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I'll get right to the point. When can you wear a suit?
As in, what circumstances in life make wearing a suit on a daily basis seem natural, if you don't work in an office?
It would be tailored to fit and wouldn't have the typical office palette - pic slightly related.

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You'll look professional and people will respect you no matter what*
* If you have a shitty haircut don't expect anything

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I'm 22. Does this complicate matters?

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Yeah, don't listen to that guy. You're not meant to wear a suit everywhere when you're young, especially if you're in college.

Suits are formal occasions only. Formal parties, ceremonies, special occasions, etc

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I am 25 and I've only worn my suits a handful of times outside of my dad's law office, or court....college graduation was not one of them

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You work in an office.

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I'm out of school, living alone in a foreign city where I don't know anyone. I'll soon be living in another foreign city. I'm living off a trust fund - actually on quite a thin weekly budget, since I want to make it stretch, and it sure as hell won't be getting a refill. Basically I'm an opportunist, looking for ways to live as independently as possible. Networking will be a part of that. The locals tend to assume I'm rich even in a linen shirt and jeans, so the elite aren't so distant as they were back home.
What's your assessment?

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You're fucked in the long term because you have no real employable skills.

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You're probably right. But I'm giving this a trial run.

OK. Three scenes.

22 year old caucasian, short back and sides, wearing a well-fitting grey suit with a navy shirt.

1. In a dimly lit Hong Kong restaurant eating something from a bowl with chopsticks.
2. Near a window in a cafe typing on a thin, silver netbook.
3. On the MRT pulling back his sleeve to check his steel watch.

I'm not even sure what I'm asking here. I guess it's "Do I look like a tryhard in this context?" or "Do I need to dial it down a notch?"

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>navy shirt

What kind of shirt? With a tie?

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Dress. Maybe buttoned-down collar.
I have mixed feelings about ties, so for the time being, no tie, open at the first button. Tailored, of course. I had a shirt made recently, and there's no going back.

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Just fucking wear it. Wear it around inside for a while. Break it in, feel comfortable in it. If you feel uncomfortable you're going to look like a try hard.

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I'd guess probably young finance grad, a minor functionary in some international business, an entrepreneur with a hustle with start-up capital from elsewhere, or a freelancer of some kind the orbit of such types.

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If you have to ask, you can't pull it off normally and will look tryhard. Get a job were you can wear suits and stop being a trust fund baby.

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>Just fucking wear it.
The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. I guess it was inevitable.

Absolutely perfect.

I have to ask precisely because I'm unselfconscious. I need a reality check every so often, so here I am, clocking in.

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so much truth. i have fucked a different girl in every bespoke shirt i own. inb4 lel you have one shirt, i had four made. Havent bought anything else since.

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If you are young, buy young suits. avoid old suits like the plague. don't buy shit like your pic slightly related, I don't think you will be taken seriously.

Also tailoring is almost everything. Buy a suit and take it to your tailor, if he/she can;t make it feel comfortable then take it back.

pic related

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