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What are acceptable brands for people in high school to wear?

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Rick Owens, Raf Simons.

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I lol'd.

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carol christian poell

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ASOS, American Apparel, River Island, Levi's, Vans, Uniqlo.

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my little brother in grade 10 got some Red Wings and they're working well for him; they're rugged enough that I don't need to stress about how he's ruining them, and he loves them. A good pair of the standard moc toe red wings in one of the better leathers is a great first real boot (if you try it on for sizing before buying, which he did) because they get better the more you wear them, they feel substantial, and (if you get brown) they're versatile. some other models like pic related are a bit louder, which seems to succeed in high school. teens like bold clothes

When it comes to very expensive stuff, I honestly don't think someone in high school should be looking at RS/RO because your taste is still evolving, and it might be too soon to make a big aesthetic investment; also high school students are more likely to accidentally ruin a piece, especially a delicate one

A lot of things are "acceptable" in high school; you can get by with american eagle and vans at most schools. "Acceptable" shouldn't be acceptable to you.

Graphic tees hit it big with the high school crowd. I don't like UO but it works for HSers. Use your own judgment there. Be careful with brand name items, because even if it's working for you "on a different level" some kids will suspect that you want to fit in and be cool with your supreme 5-panel.

And remember to shave

more to say in next post about how much this does or doesn't matter

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>remember to shave.

what? thats dumb

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Unless your a senior and can grow a full beard shave.

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the next thing is that it really isn't going to matter THAT MUCH how you dress in high school. Unless you're dressing very badly, the most important thing to develop is personality and charisma. body language makes as much of a visual impact as clothing does; if you stand wide-stanced and look awkward, no amount of designer fashion will save you.

personality isn't just being quirky, it's having substance lying behind the things you do and say. it's being culturally and historically literate, troubled by real moral and philosophical problems, generally being thoughtful and aware. If you know how to make someone think, that can win them over. but before you can do that you do need to make them listen, and clothing does help. also, empathy will win you more than misanthropy.

dress for yourself. dress for the guy who sees you on the street and "gets it". that's what fashion is about; not dressing for the people in your class. if you dress for better reasons, people can sense that. it's important to give people the sense that you're not JUST trying to impress them.

and it's important to remember that being cool is not "not giving a fuck", it's about prioritizing your fucks; caring about things that matter.

high school students get the worst little peach fuzz shit on their faces, they need to just shave it off until they can grow something real

some guys can grow a real beard at 17 but most can't. the ones who can't but try to anyway just look pathetic.

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high school is a time when most people still don't know that "shirt" doesn't by default mean "t-shirt" and that the most basic type of shoe is not a sneaker, and that sneaker soles shouldn't be on a boat shoe (unless visvim does it, obv.), and that there are no "high-end" stores at the mall. You have an advantage over the majority just by being here. Don't condescend to people about that, and don't name-drop some knowledge to impress people, just dress better than they can, and let that do all the communication for you. people will notice that.

and lastly, just please don't let yourself fall into the trap that the internet has set for you: don't settle for not being a "snowflake". don't settle for being normal, for being like everyone else. you aren't born different, but you can be different, and finding important ways to make yourself different from everybody else is what will make you an interesting person one day.

high school is a great place to start. caring about your visual footprint in the world is as good a difference from the masses as any. fashion is about respecting everyone else's right to have to look at you as much as anything else. there's a good piece of starting philosophy to help you care about more than fitting in.

there is for every person the universal eligibility to be noble; that calling extends to you, too.

okay, I need to stop. I like to condescend to high schoolers. I can't help myself.

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I'm in high school. I like American Apparel, Topman, ASOS, Zara. I get nicer brands off of ebay a lot since I don't make much. Urban Outfitters can be decent sometimes but a lot of their stuff is shit imo

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im in high school, im also kinda fat but i love fashion. I used to be into those street wear brands like the hundreds etc about 4 years ago but then it became so egotistical and mainstream that every high schooler was wearing it. I devoloped a sense for fashion to stand out and be different because since girls didnt want me (even tho ive been told im handsome as fuck and cute and i wouldnt say im ugly, im still fat) fashion is like an escape. The brands i wear now range from anything like Ann d, rick, raf, actual pain, the teenage girls, smaller brands like common connect, and vbrand. I like gucci shoes and have a couple pairs but i like nikes alot too as they are comfterable.

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write a novel on this shit. you're awesome.

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>Please give me attention. Look how different I am.

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>That feel when I'm pretty much an ass to everyone but everyone wants to be near me
>muh charismatic charm

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Nigga he wearing gucci shoes

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>mfw i look back on the very very thinly veiled boastposts i made all through hs on 4chan

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random anon here
good to see people actually grow up
thanks for restoring a little faith etc

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Glad to see my thread still up. Any more advice?

