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is it time for a favorite model thread? I think so...

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perky tits are the best

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>inb4 this turns into cara thread

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agreed but her bodyfat is too low for my taste

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not on my watch

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yeah dude.

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Kill me.

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he seems like a major douch, but my dick still lusts after him...n-no homo

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this can be arranged

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he could've been a 10

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This is P relevant, I got a mad man crush on the guy on the left. Is it Tisci?

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Guys there are bald models right? Bald is pretty too, right? ;_;

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and favorite female

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>tfw kanye got to taste dat deeeiicckkk
he licked dat popsicle dry


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>my favourite model is Barbara Palvin
I shouldn't be surprised to find plebs on /fa/, but every timeā€¦

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frank Ocean slept with Ricardo Tisci. They would be such a cute couple.

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thats not tisci,tho

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NO silly goyim it's "safer" but let us keep the foreskin ehehehe UNLESS YOU'RE A MUSLIM ANTI SEMITE RACIST!

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>giving up millions of nerve endings, because muh Jahwe demands it

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remember the 6 gorillion!!!

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>you'll never fall asleep with ryan spooning you and his stubble scratching against the back of your neck

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>you will never fuck that like an animal
>you will never feel him from the inside

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I don't like these feels

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who dat?

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I see what you did there

>tfw the new album is shit

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whats wrong with her?

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let me Google that study that says it reduces tons of spooky dick cancers
no wait
you do it

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not a favorite model but an awesome photo

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You get cancer from fucking everything anyway. I'd rather have a shiny knob.

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>hey guises my favurit high fashunz brand iz armani exchange! lel i'm SO /fa/ right guise?


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he looks like one of those mexican gigolos that fuck like 10 bitches an hour on spring break

>poor Tammy

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its not a favorite brand thread, its a favorite model thread. she is a good model and is pretty. the brand may suck but that changes nothing about her

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I've recently discovered that his mum is a hairdresser who owns a salon here in Bilbao, and he uses/used to go there.

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go there too and get dat dreamy hairdo

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Fugg off

Not as handsome as he once was put pics like this keep his beauty eternal.

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mexican jesus

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Fucking hate that guy.

I hate Basques. Stop stealing my Berets. And no, I'm not French.

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why is she so perfect?

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I might go there the next time, but I don't expect anything extraordinary.

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I think you meant Txapela m8

> tfw txapelas fit you nicely and you can be so /fa/ while being so basque

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We call them boinas, and Basques look like shitskin arab-Frenchmen when they wear them btw.

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Where's Simon?

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i saw that guy irl

holy fuck most beautiful man i have ever seen

we had prolonged eye contact as we passed each other :)

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I think I've just seen this guys face so many times that he's been subconsciously imprinted to my brain as "male ideal."

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I think I've just seen this guys face so many times that he's been subconsciously imprinted to my brain as "dark elf ideal."

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ye he looks lik an alien or smthin

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Stop talking shit about my modelfu

I'm still straight tho

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he looks like a mix between a vampire from 30 days of night and twilight, gay sexed into one half breed model vampire.

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this picture feels really homo

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Modelbro here.

My ex gf cheat on me with him.

I have mixed feelings.

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I just appreciate pretty bitches.

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Why would we be at all inclined to believe you?

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>she is a good model and is pretty.
Just say you think she's pretty, so you're at least being honest while you're being ignorant.

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Big titties, doe. What's she modeled b4?

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Aw c'mon, you're just glad she bared most of that for the camera.

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Donno, but she was in the Blurred lines video.

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Andrej Pejic.

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Would suck his dick.

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what is that in his hair?

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dayum dat the gurl from iCarly?

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If this is true you should feel honored to have shared hole with Schenkenberg.

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>tfw when I'm basque
>Can't wait to get old to wear god-tier txapelas

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Eat Toni Garrn (see: Dicaprio's current girlfriend) out

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He's my favorite model too

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I could travel 60 km to get a hy there...

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not a model but this guy has some cool photos

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>This is what butthurt spaniards actually believe

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who is this gentleman?

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this fucka. before he got into modelling he was a semi-pro bmx rider up north. i found some 2007-ish thread on some forum bitching about how he used to be a massive dweeb

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title of pic is his name but idk who he is

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GTFO no Yuri Plebscum allowed

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christ he looks like a twat. beards have suddenly become massive personality proxies.

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And here's a healthy girl for sake of comparison

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go fuck your irish ma
he's the best

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>you will never be as /fa/ as Tom brady

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tom brady will never be as /fa/ as

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that picture looks so ridiculous
first one is fine but the second is just silly
like I know most shoots become silly the instant you think about standing on the set and watching them pose
but I didn't even need to take that second pic that far. It's already ridiculous

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Keep dreaming fucciboi

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Brady is super hero tier.

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Ricki Hall.

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Kill yourself

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Can anyone give me the name of this guy? He's a handsome chap.

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vacuous bellend

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Francois Verkerk, he's ginger.

>> No.6806840


That's actually surprising. What hair product is he using in the picture I posted?

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Pomade, maybe.

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is this the gimmick general????

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>four question marks
Do you expect to be taken seriously?

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