ thinks I drew a stylish fit
I'm just a metalhead neckbeard from /co/ who lurks here from time to time. If I can get it right without trying hard, you guys can too, and you don't need an inspo folder.

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>you guys can too
no i don't have the money for it

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As Ricky Rick once said "anyone can do sketches, making clothes is harder"

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>have i achieved absolute urban stealth?

kek, 8/10

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this ones gr8 m8

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>Woke up in a JCrew
fucking errtime

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It looks shooped cuz of his shoulders, but his legs and feet fit well in the pic
it's like half shooped half legit

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lol do you have the fit pic this was posted as a response to? the two would work together nicely

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>looking good dan
>thanks dan
every time

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what have i done

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Raf Simons usually who I'm pretending to be

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oh my god.

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do you think there's any way to fix it? she was quite nice

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You look awful here and she was nice to you. There is literally NOTHING to lol about.

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my misfortune

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Had a guy walk into my store dressed like this. In September. In Florida. Dude probably died shortly after leaving the AC.

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>being THIS new

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lmao, 18? dude you look old as fuck, like 50 years old. unfortunate genetics

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I really hope you're trolling.

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>more relevant than you think

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creds to whoever made the original

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my fucking sides

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Kinda shitty since Goth ninja is /fa/ as fck

jokes on whoever made it

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i made it hah, yours is better though

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>saying the word autism
why dont you say a few more buzzwords

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do scene kids still exist?

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Go back to 2008 and post that, your late by years.

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>those smileys


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no, they dont

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around here there's a lot of them although they seem to be scene weaboo crossovers now

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what like tell her that wasn't you or some shit? no, you're pretty much done with her. funny tho, definitely worth it.

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>there are scenes on /fa/
Your new. But i like that your makeing comics.

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kek it finally happened, it switched my image

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10/10 mad as fuck.
please refrain from running your mouth/ being an internet tough guy till you lurk for at least a day or two.

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holy fucking shit lol saved

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Yes, there are small numbers of them scattered all over the place. Most of them have moved on, though.

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I think he meant where he lives.

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>i can't approach people without asking them if they're talking to me
oh my god. im dyiing

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>not underlining made in portugal

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meh not shocking enuf

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>tfw see a girl wearing tumblrcore fuccgirl uniform on bus
>m65, UO tier graphic tee, black tights, docs and comme des fuckdown beanie (in fucking july nonetheless)
>burst out laughing
>none of my friends understand why and thought she looked cute

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>Fucking bitch. I pour two of them on the floor
every time

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>"is that waves?"

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lonely boys 2003

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>the foot on the table

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why do i have to be so autistic?


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He must have been spirited away.

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Looking good Dan.

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why do people hate this fit so much
i think it looks ok

obviously needs something beneath the skirt, but not bad

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kill yourself

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Holy fuck lol

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Looks like he shit a giant diaper

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A silhouette that's both awkward AND boring is a rare achievement.

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He can't even pull off RAF velcro.

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every time

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what do you think would help fix it

>> No.6901302


Another layer on top that balances the shapes. A better shoe. But he manages to make decent clothing look awful, so that's just conjecture on my part.

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He got his entire shoe collection together just to take a picture in his sisters bedroom and apart from the fake diaper he was stupid enough to put on some clarks when anything else would have been better.

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thx /fa/scist

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he owns so much shit and still dresses like shit, acts like an angsty angry faggot on /fa/, everyone hates him

why does he even come here?

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>his sister's bedroom
that looks like a guys room tho

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Don't tell trunks about his fake diaper or he'll say 'b-but it's 100% wool, ain't fake fuccboi'

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nah, anything else would be worse. His Prada creepers or RAF velcros would look just as bad. No amount of good shoe would save that fit. There's so many things wrong with that fit that you might as well scrape the fit altogether.

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>> No.6901350

because people give him attention. EVERYONE STOP REPLYING TO BASEDPROPHET.

>> No.6901351

He just looks so bad.

>> No.6901353

wait a minute, are those the navy nylon raf velcro?

>> No.6901361

nah thats a black woman

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If these are Trunk's shoes...

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i legitimately laughed

>> No.6901564

>ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

>> No.6901594

even starfucks is better than basedprophet.
someone hack prodigys emails so we can get his nudes

>> No.6901611

whats wrong with you?

>> No.6901619

i ask myself that everyday.
you know youre curious. i wonder if he has prodigys nudes too?

>> No.6901623

i doubt he sent prodigy nudes

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i cant help but seem like the cause of this pic popping up everywhere

>> No.6901707

>ultimate team

>> No.6901786

I lol'd, but there's no way Jesse of PTO isn't a giant faggot.

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lold so hard

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He has a wife and a son h8r.

