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Ask BarberFag anything.

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what haircut should i get?

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How much do you charge?

How much tip do you expect?

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What do you do if you seriously fuck up someones hair?

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are you white can you cut black hair

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are you the dumbass that was here a few weeks ago

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how 2 flirt with barber's assitant / just get to know your barber better? i've been going to the same place for a year and they are very chill, assistant is a qt3.14 girl 4 ish years older than me, and i just want to get to know them better and have a chill customer relationship but unlike other barbers my guy never asks me questions or talks to me

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Well I have no idea what you look like.

So I'm going to give the old generic, tried and trusted, side parting. It never goes out of style, and suits all face shapes.

2-4 inches on top depending on how easy your hair is to manage.
Blended up from a 0.5/1.

Pomade all over that bitch.

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>suits all face shapes.
stopped reading

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What's the huge difference between salon quality and drugstore brand, minus the pH balance stuff?

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could you cut a black mans hair?

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I have ingrown hairs.

what can I do about them...

I tired of wearing hats...

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What should I do with my hair? It's getting kind of long (longer than in the picture) and I'm not sure if I should keep the same cut or get something a bit different, preferably with a little less hair in my face.
>favorable pic

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When I worked in a shop our rate was £8.50/$12

My brother got me work in the TV and film industry, as he works for channel 4. So I'm on the hair team on various channel 4 shows and occasionally bigger studios.


Apologise and give them their money back was the usual protocol. Of course we had to have liability insurance if anything else went wrong.


I am white, and yes I can cut black hair.


I was here a few months ago and I created an infographic.


Use your mutuality. You're getting your hair cut, she's cutting your hair. Start the conversation from their. It's a very laid back atmosphere in most cases and you can just have a laugh. Try to be funny. Don't be afraid to make fun of yourself.

I'm not sure what you mean by assistant, maybe she's just a volunteer sweeping and stuff looking for a way into the business. If so, request that she cut your hair.

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What do you think about all the men that have male pattern baldness?

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you look like a really gay spiderman

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>I was here a few months ago and I created an infographic.

So you are actually that retard.

Everybody move along this guy won't help you one bit. He's just here to get mad over nopoo

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Fuck. When did you come back?

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I am >>6524433

Here's my pic, should I still get that haircut?

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Do you do Hollyoaks?

How do I get Darren's hair?

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Like you suggested in your infographic, I've been using coconut oil products (pic related) and they're fucking awesome. My hair has never looked healthier. Thank you for that.

Any other hair care products you would recommend?

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>goto hair cutting place
>ask for a "german youth haircut"
>always look at me like derp wtf is that
>show them a pic
>explain it
>they cut the top really short

all the fucking time. seriously. how can you be a haircutter and not know popular cuts?

also is the whole no poo thing good in your opinion ? ? ?

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how long does it take to go from shaved head to manbun length

how2make hair grow faster

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They're all pretty much the same ingredients, except salon quality is more concentrated. But the difference really isn't all that much.


I can. I have many times.
Black guys sure love patterns and artwork in their hair.


Use a lotion or leave in conditioner. This will help to straighten and weigh down the hair and stop it curling and growing back on itself.

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could you post the infographic? ty

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"german youth"

Just say Hitler you pussyole

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What do you recommend with my hair? I usually get a 1 on the sides and get the top cut a little shorter so I can get a faux.
I want to get something different, tired of the getting the same thing. And the only reason I kept getting the same cut is because it suits my face shape.

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looks weird. Buzz.

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How can I get murrays properly out my hair without shampoo

It just doesn't work with water and I hate sleeping with murrays in my hair. All greasy and shit next morning.
>inb4 baking soda shit i can't do that

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>no poo

since ive started doing no poo ive not had any spots (not that i had any before) and my scalp never itches anymore (which is did a lot when i used shampoo) and my hair looks and feels so much better with no product in it.


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The hair in the back of my head grows outwards and it looks retarded. What can I do to correct it?

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Your hair looks very manageable so you can do a whole range of things with it.
But the whole justin bieber phase has long passed so I agree with the "less hair" in your face.

I actually think you would suit a swept back look. Cut it a little shorter than in your pic.
Then grab some pomade and sweep it all back and give it an off centre parting. Use your fingers for separation and texture.

Something similar to my pic related, but more texture.


I don't think any less of them. There's not much that can be done.

All hair genetics are passed down from the men on your mother side.


>Believing no poo has any worthwhile benefits


When did I go?

I've been lurking, anon.


