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How /fa/ are your hobbies?

>piano and guitar
>working on Korean fluency

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Writing fiction

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Calling people fuccbois on the internet.

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>working on Korean fluency

Wut? B-b-but those are my hobbies.
This is creepy.

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I also like music but can't bring myself to try and create it.

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>sewing / knitting / embroidering
>irish tin whistle

housewife's sweet life

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Are you Oxhorn?

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No, sorry

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That's really the only hobby I've got.

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n-no homo

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fuck off

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tell me about boxing

do you sign up for lessons or do they come free with a membership to a boxing gym?

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>reading classical literature

all my hobbies seem dadcore as fuck

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Mountain Biking
Motor Racing

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piano, guitar
playing with my rabbit
trying to into cooking and stargazing

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>le classy gentleman xD

jk, pretty classy hobbies m8

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I paint.
A lot, pretty much consumes all my time.
Kind of sad.

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Making random music with samples and playing piano
studying Japanese
Trying to get a grip on my anxiety/depression

Pleb as fuck

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>writing short stories
>playing the piano
>taking walks in Paris
>sometimes stop in art galleries or museums

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Taking walks in Paris is the most depressing thing i've ever done.

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>>6742057 dayum we are different

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I like to admire the mosques.

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Anime and Video games
Learning to code

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same as everyone else. piano/guitar/DAWs, read and write

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Few art projects going on right now
I suppose I could say cooking
I'm thinking of taking yoga or something because I have problems with stretching and it affects my skateboarding.

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>Scuba diving
>wall climbing
>working out

In addition to that I always have a project going on, and can use just about any power tool you can think of (except welding). And I can also knit and sew.

Think I might try to learn french soon.

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>browsing /fa/
>listening to music/producing some tunes/playing guitar
>playing vidya
>partying with friends
>watching tv shows and movies
>observing fashion in the street and copping stuff I like

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>Working out
>Produce music
>Drink beer

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oh and weightlifting

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>Drawn art
Shit, that's all I have.

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>Working out
>Foreign languages

>chinese cartoons
>chinese picture books


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purge the chinese shit and you'll be alright

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no one's aware of my power level anyway

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Writing short stories (by which i mean writing like a paragraph then leaving it for fucking ages then trying to write more and eventually leaving it unfinished)
Working on ideas for an art installation
Learning languages
Used to play guitar but i've got bored with it
Filming interesting shit. Kind of want a video camera though rather than a digital one
Football now the seasons started again

All interspersed with sporadic bouts of minor depression

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>Writing short stories (by which i mean writing like a paragraph then leaving it for fucking ages then trying to write more and eventually leaving it unfinished)

lets just say it's open ending story hahahahaha

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what about it faggot?

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>Working out - Bar-training, gymnastics and tricking
>Music - play guitar in a band
>Occasional gaming
>University - me and a couple of friends organize a open stage club every month for local bands

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S-stop t-talking like t-thi-this faggot,

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talking about geobaskets on the internet and sleeping

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cycling, blogging.

That's about it...oh and hanging around malls. I have a need to see and be seen

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>hanging around malls
isn't that fucking boring?
how do you keep yourself entertained>

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>making beats
>experimental rap
>being with friends
rate my hobbies

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cerebral palsy/10

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>Dj at nightclubs

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what the fuck do you mean?

how's it bad at all? i loved walking through paris. people everywhere, diversity, beautiful architecture, beautiful scenery, culture everywhere, amazing shops on every corner. wonderful city, and walking through it was amazing.

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>writing poetry
>listening to music
>longboarding (not surfing)
>rockclimbing occasionally

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>mtf bondage

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>guitar/bass and beatmaking
>starting to into clothing design
>Cooking & baking

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>reading about military history
>reading about theoretical mathematics and finance stuff
>relaxing outdoors in sub-zero temperature

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lol didn't you just say fighting was for people on welfare and that you just like to run. Now you want to train to fight?

I've taken boxing before, you pay for lessons but they'll just have you drilling things you could easily be doing alone

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Don't want to brag, but I'm rather multitalented. I hate how I don't have time to do everything as much as I want. I want to do so much stuff.

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I'm pretty talented at reading too brah

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HOLT SHIT R U ME?? This is weird..

