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how2cop adderall prescription? i have an appt with a gp soon.

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toplel, get the fuck out fuccboi

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>i have trouble following conversation
>cant remember names

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say you have trouble reading books, cant multi task at all, get distracted while doing everyday tasks very easily

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adderall won't help with that, tbh
but it is awesome if you live in norcal sorry for canceling.

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so lack of focus and organization, got it. i really want to lock in adderall as my script though. would it be too forward to ask to try it instead if she starts writing me something else? i'd probably say 'my friend has similar issues and adderall works for him, could i try it?' and then call back in a month and say it would work better stronger?

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>tfw i think adderal is not legal in my country

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heres how it's gonna go down:

"yo doc i have issues concentrating. in high school my doc recommended ADD medication but i never felt comfortable taking it"

Doc "oh well, then. let me give you some shit that won't do shit like Wellbutrin"

then you pick up the 'script, throw it away and go back in a week

"yea i don't think it worked but i was reading about adderall, seems like that would be better because i can take it as needed without needing to take it everyday etc"

DOC: "oh okk here you go"

he may try the concerta card, but that still is manageable for the month you'll need to wait for the addie.

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no,dont do that.shes not stupid and will find out that you want adderal.
if she prescribes you anything other than adderal,dont take it and ne netxt month tell her it didnt work.never mention the adderall

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i mean a month between visits, not a week.
the trick is to act like your doc knows wtf he's talking about but he doesn't know shit.
just act.

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you are so bad at typing it hurts

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Seriously, just google it. There's tons of detailed guides. Don't exhibit an over the top knowledge about it to your doctor, but know your stuff. Just tell them you've researched your problems, researched adderall, and think that it would really improve your quality of life.
Also if you can afford it, see a psychiatrist for a few sessions first, they then can recommend what ever you too decide on to your doctor and it's very unlikely the doctor will disagree. If you just go to your doctor asking for it, they're going to want to be absolutly possitive before giving you anything, and it just makes he whole thing that much more complicated.

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You doctor-hop until you find one that doesn't give two fucks and will write you a prescription for anything - my mother has this shit down to an artform

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this. what officer mario here says you should do is more like shoving the idea of adderall down the doctor's throat and it makes it look pretty obvious. Whatever medication they give you just keep telling them its not working, its not working until you get the adderall

/fa/ way of losing way

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how to cop adderall in UK

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*weight, not "way"

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i can see how you think that but if you are a good enough actor it's fine. make the doc think its his idea.

and i do know what im talking about because i have thousands of addies and even multiple prescriptions for it.

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Am I able to do cardio/strength/sports training on adderall?

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yea the only thing it fucks with is your penis but that's only if you take copious amounts, and it goes away quickly too

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can't get adderall? try noopept, or a combination of nootropics.

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>people don't know that adderol makes you more or less impotent for the entire day once you take it
>you'll have no appetite so you'd have to force feed yourself at every meal to maintain muscle mass
>adderol and drugs like it mess with the pleasure centers in the brain so it's likely that with extended use you'll be permanently depressed after 50.

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>improved memory

exactly what i need, w2c?

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>living passed 50

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You'll stop feeling like that when you hit thirty.

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yea i know, and that makes me sad as hell.

i swear to god if im 50 with kids and shit i'll be so depressed.

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By then it'll be what you think you want. Or you'll be having your midlife crisis, assuming you didn't exercise your demons earlier.

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>>6478782Im permanently depressed now, 28.

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I'm assuming you're a britfag and going through NHS.

If so...don't even bother man - you have to see so many people first - there are endless hurdles. it's takes forever.

Just buy illegally online

or better yet get modafinil which isn't bad for you and is easy to get.

if you do go NHS route - say this: you have ADD - show general examples, show you have tried ways to mediate (mediatation, healthyt diet, sport) none of that worked for you- don't mention pills, just ask to see a psychologist. Thats the first step

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>assuming you didn't exercise your demons earlier.
Pretty sure i'm taking care of that now, but i'm also not sure if i'm just setting myself up for more down the line.

and i know that as people get older they really want to settle down with a "wife and kids" shit but i really don't think i'll be like that.
I seriously hope not.
it just doesn't fit my personality and the hatred towards my parents runs very, very deep for giving birth to me at all.

