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Is it at all soul-rendering knowing the world's highest paid model looks equine? I haven't seen a horsier face.

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neighhhh neighhhh

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I don't see it

post ur face

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>making fun of gisele

youre fucking dumb m8 ur ignorance aobut the industry and modeling is showing

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she's getting old

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Her face is worth mocking
Not even hot when she was in her "prime:"

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>I haven't seen a horsier face.
you definitely have

there are many people and even celebrities with legitimately large noses

gisele's nose is only large relative to other models

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>dose nohips

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It isn't just the nose. It's the jutting cheekbones, beady eyes, burnt weenie complexion, blunt chin, misshapen lips and long face.

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Damn, she has no feminine features on her body except for boobs.
And yeah, she is almost worse than Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Imagine if she didn't have implants. I'd half expect a cock.

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Goddamn, she's ugly.

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ann coulter looks like a horse.

not a model

but a nodle

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>linking femininebeauty.info
>linking femininebeauty.info on /fa/ of all places
is this guy serious?

too many of the "beautiful" examples on that website have blobby faces (as expected of men that idolize poorly defined jaws and cheeks)
they look like hams with faces drawn on them

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lel at the tiddie & coochie censoring

what a load of bollox

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The cognitive dissonance begins.

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cognitive dissonance" is posting on /fa/ and subscribing to the ideas of femininebeauty.info at the same time

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>not being a model and a qt

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>defined cheeks
>wide shoulders
>long face
>square jaw
>angular chin
would not be praised on femininebeauty.info/10

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On a serious note, how do I into modeling?

I Have the physique and face to do it but I don't really know how to get started.

My cousin is a fairly successful model so I might ask her for some connections.

Any advice?

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Oh god, her face is nice but she has zero waist! D:

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get a book done with a photographer ( usually 300-500$ get the clothing stylist and hair, you can usually stay away from makeup if male) go to a casting call in your city or apply directly to the agency.

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You don't need a book to go into modelling.

Also, you can get pictures done for free if you find a fotog in your area willing to work time for print.

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and by casting call I mean scouting event x_x

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this is definitely true.

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> implying you wouldn't date her just to tell everyone that you're dating the highest paid model in the world

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My best friend is a very talented photographer that has done some little shoots for me so I will ask him again.

Would I just put together a sik fitt and then do some headshots and stuff?

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you'll want a headshot and a full body shot at the very least. you can go to a sales store that works commission and probably get them to help you with a fit. It's much easier for the agency to see your potential with a book though , Usually a book consists of 3 to 5 looks in the beginning and grows as your body of work does.

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The book is important because at a glance the looks should reveal what areas of the industry you can specifically cater to well. You also need to take all your measurements and your height weight and topsize and send that to the agency

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also if your height is at 3/4 of an inch its advisable that you round up depending on how tall you are ( if you're 6'3 don't round up)

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gisele never had a great torso, but to be fair, i'm pretty sure that show happened after she had a kid, and pregnancy will fuck up your waist to hip ratio if you stay really lean like she does

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soul-rending, fuccboi

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She has an ugly nose like me, there's hope. :')

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yeah, that really renders my soul. utterly buffering.

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clothing stylist
isnt that what we're here for, so we dont need those people?

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Sleep with plenty powerful men and eat nothing but salads and you will be there.

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No we are here for the hobby.

A stylist is a professional

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