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your p. cool

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Now I ain't suggesting you steal someones style on souly looking /fa/bulous, but dressing like MC ride, or basically anything along those lines will do well in highschool. Black jeans, Black chino's, black jackets, black boots/black vans, and navy/white/grey t-shirts (plain) are good. For brands no one cares about quality or that your rick t is worth more than their braces, though American Apperal for t-shirts, k-mart, for pants just get shit that looks nice, H&M chino's and levi's. and Doc's aren't bad at all, but a bit show offish in HS, vans, nike, adidas is the way to go, though adidas have shit human right policies on how there product is made so think otherwise on that. Same with k-mart.

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jcrew/gap (mostly for pants)/allsaints
cdbs/new balance/vans/docs/nike trainers for shoes

any higher end and you'll be "that guy," you don't want to be that guy in highschool.

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yeah mc ride has that really cool style that is both smart and edgy af

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"i'll bite your motherfucking style, just to make it fresher" - Taylor Swift

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Just wear nice quality basics and see what you feel most comfortable in and go from there.
>uniqlo oxfords
>n&f jeans
>james perse/wang T's
>nike runners (flyknits/roshes/etc)
If you feel more confident/comfy in a button down and indigo jawnz and some NB(kids your age might think NB is for poor people due to that massive N tho) then just slowly upgrade pieces that you like. If you don't then switch it up a bit until you do. Just shop at fast fashion places tbh.

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urban outfitters
some of the clothes are actually ok and the hipster girls will let you fuck them probably if your cute

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Right on.

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I never knew it was really this hard to do. Then again, I live in the most red-necky province in Canada, so everything besides flannels and ballcaps is nextlvl.

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Man, black people are the only people that can have tattoo's and not look trashy, that goes with basically everything they wear.

>inb4 2chainz outfits

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oh god 2 Chainz is so awful

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>when i die bury me inside the gucci store

he is sort of cool in the way that wayne was cool before the mumford and sons fans found out and made him uncool again

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forgot pic

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Wayne and 2chainz are the epitome of over production, bandwagon trash. They have no skill, and let the producers do it for them, I could see how people liked Lil Waynes first album that he wrote in prison, but beyond that he is bad.

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thats why you are uncool
lil wayne is legitimately cool right now cause all these people are hating on "mainstream" music
so its now the cool kids listen to it to not be part of that fleet foxes listening crow, you feel me?

like the people who listen to underground af music also listen to lil wayne to be as far away from the pseudo underground hipsters as possible

tldr lil wayne is cool because plebs think he is so uncool

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Okay, he may be cool, which he isn't. Though that doesn't change the fact that his music is still trashy and terrible and for swaggy teens. He might be hip, but niggah he aint hop.

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>implying you didnt love "i parallel park
in that red and yellow thing, old school atlanta hawk"

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Ed hardy, Lacoste, Nike etc.

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>not knowing 2Chainz has a significant quality back catalog as part of Playaz Circle
Get a load of this pleb!

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>you aren't born different
Speak for yourself

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How do i develop personality, and learn to just start talking oto more people?

i am a bitch and dont just start convos with people i dont know, and when i do i cant maintain them

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this i cant maintain conversations with people unless i know them really well and even then i find it hard, does that make me an autist?

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I'm in high school.

My wardrobe consists almost entirely of plain white t-shirts, kahki shorts, and jeans.

How do I fix this?

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buy more clothing that you like?

tbh if everything fits properly it sounds like you dress just fine

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just wear shit that fits and that u can afford,

your style will be so different in a few years, dont feel pressured to adapt to shit you see on /fa/

u dont want to known as the kid who is "FASHIONABLE"

just do things a little better than everyone else

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I go to a private school anyway so I just wear a shirt and tie every day of the week. I'm only concerned about weekends.

I have a pretty nice barracuda jacket but that's it.

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you have to force yourself to start conversations with people you don't know. It's the kind of thing where you just have to keep doing it until you get over that anxiety. If you're not at the point where you can even say hi to people then you need to work on your confidence privately or see a therapist until you're feeling better about yourself.

The best thing I ever did for myself was get a job in fast food when I was a teenager. I was absolutely terrified of approaching people I didn't know before then but because I worked in customer service I was forced to talk to strangers all day, every day. By the end of the first month I was completely comfortable starting up conversations with total strangers.

I know it sounds kind of weird but seriously just get a job in customer service it'll change your life.

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but how do you keep a convo going?

or start it?

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just babble on about whatever and smile a lot

ask a lot of questions

biggest thing is not to worry about impressing people, because most people really just enjoy chatting with others and don't care if it's about something completely inane or not

I know that my advice is basically "If you don't know what to talk about you should just try talking about something" and that that's not very helpful but it's really just a matter of forming the habit. You just gotta do it a lot and go through a trial and error process to figure out what works and keep your head up if you fuck up in the beginning.

also if you have that typical 4chan attitude of being shitty and judgmental about every little thing a person says or does, you need to cut that shit out. Awkward people are always letting on exactly who they are, so if you're a douche people are going to be able to tell right away. If you're a kind person they'll be able to see that and they'll be a lot more likely to want to keep you around.

