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Why aren't you a male model yet /fa/?

hardmode: have a vagina

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o god those fat legs


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yfw this is ena irl

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>male model
>posts actor

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not tall enough

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Why is he wearing his watch on his right wrist.

Is it because he's danish or swedish or whatever it is?

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why does it matter? Who decided that you have to wear it on the left hand? Probably those right-handed nazi fucks. Lefties unite!

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fucking faggot

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Why are you obsessed with being a male model?

>Chat with designer
>Walk on runway
>Go to boring after party in which people stare at you like they want to fight
>Go home
>Wake up to work at starbucks
>hope someone recognizes you

There are SO many male models in NYC who hit the runway and aren't recognized except for once or twice on the street after a show. The market is saturated because agencies like any a little bit above average dude with something unique about him.

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>implying we aren't talking models.com top 10 male models

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Jokes on you I wear a watch on both arms

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If you're lefthanded you wear it on right.
If you're righthanded you wear it on left.

It's just for practical reasons, dumbfuck.

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he's prob left handed

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Change the thread title to
>Why aren't you really really good looking and why don't designers like you a lot.

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Could I be a male model, /fa/?

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RJ King sex for jobs tier

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>he's prob left handed

he's writing with his right hand

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the picture might be mirror inverted you know

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he's still wearing his watch with the hand he's writing with

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on the hand i mean

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But it's not.

Just google for your answers.

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>Not your legs

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...because I got a degree and did something productive with my life?
(Is this a trick question?)

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I'm left handed and wear my watch on the my left hand

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>google 'alexander skarsgaard height'
>find this


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Too chunky of a body for runway, unless you like underwear modeling.

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Too chunky for hedi slimane and lanvin maybe. It's funny when people pretend they know stuff here.

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I'm ugly

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You wear watch on the wrist you don't write with. Most lefties wear theirs on right arm.

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who gives a shit about walking for Saint Laurent? I would take it as an insult if I would be casted for that show.

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At least I can get pussy.

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i'm instantly reminded of the asian doctor from House

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Really? Why
That's probably the only place that would cast me for runway bc short

Also name of girl? (I'm on phone) she looks really trash-hot

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she's the daughter of some other slightly less ugly model

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something mcmenamy

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2tall (6'4")
2fat (140lbs)

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where do i sign up to be a yohji model i think i've got what it takes

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-too short
-too not handsome
-too shitty skin

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I'm short and I have an assymetrical face. Like rick tier

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This underwear model has like no penis, unless they're advertising some super compression briefs

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that gif confus me pls halp

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>Hedi Slimane ruined Yves Saint Laurent
>puts crackwhores on the runway
>Anna Wintour doesn't like it

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I dont want to be recognized on the street i want to be paid to be a walking coathanger

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its just good advertizing, i hate it when underwear models have fucking massive dicks
it makes me feel like i cant fill em out properly

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she is disgusting but i still want her to suck my dick

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Don't you autists realize that they just stuck a boyish girl in a pair of briefs?

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So why don't you like SL
I thought they picked basically cool/interesting models, that they hired by this first and foremost

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Cause female.

Not a female model cause bad skin and ugly I guess.

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Nah, ur too fat.

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u want me

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>getting into modelling for the fame

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But a lot of fashion models have ugly faces. They are just tall and have a skinny well-proportioned body.

Also - even if you are good looking your life don't have to revolve around that only...

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There are models here in toronto that are way uglier than you and probably have worse skin but how tall are you? That's what matters most.

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too ugly

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could i be a male model guys

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>Being right handed and wearing your watch on the right wrist
>Alexander Skarsgard breaking new ground

This truly is what they call fashion.

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>10. He Has A Penis

>Why You Think This Is Good:….Do I really have to go into detail?

>Why This Is Bad: Apart from all the side effects that can come with having a penis (jock itch, lying, inability to do the splits, lack of hygiene, etc), his penis in particular comes with some issues. First off, we spend an inordinate and unhealthy amount of time thinking about it. And when we do its HUGE, perfect, beautiful, curves just right!, and is the greatest phallus we could dream of.
But what happens when you meet this man and get close enough to disrobe him? Frankly, you have probably already pictured a size only a small amount of the population has. Some men have GPs, but most are… adequate. It might not look perfect. It might not be aesthetically pleasing. It might just be ‘some dick’. (and lets be honest, they aren’t the prettiest body part out there)
He also can’t give you all the sex you want. He has a job and will want to sleep occasionally.

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Cause I'm not an 1000 year old viking vampire

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Sauce on picture?

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But he's writing with his right hand...

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Same here, and I've booked every runway casting I've been too along with a few catalogue jobs but I can't get an agency. Best I got was "come back in september", hopefully I'll have better skin then.

I'm 5'9.6, 33-24-35, pretty thin but wide hips.

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you look like a mixture of rj king and jaime lannister

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It's not like I can ask anybody for you or even speak for what it's like right now (I was only with ford for a little while a few years ago when I was still in highschool and was a male model) but some of my friend-girls still fucking model there and I've noticed they all have the same shit in common. They know how to capitalize on a first impression (like a sixth sense for body language and knowing when to be quiet and when to be loud sort of thing), they're really egocentric and they're fucking full of dumb luck

So just keep trying. If you were in Montreal/Toronto it could just be a matter of going to the right bars.

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I'm in Montreal, so what do you mean by bars??

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bcause im chubby n short and a grill

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I mean having friends that are models or meeting people in non-formal spaces is one way in. A couple of my friends got 'in' that way when they were in montreal and moved down to toronto.

I'm actually moving to montreal tomorrow, but for school.

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Because I have no chin

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Nice, what school?
I have friends but none are professional, I went to open calls but not much luck ):

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Concordia for Programming for Artists and Sound Engineering. I might transfer to McGill for History if I hate everyone at concordia (I hear it's like highschool).

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ur yuckie tnh

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Aaah, I'm McGill Biology.

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two inches too short

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don't forget un/fa/ and ugly!

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Cool, one of my friends from the crib Jon is in neurosciences at McGill

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I actually just scheduled dinner with him for tomorrow night 2 seconds ago. Motherfucker got to work at Schwartz's

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You're most likely from a very small town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

As someone who sees models on a daily basis, I'm sure I know more than you.

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Brazil has one of the biggest model markets in the world behind Barcelona and Zaragoza.

Some Spics look Spanish, so maybe you could pass with the looks.

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girll you dont have to be a model to sit on this dick

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sounds like a shit job that makes you feel like a hooker -- i've been offered to model twice in my life

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jelly uggo detected

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haha okay

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you guys
thats law
he doesnt post any more

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Because I'm average looking and not skellymode enough.

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>be 18
>be model now

Only took me 18 years.

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2short. :/

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