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Where can I find this shirt /fa/?

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How much would you pay for it?

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paypalling 15 bucks to the person who finds the image of mamdela

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op post a pic of yourself and maybe I can help you.

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i think it's givenchy

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he posted a pic of himself on the WAYWT thread if a recall i took a screenshot i'll check if i have it but the guy is just a scrawny little white boi that dresses in button ups he looks pretty pleb imo

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I copied the design, will send the file (illustrator) to anyone who wants to pay for it.

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>asking for money on 4chan

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Givenchy the dick

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Well I'm selling the design, not just asking for money.

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implying anyone gives a shit about your stupid design with the wrong mandela

someone posted the vector file like half a year ago anyway

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Well nobody is posting the vector now. I couldn't find the right mandela, if I can I can easily fix it.

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Not even me if you check the actual thread. It's the guy who pretends to smaefag as me by saying "the 90's"

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The gig is up, my friend.

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