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> typical 4chan attitude of being shitty and judgmental about every little thing a person says or does, you need to cut that shit out
how do i do this?
i dont think i say anything, but i certainly think it, like about how a person dressed and i worry they can tell

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>even tho ive been told im handsome as fuck and cute i wouldnt say im ugly

fuck off

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came here to post this

Gob bless u anon

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/fa/, I've learned so much from you all this past year. This next school year it all goes into play. My friend is a /fit/ fag (already shredded) and I am a /fa/g still building my new look. He says body > clothes. I'm average size but dress well. He is build but jeans + aeropostal shirt of day. Wish me luck. Hope I choose the right path /fa/.

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Haha he's gonna get so much more pussy than you. I don't see why you couldn't have done both, are you just a lazy shit?

>Average size

So you're kinda chubs and nothing will look good on you anyway? I honestly can't believe you compared the dedication of achieving a good physique to choosing a new wardrobe, which if you're not retarded wouldn't take very long at all.

You'll go nowhere in life.

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He's probably gonna get more girls than you. Are you still in highschool? People in highschool dgaf about clothes as long as its trendy. You gotta have the body AND the clothes to attain greatness.

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I'm not chubs at all, we work out together but I never got into LOL PROTEIN SHAKES GYM 5 HOURS A DAY. I guess I'm above average. Because I dress nice but don't get shredded means I'll go nowhere in life? Summer pls.

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Do girls only care about sheer muscle mass? I'm ottermode right now. He is shredded though.

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Fashion doesn't quite get you laid as easily until you develop your personality and your peer group starts becoming aware of fashion in the conceptual sense. Late 20's, 30's, maybe? Even then, most people are still clueless. some of the women will think you're gay regardless, sometimes as a way of coping with your apparent unapproachability (this happens, really).
Eventually it all works out for the best, but I really don't see the point when you're still young. Just do the basics, hold it down until you're commanding a few stacks and some real knowledge & vision.

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>Do girls only care about sheer muscle mass?

Other guys do.

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No you'll get nowhere in life because you look down on people who do get in shape and think just buying clothes anyone could makes you better than your friend. You have a bad attitude and you sound bitter that your friend looks better than you.


Who mocks their friends lifestyle choices to make themselves feel better? You probably don't even have the money to dress well since you're still in school (and calling me summer ha) so get off your high horse.

#rekt #umad #onehitko #don'tbotherresponding

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I'm by no means /fa/. I just dress in clean, well fitting clothes. Everyone else just shops at malls and buys stuff for the logo. Everyday at least 10 kids wear the same holister or american eagle shirt. I've gotten complemented on my outfit (fuck that gives me motivation) but only from really preppy girls. I'm not doing it just to get laid, although thatd be nice. I appreciate the help.

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Okay, so far I've gotten out of this thread is to work on your personality, wear basics and to network.
So AA, Uniqlo, Levi's.
>Tfw okay skin

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Fair enough, but my attitude turned shitty once you rustled my jimmies. I shouldn't mock my friend, you are right. I just miss hanging out with him because he spends all his time on the gym and money on creatine supplements. And I do have decent money right now, for a highschooler. I make $10/hour and work 20 hours a week (legal limit for my age) but only have gas+insurance as expenses.

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So high schoolers are now welcome to /fa/?

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60% of 4chan is under 18. Just saying. The under 18 rule is just for legal purposes since anyone can post any nsfw image on any board before mods get there.

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body type preference varies between girls. The most popular by far are ottermode and ripped. Some will like built. I'm not sure whether anyone likes skinny, but I don't have reason to think it's in the same league as those three.

If you're ottermode, not every girl will like it but plenty of them will prefer that to other builds and most should be fine with it.

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I'm just checking. I'll be honest, I'm not 18, but I'm surprised that 4chan is now accepting high schoolers.

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>having no choice

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I'm not in highschool

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I just finished high school and I started wearing A.P.C. and Acne when 11th grade started. Now I basically wear the same kind of shit except my shoe game has improved and I started experimenting with sweatpants and some goof-ninja looking shit.... light ninja though... not trying to go into college looking like "that guy"

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Btdubs I get most of the shit for christmas/when sales happen and I usually use my own money from working. It's pretty easy to save up and buy shit when your parents pay for food.

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Don't underestimate the importance of shoes. I don't really believe that you can do "basic" shoes. Depends what basic means, I suppose. Brands like Doc Martens, Nike, Converse and Red Wing might qualify as basics. In that case, sure. But try not to get into the habit of going really cheap on shoes.

Wearing a cheap shirt is something you can get away with, because shirts are to some extent inconsequential. I don't agree with everything Rick Owens says, but he was right when he said "Hair and shoes say it all. Everything in between is forgivable as long as you keep it simple. Trying to talk with your clothes is passive-aggressive."

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what would be some good not basic shoes that arent too expensive?

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