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what did you eat today /fa/?

>small amount of mouthwash accidentally swallowed
>let an ice cube melt for 3 minutes and drank the water
>gummy bear foot
>large gust of wind

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>egg, bacon, sausage and onion in a bagel
>egg, bacon, sausage, onion and mushroom burritos
>chicken tomato pesto pasta
>chicken enchilada bake with spanish rice
>ham and salami on 12 grain, spinach, onion, olive, oil

same thing as lunch, except no enchiladas
>1 chocolate chip cookie

like 3 liters of water

no cheese though. bad for the skin.

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2 pieces of bacon and a pear

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Way too much but I am done for the day.
>it's only 4

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berry smoothie, broccoli soup, 3 bottles of water
i'm trying to lose a few pounds for school in a few weeks.

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oh, and a black coffee along with a few ephedrine pills to reduce my appetite

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Thats the wrong way to lose weight OP

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3 cups of coffee with cookies ;_;
I'm going to die

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a couple quesadillas for breakfast and a burrito for lunch. maybe some in n out burger later.

i've lost 3 pounds in the last month. feels good.

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>5'6 260lb

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Some pistachios
Some cheez-its
20 mg adderall (insufflated)
2 cups coffee
Some tortilla chips

Just being healthy and living the dream

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after converting from just /fit/ to /fa/ , it's funny to see the differences in expertise. /fit/ can't dress to save their lives, but are at least semi-aware of proper dieting. and /fa/ on the other hand, knows how to present themselves properly, but eats like shit

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2 cups of green tea
ribeye w/ some asparagus n broccoli n rice
2 chips ahoy gooey cookies

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yeah because everyone sets on their ass all day like you.

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frozen pizza
quakers rice snacks
grilled chicken
scrambled egg+bread

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tuna baguette from pret a manger
gammon + chips + pineapple + peas for tea
might have some weetos before I go to sleep

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It's best to balance the two

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why is cheese bad for the skin?

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We're going for a less healthy look than /fit/

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>oats in the morning
>1kg of cottage cheese
>big sandwich with cheese, eggs and chicken
>300 gram brown rise with 350 gram chicken and lots of veggies

damn you kids eat like skeletons.

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ate literally nothing all day just so at the end of the day I could get a Snickers, wrap it in pastry dough, fry it, top with whipped cream, and rape it.

Came out to about 700 cals, which is still good. It was fucking worth it. Best cheat day ever

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One egg
Half a glass of soy milk
Half a Grapefruit

Kashi with Soy milk and Blueberries

Bowl of homemade Miso Soup
Cucumber in Vinegar

Also have been drinking roughly 4 to 5 liters of water a day. Nutrientfags, what else should I add (or subtract) to make this decent?

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>big mac and medium fries
>root beer shake
>chicken breast
>two jelly filled donuts

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4 cups of green tea
greek yogurt
1 peach
2 boiled eggs
spoon of peanut butter

dinner will be tuna and spinach salad

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why wait until the end of the day when your metabolism is at it lowest?

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how and why do you eat a kilogram of cottage cheese

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>cup of black coffee
>about a cup oats
it's only 10:00am

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All dairy is bad for the skin tbh. Cheese is more concentrated dairy. It causes acne/shitty skin in general. Dairy is bad for your body in general, actually. Drink Soy milk

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1/2 cup oats, tiny bit of crunchy peanut butter and non-fat yogurt. 1/2 cup strawberries. Fish oil, vitamin D & C, multi.

Will eat a turkey sandwich and some carrots for "lunch" at 1:00am.

>tfw can't work in EC stack with my new work/sleep schedule.

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Soy is just as bad as dairy

almond milk master race

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not him but i can't sleep if i'm starving so I skip breakfast, lunch and tea and just eat something right before i kip

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>Credible Citation needed

Also this only depends on your genetic makeup.

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>mfw acnefags actually believe that it's not their genetics causing their shitty skin

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just drink water if ur so picky...

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pls log out

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this makes sense. i eat a lot of dairy and i had terrible acne(not so much anymore because of accutane)

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whopper w/ cheese, pumpkin cheesecake w/ dat whip cream for breakfast. cinnamon latte, and it's about 11 hours into my day :3 i'm so proud of myself, /fa/
>tfw unhealthy as shit but still skinny

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500 gram at breakfast and 500 gram before going to bed.. It's a good source of protein (~12 gram of protein per 100 gram), so now I use cottage cheese instead of protein shakes.

Not that there is something wrong with protein shakes, but why would you need it if you have a good diet. Also that stuff was getting too expensive.

