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>buy floral shirt
>never have the balls to wear it

welp, another load of cash down the drain.

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"nice blouse faggot"

if you even have a second thought about wearing it, i wouldn't recommend doing so... seriously

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mail it to me ill wear it

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hi basedprophet

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what pattern? post pic of your shirt OP, i'll tell you if you should feel bad about wearing it or not

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post fit faggot

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what sort of floral is it

no1 cares about florals like gitman vintage

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Pics or you really have no balls

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do you ever sleep, baldchan?

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Its this

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do you ever sleep, baldchan?

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ur a pussy

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what the fuck just happened here.
i thought i double posted but I cant delete one of them

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>tfw aunt says she has a dress with the same pattern

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That's pretty gay

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>wear pattered button up to a party
>oi m8 why are you wearing your grandmas cough

Fucking plebs

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Don't wear it. Sorry m8. Just look at the money as a lesson.

Unless!! Are you Persian?

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If its this and not the earlier, it's still a no. Unless you get/fit and Persian quick.

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wear it under a jacket and zip it up if you cant take it

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top kek

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Gayest t-shirt in the world.

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Maybe if you were black

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>still wearing patterned button ups

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>buy ray ban clubmasters
>never have the balls to wear them

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>browse /fa/ for over a year
still get most of clothes from primark

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the fuck? you can't go wrong with clubs m8

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>browse /fa/ for over a year
>still get most of clothes from primark

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I'd wear it. Who gives a fuck about total plebs who is going to say you're a fag besides some plebeian pleb in Hollister at your local mall, secretly everyone is jelly.

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>buy denim jacket with fur collar
>never have the balls to wear it

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Are you fucking joking?

thats literally the lowest of the low.

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>browse /fa/ for over a year
>still get most of clothes from H&M

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Yes it matters if people think you're fucking gay. I'm someone who tends to not give a fuck, but seriously, walking around looking like a homo just strips you of all pride.

It's public humiliation.

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When I go shopping with my friends in Primark they stand there going "hmmmm I'm not sure if I should buy it, it's a lot of money!"

I feel like it's some sort of joke.

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>See jacket in M&S
>Think it looks pretty nice
>Buy it
>Mum sees me in it
>"that looks like something your granddad would wear, seriously you need to stop buying clothes you have no idea"

Was she right?

tinyurl com/n4hojgy

It's the colour called "grey" although it's cream

fuck my life

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>your mum calls you dadcore

>> No.6763260

>thinking you'll look gay

Maybe to some people, but those are the people you probably don't want to be around, including girls. A nice girl that is gf material for you personality will probably like it because that's her type of style too, isn't that what you want?

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I don't mean to be an idiot or anything, and its not like I solely wear nxtlvl fits and pulls them off perfectly everytime, but how come you fucking buy clothes that you apparently don't have the balls to wear anyway? Just wear basics then, for christ sake.

This is what I hate about (some) people on this board.

>inb4 post a fit

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someone post some momcore inspo

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I would wear that. It's a cool, basic print.

>> No.6763315

Its tyler the creator-tier.

All the little ofwgkta-wannabe faggots will love it.

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dude just get high and walk out feeling ballin
I'll my best fits come after toking a bit

>inb4 fortwennyblazeitgeist

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Post a fit. It looks pretty dadcore in the website, but you could pull it off with suave.

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on it's own sure, but if you get a nice fit i can imagine it being ok
still it's not hard to pull of. get the confidence nig nig

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I would wear it, you have nothing to be ashamed of, OP.
>inb4 faggot

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Tyler the Creator's fashion is solid street wear, as apposed to A$AP Rocky who while he is /fa/ is SUPER impractical in terms of what he wears.

I like Rick Owens but the ghetto ninja shit is so avant garde it comes off as "too much" to me. Tyler is /fa/

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You bitch please lit me cop that from you

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>begin browsing /fa/ and read the sticky
>I still don't think i'm learning anything

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when just chilling A$AP doesn't wear RO or anythin
just some nice nice basics and stuff

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>shopping with friends
top joj

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just wear an orange converse and you should be good. even out the focus

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Fair enough but don't sleep on Tyler though

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>wear pattered button up to a party
>wear patterned button up
>to a party

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>buy plain white tee
>never have the balls to wear it

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>not buying aviators

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>You will never have /fa/ friends
>All your friends will continue to wear Hollister and buy hats from lids
>They think their 40 dollar polo is more expensive then my 90 ACNE white t shirt


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Good. You'd look like some ghetto kid if you do.

>> No.6767366

oh yea. im not the poster who said tyler is tumblr core tho. just thought i'd intrude
i like spaceghostpurrps attire sometimes

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tyler is not /fa/

tyler and the odd future collective are gimmicky hacks

earl and frank ocean are the only two members who actually create good music, and that's when they market it as their own

>> No.6767405

i personally don't care for Tylers solo work and def think Earl and Frank are great, but i have to commend Tyler for creating a collective movement and having solid ideas for what he wants the groups aesthetic and sound to be like.

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Lol no Wolf Sonically as well as lyrically amazing and was more like In Search or Graduation than a straight hip hop album,Bastard was pretty good too.

But it's not like you listened to either one your just saying that because your a hipster faggot that probably listens to TDE and Danny Brown like they are Dipset.

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Mellowhigh looks great and No Idols was fantastic I'd go as far to say everything post OF tape 2 barring the Mellowhype tape is golden

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Take a vacation to Hawaii.

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this is abysmal

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>Wolf Sonically as well as lyrically amazing
confirmed for being retarded

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Wolf sounds sonically as well as lyrically amazing it's like three in the morning on the east coast like get over yourself

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You stay on that nigga formspring don't you

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>buy american flag t shirt at walmart
>never wear it

>> No.6767490

Not dickriding I just like good hip hop.

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>buy a floral shirt
>wear it often
>say "FLOWER POWER" whenever someone asks about it
>embrace campness

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just wear it dude. no one gives a shit. you should have gotten the gray one though

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Daremo ga butterfly butta spiderYeah ah
Amai kaori to flavor Oh flavor of flower)
Butterfly butta spider
Kokoro madowasu color Oh color of flower
Flower Power] Hakanaku koi ga
Flower Power Ayashiku saita

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>buy denim jacket with fur collar
>have the balls to wear it
>nowhere to go

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