Very hard to tell from the picture but your hair looks very curly.
Eccentric curly styles are hard to pull of. But you could always go for it. If not you can try chemical relaxation on your hair.

I've never done hollyoaks.

I just google searched it. You need very fine hair and a fringe.
If your hair is thicker, grab some thinning scissors, twist your hair and take 2/3 snips, do this all the way round.

Then get a matte clay and brush the front of your hair up, either fingers or brush.

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"german youth haircut" isn't a popular cut
"long on top" is

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nope my hair isn't curly, here's a better picture

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I know I'm pretty uggo. Working on getting rid of the acne again (it was great then came back full force). I have been determined to grow my hair, and was growing facial hair (but it was too light). WHAT should I do with my hair to reduce unattractiveness at least in the hair department? Thank you based barberfag.

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whats a good short haircut for a bodybuilder

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Honestly, coconut products are the essentials. Anything else is not needed for great hair.


Hitler youth is just an undercut.
That's what you need to ask for.

No poo may work in some cases, but a lot of the time, the shitty hygiene that comes with it causes a lot of problems. Acne being one of them.


Hair grows 0.5" a month

You're looking at around 2-3 years.


Pic related. But grow it a bit longer on the sides, but not by much.


Come off the no poo. You're doing yourself no favours as their is no decent way of removing product like that.


It varies from person to person.
You're one of the lucky ones.

But how does it smell anon?


What do you mean?

How long is it?

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Here's a better picture of my cut. I only ran my fingers through my hair for representation.
So barber, what do you recommend for a cut? I don't want to do faux anymore. Want to try something different.

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How can I keep my hair not parting in the middle? Whenever I try to pull out the look in the picture, it looks picture perfect right after the make up session but rather soon (30min) the hair will weight down and have that ridiculous parting in the middle I can't fix anymore by hand so I swipe it all to other side.

I normally blowdry my hair and use the hairbond moulder product, I guess it's some sort of wax, doesn't hold it all in place. I really really dislike hairspray but I've still tried it with no avail. Was I simply too gentle with it?

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It smells fine man, i make sure to scrub well with my fingers to get all the product out, just smells like clean hair really! I still use some clay in it so it smells like that i guess (Baxters Of California)

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Your hair is very thick my friend.

2" on top
Grade 2/3 on sides.
Mess it up.


First off, confidence my friend.
There are people a million times worse. You're not that bad.

Pic related.
Take it to that length and play around with it to see what works.


Short back and sides
2-4" on top
Messy quiff or just any messy look with that length.

Use a matte hair product.
You'll be sweating a lot during your workouts and the matte look will help to combat your hair looking sweaty/greasy

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BarberFag, any ideas?

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What would you call the style in pic? I mean, it doesn't look like anything particular actually. Just 'more on top.' How many inches? Should I just show the barber said pic?

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could i rock manbun

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Hey man, great thread.

Any suggestions? Was thinking something VERY short... Been dithering over getting something near-military like a high and tight, really liked my hair last time I shaved it but idk...

(It's a little longer than this now - and I'd been wearing headphones for a bit before this photo so it's a bit ragged.)

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u look 90x better bald

>> No.6524776

u look like ur about to cry

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no but try a ponytail with your flower dress faggot

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right is better. also just do a full beard, that goatee is fucking boyz 2 men status in a bad way

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Thank you!

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How long is the hair in the OP pic? 1" on the sides and back 4" on top?

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alright barberfag, I could really use some help. I haven't managed to find a single decent barber near me, and at best can probably only vaguely emulate a picture'd haircut. None of them would be able to actually assist me in choosing a more specific style.
I like the direction my haircut is in now but it's very obviously just grown out from a buzzcut (which it was) so I guess what I'm asking is what kind of style could I go for that would maintain the current aesthetic but actually look somewhat decent. And the restriction being that it needs to be do-able by a mediocre-at-best barber

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thanks, mr. barberfag sir

>> No.6524861

right is better
you look like a slightly uglier tyson beckford (may be the expression) (this is a compliment)

>> No.6524873

thanks you two

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Please be in my hometown n-no homo.

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What are you talking about, he looks just like the black guy on Criminal Minds in the left picture.

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Barberfag how do I get my beard to look like this.
The hair on his cheeks are they shaven in shape?
It almost looks natural.

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yo barberbro, you in the US or UK atm?

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lel every single one who pasted ITT is a skinny faggot these are the guys giving you advice on here.

/fit/ its just trolls trolling trolls.