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she's not just a girl on tumblr, she's a world-famous model.

back to >>>/r9k/ with your insecurities

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2 cigarettes and a joint

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you'd be surprised how much of your acne is caused by eating bad shit. You think it's bullshit but watch. Eat nothing but fruits and vegetables and drink only water for a week straight. Not only will you not have a single pimple, but the redness and inflammation that makes up your blotchy ass complection will actually diminish greatly.

some people are blessed with no acne. good genes. but the rest of us have to put in work to get by

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can i survive on <300 calories

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Ramen(one package)
Several coffees(no creamer/sugar)
One protein bar
Handful of grapes

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cow milk is fucking disgusting, this is 2013 i didn't know people still fell for the dairy farm lobbied propaganda that milk is healthy and "builds strong bones"

proven to cause osteoporosis, filled with sugar and fat, comes from hormone injected bovines that swim in their own feces and pus. shit is gross

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Barely. You will run into health problems.
At least bump it up to 600-700, and make sure you're body is at least capable of getting some sort of nutrients. You'll still be losing weight.

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>smoking pot and not eating anything

b-but I don't understand??

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>breakfast: protein bar and a kiwi
>snack: smoothie (mixed berries + 1 scoop of whey)
>lunch: lean chicken and broccoli
>0 calorie BCAA's during cardio
>will have more lean chicken and broccoli for dinner and a caseine protein shake before bed

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no, get a taco for the trifecta

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>tfw accutane
>tfw no dairy
>tfw still get occasional acne

the accutane helps ALOT, but I will still break out on my forehead once in a while.

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yup. not to mention that most people have some form of lactose intolerance to it, albeit on a small scale.
The human body was not made to process and digest milk. I don't know what creepy dipshit stuck his mouth on a cow otter in bumfuck 200 BC and decided it tasted good

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Hey, it worked for me when I was a troubled teen.

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>tfw lost 4.5 pounds this week

feels g00d

>> No.6787327

that's OD. Do 1000 a day. that's a good amount

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maybe he actually works out you dumb fuck

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if u want to get rid of acne, go on the blueberry diet. eat nothing but blueberries for a week, works for real in clearing your face

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what are you even trying to prove?
i dont get it.

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i seem to be stuck at 120

thats 2much

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>go on the blueberry diet. eat nothing but blueberries for a week
no way is this a real thing

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>couple litters of water
>one slice of pizza, garlic, sundried tomatoes, basil and i think fetta
>some almonds
>some shrooms

>>6786638 you got my ass cracking up

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Are you even doing cardio?

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Nigga, I'm doing 1000 a day and I'm losing like 5 pounds per week, not even doing any cardio.

>> No.6787363

lol no. It has antioxidants but eating nothing but them for a week will give your body some retarded vitamin deficiencies AND toxicities and you'll probably get even more acne because your body wont know what the fuck is going on

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dirty bulk fam reporting in

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/fa/ is literally full of retarded girls

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>bunch of mints for breakfast
>whopper jr. for lunch
>some crackers for dinner

I should feel hungry, I ate hardly anything yesterday

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you won't lose weight at 300 calories a day mate.

You need to eat more

>> No.6787377

>it took you this long to find out

There are tons of girls who lurk and post here but never post in WAYWT. Its fucking retarded, they need to leave the board, go to cgl or make r9k feel happy or some shit.

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>diet consisting entirely of sugar
You're dumb as a rock.

>> No.6787390

>but never post in WAYWT.
it's good that you included this because it lets us know that you're just butthurt about being denied the chance to thirst on them

is that you, tunafag?

it's you that needs to leave the board

>> No.6787395

trips of retardation speaks

>> No.6787406

>making r9k feel happy
More importantly I don't know why you think posting in WAYWT is some kind of necessity for posting on the board. If anything I'm glad most of them don't post in WAYWT.

>> No.6787407

3 eggs and a cup of oat meal

beens with rise



>> No.6787411

The idea is stupid but not because of the sugar. Eating sugar in fibrous fruits isn't the same as just eating sugar.

>> No.6787414

wtfs wrong with girls?
and maybe they don't post in waywt because the girls that do get like 10 people asking if they're in london

>> No.6787422

Yes, but eating JUST that is pretty much as bad.

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>this nigga ate an entire gym

>> No.6787425

No, I want to see girls clothing done right goddamn, AND I want to critique it you cheeky fuck.

I like traps stupid.

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u obviously never tried it

>> No.6787429

Bear in mind some fruits - mango, bananas, pineapple in paticular - still have high sucrose percentages, despite fructose comprising the majority of sugars within the fruit.

>> No.6787433


No it's not. Now you're the one being retarded

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>bear in mind

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BF: capuccino
Morning: brewed coffee + cereal bar
Lunch: rice, beans and chicken
Afternoon: espresso
Dinner: steak + beer

>> No.6787449

unleash the power of apples B^)

>> No.6787451

It's bad in the sense that eating too much of anything is bad but it's not going to have the same effects as eating sugar.

