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I know this sounds kinda aspie but,

I'm in a physics class with this pretty qt grill. Because it's physics, it's mostly neckbeards. From the few classes I've had already (maybe 3 or so), sometimes I catch her looking at me. First class or so we made eye contact (well, more like I caught her looking at me)

Think she wants to bang? Ik it's highly contingent on the kind of person I am, but I'd consider myself pretty good looking, well dressed, tall, good jawline, hair, hairline, probably a 7/10 face but I also dress pretty well. 6' tall as well

She's not that prefect. I've really only taken a specific liking to her cause she doesn't seem like the other faggot girls I meet every day.

I'll probably approach her after/before/out of class regardless, seeing as I really don't like to play the odds of having an open seat next to her, having her talk to me or getting partnered up (aka putting it in hands of chance)

what do

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f-fuck off

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You should probably approach her after/before/out of class regardless, seeing as I really don't like to play the odds of having an open seat next to her, having her talk to me or getting partnered up (aka putting it in hands of chance)

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more: I weigh like 160lbs, goin for dat otter male muddle boddy

And by "dress well", also subjective...but I mean I wear raws, casual combat boots, usually a drkshdw or vtb plain t


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y-yeah but i'm kind of a pussy, and if i go that way i have ot go all out and tell her that i think she's a qt

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This type of thread would be a waste of space even on /adv/. Talk to her, see what develops. Stop seeking external validation, do what pleases you.

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yeah i just dont know what to do with myself, i am aware this thread is a piece of fucking shit but i think im starting to get infatuated with her just because she's a qt and taking physics and those two are a rare combo

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Look bruh, I used to be like you. I constantly made threads and posts on 4chan, and talked to my friends irl, asking for advice for what to do in simple, everyday situations that everyone has experienced a facsimile of a thousand times over. Usually what I said contained the (to everyone else) only logical solution, and what I really wanted was for other people to give me attention and tell me I was cool. This is because I was a huge baby of a manchild. Your problems are nonexistent and nobody cares.

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yeah i know, i have no problems, im happy...excited even

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I fucked my girlfriend over her kitchen counter while her Dad is minutes away from getting home from work. Oh and she was making garlic bread, too.

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I know the majority of /fa/ will flame me for this but expensive raw denim and combat boots makes you look like an absolute moron in an educational setting

To most girls you look like a chump

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>haha look at that pleb wearing raw denim!
>oh man tommy is lookin fine today ;) them 38 relaxed fit target jeans
>omg that wash, im wet all over!

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probably more along the lines of
>oh man tommy's cute and i'm attracted to how his priorities are having fun and doing well in life not spending lots of time and money on dressing himself

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if i cared that much about spending lots of time and money dressing myself i wouldnt have sold my geos and rick intarsia

this is my "casual" fit, i dont make fashion my priority - but objectively, i do dress better than most

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what kind of nerd planet do u live on? even in high school the boys in thrashed vintage jeans and combat boots pulled mad bitches

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I'm in a opposite situation, there's a girl in my culinary arts honors class who keeps trying to talk to me, and clearly wants my attention.

She looks like she's 4 or 5 years younger but we're the same age, so I try to ignore her bc I'm not interested and don't like leading people on. Dunno if slightly ignoring her will work for long tho.

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>objectively and better in the same sentence
stop that

their sense of dress probably tied in much more with their shrewd grasp of what was cool, which also meant they did lots of other things that were cool and that showed in how they carried themselves and what they did

i wasn't that poster and i was merely trying to shine some light on what i guessed to be their meaning tho

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drape yourself in velvet

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if you dont already have other honeys on th go then you dont have a chance

why would she date an aspie like you when she can have a fling with a hot guy like me who has plenty of other pussy on tap and doesnt need her

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>just started jc, literally only taking english 1a bc i started late (yes, im a major fuckup)
>no cool seeming guys in class but no shortage of qt's
>getting shot signals left and right, one cute girl with a slightly autistic personality kind of squeeled when i looked back at her and proceeded to cheeese at me. flattered and made me uncomfortable at the same time
>tfw social anxiety
>tfw haven't copped enough yet
>tfw still a couple months until I have enough for a car
>tfw 22% bf is shedding too slow
god damn

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>wear my raws every day never wash
>get mad pussy because im so fucking cool

captcha opposers zoneFa

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>implying women care about your material possessions and or body fat

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my confidence has a huge foundation in the materialistic

i'm going to try, i just know im not trying with a loaded gun

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>not caring about material possessions

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Alpha fucks
beta bucks

if a woman is concerned about how much money you have, she's fucking a different dude

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nigga you probably have no game
go read some roissy or something and then come back and tell me your confidence is materialistic....

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>First class or so we made eye contact (well, more like I caught her looking at me)
>Think she wants to bang?