I've experienced a different side of life than most people my age, and i'm familiar with "the apple doesn't fall from the tree" shit so I really don't want to put that on someone else.

I think the ultimate test of a man is to avoid falling for that trap.

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Tell your doc that you have trouble focusing and paying attention. That's essentially how I get mine.

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Don't be scared to keep pushing forward - if not only for the sake of doing it and being able to reach conclusions later

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>I'm assuming you're a britfag

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how much can u make flipping adderall off a perscription

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not much

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a lot.
but it's easier to make more with the non xr because they are incredibly cheap.

i used to have my ex sell them and i could get $80-$100 a day during finals week.

they are like 50cents each from the pharmacy, flip them for $5.

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w2c amphetamines in london

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>Go to pharmacy
>find gel capsules of cough medicine
>check active ingredients
>dextromethorphan only
>10 or 15ml


This is important


This will feel sharper and cleaner than random amphetamines


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source pls m8
pls be in Hackney

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is that some 1st plateau, good luck not overshooting that bitch

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back in march i went to my doctor asking about adhd because i actually think i have it.
she says she cant prescribe me anything without a diagnosis so she refers me to a psychiatrist for diagnosis. my appointment is in 2 weeks( yes it took almost 5 months)

what should i do or how should i act to insure that i get diagnosed in the event that i dont actually have it. help fa im so close i can almost taste the focus

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don't go to eiriel

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why do you want adderall?

b/c you saw that modelfiles video with RJ?

lmao you fucking nerd

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It's called robotripping, brother - look it up if you insist

Everything I've said is 100% true

I used to do it about every other day for two years straight

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If you literally take half the bottle - 10 of the 20 capsules - you hit if just fine

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what are the negative side effects
will i die

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Why get some pharmacist overprices version of Amphetamines? How's the situation in the UK.

Speed & Dex are going for 5e. per gram over here.

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make sure it doesn't have any acetaminophen in it or guaifen, which will only make you nauseous

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You won't be able to fall asleep right away
Be careful about overexertion
Don't even try to masturbate - may feel aroused at some point, but don't bother
Be careful who you talk to, because you may tell people things you don't want to tell them
See below

It's a dissociative

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Delete this. I already mentioned dextromethorphan only. You're going to confuse people

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Shit nigger, I could never do DXM because it made me so sleepy unless I was actively doing something.

Beds turned into feathers tho

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Are you heavier set? If you took the amount you're supposed to - the last thing you're going to do is sleep

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shut the fuck up, fag

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im not trying to get adderall. im trying to get a diagnosis so i can get prescribed any adhd medication that might help my symptoms.

and everyones seen that vfiles video. they use it to surpress their appetite in order to lose weight but why would anyone want to lose weight that way. it make you look like you are about to die. i would much rather run or swim everyday if i wanted to lose weight

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>someone wants Adderall
>suggests DXM
are you fucking retarded?

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Not really, no. I was probably like 180ish (lbs) at 6'0" back then. Sometimes if I had shit going on like I could Skype with friends or something then I could stay up but left to my own devices, I slept like a babe.

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Yeah - regarding using this drug only, you're a little too heavy - or were

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An anon asked about getting amphetamines, I recommended DXM as a way to deal with significantly less bullshit acquiring said amphetamines

Someone who doesn't know where shouldn't generally go off to get such a thing

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How many should I have been taking then? I was taking half the bottle (20 caps, took ten)

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The whole bottle, but you would unfortunately overshoot the ecstasy-like first plateau and have your foot in the beginning stages of dissociation - the second plateau. A botched mix of both ultimately, but not undesirable if you are into dissociatives

Very finicky drug when it comes to your weight, and what you will get from it

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Hm I already have dissociative tendencies so I think I'll continue to stay away from those, haha

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oh god how i hated that stuff. what the actual fuck. It didn't do NOTHING but give me short bursts of anxiety.

also, you can make your own Adderall pretty easily, but I guess it only pays off in countries where it's not available on prescription.

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We have Adderall in Britain?

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wow, diabolic triples

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