>still have high sucrose percentages
Doesn't matter. The fructose instead of sucrose thing isn't why it's better for you. It's all about the fiber. Sucrose is actually less harmful than fructose. Fructose is what leads to leptin resistance and is what your liver converts almost entirely to fat whereas sucrose is at least half glucose and not just fructose.

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Protein bar for breakfast (had to go shopping for food so this was all I had )

Protein shake and a pizza for lunch

And eating pork salad right now.

Fuark I need to eat more still.

>> No.6787466

who calls this shit still?
?? you can't prove it anyways
if he posts a screenshot 4s after you say screenshot you'll just say
gtfo with this safefag shit

>> No.6787492

How to tell you were samefagging

>That edgy defensiveness.

>> No.6787566

lol just because two people think you're a complete dumb fuck doesn't mean samefagging going on.
it's just your little scapegoat lel

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ur moms pussy

Nothing until about 3pm
-Salmon with salad, goat cheese and a tomato sauce I made
Around 7pm
-Kedgeree with a side of steamed vegetables
At 1:15am
-Two turkey burgers with baked beans and potato waffles
I also had two small packets of crisps in the evening and I've drunk one cup of tea, two pints of milk and 2 glasses of water, will have a 3rd glass of water before I go to bed.

These threads are fucking boring! including my boring as shit post.

>> No.6787641

Bacon sandwich
6 Mcnuggets
2 slices of pizza
a lucky strike
some tea

was a bad day

>> No.6787649

fat shit

>> No.6787660

oatmeal with raisins
rice with some peppers
5 grapes

I wish I had some cashews, almonds or pistachios. Guess I'll have more grapes later

>> No.6787667

>half of a philly cheese steak
>3 gallons of water
>tfw still fat

>> No.6787678

thats about 1/8th of what the Rock bulks.

>> No.6787701

cara's such a fuck
inb4 cara army

>> No.6787731

i fuc ur mom ass

>> No.6787733

ur mom is disabled nigger

>> No.6787739

fite me irl m8 , i fokin kill u blud

>> No.6787741

u dizzy blud?
r u mad?

>> No.6787746

u avin a fokin gigl m8

>> No.6787747

4 pieces toast with tomato
french press coffee x 2
lentil dahl on brown rice

>> No.6787892

2 scrambled eggs and flat-bread
whole thing of garlic hummus & toast
a mango
a clif bar
beef & vegetable stew
glass of kefir
motherfucking mocha ice cream later
damn it feels good to be a gangster

>> No.6787927

I've eaten 30 mangos today.

>> No.6787953

chicken breast
5 eggs
4 pieces of toast
peach butter
fuck load of cheese
30oz of milk
would have had another 60oz but i ran out of milk ;_;

>> No.6787956

6 eggs
can of tuna
pint of milk
an icecream

>> No.6789339

Lunch: Salad and Herring (178)
Dinner: Spaghetti squash & Tofu (221)

Snack: Russian chocolate candy (170? Rounding up), Pear (80)

Total: 650

>> No.6789403

Are you me?

Your tastes are excellent.

>dat kefir

>> No.6789411

infinite water
tiny but delicious piece of dark chocolate

>> No.6789419

>Peanut Butter
>Ritz Crackers
>Pulled Pork Sandwich
>Stir Fry
>Skim Milk
>Ham Sandwich
>Peanut Butter


>> No.6789429

ham sammich
couple of pringles
granola bar
piece of brownie
headache pill

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>implying I ate...

>> No.6789472

I ate:
> An Apple

> Large Bowl of Marijuana
>20 Presidents Choice hors d'evour
> 4 Pepperettes

>Medium TimHortons IceCap
>Baconator + Cheesy Cheddarburger (Wendys)

>JrChicken + McDouble + Med Rootbeer
>Medium French Vanilla + Chocolate Donut

2am Snack:
>Checking what there is after I post this

Not even remotely chubby unless I slouching

>> No.6789475

4 litres of water
a small peice of meat
a couple croutons
a couple nuts
a handful of granola
a slice of bread

>> No.6789476

>mall pretzel
>a single small free-sample mall donut
>plain McChicken with chipotle bbq sauce added
>generic caramel ice cream
>a single zebra cake

Not very /fa/.

>> No.6789478

looks nice
people pretend to eat like skeletons cuz so emaciated edgy

>> No.6789481

i hope you aren't an adult

>> No.6789485

Breakfast: cereal, 1L of water

Lunch: burrito with water

no dinner just more water

>> No.6789489

lol you fucking made my night. i'm going to sleep like a prince

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>> No.6789528

tofu lemongrass bahn mi
3 oranges
2 granola bars
6-8 cookies
1-2 green teas
1 venti dark

worked out for 1-1.5 hrs does that burn all the calories lol

>> No.6789539

a chicken sandwich
some cake
a box of kd
a mcflurry

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I'm 18, so still sort of a teen...check my skinny ass shoulders.