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no :-)

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chicago deep house and noise
magic the gathering
going to dennys

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fuck yeah

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makes me wanna take the next train home to my parents house and grab all my cards from the basement

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>rock climbing


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how old are they? could be worth a fortune, id grab em before your mum sells em all for 5$ at a garage sale

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>tfw my only valuable cards are 7 goblin sharpshooters and some snapcaster mages

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>tfw i traded most of those cards off someone for a nissa and a glissa

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wtf happened to my post

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>guitar/music theory
>reloading bullets/hunting
>keeping a dream journal (rather infrequently)
>amateur photography

and of course
>looking at photos of clothes on the internet

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Being old matters??
My uncle have my shoeboxes full of those from when he was a kid, this was like 10 years ago

pls god wat did I do with them

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Talent implies some kind of innate skill or natural affinity for something. All I see is a bunch of pleb pursuits that any troglodyte can do with enough repetition.

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some of them are from early 2000s (my bros). i started around 2004ish.

i'll have to go through them one day

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I've seen a fair amount of runners in this thread. Anyone run competitively? Are there any track guys? sage for offtopic: Cardio discussion on /fit/ is really lacking and /n/ has tri guys but the discussion is focused on bikes.

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sell them and buy ricky dicks

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10 years ago? what sets was that, mirrodin?

anyways go to magic dot tcgplayer dot c0m/all_magic_sets.asp

click on the sets you own cards from

sort them by price

this will show you all the expensive cards and you can check which ones you own, its easier than looking up the price of each individual card when most of em are gonna be worth 5c

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wouldnt /fit/ be the place do discuss exercise related stuff?

anyways not since middle school and idk if you could call that competitive

still bike competitively tho

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I masturbate and watch anime.

I'm a very boring person.

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I paint my emotions away

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reading (books but also articles/blogs related to science, tech & general stuff)
listening to music and finding new stuff
graphic design
running (started recently)
being boring

want to get into writing short stories and urbex

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If you've never been to fit this is probably the thing that best sums them up.

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>learning to cook
>film (like real, decent movies, not the shit that this century has produced)

I wish I had some more artistic hobbies on that list. Once I stop funding my closet/outdoor hobbies, I want to start reading and learning few new languages.

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>(like real, decent movies, not the shit that this century has produced)
tips fedora*

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>Listening to music. But like way more than the average person
>Urban Exploring

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spending too much time on the internet

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>like way more than the average person
lmao you're on /fa/ where more than half of these fuccbois get their musical taste from /mu/ where do you think you are

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Mine are
>ice hockey
>spending time on the Internet
>buying stuff

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>Ultimate Frisbee
>Campfires with friends

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>tfw when half Korean and can't speak it.
>thanks umma.

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There's nothing fedora about that; it's a cold, hard fact. There has been a small handful of great movies in the past ten years, and everything else requires an IQ of <75 to be entertaining.

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Wow, 90% ITT sound like complete poser faggots.

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tfw i dont live in paris

my hobbies include
>graphic design
>bass guitar(still learning so im bad)
>smoking ganjaurana

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Dude fuck /mu/ they cant agree on anything. Theyre worse than /b/
I live by this. Music starts becoming a lot more interesting when you listen to the song and not the ideals of genre.

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>There has been a small handful of great movies in the past ten years, and everything else requires an IQ of <75 to be entertaining.
Stop cherrypicking. There have been plenty of great works in the last decade or two. The advent of cheaper equipment and acessibility has led to a wider range of people being able to create works in this medium. It's opened up once again the representation of an individual's vision in the medium again.

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i feel you my dude

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like how people outside of /mu/ can agree on anything. we can't even agree on shit half the time on /fa/.

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maybe its just you who disagrees with everything lol

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making videos

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pretty /fa/

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You're kidding, right? The Aughts were the best decade for cinema since the New Hollywood days, and right now isn't too shabby, either. Will substantiate later, but for starters, think about almost the entire careers of Cuaron, Charlie Kaufmann, Nolan, Aronofsky, Danny Boyle, Sofia Coppola...

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talk shit post hobbies m8

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>Traditional Martial Arts
>Taking care of my Petunias

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mexico plsgo

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luv u

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Same here bro. I'm half german and can't speak a word of it. All of my glorious ancestors must hate me. I know that feel...

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guitar, trumpet, piano
singing (classical, musical)
musical theatre

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Du bist eine Schande für deine Familie.

I have polish ancestry and forgot how to speak the language when I was around 13. ;_;

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I'm only a whitebelt, and I wouldn't call myself an expert in weightlifting. Both are relatively new to my life, so I wouldn't call them /fa/ hobbies until I get some mastery. Eventually I'll start Muay Thai.

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Piano, guitar
Reading philosophy and classical literature
Learning French and German
Programming, math, physics

Who needs friends when you've got the internet?

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>Brazilian Jujitsu
>Muay Thai

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Resident radio dj masterrace.

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