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thats like a 75cent card m8

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>mfw I could've spent all that money I spent on MtG on clothes and now my old cards are worth nothing because the new blocks and power creep shat on every aspect of color balance/flavor that made my cards good/viable

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>mfw a box full of cards in my parents basement
wonder how much they're worth now

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Unless they are in pristine condition(that means air sealed or kept in the booster after opening without touching it with your naked hands ever), then you could get a dollar for novelty's sake

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oh well, i probably wouldn't want to sell them anyways.

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Yeah, at least they're a good memory

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i spent so much fucking money on mtg
in like year 12 after school on wednesdays i would walk into town with $50 and buy some booster packs
i have no idea how much i actually spent but it must have been a tonne
also everyone played for years before i picked it up
i started playing and i learned the rules and it turned out most people were either cheating or had no idea how to play or both and i pointed it out
like people would play sorceries as instants and just make up what a card did if its wording was confusing
and i had an actual deck with composition and would beat nearly everyone with ease and people stopped playing

once i pointed out to a kid that he didnt have enough mana to be able to play the card he had put down in the previous turn and he goes "oh well its already done now" and later he goes "you dont have to be so anal things you know"
whats the point of rules if you dont bother following them if it doesnt suit you

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*about things

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They should outlaw trading card games for kids lol

that shit is like crack for the easily excitable

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i've probably spent $500+ during my childhood

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yeh if i have kids i'm going to moderate the shit out of that kind of thing
give it a strict allowance
research it myself teach it to how to get good deals
explain about fads with first hand stories of my own wasted money

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Goblin is the only creature type you need
Red is the only color you play

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I'd probably just let them play the video games I loved before anything else

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>that shit is like crack for the easily excitable

My sides

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>mfw I'm gonna sell a Mox to buy some Raf velcro highs once I find a pair in my size.

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m8 i was into warhammer, spent so much

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goblins are love
goblins are life

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That fucking feel man. Many hundreds of pounds were spent in just a few short years on that stuff, but at least I had fun and really improved my painting skills in general.

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>in like year 12 after school on wednesdays i would walk into town with $50 and buy some booster packs
Are you me?

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I must have spent well over £1000 on that when i was younger, and whats worse is i sucked at painting

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I just realized that in another 10 years I will probably regret spending on clothes in the same way as well

god pls no

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You wont. Why would you regret adorning yourself in quality? This is lifestyle, you don't get another chance later on. Might as well look good.

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I guess it'd be better but people are never fully satisfied

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my brother spends like $100 every couple months on cards so I get to make any kind of deck I want and play his dork friends
cards are fun and shit

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>people are never fully satisfied
as in other people in their own interests/pursuits? or what some idiotic posters on a chinese cartoon board about fashion think about your clothes?

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though I mostly played with a white deck
>all them 1/1's

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If you ain't dumb you can play this game for free. My buddies lift shit from the local card store all the time and last time I checked they finessed 10 fat packs from Target

I regret spending so much money on all my cards though

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Maybe if you're a timmy.

The most broken cards in the game are old.

The whole urzas block, the moxes and black lotus from beta/unlimited, lotus petals from tempest...

all those cards are broken as fuck.

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Stealing from an LGS is scum.
I play for free by trading/buying/selling and doing well in events. My Magic collection actually finances my clothes purchases.

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>tfw only started playing magic around kamigawa
>tfw no valuable cards but spent at the very least 1k on this shit and all i have to show for it is nerdy friends

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Hah. My first two packs were fifth edition and ice age.

But I didn't buy many cards. I was always just a casual kitchen-table player.

Most of my cards are from around tempest or urzas.

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