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Sunny side up egg with one tortilla
Pizza and iced coffee
3 chilaquiles, that are some Mexican tortillas dipped in some red thing with chilly made into a taco with cheese and onion and 1 or 2 small cups of soda.

>> No.6789563

You're not that skinny.

>> No.6789570

I'm 5'7 and 45kg

>> No.6789588

the dudes like anorexic are you joking

>> No.6789593
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I bet you look very pretty :3
Eat lady!!

>> No.6789599

>60 kg
Stay mad.

>> No.6789603

id rather be 5'7 than 6'6 tbh

>> No.6789610

Honestly, I'd prefer to be 5'4". I'm not a fan of being tall and being 5'11"+ would kill me.

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>large gust of wind

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>manlet enabling is now a thing

>> No.6789637

You should eat more.

>> No.6789640

do you just think the taller you are the better or what?

would you seriously rather be 8' tall?

>> No.6789652


based you are so fucking different it's making me doubt whether you're doing it out of sincerity or just to not be hated

>> No.6789655

different than what

i think ppl 6'5+ look weird and akward id rather be an inch shorter

>> No.6789687

Eh. Being 5'7" is one of my biggest insecurities. I'm short, but I still tower over some people and it makes me feel too big...

>> No.6789727

Over children maybe

>> No.6789729

9 slices of garlic loaf with lemon juice on them
some chocolate milk
iced coffee
orange juice
caesar salad

>> No.6790248

milk for breakfast
chicken pie for lunch
2 bottles of water after playing soccer while really hot
some ice cream
beef jerky
chinese and a beer for dinner

>> No.6790274

Refried beans
red bull
4 cigs
A shortbread finger

>> No.6790287

Today i've had a full english and i'm still starving. I'm never usually this hungry , maybe it's 'cause I woke up at 8am rather than 11 lel

>> No.6790288


>> No.6790292

chicken tenders and fries

rice and fish

mediterranean chicken and rice + caesar salad

soup and bread

I dunno why but I should be fat, I should def cut down to 1500 calories tho

>> No.6790299

300ml milk and 2 slices of whole grain bread with peanut butter
300ml milk, 4 slices of bread with cheese and tomato, banana
>before bed
300ml milk, motherfucking fried egg with cheese and bacon on 2 grilled slices of bread with mayonaise and bbq sauce, and another grilled sandwich
I like trying to get out of skeleton mode

>> No.6790301

Oats with milk
A cup of coffee

Brotein shake with milk, whey, oats and banana

Chicken breast
Broccoli, kale and carrots

Gonna eat some rye bread with salmon now. It's only 12:56, so there's a lot of time left for eating today.

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File: 47 KB, 396x386, 2weeksin-12-8st.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6790306


*mackerel, not salmon

>> No.6790323

Black bread with egg, some cheese and whole tomato
Drinking tea in between
Going to eat steak or chicken quarter with little rice and tomato salad(fresh tomatoes)

>> No.6790327

I would love to eat that little, I will literally fall asleep at work when I try to however.

>Shake for breakfast
>Yogurt, maybe a piece of fruit
>Dinner is whatever is being prepared, this is my only full meal of the day

Should I be switching full meal to breakfast then having nothing the rest of the day?

What do people do to work out? Just cardio?

>> No.6790333


Is your goal to lose weight? Lifting weights and cardio is the best option. Eat at a calorie deficit of 500 of your daily TDEE

Try reading the sticky on /fit/. It contains all you need to know. Starving yourself is not the way to lose weight.

>> No.6790340

>Should I be switching...
It really depends on the person. I personally am never hungry in the morning, so I can always skip breakfast, have a light lunch, then a light dinner so I'm not going to bed hungry. I have trouble sleeping on an empty stomach.

Some people will have a big breakfast and that's it. It just depends on what works for you.

As for working out, at least a little bit of lifting is important imo. But yeah, cardio at least every other day if you wanna get skinny.

>> No.6790383


>> No.6790387

>Go to make a sandwich
>No brown bread
>Just shitty white
>Can't be bothered to defrost more bread
>Skip lunch

Laziness at its finest.

>> No.6790389

A handful of pretzel goldfish and 2 glasses of water

>> No.6790392
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Especially since they're the same thing.

>> No.6790394
File: 104 KB, 1280x724, renes desquates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Egg, Bacon, Toast
>RTD Protein Shake
>500g Quark
>Egg, Bacon, Toast
>300g Chicken Breast
>2 liters of water, 1 liter of milk
>2 Double Cheeseburgers for Dinner later

And I'm still on a deficit

How does it feel to be a catabolic skinnyfat?

>> No.6790474

Berry smoothie with frozen berries, milk, strawberry yogurt, and chia seeds
Some potato chips
Chocolate croissants
Salmon salad
Strawberry milkshake
Pitted prunes
Some dark chocolate
And Homemade chicken pizza

I'm trying to clean eat, but my cravings seem to get the best of me. Any tips?