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>u^4h^4 interacts with a prospective mate via facebook

>> No.6904450

waking up in a jcrew like "start again"

fucking almost drowned to glass of water

>> No.6904474


I know that feel.
T-thanks /fa/.

>> No.6904479

why is based raf crying?

>> No.6904481

>any year
>not crying
this is why you are a basic bitch

>> No.6904486

>implying i am not lubricating eyelids with sweet rickowenstearboxes as we speak

>> No.6904487

He's overwhelmed with his reception at a farewell event, I believe.

That or the schizophrenia is taking hold again.

>> No.6904515

>i wish this 50 piece orchestra wouldn't follow me around everywhere

top kek
is this from /tv/ or something?

>> No.6904548

>Tfw i was the guy who made the OG pic for this and never understood why it became popular

>> No.6904612

raf is schizophrenic?

also it was his last show as designer for jil sander

>> No.6904758

Fucking brilliant

>> No.6904770

i love this

>> No.6904799

my sides

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>tfw I know the guy who makes hype clothing
>tfw he's rich as fuck now

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File: 1.41 MB, 320x168, hhhehehe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat pic

>> No.6904895


>> No.6905058

>I could be playing black ops right now.

>> No.6905125

ist that gif from the holy mountain?

>> No.6905381


Will Laren
>Not giving artist credit

>> No.6905383

/r/ing more rick stories

>> No.6905389

Can you kill him or are you just too chicken

>> No.6905390

One time my brother ate at the same restaurant ricks's roommate's cousin once ate at

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the original one

>> No.6905865


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File: 62 KB, 502x446, CHINOS-BeatReview.com-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More chino wankers

>> No.6906894

I suspect they're at a golf club, which would mean a no-jeans rule.

>> No.6906946

The only one of these that I can relate to.

>> No.6907030

>relating to lad cunts

>> No.6907051

I don't know whether thats a boy or a girls but is sexy as hell. y is humor?

>> No.6907153


>> No.6908811

i don't get it

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>> No.6911269

100% polyester is a shrink-proof fabric, why is this a bad thing? I'd be pissed if I spent that much and it shrank

>> No.6911307



>> No.6911311

fucking James Joyce

>> No.6911314

Why would a golf club ban jeans

>> No.6911332

because poor people don't own khakis

>> No.6911391

>no gf

>> No.6911407

king fucc

>> No.6911409

same reason most clubs require you wear a polo, because otherwise you look scruffy as fuck and you make the club look bad. also jeans tend to be quite stiff, so not really something you want to be wearing while playing any sport

>> No.6911498
File: 38 KB, 500x750, tumblr_lznwh0wEa91qgnem4o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't explain the state of Britain

>> No.6911661

lol what teh fuck I made this on shrooms

>> No.6911687

Because hipster nu-goth is a hilariously frail attempt to mimic a movement who's ideals don't fit in the context of the current decade.

>> No.6911737

That is hilarious.

>> No.6914785

because he likes clothing/fashion, same as anyone else who comes here

>> No.6915109

>not breh breh

>> No.6916598

i was laughing at the foot on the table when I realized I am literally in the same posture

>> No.6917899
File: 153 KB, 1024x640, skullingtons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually, according to my younger brother they still do, and he's a freshman in highschool. But keep in mind, we're in the midwest. When I was still going to highschool, there were legit punks that I used to go to shows with. Both are abstract styles out of time that can still be utilized, it's just that neither are hyped anymore because the industry isn't pushing it. Good luck enjoying a trend that isn't producing any new music though.

Is it odd that I miss the emo/scene trend?
I mean, it was at least somewhat more appealing than this new, strange medley that is referred to as "swag".

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File: 13 KB, 633x758, tf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you realize you are ugly

sorry /fa/, you can't help me

>> No.6917935

fuck off out of my thread cunt

>> No.6917937


>> No.6917971

oh god thats good

>> No.6920414


Bumping because the king has returned

>> No.6920633

top lel

>> No.6921050
File: 93 KB, 1678x1098, 1368669963364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6921190

whats the joke, he looks great and fit.

>> No.6921194

this isn't funny
i meant to tell you this when i saw ur dumb post like days ago but w/e

>> No.6921244

he same-fagged his post.
that's one of eight times that he's been caught.

>> No.6921265

I like this fit. To be honest I don't get why so many people gives him so much shit.

>> No.6921270

he disses a lot of people and they get butthurt

>> No.6921295

This is my all time favorite fa copy pasted story

>> No.6921305

lol that casey face, i miss him

>> No.6921313

Is that a McDonald's uniform? good detail

>> No.6921414

The movie Drive, a pretty good movie, people like to call it good or bad to troll, i dont even know what most people think because it is such a troll baity topic but i enjoyed it

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