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It's time again folks.
ID on these boots.
Not the uggs.

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n.d.c. made by hand

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Still not allsaints.

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yeah look a bit like http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/laced-shoes_cod44558527ev.html
slightly different colour

supposedly great and the best mid-tier brand, mine are in the post

oops duplicate image

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stop making this thread faggot

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Troll thread, do not reply.

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damn want

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It's not a troll thread, faggot. We all want to actually know what shoes these are.

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its probably john varvatos or something

they are nothing special

there are much nicer boots out there

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This is the /fa/ equivalent of roll threads on /b/.

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No, I actually want to know what boots these are. And by the responses this thread has gotten the (only 3) times this was posted more people do.

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fuck off

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Not the same person fuckface

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wasn;t implying that
but the fact you jump to that conclusion so quick proves that you def. are

that pic proves nothing btw anyone can copy+paste a blue rectangle

now fuck off

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All that sand in one single vagina

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Those the same ones?

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Idk i just think this nigga is sytlin at all times and /fa/bois r jelly

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lol why do all you fags drool over the few celebrities that don't dress like complete garbage. he doesn't look "stylin" he looks okay and inoffensive

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Nigga hop off Raf Simons dick.

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At this point im happy with anything on /fa/ that isn't gothninja

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what does raf simons have to do with anything also nvm about looking inoffensive that fit is slightly offensive

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Nigga hop off Mastermind Japan's dick.

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w2c jacket
I see thread about it but I never saw a fit
and it looks cool

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no that isn't good.

this is /fa/ why can't you admire the nicely dress celebrities ex: pic related

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prob allsaints lel

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what is the point of this

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She looks like a bum.
>inb4 that's the epitome of chic

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troll thred

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Getting an ID on these boots.

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This is painfully average.

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Oh god that filename
top kek

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I would boink both of them but they r trying2hard.

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Bet he gets more ass than u ;)

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I'm gay so that isn't likely.

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>implying I didn't say "ass" to leave the ambiguity

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dont u know what a bottom is

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Bet he gets more sexual pleasure than u ;)

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that's probably still untrue i masturbate 10 times a day

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pls ID


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> "raf simons > rick owens"

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>"Hedi 4 lyfe!!11"

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I legitimately want to know what boots these are, why is everyone being such a dick? Just tell us!

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Can't find shit mang

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are those allsaints bootd

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Can someone tell me which T shirt he is wearing?
Or maybe w2c a T like it?

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No, these are.

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Fuck it, ordered the AllsSaints trap boot.

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wow they look the same

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theres about 1/10 of a basic white t shirt showing, how is anybody supposed to identify it? as to where to find something similar, pretty much any store anywhere. its a white scoopneck tee man.

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Lol, little ugly /fa/ faggots get so mad when you post this thread. Instead of just ignoring it they feel the need to say how shit he's dressed or how normal he is, despite none of them will ever come close to this nigga. Such inferiority complex.
>b-but he looks like shit!
>d-dadcore f-fag!
>r-right guys h-heh

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Man I just like the kids boots is that so much to ask

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No, friend. It isn't, but /fa/ is really insecure so you can't just post someone good looking who dresses normal or they will get really mad.

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sole and stitching colors are different

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they almost look like a worn out pair of these":

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