>> No.6790477

Artificial Sweetener

Diet coke

>> No.6790534

Pork chop from the night before

Pork chop from lunch before fuck I'm lazy

Fried tofu

Gonna eat dinner in a bit
fuck I eat too much for snacks ;_;

>> No.6791299

>cheese and ham sandwich
>omlett ?
go kill yourself now

>> No.6791317

>tfw i can eat whatever the fuck i want and next morning it's all gone

>> No.6791330

a cigarette

>> No.6791332

you just eat it straight? or do you mix it with stuff?

>> No.6791371


2 scoops of whey shake
Oatmeal with some fresh fruits
Calcium & Fish oil supplements

Snack: Carrots & Oranges

Early Dinner:
Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella
400 grams of grilled turkey
Multivitamins & Iron supplements

Snack: Some unsalted Almonds & walnuts.

Going to take some Dextrose, Oranges & a double whey shake after running tonight and i'm on point with my macros.

>> No.6791377

You can also bake pancakes with them:

300 gram cottage cheese
2 whole eggs 2 egg whites
Half a cup of oatmeal
optional: a hand of raisins.

Pretty tasty.

>> No.6791378

>Breakfast 7.30am
2 eggs fried on a 2 pieces of bread
2 cups of coffee.
>Lunch 5.00pm
veggies fried with chili and coconutmilk
1 pieces of bread
10 dumplings (150g) boiled
1 cup of coffee

Later I shall drink a cup of tea and that will be my whole food intake of the day

>> No.6791405

Day two:

Ramen(one package)
Several coffees(no creamer/sugar)
One protein bar(finna eat another for lunch)
+ I'm eating out later with a qt

>> No.6791408

>bowl of soup.

I've been eating <500 calories for the last week.

>> No.6791413

toast and oatmeal

>> No.6791420

>cymbalta 20 mg
>wellbutrin 150 mg

>> No.6791422

/fa/ is on the highway to skinnyflab country.

>> No.6791443

I am 192cm and 91kg.
I have been eating 1400-1500kcal/day and working out and jogging.

I have gained 3kg in 4weeks. FUck my metabolism

>> No.6791446

2 pieces of toast

>> No.6791462

>12 nutritious cigarettes
>5 cups of coffe
>2 rice cakes

>> No.6791485
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>taking antidepressants

>> No.6791490

>eat moderately and workout every other day
>weight stagnates
>hurt foot while playing basketball
>pain for 2 weeks, so no running
>eat the same as before
>down 2 kilos

>> No.6791493

pop tarts and chicken fingers

>> No.6791506

Your counting is probably wrong. Otherwise go see a doctor. I gained like 10kg in two weeks eating the same as always, turned out my thyroid wasn't working.

>> No.6791517

a cup of coffee with some integral honey bread
two slices of pizza and a diet coke for lunch
a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich for dinner

i'll improbe my eating habits next smeester hopefully, dorms suck.

>> No.6791565

bowl of cheerios with 1 banana, 250ml of milk

that was lunch and breaky.

>> No.6791605

I like how /fa/ eats like they are models and still stay skinnyflab because they are starting to burn way their muscle for sustenance

>> No.6791615

chicken wrap from Tesco
bag of crisps
bottle of coke

about to have a Sunday dinner

>> No.6791622

Large bowl of cereal for breakfast, with some coffee

Grilled cheese with wholemeal bread, some chicken salad, glass of water.

Wholemeal pasta with fried chicken, with olives, peppers, onion etc. in tomato sauce

Do you faggots even eat?

Someone who's over 120lbs and not a skeleton reporting in.

>> No.6791628

>tfw been lifting for 5 months
>gained like 20lbs of lean mass
>14% bf
>weight stagnates, gaining slowly as fuck
>flab people complaining about gaining weight
>probably on a carb+fat high diet

>> No.6791635

Breakfast: Lentils, tuna and egg with some sallad.

Lunch: Beans, Sallad and some chicken.

Dinner: Lentils and cod.

>> No.6791636

A tomato cucumber salad with thinly sliced garlic

>> No.6791661

this nigga hit the nail on the head

>> No.6791666

bacon egg and cheese biscuit, a hash brown, and a coffee, all courtesy of mcdonalds

chugging an assload of water rn due to an obscene amount of drugs taken last night

>> No.6791674

2 x scrambled eggs and slice of toast
1 coffee
1 packet of ramen
3 oreo cookies
tiny piece of cheesy bread
1/2 litre of water

fuck that's actually a lot and there's still dinner to come

>> No.6791683
File: 322 KB, 936x936, 1376356344063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>250ml of milk
Who actually talks like this?