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have glorious monarch genes

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no-poo is not a troll

2 years strong, but I rinse my hair twice a day and every other week I rinse with ACV

who gets acne from no-poo?

>> No.6525466


Are you supposed to wash your hair with water if doing no poo? I've been doing it for the past 4 months and have used a shower cap every time and havent touched my hair with water since then

Is this bad?

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Does hair wax cause hair loss?
I don't know if I should buy it

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gtfo nerd you've asked this like 30 times

>> No.6525538

please answer this

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Hey, so I got a Hitler Youth/ Disconnected Top the other day and it has been about 3 weeks and the sides need a trim, but I was wondering should I learn to trim the sides myself since all the barber places make me pay a full $15 bucks since it counts as a haircut

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of course you can, princess
but on you it'd just be called a ponytail

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barberfag what sort of product would you recommend for relaxing/straightening hair? I have super thick Jew/nig afro hair and I have no idea how to get it to try and lay flat/flatter

thanks Barberfag

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Hey man, can you suggest me a good haircut? I've got this since a long time and I'm not sure which one would look good on me.
>inb4 Adrien Brody/Woody Allen
yeah yeah i know, I look like one of them

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easiest way to achieve this?

>> No.6525631


A grooming creme or light pomade. You're looking for flexible hold (medium to strong depending on how thick/fine your hair is) and a very small bit of shine.

>> No.6525642

why the long face

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File: 111 KB, 500x680, rolling-stone-magazine-Jahar-Tsarnaev-boston-bomber-cover-1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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How much shine is ideal in hair? I'm struggling to figure out the comfortable middle ground between "dry from shampooing every day without conditioner" and greasy.

Also, any hairstyle recommendations for "M" shaped hairlines?

>> No.6525677

Any specific product you can recommend (or how to look for one efficiently)? Swissfag here, so might not be able to get everything americunts can (fuck, crew fiber was 20$ shipping alone).

>> No.6525696


I have thick hair so it doesn't work well for me, but I've always loved the really creamy finish of Bumble & Bumble's Grooming Creme. It's fine for thicker hair if you don't need it for the hold and want more of that soft, smooth finish, but I think it's best for lighter, finer hair types.

>> No.6525697

barberfag u got an email i can reach u at brosef

>> No.6525701

if you wanna try pomade you might have an easy time finding Schimere by Rumble 59, good german shit.

>> No.6525713

What product(s) would you recommend for longer hair? I honestly don't know what to do with my hair at this point, and styling it straight back looks shitty because I have a weird hairline. I thought higher hold would be better, but I don't know what to try.

>> No.6525723


In general, if you have longer hair, I find it's easier to use at least two products: one to build the basic hold and texture you want and then another to finish. You can start with a softer creme to hold your hair into the shape you want and then finish with a styling produce that's thicker like a paste or whatnot and use that to do more precise styling.

>> No.6525752

Is this assuming that the hair would be worn down rather than styled up?

>> No.6525757

I have thin hair but I'm probably not able to get that in Switzerland.
Looked that shit up. Seems like something I could get my hands on. Would you go for the medium hold pomade, the shine/low hold pomade or something different?

>> No.6525764

i havnt had a haircut for almost a year as im growing long hair.

do i have to use a different type of barber than my local cheap turkish barbers who cut short back and side haircuts all day for long haircuts

>> No.6525768


Up to you.


Bumble & Bumble is a pretty international brand, so I'd be surprised if you could get it.

>> No.6525777

I'll be on the lookout.

>> No.6525782


>> No.6525821

Who was the most unhygienic, disgusting, greasy, dandruff ridden customer you've ever got?

How did you deal with it?

>> No.6525827

What's a hair product that has good hold and very low shine?

>> No.6525841

My hair are very thin and straight, it's very difficult for me to have those hair.
Also, I don't like hair that long.

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What should I do with my hair, BarberFag? I have this annoying thing where my hair stands up like a porcupine. I've been keeping it buzzed for a while, but I want something more high maintenance than what I have

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Give me a recommendation for my ugly ass, OP. I need a decent cut before I go back to college in about a month.

>> No.6525908

It's standing up because it's too short. Grow it out.

>> No.6526109

Hey BarberFag
I've been cutting my own hair for a while, and finally got a cut I really love, but after getting drunk one night I woke up with a shaved head. Any good cuts I can use as stepping stones to growing my hair back out? (Long on top, swept back, short everywhere else basically)

>> No.6526139

start doing cocaine so you can get rid of your fat fuck cheeks. otherwise, you're a lost cause.

