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Daily reminder that you're wasting your money if you're using clothes to get girls

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that picture makes me sad

>you will never be a random 14 year old hick living in midsouth US skateboarding and wearing plaid DC and Hurley shit and making out with your ugly gf outside of your highschool

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That is completely true, the only reason I but cloths is for myself.

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What if I'm using clothes to get guys?

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that girl is fuck ugly tho

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truly that is the life

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>that feel when I live in LA
fuck, I have to be /fa/

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she looks like she has a nice arse

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This photo is discusting, both of them. I see faggots like this all the time irl, sad, they breed out real men.

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lol why do you say that?

I was just in beverlyhills/hollywood. No one there is fashionable in the least bit, you just have to follow basic guidelines and you're basically ahead of 95% of the SoCal population.

Even then though what OP stated still stands, the women in southern cal aren't all too interested in what you wear.

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>you missed out on teenage love
>you will never know what it's like to sneak away from home to stay out late with your gf to enjoy each others company without a care in the world

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Just using basic guidelines you're basically ahead of 95% of the world population. People dress like shit.

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Thought this was typical highschool trash, he has a tat on his arm?

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I don't use money to get clothes to get girls. I use money to get clothes so I look semi-decent (sometimes try, sometimes fail)

You can go on a date with a girl wearing fucking cargo shorts and an oversized polo from Abercrombie and a baseball hat and still get laid. In fact, dressing well might make it MORE difficult because the girl thinks you're better looking than her, pretentious, "faggy" or whatever

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Dressing /fa/ brought me into a whole new social class. "Out of my leauge" became "Challanging, but very doable." Worth it.

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If I were trying to get girls in my area I'd be dressed like either a thug or a hick.

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