>> No.6791703
File: 3 KB, 238x195, 1340229618548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

confirmed for fatty


>> No.6791707

im not even him and idk what you're talking about

>> No.6791730

>A chocolate bar for breakfast
>Baguette and ice tea for lunch
>Home made pizza for dinner

>> No.6791746

based 40 oz slurpee from 711

>that's it
>inb4 fat

>> No.6791748


Flab city. Flab flab city bitch.

>> No.6791759

I like how you're upping the bro-science. Fat goes first, muscle second.

And the idea that "eating way too less will cause your body to cling onto fat" is bullshit.

>> No.6791760

>2 shots of Patron
>2 cups of herbal tea
>a rice krispy treat

>> No.6791768

>Fat goes first, muscle second.

That's not entirely true. Muscle is burnt aswell as a quick source of glucose.

>> No.6791775
File: 452 KB, 1744x1041, 1375536206275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

itt natural physiques only

>> No.6791776

Yes, but not to the level that the anon is implying.

When someone goes on a cut its usually a small unnoticeable amount that is used up.

>> No.6791788

got damn matt

>> No.6791801
File: 95 KB, 400x266, broscience.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should've read the /fit/ sticky better, anon

People on a cut still eat shit loads of proteins while on a light deficit(500 cals below TDEE) AND lift to preserve their muscles

If you just sit around doing nothing and starve yourself the body will just burn away the first thing that is not needed i.e. the muscles you don't use

>> No.6791810

you're body is not designed to want to store muscle easily because it requires much more energy to maintain. u gotta give it reason to stay ir its the firs tthing 2 go

>> No.6791813

Nazi god

>> No.6791818

>Anorexics and Bulemics are all flabbies.

Unless you've been lifting, what muscle are you worried about losing.
if you do have some you could be worried about losing

>> No.6791828


>mfw I drink half a gallon of whole milk / chocolate whole milk a day and have no acne

>mfw I stopped getting acne when I stopped touching my face and started exercising

>tfw scars are still there

>> No.6791834

Everyone has muscle dude

>> No.6791835

>Green tea latte
>Chicken, bacon & ranch pizza.

>mfw i will never get fat, but at the same time won't be a muscular person

>> No.6791842

Most runway models have a bit of muscle mass, they're not ripped, but they're not sticks either

It's why the sample size is Medium and not extra small or some shit, if they were anorexic a medium would be too baggy on them

>> No.6791844

Of course. But the anon made the claim that if you eat less you'll just loose muscle and never lose any fat. Which is bullshit. Tbh, yes you'll lose some muscle, but you still will lose fat regardless its not some never ending cycle of losing muscle.

And this is speaking of "extra" muscle, not muscle necessary for you to carry out your daily tasks.

>> No.6791848

Actually the U.S. is starting to copy what Europe does, and male-anorexia is becoming a growing problem in the American fashion industry.

>> No.6791858
File: 135 KB, 1920x1080, matt is racist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6791864

A bowl of cereal. I'll be having a cereal bar for lunch.

>> No.6791869

are these made the same day?

>> No.6791911

are you an idiot?

there runway models i were talking about are the ones that walk in paris and milan

>> No.6791928

I started GOMAD today. I can barely finish a fucking liter of milk. Oh and some bread and pb, that's it.

>> No.6792119

>drinking a retarded amount of fat-sugar
I'm sure that will do wonders for you anon.

>> No.6792557
File: 80 KB, 249x249, 1351644489510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>claims dairy is bad for the body
>advises to drink soy milk

Enjoy your gyno, you mega-autist

>> No.6792574

The same dumbfuck that lived long enough to father your great-great-great-great-great etc grandfather

People can digest lactose nowadays because those who could a long time ago got stronger from the protein and thus had more kids

lrn2 natural selection

>> No.6792590

>2012 + 1
>not keeping a cow in your backyard for unlimited unpasteurized, untainted milk

>> No.6792605

if you guys are really lactose intolerant you can just go to your nearest pharmacy and buy some pills

>> No.6792626

I use those Lactaid pills on long runs to prevent from.. well you know: the runners trots.

>> No.6794947

holy fuck i'm jelly. what's your diet like normally and exercise routine?

>> No.6794963

Breakfast: Rice cake with 1 tbsp peanut butter and 1/2 cup unsweetened almond/coconut milk with rose syrup 171 cal

Lunch: Salad with Chicken Breast 165 cal

Dinner: Veggies with a pork sausage (natural, from the russian food store, not a hotdog) 195 cal and Russian Chocolates 60 cal

Snack: Pickle with kolbasa, and Homemade Water kefir. 64 cal

Total: 655

I'll be so hot once school starts, and I can go back to the campus gym so I'll get a sexy bikini body for next summer.

>> No.6794972

>salami and pepper jack cheese sandwich
>instant ramen
>can of baked beans
>another slice of pepper jack cheese because that shits delicious

>> No.6794992

>4 slices of giant pizza
>1 pb&j sandwich
>3 cups of coffe
>4 classes of water

It was free pizza and like unlimited so I said fuck it.

