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can someone post a fit on dreambox geos?

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how do you like your geos?

just ordered mine yesterday.

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They look like shit m8, good luck with em :^)

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not be but its tacky and they look like shit
just save for the real deal

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I can't wait for the inevitable 150 dollar purchase justification next week anon

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make a thread when you get them

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alright m9

Here are a few of my fits wearing the dreamboxes

I know the fits themselves are shit but I'm doing you a favour, so be nice bbz, ok?

for some reason the shoes look better in real life anyway, especially now that they are all dirty and beat up.

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>Tucking in your shirt to mime asymmetric tees

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It's often the rest of the outfit that gives away that they are fake than the actual shoe, judging on fit pics.

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I said be nice


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My remark wasn't meant to be unpleasant, sz bb.

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thats alright hun.

what you said is true sadly, I do own one real Raf top which I copped for £12 though

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Don't worry the shoes look shit too

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herby ass nigga

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alright thanks anon. they dont look half bad for imitations.


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how short is you

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atleast he's fit doe

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literal cringe

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im actually 6'2''

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This is possibly the worst image I've seen on this board. Congratz /fa/ you never fail me.

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Wow, that's kind of weird. Did I post on /fa/ in my sleep or did you just remember me from the WAYWT threads.

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clothing gore

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Lol, people are still posting this?
Here is the fit I posted back then.

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/fa/'s just being a douche for the sake of being a douche

i think your fits are pretty sick

the dreamboxes seem pretty out of place but the rest of your fits are top notch imo

9/10 would befriend

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here it is

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thats allgood

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Pffft, not too hard to identify a sinkie with dream box geos

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I think that geos are hideous clown shoes. But ignoring that, I'd say that fit looks totally okay compared to real geos.

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wtf is a sinkie

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thanks m80, appreciate the kind words.

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Thanks for contributing.

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That's pretty autistic bro

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Does that mean that every fashion blog is autistic too? This is just another fashion blog :)

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Only the ones dedicated to just one item of clothing.

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what the fuck hahahha

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dude have u ever seen a pic of mendicant lmao
if u did those "kind words" would not mean nethin 2 u

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I have indeedy m8. would befriend back.

talk shit, post fit

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I'm not a stalker who has his pic saved on my comp btw, went to the archive

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No 1 wears blue jeans with ricks plebs

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afaik the guy in the white graphic t has legit ones

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how do you recon fake ramones ?
also, the dunks are real

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