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I got an overgrown HY, any suggestions? Also my friends father (barber) said I should style my beard cause mine is like an old mans, what do you suggest?

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File: 16 KB, 300x400, mens-hairstyles-2012-short-sides-long-top-797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I achieve this haircut? I can't fucking get my hair to do this.

>> No.6526202

Well, shit, I didn't know my cheeks were that fat. Guess that's even more motivation for me to keep on exercising. Any other advice?

>> No.6526209

That's basically a hitler youth but with the bangs styled with a round comb and a hair dryer. It's not hard.

>> No.6526230

>It's not hard

I guess I just suck at styling hair then. Because I seriously can't do it. I never tried with a hair dryer though.

>> No.6526235

i have brush-like hair, how do i get them curly? (possibly without a shit ton of products)

>> No.6526247

That haircut is gonna make you look gay as fuck.

>> No.6526261

But I am gay.

>> No.6526325

Dear barberfag,

What sort of shampoo/conditioner would you recommend for someone with dark, thick, wavy hair who sweats a lot and gets greasy hair some time to time?

>> No.6526363

Barberfag: What to do with a shitty hairline and large forehead? None of the popular styles in your infographic look good on me.

>> No.6526391

I think BarberFag went to bed. It's like 3 am in Britbongistan.

>> No.6526401

How can I tell if a close buzz cut will look retarded on me?

>> No.6526409

Full circle goatee

>> No.6527162

oh fuck its george lopez

>> No.6527460

His head's not big enough to be George's.

Anyway, guess I'll wait for OP to come back tomorrow.

>> No.6527924
File: 27 KB, 240x266, george-lopez-1-sized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how in the hell are you drawing that comparison? the only resemblance are colors and even then, the skin tone is pretty far off

>> No.6528111

>buzz cut
>close buzz cut
if you are retarded, it will look retarded on you

>> No.6528113

you're going to have to be a... cut above the other guys.. hue hue heuheuehue

>> No.6528163


i let my sister do it. get my hair cut like every five or six weeks and get one trim inbetween. i know of some people that do it themselves but the back of your head is kind of hard.

>> No.6528168
File: 258 KB, 1062x1150, mystic____gohan_by_drozdoo-d3dxa17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all the waaaay

>> No.6528176


>> No.6529098

well obvs its not called no water you bell

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Hey BarberFag, can I rock a pixie?

>> No.6529413

u look like philip seymour hoffman in boogie nights but skinny

>> No.6529415
File: 45 KB, 623x349, 185028-death-grips-mc-ride-at-coachella-music-festival.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6529447

yo barberfag w2c palmer coconut shit?

>> No.6529660

I'm a 20 year old Asian guy who unfortunately has Male Pattern Baldness, with the 2a balding pattern. I still have hair but it's significantly thinning in the frontal and centre areas but very thick on the sides. Is there anything I can do?

inb4 shave it all off - I'm only 20! I want to look my age if that's possible. What do you recommend?

>> No.6529680

post profile

>> No.6529685

Be reborn with better genes

>> No.6529716


I have pretty good genes otherwise. I bodybuild, attend Harvard, and have a 100k job offer when I graduate. But my hair is something that has been bothering me.

>> No.6529756
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>> No.6529769

Well, yeah. You're hair is probably dirty as fuck. I just use shampoo and conditioner every 4-5 days. Always rinse the hair with water to at least get some shit out.

>> No.6529770

Use money to plant in hair

>> No.6529785

Ey yo gurl u wan sum fuk? B))))

>> No.6529801


that shit has nothing to do with genes u just wanted to brag u stupid twat

do what you can to keep in healthy as possibile it lasts tbh, shave it off if you can get away with it

>> No.6529808

Post vagina

>> No.6529813

>All hair genetics are passed down from the men on your mother side.

Seems I'm in luck then, both my uncles have good hair, my grandpa died at 54 with hair, my father was bald, I'm 27 and my hair seems healthy.

Are there cases of genetics fucking up this theory of the mother's side?

>> No.6529855

That looks great imo.

>> No.6529948


>cuts own hair
>wakes up drunk with buzz cut
>drunk self is true self
>true self is thus not /fa/

>> No.6529963

Are you a guy or a girl? I honestly can't tell
>Not meant in a negative way

>> No.6529969

I'm in exactly the same situation; 21 and still no signs of impending baldness, all hairstylists comment on how incredibly thick my hair is; I'm hoping for the best...

>> No.6529974

oh no this is the one who posted her snatch
pls dont do it again :((((((

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