Guess I'm not eating tomorrow

>> No.6794999

>and maybe they don't post in waywt because the girls that do get like 10 people asking if they're in london

Uh, yeah bro I'm sure it's really hard on them.

>> No.6795003
File: 103 KB, 327x489, leelll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>beens with rise


>> No.6795016
File: 6 KB, 116x140, 1375231584578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does tobacco taste like?

>> No.6795039
File: 37 KB, 754x676, tfw your skinny jeans dont fit anymore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6795233

So many calories D:

>> No.6795243


>> No.6795285

>one cup of oatmeal with a small piece of bread
>half a burger with a coke that comes in a crystal container
Went shopping so I only had a coffee and a liter of water
2 hours ago
>one can of tuna with a serving of cottage cheese

I'm not getting enough brotein

>> No.6795292

Pizza, mushroom topped sirloin steak, and crab stuffed ravioli with some shrimp Alfredo

>tfw fast metabolism so I can eat whatever I fucking want.
>tfw 122lbs

>> No.6795300
File: 33 KB, 491x404, 1368420563708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doughnut, milk

Popeyes chicken stips, water

Pork chops, mashed potatoes, milk

I'm still hungry but will probably not eat anything else so I can maintain the slim hope of becoming an effff/fa/ male model.

>> No.6795309

>bowl of yogurt with grapes, peaches, and a fuck ton of granola

>garden salad with broccoli, cucs, carrots, and spinach
>whole grain pasta and light alfredo sauce with more broccoli and chicken

>yogurt with grapes, peaches, and fuckton of granola
>cheese quesadilla with sriracha sauce

walked all that shit off going to class and playing a 600 man dodge ball game.

>> No.6795319

youve never even been to effay have you?

>> No.6795320

How much lb can I lose in 2 weeks if I eat like one apple a day and a shit load of water?

will my face look skinnier?

>> No.6795328

google excess fat, anon.

>> No.6795341

high protein plus a shit ton of green veggies at a calorie deficit and plenty of water and I guarantee you can lose 5-10 lbs. in 2 weeks.

>> No.6795350

Cereal, swam a while, PB&J on wheat, slice of NY style pizza, 3 mile run, ham sandwich, green onion and chives ramen.

At least my uni has pretty good pool. I should really save up more money for ingredients.

The diets I see on /fa/ make me fear for people's lives, honestly.

>> No.6795363

*has a pretty

>> No.6795430

is anyone tired of looking at that bitch and her stupid face.
fuck I hate rings on girls

>> No.6795434
File: 1.16 MB, 400x225, cara (9).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6795509

>dat face hnnnggg

also i ate an half an egg, a pot of kraft dinner, half a bottle of ginger ale and a glass of milk before that, i just went out for a smoke and bought a bag of chips, a twix bar, a snickers, and a big bottle of gatorade..
i eat like shit everyday and i weigh 110-115 pounds.

>> No.6796173

how in the actual fuck, I hope you are either less than 5'5'', or a girl.

>> No.6796185

2x Imported flour tortillas w/ Whataburger ketchup
1x big bowl of Curry Chicken Ramen from Mr. Curry Los Angeles.
?x Kraken Rum

>> No.6796196

there's nothing /fa/ about looking healthy

as long as you aren't fat, that is

>> No.6796202

slice of cold pizza
like three cups of tea
an arizona
half a red bull i had to put out of it's misery
two hot dogs
some ritz

>> No.6796208

im an 18 year old boy and im 5'10

>> No.6796210

>Bowl of Cereal

>2 sandwiches (ham and cheese) a Mars bar, macadamia nut bar, an apple and a pear

>One 12" meat pizza

I weigh 121 lbs

>> No.6796225

>a cup of coffee and half a muffin
>burger king lunch (I meet my sister for lunch once a week)
>whopper no sauce, fries, coke
>ham sandwich and chips and guaco for dinner

shit I've been eating like shit. Any advice for getting back on the healthy eating, low fat high nutrient, wagon?

>> No.6796243
File: 634 KB, 680x510, ash5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is your sister fat?
should have went for sushi

you know what you should not eat.
so, ya know...DONT EAT IT FAGET

>> No.6796297

I'm seeing people say you won't lose weight eating too little and you obviously can't lose weight eating too much. So what is the best amount of calories? I was just thinking of eating fruits and protein early in the day, and progress to just vegetables later on.

I read on here about people not doing anything except eating little amounts and losing weight. I don't want to starve myself but this is what I essentially want to do.

>> No.6796494

I'm also an 18 year old male, I'm 5'10 ish 5'11...
150 lbs, not even fat or muscular dude.

>> No.6796540

>Boats(one banana mixed with cooked oats)

>riiggs, pronounced "rih-eye-gihs" (some rice with an fried egg on top.)

