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Cara Delevinge will be DJing a radio station in GTA 5.

Where is your god now?

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[citation needed]

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She cops a lot of flak on this board, but God I love her

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[anon delivars]

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She cops a lot of dick in real life.

>you won't giver cara the dick.

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>playin one song, interlude with annoying personality
>play next
lmao if there are radiostations to be excited about it must be FlyLo's or Alchemist contribution to the soundtrack

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Cara is my god.

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yeah, me too.

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There's a girl at my college who looks like Cara.

Everyday my dick HHNNNNGGs a little bit.

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You should sheathe your penis with her vajine

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I'm sure it wasn't her that started the style, but god damn every single girl at my university all dress the same as her. If I see one more 'quirky' beanie being worn in 30degree heat I might just snap. Cara is still my guilty pleasure though.

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you say this in every thread dumb fuk

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30 degrees is totally acceptable beanie weather, wtf?!?

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30 degree celcius

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:/ i was jk man cmon now

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Beanie is acceptable for 0 to -10, not 30 dude.

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She looks like Zac Efron with a wig.

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ahh damn.

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