>Hawaiian pizza

>> No.6796549

why don't all of you trying to lose weight just use adderall? i'm telling you, eat nothing and feel full all day

>> No.6796557
File: 986 KB, 500x281, rj2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did you know the serving size for ice cream is like a half a cup?

>> No.6796564

Bowl of oatmeal
Mushroom omelette
Mashed potatoes
Two sausages
Orange Juice
Ice cream

>> No.6796987

>tfw high metabolism
>eat whatever I want, 5 meals a day
>never have more than 15% body fat

>> No.6797025

>more than 15%
like that's an achievement bitch boy

>> No.6797372

>2 pieces of weetabix + milk + honey
>glass of water

>> No.6797409

2, 30 calorie fat free yogurts
2 100 calorie Vitamuffins
A bowl of Kellog's Protein cereal with Peanut butter and Soy protein powder
It's only 11:25 am, I might grab Booster juice for supper and be done for the day.

>> No.6797417


>> No.6797421

vitamin d tablet
wheatgrass shot
fishoil cap
6 pints of water

>> No.6797509

3 eggs and toast
turkey and cheeder sandwich with avocado
apple orange
2 unsweetened ice teas and 3 cups of coffee
roast beef and swiss sandwich.

>> No.6797546

egg+bacon muffin, hashbrown, 3 coffees, teriyaki chicken skewer, japanese patato cake, meatball pasta and a bit of chocolate.

>> No.6797549

>not realising bulking is the only way to be /fa/

>> No.6797600

Three eggs and a slice of bread
1 coffee
A bit of yogurt

The day has just begun though.

>> No.6797610

Half a chicken
2 beers
a toblerone
grapefruit juice

>> No.6797624

Day three:

Ramen(one package)
Several coffees(no creamer/sugar)
One protein bar(another for lunch)

>> No.6797630

one pg tips cuppa
planning on another cup of tea and copping vivarin later
it is now ten fifty four and i havent slept

>> No.6797659

strawberry-banana vegan milkshake

woke up an hour ago.

>> No.6797695

1 glass of water

>> No.6797708

why the fuck would you eat a cigarette

>> No.6797727

I enjoy your trip

>> No.6797792
File: 915 KB, 800x1200, 33w5lj6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6798310


Don't take ephedrine, it's really bad for your body.

coffee and cigarettes
a chicken curry sandwich

and iom going to cook myself something healthy in a minute. too much work, i cant even find time to eat in the day.

>> No.6798359
File: 188 KB, 1362x1377, 1363388936274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yoghurt for breakfast
Mashed potatoes with pork medallions and a pepper sauce + gainer for lunch
Chicken teriyaki sub from Subway for dinner
Meat pierogi + gainer for late night snack

>> No.6798376
File: 171 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mrn7a1v88O1s86wnpo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ask him how he made that

>> No.6798530

Half a cup of cheerios and a strawberry.
Gonna have spaghetti for dinner.

>> No.6798762

Looks like a burned toast swimming in grease

>> No.6798806

2 french omlettes
1 butter toast with cheese
1 coffee
And since im going out tonight, 5 beers

>> No.6798821

Wow please unsubscribe from r/fa/ and uninstall 4chan from your desktop compact disc

>> No.6798837

three pieces of toast
two cups of tea
microwave burger and chips

i have an apple crumble in the oven. will have it with some custard in a moment.

>> No.6798878


not him but i'm the same. if i smoked less pot i'd probably eat more. just get so goddamn comfy.

>> No.6799083

yeah but you're physically unfit. go for a run fuccboi and you'd be suprised how many people could outpace you

>> No.6799104

a banana
880 calories worth of fettucini
probably some drinks later [whiskey + coke zero]
probably another banana as well

>> No.6799158


The best feeling is overcoming the munches when you're on a cut. Second best is fasting all day then fucking wrecking ball your kitchen when you smoke.

>> No.6799208

cheat day
McNugget sharebox
Stir Fry

Fuck thats a lot of food.. only turned out to be just over 2200 cals tho

>> No.6800109

Honest Diet

>2 eggs and a chunk of cheese

>cliff bar

>chunk of cheese with wine
>blackened chicken

>> No.6800152

A piece of brown toast
A subway sandwich with tons of chilli sauce and jalapeños on it.
3 slices of pizza
Assorted sweets
A can of strongbow:dark fruit

Meh, sub was tasty

>> No.6800202

Crackers and cheese with some grapes
Four donut holes
Potato wedges

was gonna start a diet, but i ended up losing 6 pounds randomly (concerning) so whatever now

>> No.6800557

>quick oats/multigrain flake cereal/organic nut o's w/strawberry in one bowl
>1 bowl of mushu pork
>fresh hot everything bagel w/whitefish
>1 cola, 1 pint of OJ

>> No.6803295

i hate this bitches face honestly I would fucking stomp into a curb

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